The Sacrifice storypoem

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The Sacrifice storypoem

Post by poeticpiers » Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:18 pm

The sacrifice.

She wore a robe so white and thin
that it enhanced her nakedness.
Made of the silk which spiders spin
Epitome of gracefulness

Her hair as black as ebony,
contrasting with her rose gold skin.
Which unrestrained was flowing free
She glowed as though she had within,

her slender form of flesh and blood.
A light that would illuminate
the darkness of the world and would
without a doubt propitiate.

The Gods demanding sacrifice.
According to the High Priests rede,
only a virgin would suffice.
To satisfy his dark Gods need.

The clan believed his rede was true
And so she went quite willingly.
To pay the God What he was due
ad so ensure fertility.

of flocks and crops, increase their yield.
Improve the clan’s prosperity
In truth the High Priests rede concealed
his innate taste for cruelty.

She lay upon the altar stone
and showed no slightest sign of fear.
The high Priest bared his blade of bone
and then although the sky was clear.

A bolt of lightning from the blue
struck down the priest as he deserved.
The Goddess had decided to
insist her rules should be observed.

The maiden lived and she became
in course of time the high priestess.
She governed in the goddess’ name
Rewarded for her faithfulness.

The wicked high priest had to die
because he had led the clan astray.
A truth that no one can deny.
The high priestess would lead the way.

The Goddess would protect the clan
as long as they obeyed her laws.
Though she would strike dead any man
whose bad behaviour gave her cause.

The Mother Goddess would supply
sufficient for her children’s need.
As long as they lived righteously
and followed her High Priestess’ lead

The willing sacrifice became
the chosen of the true Goddess
and now held power in her name.
Authority to curse or bless.

She serves her clan still faithfully
as she was always willing to
Speaks for the Goddess honestly,
does as the Goddess bids her do.

Willing to die to serve her clan.
The Goddess decreed that she should live
to implement the goddess’ plan.
And claimed the life she chose to give.

She’d live a life of servitude
as guardian of the sacred lore.
A mother to the multitude
who looked to her to keep the law.

Chosen to be a sacrifice
Which she accepted willingly
the goddess changed things in a trice
which she could do quite easily.

Though she would sacrifice her life
to serve the clan for all her days.
Forgo the chance to be a wife
to follow in the goddess’ ways.


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Re: The Sacrifice storypoem

Post by heinzs » Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:40 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Re: The Sacrifice storypoem

Post by poeticpiers » Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:21 pm

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