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There are three countries where one like myself, a Seal Carrier, or one of the Familia members can feel safe. The U.S., Israel and, Canada. Since the little worldwide news scene, laws had been passed in all of the countries except the three I have mentioned. Laws that allow the hunt and execution of anyone who showed an ounce of “abnormal” abilities. And over time it also has allowed the hunt of those who defend the “abnormal” as well. Which in turn has caused a major World War amongst all the countries. Basically, the evil forces at play have gotten mankind to go at each other’s throats all the while sitting back and laughing. And at the same time waiting on Yahweh to make His move. The thing about that is He is patient in that department. I, on the other hand, am anything but. Within the past four years of everything going down, I have spent my time away from everyone and I do mean everyone. I moved out of Jordan’s home and into my cabin in the woods. Where I found myself training harder than I ever have before. What I was planning on doing was something I could not let the others be a part of. No Familia member, no Seal Carrier not even a fellow angel. This was my battle, not theirs.

It was a late Friday night and I had just gotten done taking a shower after a long hard day of training. I now laid down in bed finding myself drifting off to sleep when I heard a noise that quickly caught my attention. I snuck out of bed as I heard the bedroom door begin to creak open. My hand began to glow it’s white hue as I hid it behind my back and within the shadows of the room. Before the stranger had a chance to even look around he found himself being pounced on and pinned to the ground with a set of glowing claws near his neck.

“Richie-Rich...Dammit!” I exclaimed when I realized it was Jordan.

I got up off of him and started to curse under my breath. Jordan got to his feet while trying to regain his composure.

“Sorry. Maybe I should have called.” He began to say, noticing how shaken up I was.
“Yea, maybe you should have.” I snapped back. “What the hell are you doing here anyway?”
“I haven’t heard from you in a while I thought maybe something was wrong.”
“Nothing,” I said. “So is that it or...”
“Actually, I was wondering if I could....” He hesitated to ask.
“What is it?”
“Can I crash here tonight?”

I raised an eyebrow and then started to laugh a little.

“What’s so funny?” Jordan asked.
“Nothing really. I just figured it would have taken the Familia a little longer to drive you out of your own home.” I remarked.
“They didn’t drive me out.”
“Really. Then why can’t you go home?”

Jordan lowered his head and let out a sigh.

“Ha! I knew it.” I said in a know it all tone. “I told you it was a bad idea to let them live there but oh no, you wanted to be Mr. Nice Guy. How’s that working out for ya?”
“Can I stay here or not?” He asked again, sounding frustrated.
“I don’t know can you?”

Jordan raised an eyebrow and a smile appeared out of the corner of my mouth as I crossed my arms.

“You can have the couch.” I pointed over at the living room while walking to the closet to look for a blanket.
“Why can’t I have the bed?”
“Because I’m sleeping in it.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked over my shoulder.

“Nice try.” I retorted.
“What? I didn’t mean...”
“Not every woman wants you, Richie-Rich.”
“Huh. So are the ones who don’t the same ones who kiss me and then deny it?” He sarcastically remarked with a devious grin.

Without saying a word I quickly pushed him out of the bedroom while throwing a blanket at him and slamming the door in his face.

“Ass,” I grumbled, heading back to bed.

Down at the Pub, Bags was behind the bar drying some glasses while Nega, Joe, and Thief sat on the other side of the bar enjoying a few drinks. A few seconds later a couple of men dressed in black suits entered the bar and looked around before noticing Bags, Thief and, Nega.

“Can I help you, gentlemen?” Bags asked.
“Maybe you can.” One answered as a pair of wings appeared out of nowhere from the man’s backside.
“What the hell?” Thief whispered under his breath, noticing the strange glow.
“Angels,” Nega remarked.
“No, we’re not.” The other man corrected him.
“Their apostles,” Joe spoke up, taking a swig from his glass and setting it down in front of him before turning around and facing the two men.
“How do you...” Thief began to ask.

Without saying a word Joe held his hand up as it glowed it’s all familiar blue hue.

“So Saturn told you?” One of the men questioned him.
“You could say that.” Joe calmly replied.
“What did she tell you exactly?”
“That if you two ever showed it means shit is about to hit the fan.”

The two men looked at each other out of the corner of their eyes as a sly smile appeared on the corner of each of their lips. Gabriel and Azrael around this time entered the Pub and quickly noticed the two men.

“Peter. Paul. What brings you two here?” Gabriel quickly asked.
“They’re looking for Saturn,” Azrael said, crossing his arms. “Am I right boys?”
“Wait... Paul? Peter? Holy crap.” Bags remarked, looking for his Bible behind the bar.
“Where is she?” Peter asked ignoring Bags.
“Her cabin,” Azrael answered. “She’s not alone though. Jordan is there too.”

Silence filled the air of the Pub as everyone looked at each other out of the corner of their eyes. It didn’t take Azrael long to figure out what they were thinking.

“God, nothing like that.” He quickly stated, shaking his head.

Ven, Tom, Gordy, and Phoenix were gathered around the dining room table discussing the financial welfare of the Familia when Jon showed up.

“Where’s Jordan?” He asked.
“He went to crash at Saturn’s. Why?” Ven answered.

Without saying a word, Jon pulled out his phone and started to text frantically.

“Jon, what’s going on?” Phoenix questioned, sounding concerned.
“Nothin.” He grumbled in his thick Boston accent, continuing to text.
“Jon,” Ven spoke up, knowing better.

He stopped texting and looked up at them for a minute.

“It’s Don.” He finally answered. “They have him.”
“Where are they?” Ven replied.

Jordan’s cell phone went off and he got up to check the text message.

“Shit.” He said as I walked by to the kitchen.
“What?” I asked still half asleep, stopping dead in my tracks and yawning.
“They have Don.” He responded, getting to his feet to get dressed.

Without saying a word, I went into the bedroom only to emerge a few minutes later dressed and ready to go.

“Where the hell are you going?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“I’m not letting you have all the fun by yourself,” I remarked. “Besides, I’ve been wanting to knock a few demon heads around.”
“No time to argue, Richie-Rich. Let’s go.” I interrupted while heading for the front door.

Six military vehicles from SUVs to caravans were traveling down a long stretch of back road. One of those vehicles carrying Don who happened to be handcuffed and whistling a tune to himself.

“Hey, can we stop somewhere so I can take a piss?” He asked one of his captors who happened to be dressed in military gear.
“Shut it.” The captor growled.
“Fine. But if I piss myself you’re gonna have a mess to clean.” Don deviously grinned.

The captor tapped on the shoulder of the driver to have him pull over. Now he would have except something caused the vehicles in front of them to slam on their breaks which in turn caused him to do the same so they wouldn’t end up in the back of a bumper.

“What the hell is going on?” The leader of the captors exclaimed, getting out of the second vehicle and walking to the front of the line.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Ven and the Familia standing in the middle of the road.

“You have a friend of ours.” Ven hollered. “We want him back.”
“We have orders to bring him in.” The leader responded. “And if you don’t move you will be arrested.”
“Ven?” Preston sounded worried.
“Get ready.” She ordered, keeping her sights on the leader who was motioning a few of his men to surround them.

Around the same time, the roof to the vehicle Don was in sliced open like a can of sardines. Don looked up to see Michael hovering above.

“Time to go,” Michael remarked, grabbing Don by the back of his jacket and lifting him out of the vehicle.

A few seconds later, the very last vehicle in the line flipped in mid-air followed by the one in front of it and so on before stopping short from the very first vehicle being flipped. Everyone looked over to see Jordan and I walking down the road.

“Really?” Jordan said, looking at me out of the corner of his eye.
“They were in my way.” I calmly stated, keeping my sights on the leader of the little military group.
“Uh huh.”

I raised my hand and the first vehicle slide to the side of the road while Jordan and I stopped in front of everybody. Michael on the other hand now dropped Don off on the side of the road.

“Touch my family and I’ll break your damn neck.” I sneered at the leader of the military group.
“You are in no position to talk to me like that abnormal.” The leader hissed.
“Do you really wanna go there, demon?” I growled, sniffing a little. “Because you and your buddies might hide behind human disguises but you reek of damnation.”
“I’m not afraid of some freak.” He stood his ground.
“Huh. Really? Well, I guess you’re new to the game.”

Before the little demon leader knew what hit him, he found the air in his lungs leaving his body while he fell to his knees.

”Great. You pissed her off.” Phoenix remarked.
“Don’t kill him.” Jordan calmly said to me.
“Listen up boy,” I continued to growl in the demon leader’s ear. “I could kill you with a sneeze if I wanted to.”
“Then why don’t you?” He choked.
“Because I need you to deliver a message to the three pulling the strings.”
“And that is?”

The demon leader felt the air in his lungs slowly return as he got to his feet. He looked over at me and I stood there with my arms crossed.

“Run,” I said.

Which without even thinking he did along with his demon buddies who all seem to scatter in different directions. I walked over to the car I had not tossed aside and ripped the side door off its hinges as I started to search for something. Michael landed on his feet next Jordan, folding his wings behind him.

“What is she doing?” Michael asked him.

Jordan just shrugged his shoulders in response while waiting for me to re-emerge from the vehicle. Which I did a few seconds later with a baby in my arms.

“What the hell?” Preston uttered under his breath.
“Here.” I handed the baby to Michael. “Get her somewhere safe.”
“But...” Michael hesitantly took the baby, somewhat confused. “Saturn, what...”
“She’s a half breed.”
“Hold on, Jon is the only half breed...” Ven began to speak up.
“Not anymore.” I shook my head a little. “Michael, get her out of here.”
“But I’m not a babysitter, Saturn. I don’t...” He started to argue.
“Just do it.”

