Poet Laureate Thief of Dreams: October 2005 - March 2006

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Poet Laureate Thief of Dreams: October 2005 - March 2006

Post by heinzs » Sat Oct 15, 2005 4:07 pm

Thief of Dreams has been selected as our new Poet Laureate. Please make him welcome. This forum will be his to operate for the next 6 months.
chthon wrote:Congratulations TOD!
thief of dreams wrote:Thanks, don't expect too much though. I don't even know what to do with this thing.
Debbie wrote:Again CONGRATULATIONS :mrgreen:
Spazway wrote:Congrats, Terry. :mrgreen:
thief of dreams wrote:thanks Debbie and Spaz...
jeannerené wrote:<center>Terry! Terry! Terry!</center>

:mrgreen: :cheers:
thief of dreams wrote::oops:
Richard taylor wrote:good on you :cool: :cool: :cool:
ninian wrote:congrats, TOD :)

wgilstrap wrote:Congrats TOD!!! :cheers:
thief of dreams wrote:thnx everyone. :mrgreen:
negatvone wrote:They'll let anyone in. It's prooven now. :mrgreen: I'm going to be a bit out of the norm and not say "congrats". Instead, I'll say "Oh shit". Now Terry has a playspace to dabble with. The next person in office is going to have to wash all the crayon off the walls and going to have to re-tile the floor. :mrgreen:

You know I wouldn't mess with you if I didn't consider you a friend... or was that feind? :mrgreen: Anyhoo; congrats, Terry.

thief of dreams wrote:damn right, crayons on the walls...
moonflower wrote:woo hoo!! congratulations thief!!..i know you will make us proud! :mrgreen: ..seriously a well deserved honor..im happy for ya!! :lol: :lol:
thief of dreams wrote:thanks Flower
IfOnly...IfOnly... wrote:
negatvone wrote:I'm going to be a bit out of the norm and not say "congrats". Instead, I'll say "Oh shit".
congrats, Terry.

Ha ha, your a norm! Norm face! Normy McNormNorm!!!

Congrats, although a little late...better late than never, right?
thief of dreams wrote::no:

Following below is a Talent Showcase and a compilation of Featured Artists put together by Thief of Dreams and our own Negatvone, who has volunteered to complete this archive for Terry.

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Talent Showcase and Featured Artists

Post by thief of dreams » Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:08 am

<center> <a name="#top">~Talent Showcase~</a> </center>


Interests: "Anything that has to do with laughing. Besides that, I'm majoring in Biology and education. But my goal is to get a few novels out there."


<a href="#one">51.60 AM (Poem of the Week: May 16, 2004) </a>
<a href="#two">Stories Never Told</a>
<a href="#three">Shattered Little Girl (Poem of the Week: 10/16/05) </a>
<a href="#four">Along the Roadside</a>
<a href="#five">Midnight Lights</a>
<a href="#six">Midnight Lights 2</a>
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Post by thief of dreams » Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:10 am

TheScifiGuy wrote:
51.60 AM

<a name="one">Drifting</a> into the darkness,
Guided by the pale moonlight.
A teen drove down the road to nowhere;
Not another car in sight.

Dozing into the dream world,
His awareness almost gone,
Until he was woken mysteriously,
As the radio turned itself on.

Coming back to his senses,
He peered at the dial.
Reading 51.60 AM,
Static wasn't his style.

He tried to change the station,
But the dial remained the same.
Altering its soundwaves,
It quietly whispered his name.

He slammed the brakes and killed the battery,
Praying it was just a dream.
The doors had locked and the engine roared,
But all he could do was scream.

The car sped into the darkness,
Never to be seen again.
No scream was ever louder
Than the static of 51.60 AM.

http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... p?p=118520

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Stories Never Told

<a name="two">Tired</a> little girl,
With the burned and mangled face;
Made fun of and mistreated,
She felt so out of place.

Walking dead old man,
Once a man who had a plan,
Sat alone beside the city street,
With a bottle in his hand.

Our pride is like a blanket,
But many are still cold.
Every face hides a story,
A story never told.

Shattered prisoner
Confined by metal bars,
Travels back to the days,
Gazing up upon the stars.

Defeated little boy,
Whose pride was torn apart;
Performing dirty deeds,
Blackening his heart.

Every cry is a wrinkle,
That keeps us growing old.
Every face hides a story,
A story never told.

http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... p?p=118527

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Shattered Little Girl

<a name="three">Four</a> men in a stolen car
Drank the stormy night away.
Laughing, and joking about the past;
Dreaming of their golden days.

Lightning flickered, and shadows appeared
Between a dark narrow alley.
A girl's voice shrieked, one man peered,
Pummeled back to reality.

He screamed to the others "Stop the car!"
Then he ran into the black.
Targeting all the hoodlums,
Bracing to attack.

Leaving a torn little girl,
They quickly scattered away.
"Are you okay, sweety?"
Was all he could bare to say.