Michael took a step back noticing the look in my eyes.

“Fine.” He snapped back and took flight with the baby in his arms.

Before Jordan could say a word, we all saw Azrael, Nega, Thief and, Joe walking down the road along with two hooded strangers.

“Can’t be,” I said, walking up towards them.

Joe, Thief and, Nega quickly joined the others on the side of the road while I stood face to face with both of the strangers. Azrael stood next to Jordan, crossing his arms and watching on in silence.

“Peter.” I nodded at him and then looked over at the other stranger. “Paul.”
“Wait, Peter... Paul?” Tom scratched his head before it hit him. “Can’t be.”
“It is,” Nega replied in a calm manner with a grin.
“It’s not what you think, Saturn,” Peter spoke up, reading my thoughts as he pulled his hood back to reveal his identity.
“Stay the hell out of my head,” I growled while the ground beneath our feet trembled.

Paul busted out in boastful laughter and everyone looked at him like he was crazy.

“Same old Saturn.” He continued to laugh. “Temper and all.”
“Saturn, He sent us here because what is happening... It’s not written.” Peter said in a matter of fact tone. “It has to be stopped. They have to be stopped.”
“I know,” I replied. “Still doesn’t explain why you’re here.”
“We were sent to help.” Paul interrupted.
“Hold on.” Ven interrupted. “Saturn, what are they talking about?”
“Yahweh’s word.” I lowered my head, letting out a sigh. “Those who have caused this mayhem so far are creating their own Revelations. They are trying to prove the Bible is a lie and by doing so they are making sure not every word in the book is playing out as it should.”
“So if they prove that a book is a lie then what’s the big...” Thief began to reply.

No sooner than he had started to utter the words, he found himself face to face with a not so happy Saturn.

“Listen and listen good, boy.” I sneered, causing shivers to run down his spine. “If they make Yahweh into a liar than He ceases to exist along with anything He has created including this planet and the life on it.”
“There’s more.” Peter intervened.
“Of course there is.” I continued to sneer, focusing my attention back on Peter as I let go of Thief.

That’s when my Seal started to glow on its own in my hand along with Jordan’s, Joe’s. Tom’s, Preston’s and, Ravyn’s. In the distance, another hooded stranger could be seen walking down the road towards us.

“Mary,” I whispered under my breath when I realized who it was.
“Saturn, who is...?” Tom began to ask.
“The only one besides myself and Yeshua who knows how to control all the Seals,” I responded, cutting him off.

Jordan let out a cough.
“Don’t go there,” I warned him, looking out of the corner of my eye.
“What?” He tried to act innocent. “I just thought...”
“You know how to control yours and the Seventh Seal. You still have yet to learn how to control the others including mine.”
“And whose fault is that?”
“Hey, if you stopped being a smart ass for a millisecond maybe you would have learned by now.”

The stranger now stood in front of me, crossing her arms while a smile appeared on her face.

“Mary.” I calmly said, looking back at her. “How are you?”
“I was going to ask you the same thing.” She said, pulling her hood back to reveal herself. “Still rough around the edges I see especially with the men.”
“If you mean she still gives them hell then you would be right, ma’am,” Preston spoke up.

Mary laughed a little and I tried my best to ignore his comment.

“What brings you here?” I questioned her.
“He sent me.” She answered.
“Wow, so He’s sending people from my past to help.” I sarcastically remarked. “I wonder who He will send next? Oh, I know how about my father.”
“No, what part of this is my damn battle does anyone not get.” I brushed past her, Peter and Paul. “Everyone just needs to stay the hell out of my way.”
“When are you going to stop punishing yourself?” Mary flat out asked.

I stopped dead in my tracks for a minute before disappearing within a flash of light.

“Whoa, she doesn’t do that unless someone has struck a nerve with her,” Nef remarked.
“Or speaks the truth.” Nega pointed out.

Mary looked over at Jordan and could easily sense the confusion.

“She blames herself for the death of those in her past.” Mary calmly explained. “She has carried it with her for so long it’s weighed heavy on her soul.”
“And her heart,” Azrael spoke up.
“Is that why she has those nightmares?” Ven asked.
“It’s only part of it,” Mary answered, facing the others. “Saturn is a complicated individual. She does not simply let anyone get close to her unless she wants them to. Those nightmares she has are hers and hers alone to battle. She has made that perfectly clear.”
“Not telling us anything new, lady,” Preston remarked. “We kind of figured that out a long time ago.”

Gabriel and Metatron quickly appeared within flashes of light. Both dressed in their heavenly uniforms and more or so looking like Roman soldiers if anything.

“Where’s Saturn?” Metatron asked, looking around.
“She’s gone. Why what’s up?” Nega replied.
“We need to find her,” Gabriel said with a bit of urgency in his voice. “Before Uriel does...”
“Before Uriel does what?” Jordan spoke up, trying to keep his cool.
“He plans on killing her,” Metatron answered. “He’s decided to go rogue from Cain and...”
“He can’t kill her. She’s a Seraphim.” Azrael retorted. “Or have we forgotten.”
“He has Yahweh’s sword.” Gabriel flat out responded.

Everyone looked over at Jon and he just stood there smoking a cigarette feeling the weight of the stares.

“Jon, you were supposed to look after...” Ven began to say.
“I did but kind of hard to keep track of something that continuously gets borrowed and never brought back.” He calmly stated. “If my memory isn’t totally shot Saturn was the last one to borrow it and never return it.”
“That’s cause she gave it to my...” Azrael started to explain. “Excuse me, I have to go handle some family business.”

Before anyone could blink Azrael vanished within a flash of light.

“What do you think that was about?” Tom asked Gordy.
“He’s going to have a talk with his son,” Peter answered.
“Come on Petey, tell it like it is.” Paul laughed. “He’s going to pound the boy into the sand.”
“Petey?” Thief raised an eyebrow.
“It’s a nickname Saturn gave to me a long time ago.” Peter lowered his head and shaking it a little while he sighed. “And it has remained ever since.”
“Don’t feel too bad, man. She gives everyone a nickname. Isn’t that Richie-Ric... Hey, where did he go?”
“Mary is missing too.” Tom pointed out.

Uriel was now wandering the back alleys of downtown Boston. Trying to avoid any detection while he looked for yours truly.

“You’re not going to find her.” He heard someone speak up from behind him.

Uriel quickly turned around to see Raphael standing a few feet away with his arms folded and staring him down.

“Where is she?” Uriel demanded to know while taking a step towards Raphael with one hand on Yahweh’s sword.
“Strike me down brother and she will make sure you answer for that,” Raphael remarked.
“Not if I kill her first.”

Uriel swung the sword to hit Raphael dead on and Raphael closed his eyes preparing for the worse. A few seconds had passed before he opened his eyes to see someone holding onto the blade of the sword with their hand and inches away from his face.

“Saturn.” He said in shock, not understanding how I was able to hold onto the blade of
Yahweh’s sword without it slicing through my hand.
“Impossible,” Uriel whispered under his breath as he let go of the sword.

I quickly flipped it in the air and grabbed it by the handle. Holding it only inches away from Uriel.

“How the hell do you think the Seals came about?” I sneered while my entire being starts to glow.
“Can’t be... how could...” Uriel tried to find the words.
“Just like His sword the Seals also carry a part of Him as well. You can’t destroy something that is a part of Him with something else that is also a part of Him. That’s like trying to kill Yahweh with His own hand. It simply does not work.”
“But you’re a Seraphim!” He argued. “It should have killed you.”

A smile crept up on the corner of my lips and Uriel took a step back. Seeing something that sent a shiver down his spine.

“No. Impossible.” He shook his head, not wanting to believe it. “Those rank of angels died off. You can’t surpass a Seraphim. Your father was only...”
“He had the blood of the rank of those angels in him,” Raphael spoke up, starting to see what Uriel was seeing. “He and Kemuel were the only ones, Uriel. You know that.”
“You were a half breed.” Uriel sneered at me, ignoring Raphael. “Some say you still are. There’s no damn way!”

He was getting ready to make a move when a wall of fire blocked him from taking another step. I looked over my shoulder and saw both Mary and Jordan.

“He's not supposed to be here,” I growled at Mary.
“Saturn...” She began to respond.
“No, get him the hell out of here.”
“He needs to know, Saturn.”
“Get him out of here,” I said through clenched teeth while trying to hold back my anger.
“Hold on,” Uriel spoke up, laughing a little as he noticed. “You don’t want him to know the truth do you?”
“Really? You just caught on to that?” Raphael sarcastically remarked.
“Mary is right. He needs to know.” Uriel deviously grinned. “Unless of course, you’re afraid if you tell him that he might just...”

Before Uriel could say another word he found the air in his lungs quickly leaving his body. Falling to his knees and beating on his chest while trying to breathe. He looked up at me and notice my fist balled up and my eyes glowing a bright white. Around the same time, I felt a hand on my shoulder and myself going weak. Only to end up passing out and dropping Yahweh’s sword in the process. Jordan who had stood behind me could feel the weight of the stares and pretty much knew what everyone was thinking.

“How did you...?” Raphael began to ask.
“I just did,” Jordan answered, picking me up in his arms. “I knew all along.”
‘But how...?”
“I was told a long time ago.”
“Let me guess, Mikey told you.”
“Then Kemuel.”
“Then who...”