Teary-eyed she forced a smile,
Biting through all her pain.
Slowly walking back to his friends,
Both were drenched in rain.

"I have to find her mother." he spoke,
Pleading them to go on.

The man quickly turned around,
But the little girl was gone.

After many cold hours of searching
The weary man went home.
He turned on the television
And slowly picked up the phone.

As he stood paralyzed before the screen,
Thunder rolled and lightning flashed.
Three men in a red stolen car
Had died in a fatal car crash.

http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... p?p=118531

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Along the Roadside

<a name="four">A</a> hitchhiker prowled along the roadside,

A man who caught my eye.

Covered in cold acid rain,

Beneath the shallow gray sky.

I slowly drove beside him,

And offered for a ride.

He looked content and relieved

As he quickly stepped inside.

Hours passed like seconds

As our stories had both been told.

And the clouds drifted away,

Revealing stars bright and bold.

It had been years since I had smiled,

And centuries since a laugh.

This man had given me life again,

Reflectings of the past

To a time when the heartbeat

Of my angel still remained

"It's okay, Rick." He spoke,

Unaware he knew my name.

He smiled as he peered

Upon the yellow crescent moon.

"She says she loves you very much,

And she'll be seeing you soon."

http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... p?p=255223

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Midnight Lights

<a name="five">“Hey</a> dad, get up!”
I was jolted by a pillow hurled swiftly to my face. Dazed, I staggered out of bed and tried to focus on the alarm clock hidden under a heap of notes. “What is it Lisa Pizza?”
“I missed the bus again.”
I exhaled. “You know if it weren’t for your awesome dad…”
She chuckled and kicked a racquet ball down the steps. “Hurry, you’ve got twenty minutes!”
“Okay, don’t forget that I have a business meeting at--” I turned to see just the far side of the wall. She never much cared for long conversations, but she knew what I would’ve said nonetheless. I was getting predictable in my old age.
Wind pounded relentlessly against the window. It looked like this week’s third storm was brewing true to form. I put on my suit and crammed the briefcase until shut and locked. Another infamous confrontation was scheduled in just a few hours.
I rushed down the stairs to find Lisa waiting impatiently.
She tossed me the keys. “Let’s go funny face.”

The trees hypnotically swayed back and forth beneath the shallow sky. Leaves fluttered from every side of the truck as we entered the rural school grounds. After a few minutes of scanning the remains of the previous storm, Lisa broke the silence.
“Yeah, sweetie?”
She hesitated and fiddled with her back pack. “These kids in my class know who you are. But I don’t even know them. They say you’re some kind of hero.”
I cracked a smile. “Of course I’m a hero! I’m the father that raised the almighty Lisa Daniels. It’s a tough job, but some dad’s gotta do it!”
With a brief laugh her little blue eyes glanced at me.
The brakes whistled to a smooth halt. “This is your stop, kiddo.”
“Bye dad.”
“Love you. And hey, don’t forget to spend the night at Aunt Maggie’s, ok?”
With a nod and a kiss, she was gone.
A couple strolled in front of the truck and onto the pavement. A mother and child. I sat there, fascinated in them, mimicking her smile. The beautiful lady tied her son’s shoes, waved, and walked back across.
“Sorry Lisa,” was all I could muster to say.

I inhaled and stared blankly at the angry skies. This was it. Showtime. I quickly picked up the cell phone. “Hi. Yeah. Tell Detective Reinhold I should be there in two hours. Thanks.”
Thunder rolled in the distance. It was going to be a hell of a storm.


I collapsed on the musty couch of the station resting my eyes until they called my name. That same jittery feeling was coming back from the grave.
“Mr. Daniels?”
“Yes, that’s me.”
The lanky officer led me through the corridors explaining the situation at hand – two children supposedly dead and serial killer taunting detectives statewide. “Mind if I’m frank, Mr. Daniels?”
“Sure, and call me Rick.”
“Well Jim is an old fashion man. Just remember that.”
I couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Hell, if I were in his shoes, I’d be locking up the guy up rather than having him assist me in some investigation. But nonetheless, I was nearing his office, pondering where I would stand in about fifteen minutes from now. The officer tapped on the Plexiglas. “Mr. Daniels is here to see you.”
“Send him in.”
I took a deep breath and entered into the steaming cage. I cradled the case against my chest. A dry laugh greeted me. “Hey, Detective Reinhold! I’m …I’m Rick Daniels.”
I extended my arm briefly but realized he was making no effort to be friendly.
Sweat rolled off his round forehead, and the white dress shirt hung drenched under his arms. He kept his dark eyes locked on me, waiting for some kind of explanation.
“Um…I have my journal and reports like you’ve requested.”
“Good.” His expression remained the same.
I handed him the briefcase only to hear an exaggerated exhale. He clutched the case and leaned back. “You know Mr. Daniels, I’m an – “
“Old fashioned man?”
“Bingo, And I think that your ‘gift to see lights’ is absolute shit. But this case is running on fumes so we have no other choice but to hear you out.”
“Well thanks.”
He pried open the briefcase with half a powdered donut tucked in his lips, like some gigantic cigar. “Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Lino Getsinger?”
It didn’t ring any bells.
“After he’s done with his knife, he buries his victims and sends us letters. His currently oldest victim is six.”
The chronic wave of cold sweat oozed down my spine. “Well are there any leads on him?”
“Why the hell do you think you’re here Mr. Daniels?” He finished devouring his donut and licked his hand, not bothering to swallow. “So tell me about this so called ‘gift’ of yours again.”
“Well…about ten years ago I saw a light shining in my living room window. It was almost like someone was creeping around in the middle of the night with a flashlight. At first I thought it was the beer in me, but the light wouldn’t go away. Instead it danced…it was almost like it was beckoning me. So I put on a coat, grabbed a crowbar, and prepared for a big time confrontation with the local punk. But it wasn’t a man. The light rushed furiously near the old grown-in trails. Damn, I must’ve followed that thing for miles. Finally, it stopped and slowly faded away. Then…to this day I can’t explain it, but this surge ran through me. I was thrown to the earth to find it was remarkably fresh. The weird this was, at that very moment, I knew what I was gonna find.”
I paused and glanced at Reinhold. He was scanning me, filing every single word I stuttered. I sighed and went on.
“So I started to dig with my hands. For a while there was nothing until I struck something hard. And…and that’s when I saw my first dead body.” I couldn’t stop shaking. I stammered. “I just remember cradling her and swaying in the rain. Hell, I couldn’t stop gazing at her glazed eyes. …She couldn’t have been older than five…”
Reinhold didn’t say a word. Instead he just nodded, eyes still locked on me. “And according to these documents, you’ve signed with a few police forces in Rhode Island to catch these bastards?”
“Yeah, I find the bodies and they find the clues.”
“And according to your records, you’ve helped catch quite a few.”
Reinhold slowly closed the briefcase and pulled out a few sheets of his own. “Look at these. Letters from this sicko. Get a load of this. Dear Detective Reinhold, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t my choice. It had to be done. I serve someone even higher than you. Timmy Johansson is in a better place now. Lino…”
He tossed the sheets to the desk. “These go on and on. But my bottom line is this. I need you to stay here for the next few nights. Children are disappearing, cops are searching ‘round the clock, yet there’s nothing we can pin on him. Lino just gives us the name of the victim he’s slashed and we’re supposed to do the rest. Usually the letters arrive on the doorsteps of the one’s he’s taken. So far we haven’t found any of them.”
“So you want me to find more bodies…” I shuttered. It was time to retire from this. “Listen, I don’t think I can do this anymore. I barely ever see my daughter. She’s already lost her mother.
Reinhold nodded his head showing remorse. He leaned forward crossing his arms over the battered desk. “Think of the parents, Rick. Isn’t it better to know where their children are…dead or alive?”
The lights flickered. Time stood still in the office of judgment. I didn’t know what to say.
“Get some rest. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”


The motel reeked of old hotdogs and mildew as I rested alone flicking through the six channels. A pot of coffee was steaming away. The rain was relentless against the metal roof, which could drive anyone insane, but I had reason to think I already was. All I could think of was Lino. Just think, he’s out there in the rain somewhere stalking his next innocent child. Why did the lights always have to come after it was too late? What if I could prevent a murder…Some hero, you are Rick…Some hero…Lino…

The church bells sounded. That’s when I saw him. He prowled by the rusted see-saw. The poor child was alone…in the middle of nowhere. Where was everyone? The church walls were corroding beyond recognition with a lime green tint. The bells rung louder and louder. I ran as fast as I could through the yellow knee-high field towards the see-saw. “Run! Don’t let him near you! For Christ’s sake, run!” The boy couldn’t hear me. He just sat alone, smiling at the stranger. The bells were ringing in my head now. I could feel every lingering vibration bouncing off my chest. I couldn’t catch my breath. Why couldn’t it stop? Lino crouched beside the toddler. Why couldn’t I get any closer? The faster I ran the farther they appeared. “Run! He’ll kill you!” Crows perched on the tip of the church. That’s when Lino pulled out the blade.
“NO!” I quickly rose from the sheets with sweat pouring over my eyes. It was morning. “Jesus…”
Nothing happened. No lights last night. I plopped to the side of the mattress and tried to clear my head. “I gotta stop doing this…”
The coffee canister had been shattered over the rug.
“Shit.” I quickly turned off the brewer and crouched down to the shards. A lone sheet of paper was carefully placed by the door. Bewildered, I crawled toward it. I slowly unfolded it and shuttered. Drool ran down my chin splattering onto the floor along with weary tears. The chronic wave had come again.
“Dear Mr. Daniels. I’m sorry but I’ve taken Lisa. It needs to be done. Lino…”