Raphael quickly shut his mouth as Jordan shot him a look. Mary giggled a little which caused Uriel to raise an eyebrow while getting to his feet and being able to breathe once again. Noticing that Yahweh’s sword was still laying on the ground. Before he could make a move it quickly flew through the air and into someone else’s hands.

“I will take that.” Kemuel calmly spoke up.

Both Mary and Jordan looked over at him and he just kept his sights on Uriel.

“Get her out of here.” He said. “Raphael and I can handle Uriel.”

Jordan and Mary walked past him and he could not help but chuckle a little.

“Besides, when she wakes up I have a feeling a certain Carrier is going to find himself on the receiving end of her wrath,” Kemuel remarked as a sly smile appeared on his face.

Raphael snickered a little trying to hold in a laugh as Mary shot him a look over her shoulder.

“What?” He tried to act innocent.

Meanwhile, in an abandon secret military location on the outskirts of the city Cain entered a room and quickly knelt before someone who was clearly sitting on a throne made of bones, skulls and burnt feathers.

“Your plan is falling apart.” A demonic voice boomed from within the shadows of the room, hiding it’s identity as it sat back on the throne.
“I know but I have come up with something better.” Cain got to his feet and went to the door to let someone else into the room. “I was able to find him and I think he could help.”

No sooner had Cain opened the door then Levi busted into the room. Looking around before noticing the demon and throne.

“Always nice to see old friends.” Levi sarcastically remarked.
“Levi.” The demon on the throne growled.
“Nice to see you too, Samael.”

No sooner had Levi said that name when he found himself being held up by his neck and dangling in mid-air? Looking down at the demon who had a hold of him while he tried to breath.

“Is it something I said?” He sarcastically choked out.
“That name is not to be spoken. Ever.” The demon warned while its eyes start to glow a dark maroon hue.
“But Saturn...”

The demon sneered showing its fangs and Levi quickly shut his mouth.

“Father.” Cain intervened.

A few seconds passed before the demon let go of Levi and returned to his throne.

“So it’s Lucy then.” Levi sarcastically remarked, slowly getting to his feet.
“Show some damn respect or I’ll send you back where I found you,” Cain warned.
“Calm down, junior. No need to throw a fit besides as I recall you came looking for me because you wanted my help.”
“So how was the place Yahweh sent you?” Cain retorted.
“ENOUGH!” Lucifer roared.

Both Cain and Levi jumped a little and looked over at him.

“This is why Saturn has defeated Hell time and time again because of this foolishness.” He sneered. “No more.”

A knock on the door was heard as the little demon leader I had encountered early came rushing in and taking a knee before the throne.

“Speak.” Lucifer hissed.
“They came out of nowhere. Well, she did.” The little demon leader tried to explain.
“What happened?”
“She said checkmate.”

Lucifer sat back and let out a little chuckle. Cain and Levi both looked puzzled while the little demon leader shook with fear.

“Father.” Cain started to say.
“So she knows.” He smiled a little.
“I can take her on, Father. She’s nothing more than a half-breed in Seraphim wings.”

That’s when Cain felt a force knock him across the room. Having him hit the wall and slide down to the floor.

“She is the Seraphim of Death.” Lucifer corrected him. “Don’t ever say otherwise.”

Cain slowly picked himself up off the floor and looked at Lucifer with hate in his eyes.

“You overestimate her.” He argued.
“No boy, the problem is I underestimated her. We all did.” Lucifer replied in a calm manner, shaking his head a little. “When she... I saw what she was. She is the Seraphim of Death but more importantly...”
“What?” Levi asked.
“She is His Wrath.”

I now awoke and coughed a little as I sat up. Looking around I could tell I was in my bedroom at Jordan’s house or at least what used to be my room.

“She’s up.” I heard someone say.

I looked over to my right and notice that both Mary and Jordan were in the room.

“I will leave you two alone,” Mary said, quickly exiting the room as she saw the look I was giving Jordan.

I now tried to get out of bed. Feeling somewhat achy and like I had the remnants of a fire in my lungs. I knew what he had done even though I never had shown him how to. However, it wasn’t too hard to figure out who had.

“How long have you known?” I asked.
“I’ve known how to...” He began to answer.
“Not that.” I shook my head a little trying to get my wits about me while I headed for the door. “You know what it’s not important. I have other things to deal with right now.”
“Your father told me,” Jordan spoke up.

I stopped dead in my tracks as my hand rested on the doorknob. I closed my eyes for a minute and took a deep breath.

“He showed up on my doorstep before I had met you.” Jordan continued on, trying his damnedest to explain the best he could. “I thought he was crazy until you showed up. From there I started to figure things out piece by piece.”
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He talked about what he was before being the Seraphim of Death, life with your mother and that there was a chance that you had the blood of..”
“Of what?”
“Of a Caelestibus. Which I found out in Latin means....”
“Yea. I thought all angels were celestial beings though.”
“They are but where do you think the name originated from,” I remarked.
“Your father also mentioned something else.”

I now looked over my shoulder at Jordan with a raised eyebrow.

“He mentioned that Lucifer was one and that there might be another one. Which would make sense since Cain is his...” Jordan began to say.
“It’s not Cain.” I cut him off.
“Hold on you know?”
“Then it’s Jon, right? I mean it has..”
“It isn’t Jon.”
“Damn it, Saturn...” He started to get frustrated.
“This has nothing to do with you.” I flatly stated. “Let it go.”
“Bullshit!” He said losing his temper. “For over a decade I have had my world turned upside down, fought demons and had to understand what the hell I carry in my damn hand. And now you have the damn nerve to tell me this has nothing to do with me. Why are you so determined to keep me out of this? Better yet, why are you in a damn hurry to die?”
“I told you before Death can’t die.” I sarcastically remarked. “Now if you will excuse me, I have a job to do.”

I began to open the door when the knob slipped from my hand and the door slammed shut.

“I don’t have time for one of your fits,” I said, keeping my back turned.
“Who is the other Caelestibus?” He flat out asked as I felt his stare pierce through me.
“I have a right to know.”
“That you do but it’s not my place to tell you,” I answered, lowering my head and letting out a sigh.

Just then a text message came through on Jordan’s phone. He read it as a puzzled look washed over his face.

“Who is it?” I asked.
“My mom.” He answered, texting back. “She wants to see the both of us.”

The others had now shown up where Kemuel, Raphael and, Uriel were. Kemuel quickly tossed Yahweh’s sword at Jon.

“Here. For all that is Holy keep an eye on it.” Kemuel remarked as Jon caught it.
“Where’s Saturn?” Ven asked.
“Jordan and Mary took her home.”
“What do you mean took her home? I thought..”
“Tell them, Kemuel,” Peter spoke up.
“They don’t need to...” Kemuel began to respond.
“Yes, they do. It’s time they knew.”

Kemuel lowered his head and let out a sigh.

“I can tell them if you want me to.” Raphael offered.
“No, I’ll do it.” Kemuel shook his head. “You, however, can take Uriel back to Yahweh.”

Raphael grumbled while grabbing Uriel by the back of his jacket and disappearing within a flash of light.
“So where do I begin?” Kemuel ignored Raphael’s tantrum, focusing his attention on the others.

Jordan, Mary and I now had arrived at his mother’s house. She led us into the living room to sit. I decided to lean on the frame of the doorway leading into the room with my arms crossed. I didn’t feel much like sitting down, let alone being there. And she pretty much could tell.

“I wanted you here as well for a reason, Saturn.” She softly spoke.
“No offense but there are more important matters I have to take care of so if we could....” I began to reply.
“Sit.” She now said with more authority in her voice.

Which I quickly did. Sitting in a chair next to the doorway. Afraid to move a muscle for fear I might get my head torn off. Mary could not help but giggle a little at the sight of this.

“You’re just like your father.” Jordan’s mother remarked. “Stubborn as a bull.”
“Do not forget temperamental.” Mary pointed out.
“Are we done?” I said, getting frustrated. “I mean if we’re just here so you can bash my...”
“Actually, I have called both of you here for a reason.” Jordan’s mother changed the subject while grabbing something out from under her chair and setting it on her lap.

Both Mary and I quickly knew what it was. We shot each other side glances of confusion, however. Seeing as neither of us had ever laid eyes on the book in eons.

“You don’t know everything, Saturn.” His mother calmly stated. “Well, not about the Caelestibus. Your father only told you what he wanted you to know.”
“How were you able to get the book?” I questioned.
“Your father gave it to me.”

I sat back in the chair in disbelief.

“He knew this day would come and he also knew he wouldn’t be around.” She started to explain. “So he gave me the book seeing as...”
“As what?” Jordan asked.

His mother looked over at me and I just shook my head in silent response.

“Look, somebody better tell me...” He began to sound a little irritated.
“There was a group of Caelestibus who carried the Seals. Seven as a matter of fact.” His mother started to explain, opening the book. “The Original Seven they were called. Anyway, one of the seven turned on the other six and a war broke out. The Great War of the Seven Heavens they called it. Long story short out of the hundreds of Caelestibus only four survived. Two who were not part of the Original Seven and two who were. Lucifer, Kemuel, myself and Saturn’s father.”

I raised an eyebrow somewhat shocked by the mention of my father.

“Wait a minute, he carried the blood of a...” I interrupted.
“No, he was one.” She replied looking dead over at me. “As a matter of fact, he was the leader of the Original Seven.”

I stared down at my hand for a minute before getting up to leave.

“There’s more.” She quickly stopped me.
“I need air,” I said, keeping my back turned.
“Saturn, please. I need you here for the other part of this.”