http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... p?p=254866

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Midnight Lights 2

<a name="six">I</a> waited alone for the swift wave to crash over me. Sure enough, in a matter of seconds, I dropped to my knees gasping for air. The chipped wallpaper spun around as the room started fading into a constant blur. I dropped like a wounded soldier waiting for another random bullet to finish me off, but it never came. Surprised, I found one of the shards clenched tightly in my hand. I could join her. I could hold her hand through the darkness. “Lisa!”
The door burst open, yet I couldn’t make out the individual.
“Jesus Rick, you okay?”
I knew that hoarse voice. Anyone would. Reinhold was here, kicking away the remaining glass from my reach. “Drop the glass!”
Why the hell did he care? Had he lost a child? She was my warmth. The one light I wanted to follow.
“Drop it!” He aimed a Berretta towards my fist.
“What are you going to do, shoot me? Please, I’m all yours.”
Reinhold’s expression didn’t fold one bit. “Did you see the lights last night?”
Like I cared at this point. “What?”
“The lights! Did you see them?” He was shouting now.
“No! No I didn’t. I’m so sorry!”
Reinhold lowered the gun and knelt to study the letter. After a brief moment of silence, his bald head whipped back up. “Then she’s still alive, Rick.”
My pupils quickly focused on the man as oxygen poured back in my lungs. “What?”
The detective pulled out his pliers and placed the letter into a plastic bag. “You saw no lights, right? And this letter says that ‘it has to be done.’ He’s keeping her alive. Now get your ass up. We have a killer to catch!”
I scrambled to my feet and brushed the shards from my shirt. “So what do you think he wants?”
“Hell if I--”
The yellow rotary phone beside the bed jangled. It rang three times, each louder than the next. Neither of us dared move. After getting the okay from Reinhold, I crept toward it, placing my palm on the vibrating handle.
The line remained silent, yet I knew.
“Jesus,” I said. “Why’d you do it? Why?”
“She’s not dead, Mr. Daniels. However. my patience stretches only so far.” His voice was deeply synthesized. Almost like talking to the Devil himself. “Meet me at Den’s Branch by nine tonight.”
The line faded.
“Where the hell is that?”
“And I know your chubby friend is with you. If you dare bring him, I’ll slit Lisa’s throat with a smile.”
Between the pauses, I tried to concentrate on the static in the background. The rustling sounded like an old projector on its last legs.
“This is a recording isn’t it?”
“You know, Lisa’s a very beautiful girl despite all her wounds…minor flaws, really. And these new videos might make me a penny or two. There are a lot of sick pups out there. Remember friend, Den’s Branch at nine. Alone.”
The line cut off.
Reinhold had been next to me, panting on the back of my neck. Neither of us spoke for a brief moment. The silence spoke between us.
The room was dim. The scarce rays of light seeped through the single window beside the door. Reinhold let out a deep breath and slumped into the chair. He crossed his hands and gazed at the clouds. “You know I have to come with you.”
I sat on the edge of the torn mattress, nodding away, yet not listening. “You know, I remembered something just now that I’d forgotten for years.”
Rain started to lace the window.
“One night a few years ago, I had just gotten back from another business meeting. I could hear Lisa crying, so I sprinted up the steps to her room. That’s when I saw her on the edge of the bed with her face buried in her hands.
“I remember asking her what was wrong, but she shrugged me off like I wasn’t even there. She was trembling, so I rested beside her. That’s when she told me of the man in her nightmares.”
Reinhold, still with his hands folded, glanced at the floor.
“I remember saying I would never let the bad man get her." I stared blankly into an old mirror above the oak bureau. “And that’s all…everything else is a big blur.”
The trees were swaying again. Some leaves fell, while others seemed to thrive in their new colors. I could feel every bit of the breeze crawling up and down my back—giving me strange chills.
This night could be my last. I grasped the bedpost, and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry Jim, but I have to go.”
“What? It’s already one!”
I stormed out the door, leaving the man to clean the mess.
“Hey! I need to know where you’re goin’!”
I looked back at where he stood in the doorway. “I’ll be back!” I hopped in the car and sped away.