I looked over my shoulder at her for a second before sitting back down.

“Now it’s true that the Seals were given to the Apostles down the road.” She continued on. “However, that could not have happened if it wasn’t for what your father and Yahweh did. Yahweh recreated the five that had originally been destroyed by the deaths of the Caelestibuses who carried them. Splitting the Seventh one in two for obvious reasons now known. The Second Seal is a different story because that was carried by the one who betrayed the other six. To think if your father and Yahweh hadn’t stopped him and taken the Seal away...”
“Who was it?” Jordan asked, having an inkling as to who it could have been and feeling a little ill because of it.
“Lucifer.” She flat out answered.

Jordan quickly shot me a look and I could sense a feeling of anger coming from him.

“Hey, I’m still processing what I have been told,” I remarked.
“But you knew didn’t you?”
“I made her promise to not say a word.” His mom interfered.
“You could have...” He started to argue with me, ignoring his mother.
“No, I couldn’t have. I owe her.” I tried to calmly answer.
“What do you mean you owe her?”
“She’s saved my ass more than once. I owe her my life.”

Jordan sat back in his chair and I just let out a sigh under my breath. Becoming somewhat even more frustrated.

“You better tell him or else I will,” I remarked.
“Mom, what is...?” Jordan was getting ready to ask.
“Like I said before there were four Caelestibuses who survived. Saturn’s father, Lucifer, Kemuel and, myself. And since I became human it basically means that any child I had would be the next Caelestibus.”
“So Jon is...”
“It isn’t Jon or any of your other brothers or sisters. I was informed it would be the one who carries the Second Seal.”

Jordan stared down at his hands as they began to glow a faint red hue. He shook his head a little while trying to straighten out his thoughts.

“Hold on, I saw the Apostle who carried my Seal. I was told...” He spoke up.
“Your daddy’s side of the family.” I flat out responded.
“Saturn.” His mom shook her head.
“What?” I responded in a matter of fact tone. “He needs to know.”
“True, but you’re not helping the situation by...”
“Oh, so it’s okay to drop that tidbit of a bomb about my father on me but I have to be careful not to spill any unknown truths to your son over there. Kind of double standard isn’t it?”
“She has a point,” Mary spoke up.
“I know. However, there is something my son nor you know. And if I...”
“Mom, what is it?” Jordan asked, putting his hand on top of hers.

She saw the concern on his face and it broke her heart even more. The truth had to be spoken though and she knew it.

“Saturn, I’m sorry.” She apologized. “What he has done to you... I just can’t imagine the personal hell it’s caused you.”
“What are you...?” I began to question in confusion.
“Samael is my brother.”

Any feeling I had in my body quickly left as I turned pale white. For a brief moment, everything went quiet while my vision blurred. I closed my eyes and my hand began to glow a white hue.

“Saturn,” Mary said, noticing my hand.

Without saying a word, I clenched my hand into a fist while I quickly got up and left. Jordan was getting ready to go after me when Mary stopped him.

“I have to...” He started to say.
“She needs time alone.” Mary interrupted.
“She’s going after him...”
“No, she isn’t. She’s hurting right now.”
“Let him go.” His mother spoke up.
“But...” Mary tried to protest.
“Let him go.”

Mary hesitated for a moment before stepping aside and letting Jordan leave.

“I hope you know what you are doing.” She said to Jordan’s mother.

The old woman just sat back in her chair, lightly tapping her fingers on the book that rested on her lap as a smile appeared on her face. Which in turn made Mary raise an eyebrow.

“Saturn, wait.” I heard someone shout from behind me while I continued to walk down the street with my fist clenched.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Giving Jordan a chance to catch up.

“Go home,” I said, keeping my back turned.
“We need to talk.” He replied, trying to catch his breath.
“Go home.”
“Look, I know...”
“Don’t,” I growled. “You have no damn idea what I’m going through.”
“You’re right, I don’t. But you weren’t the only one who just had a bomb dropped on them either.” He argued.

I looked over my shoulder at him for a minute before lowering my head and letting out a sigh.

“I’d say we should go grab a drink but I gave up drinking and you can’t handle your liquor.” Jordan sarcastically remarked.
“I could so kick your ass right now,” I grumbled.
“But you won’t.” He smiled.

I continued to grumble a few inaudible words under my breath before noticing something out of the corner of my eye. A couple of men dressed in suits crossed the street in a hurry. Heading in the direction that made me raise an eyebrow. Until I caught wind of who they really were.

“Saturn?” Jordan said, following my gaze and looking over at the men.
“Demons,” I growled in a low tone. “Come on.”
“They’re heading for your mom’s place.”

Before Jordan and I could cross the street a few demons flew out of nowhere, landing in front of us. They, however, weren’t the only ones. We looked around and discovered that we were surrounded.

“So how do you want to do this?” Jordan asked while his hand began to glow a bright red hue.
“Fire whirl,” I answered.
“Just do it,” I said, as I took flight and glowing a white hue in the process.

The others were a few blocks away when they saw me in the sky and a fire whirling upwards.

“Is that a...?” Nega asked.
“A firenado.” Thief deviously grinned. “A very weak one. I could do better than that.”
“Don’t go there, Terrance,” Phoenix warned, walking past him.

I quickly flew down into the middle of the fire whirl, slamming my fist into the ground and causing the fire to disperse. Killing any demon it touched.

“What the hell?” Bags remarked as a tremor shook beneath their feet.

A smile appeared on the corner of Kemuel’s mouth.

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“What is it?” Jon asked.
“Nothing. “Kemuel shook his head. “Let’s go see if they need help.”

I got up off my knee and folded my wings behind me. Jordan stood there in complete and utter disbelief at what he just saw.

“How the hell did you...?” He finally tried to ask.
“Come on, we need to go save your mom.” I interrupted, heading in the direction of her home.

It didn’t take long for us to get back to her house. Mary was sitting on the porch with the book on her lap.

“Mary, where are the...?” I began to ask while Jordan headed into the house.
“She went with them.” Mary interrupted, getting to her feet. “She told me to give you this.”

Mary tried to hand the book over to me and I quickly put my hands up refusing to take it.

“No, I can’t...” I shook my head.

Jordan now came back outside to witness Mary grab my hand and place it on the book. The book quickly evaporated into my hand.

“What the...?” He started to say under his breath.

Before I knew what hit me I felt a force lift me off my feet and take me straight into the sky. And as quickly as it had, it slammed me back down into the ground. Jordan tried to help but Mary stopped him from interfering.

“This has to happen.” She calmly stated.

As I slowly got to my feet I was again lifted up to the sky. Out of the range of anyone who might have been watching and beyond the clouds. I slowly opened my eyes when I felt myself hovering, only to come face to face with a glowing being. It looked at me with fire in its eyes and a smile on its face. That’s when my hand started to glow on its own. I looked at my hand somewhat puzzled at not being able to control it until it hit me.

“Dad?” I said with a raised eyebrow, looking back at the being.

The others had now caught up and noticed both Mary and Jordan looking up at the sky.

“Where’s Saturn?” Bags asked, looking around
“Busy.” Someone spoke up from behind them.

They all looked over to see Gabriel standing there with his arms folded and wings spread out.

“Where is she?” Jordan demanded to know walking over towards him.
“You already know the answer to that.” Gabriel calmly answered. “Besides, you should be more worried about your mother. She’s going to need your help.”

Before Jordan could say another word he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“He’s right,” Mary said.
“Bro, what the hell is going on?” Jon asked, somewhat confused by the situation.

Jordan lowered his head and closed his eyes. Letting out a sigh as he did so.

“What do you mean she disappeared?!?” Lucifer now threw a raging fit.
“She just vanished into the sky.” One of his spies explained.

Lucifer sat back on his throne, quiet in his thoughts.

“You know where she went.” He heard someone speak up from within the corner of the room.

Lucifer raised an eyebrow as he recognized the all familiar voice.

“Sister, it’s been a long time.” He calmly responded.
“Not long enough.” She calmly stated while stepping into the light.

Levi and Cain quickly got ready to pounce on her but Lucifer held up his hand and stopped both of them.

“We don’t attack family.” He stated.
“Family?” Cain sounded confused. “Isn’t she the second Seal Carrier’s mother?”
“Yes and she’s also your aunt.”
“Hold up.” Levi interrupted. Then, that means... Jordan and Jon are your nephews and his cousins. Which means Cain killed his cousin’s wife. Damn, and I thought my family was screwed up.”
“You killed your brother,” Cain argued.
“ENOUGH!” Lucifer roared.

Both Cain and Levi quickly shut their traps while Jordan and Jon’s mom laughed a little.

“Still have a temper I see,” She remarked.
“And still acting like the big sister,” Lucifer responded, sounding a little frustrated.
“Remember when you told our sister Azazel that one day Saturn would be the cause of your demise. You just might be right. ” She ignored his tantrum. “By the way, nice of our sister to try to sleep with my son.”
“Say what?!?” Levi exclaimed, shocked and in disbelief.
“When she took over Saturn’s body she tried to....”
“Whoa, hold on. And again, where was I?”
“Hey, our family is normal!” Cain argued.
“Whatever you say, Junior.” Levi sarcastically remarked, crossing his arms.

Two demons who had originally brought Jordan and Jon’s mother only to have her slip through their fingers, now ran into the room out of breath. Lucifer raised an eyebrow at this as a smile crept out of the corner of his mouth.

“Still doing parlor tricks, I see.” He remarked to her.
“She....” One of the demons tried to say.
“Outsmart the both of you.” Lucifer interrupted. “Leave.”