I strolled alongside the congested streets until I saw a glimpse of hope, a cross in the gray sky. Just hang in there kiddo, I thought.
Graffiti and moss clothed the out church wall. I leapt across the fifth street and entered the warm altar. Its emptiness surprised me.
A beautiful statue hung on the far side of the building. There, the crucified Jesus stood silent and still above the scented candles as I crept to his feet. The softness in his eyes greeted me.
I knelt, forcing myself to speak. “I’m afraid.” I could feel my lip quivering but could do nothing to stop it. “A man has Lisa…and he wants me. I know you already know this. That’s why I’m here.”
I felt the Virgin Mary glaring at me, counting every sin I committed.
“Why do you do this to us?” I asked, yet his face remained the same. “We’re not your damn puppets!”
The giant doors were shoved open, echoing through the hollow sanctuary. I turned about. Automobiles whizzed by at lightning speed as a gust of wind caught me off guard. Clouds formed and dissipated in a matter of split seconds.
Suddenly, something tapped my shoulder. I turned back around. This time my left. I ran my fingers over the blades of the leather jacket to find that something was dripping. I shuddered. My conscience told me not to look up, but it was already too late.
The warm eyes of Jesus Christ were gone. Instead, an oozing red tear streamed from his lifeless face. I felt the church bells ringing again, the same empty tone from my nightmare.
“I’m sorry…oh God, I’m sorry.” I fell to my knees with cold sweat stinging my eyes.
“Excuse me. Sir?”
Everything stopped.
A priest stood bewildered in the walkway. “Are you alright, my son?”
Was I going mad? Now was not the time. “Yeah…yeah I’m okay.”
A wave of relief swept over the kind man. “So what brings you here?”
“Anger and hope.”
The man failed to respond. Instead he placed his arm on my shoulder until the doors burst open.
Reinhold barged right through, trying to catch every lost breath. “Jesus, it took me hours to find you. What the hell happened?”
I staggered to my feet. “But I just got here…”
“It’s eight p.m. Rick. We gotta’ go, now!”
I paused briefly and gazed at the son of God, and with a final breath walked on. Reinhold placed his hand on my back and guided me to the door.
“My sons!”
We both turned about. The priest stood in the walkway.
“May God be with you both.”


“I got a team standing by. See, Den’s Branch is an old lumber factory that was shut down in the fifties. Hell, from the looks of it, it should’ve been shut down long before that. They finally got the right idea once about half of the foundation fell from under it.”
I didn’t care about history at this point. All I cared about was seeing the light of tomorrow with my daughter. “So what’s the plan?”
Reinhold held the wheel firmly with a cigar dangling from his lips. “I’m leaving you for the time being, but I want you to wear this.” He grabbed a bag from the back seat. It was a recorder of some kind with a black laced vest attached.
“Now with this, you’ll walk in alone. This picks up everything, extremely sensitive. Once we hear something that sounds fishy, we storm in. Got it?”
I nodded. Everything now felt like a big football game. The crowd was riding on my shoulders, and if I failed, the game was over. All over.
I closed my eyes, trying to slow down my racing heart. “Hey Jim, thanks for all this.”
He didn’t say a word. Instead he exhaled slowly, as if he wasn’t used to regards and compliments.
The vehicle eased to a halt in the middle of nowhere.
“We’re here.” Reinhold said under his breath. “Take the path in front of us about half a mile up and you’ll see the factory.”
I nodded once again. My head raced with questions, yet none dared surface.
“Hey Rick.” He handed me his Berretta, its cold steal numbing my sweaty palms. “Use it in good health, my friend.”