Without thinking twice they quickly left as they had appeared.

“So what is this I might be right business.” Lucifer brought back up.
“Well, not so much might as it’s a for sure thing.” Jordan and Jon’s mother calmly stated. “Your time is about to run out, little brother.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I know where Saturn is and if I were I would be worried.”
“Why? Where is she?”
“Like I said before you know as well. The Seventh Realm.”

Lucifer sat back on his throne. Showing no emotion as he wandered deep in thought.

“Why are you telling me this? Last time we talked you didn’t give a damn about me or our family.” He finally responded.
“True, but I have three reasons as to why. Two are heading this way and one who will soon follow.” She calmly stated. “My sons don’t need to be caught in the middle of this mess and what you have done to Saturn... You need to stop what you are doing before it’s too late.”
“Who do you think you are to...?” Cain started to argue.
“Shut your mouth, boy,” Lucifer growled.
“No, she’s a mere human. Why should we....”
“She was one of the greatest warriors in Heaven. You will show her respect.”
“Keyword was. She’s nothing more than a weak mortal now.”

That’s when Levi noticed a faint glow emerging from her hand. Which made him raise an eyebrow as they stared at one another.

“What the...?” He whispered under his breath.

Lucifer soon followed Levi’s stare and noticed the glow as well.

“Can’t be...” He remarked, realizing what it was.

The being had now teleported us to an open field. Looking around I could tell it was anywhere but earth.

“Where are we?” I asked.

He pointed off into the distance and as I looked over I saw a group of what seemed to be six angels. They were talking and laughing. A couple of them looked familiar. All too familiar.

“Hold on, that’s you,” I responded. “A younger version but definitely you.”

The being smiled while gesturing for me to continue watching. Which I did while laughing a little. Which in turn caused the being to look somewhat puzzled.

“Sorry old man, it’s just weird to see you this young.” I continued to laugh a little. “Even more weird to see you in your new form as well.”
“Look, my idea will work.” A young angel that looked like Lucy now argued with my younger father.
“I said no.” The younger version of my father answered.
“And again, who did I get my temper from?” I now shot the being a look out of the corner of my eye.

A little smile appeared on its face while keeping his eyes on the angels.

“Mom my...” I grumbled shaking my head, continuing to watch as well.

Another young angel that looked like Jordan and Jon’s mother approached the group. Going straight up to the younger version of my father and kissing him on the cheek. I quickly shot a look at the being standing next to me.

“What the...?!?” I began to say. “Is there something you forgot to tell me, old man?”
“Nice to see you too, Sarai.” The younger version of my father smiled a little.

I shot the being yet another look.

“I’m telling mom.” I flat out stated.
“You two should get married already.” One of the other angels spoke up.
“And again, we’re just friends. Isn’t that right, Yosef?” Sarai replied, flirting a little and causing the younger version of my father to blush.

I continued to glare over at the being next to me until something caught my eye. A glow emerging from the hand of Sarai.

“No way. That’s the...” I shook my head in disbelief. “You told me the Original Seven was an all-boys club. You mean to tell me she was one of the Original Seven?”

The being nodded his head and I took a step back for a minute.

“Why wouldn’t she say anything? She told Jordan and me...”

The scene before us now quickly changed and flashed to a war.

“This is the Great War of the Seven Heavens, isn’t it?” I asked.

The being nodded again in response. The younger version of my father was leading his group into a battle with Lucy and a few familiar faces. Faces that were now demons had from the looks of it were angels.

“You will not take Yahweh’s throne!” The younger version of my father growled at Lucy.
“So he did try it before,” I remarked under my breath, remembering what Michael had told me a long time ago.
“Really?” The younger Lucy laughed. “You are in no position to stop me. Now move.”
“Make me.” The younger version of my father continued to growl.
“And again, I got my temper from who?” I calmly stated.

Lucy tried to charge after my father but soon found himself flying backwards. I looked over at the younger version of my father and noticed his being glowing a bright white hue.

“So that’s what it looks like,” I said. “Kind of weird to see it when you’re the one who....”

I looked down at my hand for a minute before closing it into a fist and continuing to watch the scene before me. Which quickly changed again. Fast forwarding through the war and everything leading up to my birth on Saturn. I walked over to the bassinet and looked down at the baby in it. Only to be interrupted by my father coming in with Jordan and Jon’s mother and a younger looking Michael walking behind them.

“ I need both of you to be my daughter’s guardians.” My father explained to both of them. “Her mother worries for her safety and me....”

That’s when the baby version of myself floated out of the bassinet and in mid-air. Giggling and cooing while she did so.

“And I fear that.” My father sighed, lowering his head and shaking it.

Michael tried to catch the baby me as she took flight throughout the room. Spreading out her little wings and continuing to laugh and giggle as babies do.

“Hey, get back here!” Michael took flight, only to miscalculate and end up flying into a wall.

The baby version of me continued to giggle while she landed in the arms of someone across the room.

“Samael, what are you doing here?” Jordan and Jon’s mother questioned, somewhat surprised to see him.
“I wanted to see the new addition to the Saturn Empire.” Lucy deviously smiled while holding the baby version of myself. “Cute kid, Yosef. Already causing trouble, I see.”
“Hand her over,” Michael growled, landing in front of Lucy.
“She is visiting her uncle Samael,” Lucy responded, holding the baby version of myself up so they were face to face with one another. “Isn’t that right, little one?”

The baby put her little hand on Samael’s face which in turn began to glow a faint white hue and cause Samael to quickly hand her over to Michael.

“That child is dangerous!” Samael exclaimed., rubbing the burn on the side of his face.
“Maybe she can sense your full of...” Michael began to remark.
“Michael.” My father interrupted, shaking his head somewhat while keeping his sights on Samael.
“She should not be allowed access to the first Seal.” Samael tried to argue with my father.
“She is my daughter. She has every right.” My father calmly replied.
“She is a female. No female should have access let alone carry a Seal.”
“Does that include your sister?”
“Of course. That was a mistake.” Samael scoffed.
“I’ll show you a mistake...” Jordan and Jon’s mother started to say with her hand glowing a golden hue, getting ready to go after Samael until my father stopped her by getting between the both of them.
“I think it would be wise if you left, Samael.” My father said, trying to keep the peace.
“Fine.” Samael sighed, rolling his eyes. “I just came to see the Saturn child anyway and since I have I think I will visit the planet Yahweh calls Earth. I heard He has created a new species of beings called humans. Might be fun to see what they’re all about.”

And within a ring of fire, he vanished.

“Why did you let him go?” Jordan and Jon’s mother turned on my father.
“Sarai...” My father responded, feeling a headache coming on.
“No, you can’t honestly tell me you trust him?”
“I don’t. But I have to think about her well being.” My father nodded over to the baby sleeping in Michael’s arms. “If he knew the truth... I don’t want to think about what he would do.”

I now looked at the being next to me as the scene in front of us vanished.

“Why am I being shown this?” I asked.

The scene before us tried to change into that of the War on Saturn. Which I quickly dismissed by turning my back.

“I know what happens,” I remarked. “I don’t need to re-live it.”

That’s when the sound of thunder filled the sky.

“I DON’T NEED TO BE REMINDED OF MY DEMONS!” I hollered at the sky, knowing who was behind that thunder. “WHAT GOOD CAN COME FROM....”

Before I could finish a flash of lightning flew out of nowhere behind me. Causing me to turn around and watch what was unfolding in the scene that was playing like a movie. Soon my blood started to boil and the look on my face quickly changed as I clenched my fist into a ball.

“That son of a...” I growled, turning back around. “I need to get back. Now.”
The being quickly landed in front of me.

“What the...?” I started to say.

He held up a finger and pointed over to the scene that was changing once more. I looked over my shoulder just to be met with a blinding light.

Jordan and the others were now wandering down the road that leads to the outskirts of the city. They were able to get some information from a couple of demon snitches earlier about where Lucy and his army of dysfunctional demons were hiding. It seems not every demon was pledging their loyalty to Lucy. And with good reason, seeing as some of those that have been wiped out were of demon nature as well. After all, demons were abnormals to. Well, those who went against Lucy anyway.

“So Michael, what happened to that baby from earlier?” Preston asked him out of nowhere.
“She’s safe.” Michael calmly answered, continuing to walk along with everyone else.
“Sure about that? This army of....”
“Look, she’s safe. Drop it.”

Preston stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed the sudden change in Michael’s behavior.

“Is there something you’re not telling us, Michael?” He questioned.
“No, why would you...”
“No reason. Just seems awful odd you get defensive all of a sudden.”
“I’m not getting defensive, Carrier.” Michael sneered.

Just then, Dark Saturn appeared before the group of misfits. A smile curled up on the side of her mouth as she crossed her arms.

“Well, well, well what do we have here?” She remarked.
“What are you doing here?” Nega asked.
“Stopping yourselves from getting killed.”
“If you continue to go this way you are going to end up catching your death. Isn’t that right, Thief?”

Everyone now looked over in the direction of Thief as he felt the weight of the stares.

“What did you do?” Ven asked him.
“Nothing.” He lied.
“Look, we have lost enough family.” He clenched his fists. “Berlie, Pops, Sam, Nef, E.T, Duchess, Drew and, that’s just to name a few. The family has been falling apart and the Westies are now a skeleton crew. I did what I had to. I have my own damn family to worry about. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’m not cut out to be a hero.”
“None of us are, Thief. But...”
“You don’t understand what I did was the best for everyone. He assured me...”
“He?” Joe raised an eyebrow.