And with that, I began to trudge through the mud with dead trees surrounding me. I took short breaths, pacing myself as I inched forward against the relentless wind. Curves passed from left to right on what seemed to be an old gravel driveway. And now Reinhold was gone from sight. That’s when I saw it.
The factory stood limp as some of the foundation had been weathered away. It was a standing disaster that, at any moment, could collapse a thousand feet to its certain doom. The gray exterior walls seemed to fit perfectly with the dark skies overhead. With a single breath, I entered through the corridors. “Lisa!”
I heard a faint grunt below me. The basement! “Don’t worry Lisa, Dad’s here!” Exhilarated, I sprinted through the endless maze of old boards and sagging sheetrock until a door with rusted letters read ‘Storage’. I threw open the door, but the squeal of the hinges blew my cover. There, I charged down the steps. She sat in the center of the cinder-blocked walls, squirming between dozens of candles. “Lisa! Oh baby. I’m gonna’ get you outta’ here!”
She tried to scream through the tape. Three gasoline jugs rested beside the dying candles as I made my way through the eerie stone-aged room.
“Wow, Rick. Two minutes early.”
That voice. How…It was mine…I slowly turned from Lisa’s knees to see the man. My jaw dropped. Another Rick Daniels was standing before me.
“As you can see, Lisa is just fine. I never laid a hand on her. I apologize for the phone recording.”
“What the hell is this?”
He chuckled. “You know there’s so much to say, and so little time, my friend.”
The stench of mildew and dead rodents filled the musty air.
“You see, I’m not who you think I am. No. I’m not a cold-hearted serial killer at all.” His blue eyes studied the flames beside me. “I kill those who will kill many others.”
“Kids, Lino? You murder children!”
“I’m not a murderer! I’m a servant of God. And we’re brothers sent to this world to change it.”
I struggled to swallow and peered at the candles. There was no time for this! “Shut up! This is bullshit! I’m just a guy who wants my daughter back. And you will give her to me!” I fumbled the Berretta from my coat and aimed for his chest. “You will give her to me!”
Reinhold slowly walked down the creaking steps.
I turned. “Jim! Grab him!”
But instead he stood beside the cloaked child-slayer. This couldn’t be happening. Lisa’s muffled screams slithered behind me as the hand gun shook wildly in front of the two men. “Reinhold, don’t tell me.”
He nodded. “I’m sorry, Rick. Sad thing is… I believe this man.”
I growled at them. “To hell with you both!” I emptied the clip only to find they were blanks.
They both shook their heads.
Lino rose to the occasion. “Jim’s been a friend of mine for years, he’s seen enough to believe.”
The newspapers dangled below the shrinking candles. The game was almost over, and it seemed the home team just didn’t have enough to take it.
“So this was all one big set-up then, huh? You guys belong in hell. Jim, don’t listen to this guy. He’s gone mad.”
His expression remained the same, not bothering to even hear what I had to say. Lino pulled out a knife. “Rick…I kill to save the lives of hundreds of others. These children are innocent now; therefore they go to heaven. However, if I let them live they’ll kill tons of Ricks and Lisas. Then they go to hell. Free will is something God cannot control. Earth is a corruptive place, and I’m trying to cleanse it.”
I stood quietly. He continued. “I see the lights too, my friend. Only I see them before you. They’re killers. And I’m not the only servant. There are others. You’ve even stopped some of them, Rick. So in a way, You’ve caused more deaths than you’ve saved.”
My lips trembled in the dim cellar.
Lino crouched beside me placing his hand on my shoulder. “Haven’t figured it out yet, Rick? We’re sons of a different father. Sadly, it’s true that evil comes in the brightest colors. And I know you’ve always done what you thought was right.”
Tears streamed down my face. I didn’t want to believe him.. I swallowed my pride and listened to the man explain my tainted purpose on Earth.
“Lisa can be home tonight, sleeping in her own bed. She can grow, marry Mark, and become a famous astrologist.”
Lino rested the blade in my hand. “You can save the lives of hundreds more.”
I nodded, my head buried in my drenched shirt. “I can…”
Reinhold wiped a tear from his cheek. That was the same earnest face I had seen when I left the car.
“So what will it be, Rick?”
I gripped the knife and sobbed some more. “Just get Lisa out of here.”
Satisfied, Reinhold marched over and untied her quick. Lino rubbed my shoulder, reassuring me that I had made the right decision as Jim stripped the tape from Lisa’s mouth.
“Daddy! No! I don’t want to leave you! Please!”
She hugged and kissed me repeatedly as we swayed together in the darkness. “You’re gonna’ be great Lisa. You’re stronger than us all.”
Her lips quivered. She was my angel. I saw God in her eyes then. “Bye sweetheart.”
Time was running out.
They made their way up the steps until her cries were a distant wail. Lino remained silently by my side. I glanced over my shoulder to see that the small flames ignited the paper. This was it.
The blade rested above my wrist. I shut my eyes. “So long, brother.”
With a quick thrust, I felt everything inside me drain away. The cellar seemed darker and colder. I glimpsed at my wound then to Lino who was nearing the old steps. He was fading before my eyes.
“You’ve beaten the Devil, my brother.”
And those words echoed on as I slipped into the darkness.

http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... p?p=254982

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"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler."
Friedrich Nietzsche

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Featured Artists

Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:40 am

At this time I'd like to point out some of the works done by members of the community. Below you will be able to read certain works that show talent and a desire to write poetry that has been without a shadow of a doubt conveyed very well.

I encourage everyone to read and enjoy these for the artists have worded them with eloquence.

Please leave all comments to these poems either on the original post, or on the discussion thread. The links to the original posts are located beneath the title and artist's names. I will be adding to this as time passes.

Thank you for your time.
Jim, A.K.A. negatvone
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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:42 am

A Note
By: Vincent

Original post at:
http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/posti ... ly&t=39560

The hours of stillness
granted the world,
somewhere between
many cigarettes, coffee
and memories.

Waves lap the
shore with reliance,
distant lights, faint murmuring
of night once again.

If by chance you happen upon
this writing, a message in the
outlines, and stars,
where is a bottle when you need one"
search for me, on distant shores,
my" how I need you.

Just a message, a word or two,
sent to whom ever you are.
Just a thought,
someone is waiting that needs me too.

"Patience is everything,
time is a thief"
a quote from a lonely man.

I`ll leave my name
drawn here in the sand,
I think the child in us all.

Leave my heart,
for who might find it,
desperate to return it to me.

One more quote
from every heart in the world..

Please hurry"....Vincent
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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:46 am

Between Yours And Mine
By: DeirdreScott

Original post at:

There is a vastness between
your heart and mine
The emptiness that we see
is of Divine Design

There is communication between
your hand and mine
Will we choose appropriation
or again cross the line?