No one knew what to say. Their looks carried judgment and Thief could sense it. Jordan walked over to him and stared him down without saying a word.

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done what I did.” Thief retorted. “Not when it comes down to saving your family.”
“Not if it costs the lives of others then no.” Jordan disagreed.
“Bro, how did you...?” Jon began to ask.
“Think about it, Jon. The only deals Lucy makes involves taking lives.” Jordan answered. “Hell, like Saturn has said time and time again it’s his M.O.”
“He just wanted the Seals.” Thief spoke up. “He promised that...”
“And when have you ever known him to keep his damn word.” Jordan turned on Thief.
“Terry...”Ven spoke up, putting her hand on his shoulder.

He quickly brushed her off as he stormed off the road and down some dirt path. Away from everybody else and their stares.

“It’s a good thing Athena isn’t here to see her father acting like this,” Phoenix remarked.
“Give the man a break,” Nega spoke up. “We are far from throwing stones ourselves.”

Everyone looked over at Nega as he crossed his arms.

“What? Saturn told me that part was true.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Dark Saturn soon looked over down the road and both Michael and Jordan quickly caught on to what she was staring at. An army of demons disguised as humans were heading towards them. Fully armed and ready to do battle if need be.

“Shit,” Joe uttered under his breath, noticing it as well.
“We are definitely outnumbered,” Tom said, trying to calculate the figures in his head.
“What do we do?” Leysa asked with a bit of fear in her voice.

Jordan looked over at the others and then at the army of demons approaching.

“Get them out of here.” He said to Michael, walking past him as his entire being began to glow a red hue.
“Bro...” Jon tried to stop him but ending up running right into a wall of fire.

Which in turn cut the others off from stopping Jordan completely.

“He’s going to get himself killed,” Phoenix remarked. “Someone needs to stop him.”
“So how do we do that exactly, doll?” Nega retorted. “Because no one is walking through that without burning up.”

The army stopped dead in their tracks when they noticed Jordan heading towards them. The General watching him closely as a smug expression crossed his face.

“And I thought it was bad when Yahweh would send Saturn to do His fighting for Him.” The General mocked with laughter.

No sooner had he spoke those words then half of his army went up in flames.

“And you pissed off the Yankee. Way to go.” Preston shouted in his deep southern accent while clapping his hands. “Why don’t you just tell him the Red Soxs suck and see what happens next.”
“He’s going to need help.” Dark Saturn said, trying to figure out a way around the firewall.
“Are you sure about that?” Bags remarked. “Because from the looks of it he’s kicking...”
“Bags.” Ven cut him off in a warnful tone.

Jordan was now toe to toe with the General. Each one staring the other down.

“Not much for words are you, Seal Carrier.” The General sneered. “I am surprised that Saturn would let you off your leash. Seeing as you are nothing more than her boy toy or so rumor has it.”

That’s when the ground beneath everyone’s feet start to rumble.

“Oh shi...” Nega remarked. “What the hell is happening?”

Kemuel began to chuckle a little as Michael shot him a look.

“Oh, come on Mikey, don’t tell me you forgot how temperamental a Caelestibus can get.” Kemuel laughed. “Might want to stop the man however before...”
“Before what?” Phoenix asked, raising an eyebrow. “Michael, what is he talking about?”
“Nothing. Look, we need to find a way to get through this firewall.” Michael grumbled, ignoring Kemuel.
“They should know, little Mikey,” Kemuel spoke up.
“Don’t call me that.” Michael continued to grumble. “I swear you’re just like your brother.”

A smile appeared out of the corner of Kemuel’s mouth as he crossed his arms.

“Nice to know Saturn didn’t just get it from her father.” Michael retorted, brushing past him.

Jon noticed his hand glowing a faint white hue and couldn’t help but stare at it for a minute. Before suddenly phasing through the wall of fire.

“Jon, what the...?!?” Joe exclaimed but stop short from finishing when he saw that he was unscathed from the fire.

Everybody else noticed it as well and were in bewilderment at what they were witnessing. As soon as Jon was clear of the firewall, he felt something trying to pop out his back. Which caused him to fall over in pain.
“What is happening to him?” Joe demanded to know.
“He’s becoming the Seraphim of Death.” Azrael watched on in disbelief.” Which means Saturn is now...”
“Now what?”

Before Azrael could respond, Jon slowly got to his feet. Walking towards his brother and the army of demons. The look of worry on Jordan’s face made Jon smile a little.

“I’m fine, little bro.” He tried to assure him, coughing somewhat. “Saturn told you this would eventually happen.”
“Jon...” Jordan started to say.

Jon just shook his head a little while holding up his hand which went from glowing a white hue to a silver.

“Cute. Some more parlor tricks.” The Demon General interrupted, not the least bit amused.

Jon slammed his fist into the ground while a pair of Seraphim wings appeared from behind his back. The slamming of his fist sent a shock wave causing the remaining army of demons except for the General to turn into dust.

“Wait, when did he learn how to do that?” Preston raised an eyebrow.
“Saturn taught him.” Michael lowered his head while crossing his arms and letting out a laugh. “Really little sis, you couldn’t let me in on what you were up to?”
“What?” Preston asked confused.
“Nothing.” Michael shook his head with a smile appearing out of the corner of his mouth.

The General looked around and realized he was the only one left. Like any good soldier, however, he refused to show any fear what so ever. Instead, he just laughed.

“You have no clue do you?” Kemuel spoke up from behind the wall of fire.
“What? What that mortal did...” The General began to scoff.
“He’s no longer mortal. He’s the Seraphim of Death.” Kemuel quickly interrupted. “Which means Saturn has officially passed the torch down. Which also means....”
“No, it can’t be.” The General’s eyes got wide as it dawned on him. “She was a half-breed. She can’t possibly be....”
“You forget who her daddy was.”

The thought of that alone sent shivers down the General’s spine.

“Whoa,” Nega remarked, seeing the look of fright wash over the General’s face for a brief second. “Something tells me daddy was a titan.”
“You could say that.” Michael flat out responded, remembering how my father’s enemies would sweat blood just by hearing my father’s name.
“Michael?” Ven spoke up, noticing the look on his face.
“You guys have no idea.” He remarked. “If you knew what....”
“Michael,” Kemuel warned.
“Come on, Kemuel. You even said yourself at one point that girl was just like her daddy. Besides, it’s high time you told them.”
“We already know she’s a Caelestibus.” Nega interrupted.
“It’s more than that. Isn’t that right, Kemuel?” Michael crossed his arms.
“They don’t need to know.” Mary intervened. “Not now.”
“But Ma...”
“Not now.” She spoke with authority in her voice.

Which in turn caused Michael to quickly shut up and a couple of the Familia members to step away from Mary.

“If there is one thing you don’t do. It's getting on Mary’s bad side.” Paul laughed.

Thief found himself walking through an open field. Stopping only a couple of times to figure out which way to go.

“The base has to be close by.” He whispered under his breath.
“We had a deal, mortal.” He heard someone say from behind him.

He turned around to see Lucy in his human form with a black aura surrounding his being.

“You can go to hell.” Thief growled. “I’m not doing it.”

Before he knew what hit him. Thief found himself being lifted off the ground by his neck while slowly losing his ability to breath.

“You forget, mortal. I rule Hell.” Lucifer sneered, letting his demon tone come through.

A ring of fire quickly encircled them as Thief punched Lucy in the face. Which in turn causing him to let go of Thief as Thief leaped back and through the ring of fire. Only to land a few feet away.

“FOOLISH MORTAL, I CONTROL THE FIRES OF HELL!’ Lucifer roared, putting the ring of fire out with a wave of his hand while stepping forward. “YOUR TRICKS CAN NOT STOP ME.”
“We’ll see about that.” Thief retorted, wiping the blood from the side of his mouth with the back of his hand.

At the same time, both Lucifer and Thief went at each other. Throwing punches and fighting it out right in the middle of the field.

“Should we help?” Levi asked Cain as they watched from a distance.
“No,” Cain answered. “Father can take care of himself.”

That’s when Lucifer went flying backwards and over their heads.

“What the...?” Levi ducked a little.

Both Cain and Levi looked over in Thief’s direction and saw him standing his ground.

“GET UP!” Thief hollered. “I’M NOT DONE.”
“Yes, you are.” He heard someone hiss from behind him.

He quickly turned around and found himself once again being lifted off his feet by his throat.

“Do you honestly think you could defeat the King of Hell.” Lucifer sneered while showing his true demon form.

Thief soon smelled something burning and the look of fear washed over his face when he realized what it was.

“Let’s see if you can handle the fire I bring.” Lucifer deviously grinned.

A few miles away, the sound of someone in agony filled the skies and caught the attention of Jordan and everybody else.

“What the hell was that?” Bags asked.

Jon fell to his knees in pain while Joe’s hand started to glow and Nega looked over in the direction of the noise.

“What the hell is going on?” Jordan demanded to know while approaching Kemuel.
“Death.” Kemuel calmly replied.
“I don’t....”
“Joe’s Seal is that of Death it can not only bring about death but sense it as well,” Kemuel explained.
“We know that. What about Jon?” Phoenix spoke up.
“He has yet to learn how to process the emotions and pain that comes with death.”

Jordan raised an eyebrow of confusion and Kemuel couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“Saturn had to deal with it when she first became the Seraphim of Death just like her father did. It’s one of the many hidden secrets of holding such a position.”
“My God,” Tom remarked, thinking about it. “It means every time someone dies then...”
“The Seraphim of Death feels it.” Michael finished saying, closing his eyes and letting out a sigh as he remembered all the times he had to help me get through it.