There is a struggle against
your will and mine
I want you to live happily
without me in your mind

Will I die a little today?
Like I most frequently do
When your hand is so far away
And in dreams I love you...

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:51 am

By: rlnimages

Original post at:


I heard

spooned together
I woke

our rhythm disturbed
I tried to keep up
then realized
weren't together

I was here
and you were

on the beach
or in the theater
or laying under the cool moon

or maybe somewhere
there had never been an Us.

My hand on your hips
feels them sway
And I try to remember
if they have swayed
that way
for me.

Are the dream's hands
more sinewy than mine
his shoulders stronger
his lust more resolute?

You whimper
and I wonder
if other dreams
have joined
the reverie.

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:53 am

Leaving No Footprints
By: smzang

Original post at:

Leaving No Footprints

We walk in sand
Secure that the tide
Will wash away our epigraph
Of inconsistency
The little faux pas

The stumbles
That haunt us
The touch
That strays
Too close to the soul

We trace our love letters
On drifting leaves
Place them in bottles
That get lost in the sea
Of ambiguity

We avoid the garden path
For the undergrowth
Dark and dense
We leave
No footprints

there are scars

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:55 am

Prisoner of Fear
By: Eyes Unclouded

Original post at:

Out goes the light
In comes the night

Alone in bed
To darkness wed

Here they come
Body goes numb

My nightmares chase
Must hide my face

Lying there
Losing air

Curl into a ball
Silent tears fall

Shadows creep
Can never sleep

Through the gloom red eyes leer,
Holding me a prisoner of fear

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:01 am

Decaying Like a Flower
By: Someonelost

Original post at:

Come hither child
Silence your voice
Taste this bitter apple
Succulent, moist

Hope’s garden wilts
Lies lay stagnant
The decay of soul
Leaves not a fragment

Sew tight together
Your hands in prayer
Your reflection hides
From blackened stare

Falling upon you
The wall you built
Alone you hide
As the flowers wilt

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:05 am

The Unwanted Me
By: Haroo

Original post at:


Grudges swathed around the heart
Like a thousand thorns barbed around a rose, it felt like.

You'd hurt, when I loved you
I'd bleed, If I touched you.

Estranged to self, I became,
Not aware of my existance anymore,
I worshiped you to the maximal core,
of what I had not known
in the narcissist side of me.

Endowed with
Bitter sweet suffocation,
speared with vague statements;
that elucidated your feel for me
Intoxicating quick,
each piece of your slur was
poisoning our relationship
to an invisible slow end.

Now, regretting,
Encompassed in lonliness,
You are drowning in tears..

I am glad you have found
the worth of the unwanted me
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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:07 am

-He Died-
By: Friend forever

Original post at:
http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... highlight=

<center>He Died...

He Died...

Your insecurities
… Your tribulations
Your inferiorities
… Your complications

Not my problem
It’s your shortcoming
Your old flame
… Your immense doubting…

You love him… agreed
Why do you doubt?
Your true love… loved?
Not Guilty… I plead
Only me you punished…

I hugged him… I did
I kissed him… I did
I like him… a lot
But he is your fiancé
And I, your friend… agree?

No need… have a narrow mind…
… I am outspoken…I don’t hide…

You broke up with him… you’re conservative
I hugged him… as a true friend…

He cried so hard… he wasted precious tears
I comforted him… I chased away his fears

You left him… feeling high and dry
I comforted him… best way I could try

I gave him all my love
…All he wanted was yours

He loved you so much…
He missed you so much

He decided to die
… He tried to fly…
He fell really hard
… Don’t think he cared

You played with his emotions
… Flirted with his pals
Married his brother
And slept with his best friend…?

Why the tears?
…Why now? Why after three years?
After being dumped
… Made fun of and being played?
You didn’t care for what was yours
You didn’t care if he got lost…

Today you cried…
… But still couldn’t be by his side?

Today you cried…
When u realized what u had lost....
Today you cried...
Realizing his worth...
But it was too late for any regrets
He had already died

You… did this
You… killed him

Teary eyed
...He died


That you would have been by his side…</center>

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:14 am

The Scarlet Sail
By: Maid Of Iron

Original post at:
http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... highlight=

The Scarlet Sail

Twas a breaking virgin morn
Some yesteryear ago
Restless silver waves
Bedecked in Sunrise glow

The vessel lay at anchor
Just off the sandbar there
Majestic in her glory
Beauteous and fair

Her sails were trimmed in scarlet
Her oarsmen stout and strong
Her bow was ever faithful
Her stern ‘ner veered to wrong

The pride of the King’s battalion
Came prancing on the shore
His lustful eye beheld her
His hand upon his sword

The breeze blew fair that morn
As she sought to take her leave
But every soul on board
Was doomed that day to grieve