The sky above began to grow black as Jon got to his feet.

“He’s coming,” Jon said as his eyes glowed a bright white hue for a second.
“Who is...?” Ven started to ask.

She, however, was quickly interrupted as Lucifer made his presence known with Levi on his right and Cain on his left. Michael quickly went on the defense but Azrael put his hand on Michael’s shoulder.

“Not yet, brother.” Azrael shook his head.
“Heed his advice.” Cain deviously sneered, walking past them.

Michael jolted at him and he jumped.

“Punk,” Michael growled.

Lucifer now stood face to face with Jordan. A smile creeping up out of the corner of Lucifer’s mouth.

“Where is my mother?” Jordan demanded to know.
“Don’t worry, little nephew. She’s safe.”
“Nephew?” Preston raised an eyebrow. “Wait the Yankee is related to...”
“Both Jon and he are,” Gabriel spoke up, keeping his eyes on Lucifer.
“What do you want, Lucifer?” Kemuel interrupted.
“What I want isn’t available at the moment.” Lucifer deviously responded. “So I thought I’d play with her Familia for a bit before she shows. I’ve already sent one to his grave. I wouldn’t mind seeing how many I could rack up in a short amount of time.”
“He killed Thief.” Dena cried, sensing the spirit of Thief.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Nega roared, going after him only to have Cain intervene.
“Touch my father and catch your death, mortal.” Cain snarled.

Nega punched Cain in his jaw which in turn set Cain off and caused him to show his true demon form.

“Big mistake, mortal.” He hissed.
“Bring it, demon brat.” Nega transformed into his skeleton form and setting off a smell of sulfur in the air.
“Jim, damn it!” Gordy exclaimed, trying to hold his nose.
“Look it here a Soul Stealer.” Cain retorted. “Didn’t your breed die out in the beginning? No, matter you can join your kind in death.”
“Um,” Levi tried to speak up. “Cain.”
“Tell me how it feels knowing...”
“What?!?” Cain finally responded to Levi, feeling a bit annoyed.
“He’s technically already dead.” Levi pointing to Jim’s skeleton form.
“You must be so proud of him.” Levi sarcastically remarked to Lucifer while Lucifer let out a sigh of frustration.
“Ha, are you kidding me?” Michael busted out in laughter. “You are actually thinking of letting him inherit your throne? Cripes Lucy, if I was you I’d think twice about that.”
“He’s not inheriting anything.” Lucifer sneered, feeling somewhat annoyed.
“Hold on, he is your son. If he isn’t in line for your throne then who....” Levi stopped short from finishing when he saw who Lucifer was staring at.

Everyone else followed the stare as well.

“HELL NO!” Cain exclaimed. “HE’S A MORTAL.”
“Correction. He’s a Caelestibus and happens to carry my Seal.” Lucifer deviously grinned.
“It hasn’t been yours for eons,” Peter spoke up.
“Foolish Apostle.” Lucifer brushed him off. “The Seals always carry a small essence of their previous Carriers. When it was time to relinquish mine...”
“Saturn’s father ripped it out of you.” Michael corrected him.
“No, I...”
“I was there. He ripped it right out of you. Almost tore you in two doing so. Tell it like it is, Samael.”

Lucifer shot Michael a look and a smile appeared out of the corner of Michael’s mouth.

“Bring it.” He challenged Lucifer.
“Anyway.” Lucifer ignored him. “I decided to add something special to the Seal before I lost possession of it. Something that would allow me to... Maybe I should show you.”

Lucifer held up his hand and calmly made a fist which in turn caused the Second Seal in Jordan to react. Jordan looked down at his hand as it began to glow a maroon color.

“What the hell?” Joe whispered under his breath in confusion.
“That’s not good,” Tom remarked.

The new glow of the Seal spread throughout Jordan’s body causing him to sweat and gasp for air.

“You’re going to kill him!” Phoenix shouted.
“Kill him? Why would I kill the heir of my throne?” Lucifer laughed. “I’m giving him an opportunity to live like a King and have complete power at his disposal.”
“I would never...” Jordan fell to his knees, clutching his teeth in searing pain.
“You would be foolish not to accept.” Lucifer hissed. “You know what this really is a family affair. Cain, Levi kill them. I’m done playing with Saturn’s little family. Jordan and I have some family business to discuss alone.”
“Wait, Jon is...” Cain spoke up.
“Kill him too. He’s a traitor.”
“Damn, for someone who is all about family. You have a dysfunctional way of thinking.” Levi remarked.
“Kill them.” Lucifer sneered, staring Levi down. “That’s an order.”

And with that, both Jordan and Lucifer disappeared within a ring of fire. While the wall of fire that had been in front of the others vanished.

“Cain,” Levi said, looking at him out of the corner of his eye while Cain walked over to Jon.
“Touch my Familia....” Nega growled.
“Settle down, skeleton man,” Levi replied. “No one is doing anything. Yet.”

Jon crossed his arms while Cain approached even closer. Standing toe to toe with him.

“Not too thrilled about this, Seraphim,” Cain spoke up. “”But I want my father’s throne and I know you want your brother and mother back. So it looks as though we are going to have to work together.”
“You dare disobey your daddy.” Preston sarcastically remarked. “Whatever would he say if he heard such....”
“I don’t give a damn.” Cain sharply interrupted. “Not when he gives my throne to a... Let’s just say the old man has been slipping for some time and he needs to be reminded when he is in the wrong. So are you in, Seraphim boy?”

Jon looked over at the others and then back at Cain. Really not knowing what to say or do any kind of wishing yours truly was around.

“I think you know what she would do.” Michael calmly stated.

Jordan slowly woke up and started to realize that he had blacked out for a bit due to the overwhelming pain from earlier. Which for one reason or another had subsided? He now got to his feet and quickly noticed he was in some sort of abandon structure with a throne that looked like it came straight out of the depths of Hell.

“Nothing like coming face to face with your destiny.” He heard someone speak up as Lucifer stepped out of the darkness in his true form.
“Where’s my mom?” Jordan sneered.
“Don’t worry she’s safe. I would never harm my own sister.” Lucifer answered.
“And the others?”
“They are indisposed of at the moment.”

Jordan raised an eyebrow and a devious smile appeared on the corner of Lucifer’s mouth.

“Huh. Saturn was right.” Jordan said. “You are a fuc....”
“I’m sure she didn’t use that kind of language.” Lucifer pointed out.
“Wanna bet.” Jordan laughed.
“No matter.” Lucifer shrugged it off looking back at the throne. “I will soon have all the Seals and will be able to hand over the throne to you.”
“Hold on, why would you...?” Jordan stopped himself from finishing when he began to remember what I had once told him.
“That’s right, nephew. “Lucifer picked up on his thoughts. “I plan on going after Yahweh’s Kingdom. And while I do so I need you to take over the throne in Hell.”
“Forget it.”
“Maybe you don’t understand me, boy. You will be a King. You can have anything at your fingertips. Live it up and have women fall at your feet.”
“Huh. They already do.”
“If you are talking about that little fame of yours. This would actually make that look minuscule. No one would be able to deny you.”

Lucifer turned his back on Jordan for a minute while staring at the throne.

“I could bring your wife back if you want.” He finally stated, keeping his back turned. “You just have to...”

That threw Lucifer off guard for a second before he regained his composure.

“I thought you missed her.”
“I do. I did but I’m not sacrificing their lives for her’s.” Jordan flat out responded. “Unlike you, I refuse to have blood on my hands.”
“Kind of hypocritical of you, don’t you think? Considering all the demons you and Saturn have hunted down.” Lucifer stated in a matter of fact tone. “Besides, I only need one Seal to control the others.”
“Do you honestly think she gives a damn about you?” Lucifer argued. “She sure the hell isn’t around to protect you or the others. Chances are she’s saving her own skin and yet you foolishly stay loyal....”

Before Lucifer knew what had hit him he felt his lungs quickly burning. He turned around and soon found himself falling flat on his back. He shook off the hit while looking up at Jordan who stood there with a clenched fist glowing a bright red hue.

“Big mistake, nephew,” Lucifer said, wiping the side of his mouth.

No sooner had he spoken those words then the pain that Jordan had suffered earlier returned. This time causing him to fall to his knees and almost lose consciousness. His entire being glowing a maroon color once again.

“You forget. I still have control.” Lucifer deviously laughed. “Now let’s see if we can get you to come to your senses.”

The others now followed behind Jon, Cain, and Levi. Some of them feel uneasy about the decision that Jon had made but afraid to say anything. Jon could pick up on their thoughts and could only imagine how many times the same judgment had been passed down on to yours truly for making the same decisions in the past. Michael saw the expression on Jon’s face and pretty much knew.

“If she didn’t think you could have handled it she would have never passed the reins down to you,” Michael spoke up. “She trusts you and rarely does she trust anyone.”
“Guys, we have company.” Bags interrupted, noticing an army of demons coming up the road to them.
“What the hell now?!?” Joe remarked.
“Cain.” Levi looked over at him.
“Father never could quite trust me.” Cain bluntly scoffed. “Have to give the old man credit though. I wouldn’t trust me either.”
“Cool. We’re screwed.” Preston stated.
“Preston,” Ven warned.
“Hey, everyone is thinking it. I just have the balls to say it.” He pointed out in his deep southern accent.
“So what do you want to do?” Azrael asked Jon.