Now the captain loved his crew
Who, loyal, served him well
For long they’d sailed together
Beneath that scarlet sail

Thus to this great isle
They’d anchored in the night
With thoughts of food and water
To fill their hold come light

Now the King was a mighty warrior
But ruthless in his greed
For all within his borders
Were forced to pay or bleed

His Commander eyed her trimmings
And with fury spurred his stallion
Before the day found ending
He swore to have that galleon

With boastful pride he reckoned
To plunder all her treasure
And as the palace beckoned
He fancied his King’s pleasure

Into the great hall
Before the High King
Strutting forth to kneel;
Saluting as he bowed,
Before the Royal heel

He gave what he had witnessed
His report of the scarlet sail
His king did not dismiss
Mere nodded, “Go, prevail.”

Now armed with his battalion
Returned the lustful captain
While there upon the shoreline
The oarsmen beached their rafting

Their captain in their midst
Fair son of a noble brow
Glory shone about him
A’ landing in the bow

Then came a mighty war cry
And hooves upon the beach
The oarsmen’s furied eyes
Sought weapons out of reach

The slaughter gave no quarter
And many fell that day
There beside the water
As hellions had their way

The captain fell the hardest
His head a trophy banner
To bring forth to the King
Displayed in proper manner

With leisure and with laughter
Returned the bloodied battalion
As reddened waves, became the graves
Of the crew of the mighty galleon

Into the great hall
Before the High King
Strutted the Commander,
forth to kneel;
Saluting as he bowed,
Before the Royal heel

He gave what he had witnessed
His report of the scarlet sail
His king did not dismiss
Mere nodded, “It is well”

A feast of fair delight
For every soldier there
Came calling each that night
To glean their hero’s share

And there before the King
Assured of his reward
His Commander raised the glorious head
So mangled by his sword

The King was struck to life
And silent fell the hall
For wrathful was his visage
And terrible his gall

His narrowed eyes a’widened
He half rose from his throne
His cup slipped from his fingers
His face no longer stone

The pride of the Kings battalion
Smiling, smirking there
Began to feel a shudder
And Fate pronounced: “Beware”

A wail first faintly heard
Began to grow and pierce
And tears streamed down the face
Of the Royal King so fierce

A chill ripped every soul
And the hall became a tomb
For many elder there
Bore witness in that room

For there within the fist
Of the pride of the King’s battalion
Hung the head of the High King’s son:
Captain of the galleon

No soul escaped his fury
That had taken part that day
For Commander and battalion
Were ordered to be flayed

Twas a breaking virgin morn
Some yesteryear ago
Restless silver waves
Bedecked in Sunrise glow

The vessel lay at anchor
Just off the sandbar there
Majestic in her glory
Beauteous and fair

Her sails were trimmed in scarlet
Her oarsmen stout and strong
Her bow was ever faithful
Her stern ‘ner veered to wrong

The pride of the King’s battalion
Was butchered on the shore
His screams prevailed him not
And blood began to pour

And there just off the sandbar
The ghostly galleon swayed
As the spirits there that manned her
Beheld their henchmen flayed

And when the moon was risen
Beneath it’s silvery light
The scarlet sail took wind
And sailed into the night


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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:29 am

Death By Default
By: GodessErika

Original post at:
http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/viewt ... highlight=

Pain searing
Blood seething-
Seeping from every orifice...
Carefully sharpened claws
Peeling away my soul.
Soaked in sweat,
Tears I never knew
That I could cry.
You force yourself
Upon me-
Penetrate me,
Rape me
Of my world.
Blood staining,
Gates of Hell...
Your Brutal
Barren hands
Asphyxiate me,
Inebriate me,
But refuse
To let me die.
And horrified,
And writhing.
Chained to the stakes.
Driven through fists
Of rage.
Piercing flesh
And grinding bone.
Your laughter
Sickening my mind.
Guilted little girl…
Driven to,
Given to
Death by default.

"I walk the streets called nowhere, it seems my whole life's been there." - The Cavefish

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Post by negatvone » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:37 am

stupid dumb cowardess mean and lazy=
By: Zero

Original post at:

inside the darkness i sat
wrapped in icy sheets
cutting away at them
with imaginary scissors
froze in time
icy winds blew for eons
carrying further into
doom's aphelion
metamorphosis taking hold
i learned to live
in this damned world

sending out bottles
which were cracked
full of frozen tears
cast into a lake of sand
my s.o.s knowing better to
leave my eyes
in perpetual return
harsh winds
scouring the rocks
into monuments of lost hope
the scenery a reflection
of madness griped soul

my arms reaching into light-less place
waking from horrific dreamscapes
sheets from me pulled away
reaching out for figures
finding them
void of human face
sometimes wrapped around my throat
seeking death
pulling them back over my head
sometimes flirting back
at the doors fear knocks
finding no way out
i venture further into myself
my hell

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