Jon looked over at the others and then back at the army of demons continuing to head their way.

“We fight.” He finally answered, spreading out his wings as his being began to glow a white faint hue.
“Did you see that?” Kemuel asked Mary in a whisper.
“I did,” Mary whispered back in response while a smile appeared out of the corner of her mouth.
The army of demons stopped ten feet away from the others as both sides stared each other down.
“I am ordering you to go back.” Cain now tried to show some authority with the leader of the army and the other demons.
“You have no say, traitor.” One of the demons hissed before his General threw up a hand to motion for silence.
“Your father has put a bounty on your head.” The General said to Cain. “In case you felt the need to betray him.”
“Oh, I wonder why he would think that considering he just gave my throne to a....” Cain started to lose his cool before Levi put a hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t,” Levi advised, shaking his head. “Unless you want him to win.”
“Enough of this.” The General growled. “KILL THEM!”

A fight broke out as both sides went at each other. From a distance, it looked like a major war zone and it seemed that the Familia was on the receiving end of losing.

“Where’s your little leader now?” The General mocked, holding Jon up by his neck.

That’s when a massive bolt of lightning flew out of nowhere and crashed in the middle of the road. Causing the General to drop Jon and both sides to scatter in opposite directions.

“What the...?!?” Joe exclaimed, being the closest to the flash.

The dust settled to reveal a winged being standing where the bolt had landed.

“No way.” Michael shook his head in disbelief at what he was seeing.
“Michael, what is...?”
“Brother, I wonder when you would show.” Kemuel greeted the being. “Where’s Saturn?”
“Wait, that’s Saturn’s daddy?” Leysa raised an eyebrow.
“Uh oh.” Bags remarked.

My father looked over in the direction of the General and the army of demons. They all now reassembled and stood before my father getting ready to fight.

“Ha, Yahweh sends another one of his soldiers to defeat us. What can you possibly do old man?” One of the demon soldiers mocked.

My father raised one hand and snapped his fingers as the soldier went up in flames.

“Oh shi...!” Nega exclaimed.

The General and the other demons quickly moved out of my father’s way and took a knee as they bowed their heads. My father started to walk past the demons as the others looked at each other. Unsure whether or not to follow him.

“We need to follow,” Kemuel spoke up.
“But...?” Phoenix began to hesitate.
“You heard the man. We need to follow.” Paul interrupted. “Let’s go.”

I now crashed through the roof of the abandon military base. Landing on my feet and looking around for any sign of Lucifer or his minions.

“Bravo. You found where I’m hiding.” I heard someone to my right applauding. “ I wonder when you would show.”

I glanced over and noticed Lucifer sitting on his infamous throne from Hell. Hiding in his human form but making his demon wings known.

“Where is he?” I growled.
“Who?” He asked, playing dumb.
“You know damn well who. I won’t let you ruin his life like you ruined mine.”
“Ruin? Oh, I am doing anything but. I am just helping him realize his destiny.”

That’s when I went after Lucifer only to be knocked to the ground by someone else. I soon sensed a Seal as I looked up at who was on top of me. His hand inches away from the side of my face and glowing a maroon color.

“Damn it Jor...” I started to say.
“Don’t waste your breath” Lucifer spoke up. “He can’t hear you. Well, he can but he won’t care.”
“What the hell have you done to him?”
“Like I told you to help him discover his destiny and what he truly is.”
“Not everyone is a crazed nut like you, Lucy.” I sarcastically remarked.
“Funny. Kill her.”

Before Jordan could make a move he felt something enter his chest. He looked down to see that I had slammed my fist into him causing my Seal to engulf his being and take on whatever hold Lucifer had on him. The maroon hue quickly dissolved while he fell off of me and onto his side. I scrambled to my knees while checking on him.

“You’ll be okay,” I assured him, putting my hand on his face. “Just rest.”
“Aww, isn’t that cute.” Lucifer mocked. “You can’t kill him and I can just bring back...”
“Wasn’t planning on killing him.” I flat out replied, getting to my feet and walking over in his direction. “But go ahead and try to bring back that poison you infested him with. I’ll wait.”

A look of shock came across Lucifer’s face but soon faded away while he tried to bring back whatever he had done. Only to discover that it would not show itself.

“My turn.” I sneered, leaping into the air and lunged after him.

My fist making contact with his face as I knocked him off his throne and clear across the room. Causing him to land on top of a stack of boxes.

“Get up!” I demanded, heading over to where he had landed. “I didn’t hit you that hard. Not yet.”

Lucifer busted through the boxes now in his true demon form. Hissing and snarling like a wild animal while staring me down.

“Bring it.” I motioned him.

He charged after me and I put my hand up creating a shield with my Seal. Slamming him back through the boxes and into the wall. He shook off the hit and bounced back. Tackling me and taking flight at the same time. Taking me with him in the process. Getting high enough to body slam me back into the ground and causing a crater. Continuously slamming into me and knocking me unconscious.

“And again a half breed shouldn’t be a Caelestibus,” Lucifer stated, landing on his feet. “It’s a waste of power.”

Around this time, my father and the others entered the room. Noticing Jordan and then yours truly as Lucifer sat on his throne again. He raised an eyebrow at the sight of my father. Somewhat surprised to see him but entirely not caught off guard.

“Yosef, long time no see, my friend,” Lucifer said. “Let me guess Yahweh decided to send someone worthy of a challenge for once. Seeing as your daughter...well, let’s face it I always said a half-breed has no business being a Caelstibus much less a Seal Carrier.”

Without saying a word my father clenched his fist while continuing to stare Lucifer down. A smile crept up out of the corner of Lucifer’s mouth until he along with everyone else noticed something happening with my father’s fist. A faint glow becoming brighter and more intense as my father clenched his fist even tighter.

“Seems I wasn’t the only one holding onto a little bit of their Seal.” Lucifer finally stated.

Out of nowhere, he instantly found himself being knocked off his throne and thrown through a wall. Everyone looking over at my father who had not moved from his spot at all. Standing his ground with a stone cold expression on his face.

“Holy sh...” Nega started to say.
“I hate to be the guy who dates his daughter.” Bags remarked.
“I don’t think he has to worry about that.” Michael casually stated.

Lucifer busted through the wall and tried to tackle my father only to be met with a wall of fire blocking off his attempt. He glanced over and saw Jordan standing there with his being glowing a bright red hue.

“Don’t be stupid and throw everything away,” Lucifer growled. “Don’t betray your family.”
“He’s not.” Someone interrupted, throwing a lifeless demon soldier at Lucifer’s feet. “He’s protecting it. Unlike someone else who tries to send theirs to the Abyss.”

Jon and Jordan’s mom stepped out of the shadows and stood right next to Jordan.

“Unlike you, my son doesn’t have a twisted sense of what family is.” She continued. “Besides, you should know better than to put your hands on a man’s wife. I thought you would have learned that lesson from Saturn’s mother.”
“What happened to Saturn’s mom?” Phoenix asked Kemuel in a whisper.
“He killed her.” Kemuel answered back.’ But not before...”

He stopped short when he noticed the sideways glance he was getting from my father.

“Hold on,” Preston spoke up. “What does Jordan’s dead wife have anything to do with this?”
“She isn’t talking about his first wife,” Michael replied flat out.

That’s when Preston looked down at Jordan’s other hand and noticed a new wedding ring on his middle finger.

“When the hell did this happen?!?” He exclaimed.
“Not now, Texan.” Michael brushed him off.
“Bull. No one told any of us that him and...”
“Either shut it or I will rip your vocal cords out.”
“Cool. Mom and Dad finally made it official.” Nega sarcastically remarked. “About damn time.”

Everyone looked over at Nega like he was crazy.

“What? You can’t honestly say none of you thought the same thing.” He retorted.
“ So that explains it.” Lucifer laughed. “No matter I will just take you all out including that little group of rejects over there.”
“That does it. Time to kick some demon ass.” Nega cracked his neck while turning into his skeleton form.
“For cripes sake,” Leysa said, almost passing out from the sulfuric smell that Nega was emitting. “Ven?” Gordy looked over at her.
“She’s family. We defend family.” Ven stated, keeping her sights on Lucifer. “Even if it means death.”
“This should be fun.” Lucifer grinned, getting ready to fight.

Before anyone could make another move, a blast of white light filled the room. Stopping everyone in their tracks. The light died out and evaporated back into my father’s hand.

“What the..?” Joe whispered under his breath while his Seal began to show itself in pulsating motions like a heartbeat.

Ravyn’s, Tom’s, Preston’s and Jordan’s started to as well. Jordan and Jon’s mother looked over at my father who gave her a nod.

“We need to take Saturn and get out of here.” She spoke up.
“But....” Jon tried to respond.

Azrael flew down into the crater to retrieve my body.

“Look, if she says we go. We go.” He said, flying past the others.
“I’m not leaving him to...” Jordan began to argue.
“She’s right. We need to leave.” Mary interrupted. “Besides, this is Yosef’s fight. Not yours or Saturn’s or anyone else’s. Not yet, anyway.”

Jordan tried to stand his ground but felt a hand on his shoulder and knew who it was.

“You need to think of Saturn.” His mother said. “And your family.”

So he left along with his mother and the others but not before looking over his shoulder once last time at my father. A smile crept up out of the corner of my father’s mouth as he kept his sights on Lucifer.

“He will be fine.” His mother assured him, rushing him along. “Yosef knows what he’s doing. He’s done it before.”

Not a few seconds after everyone had cleared out of the building. The building imploded on itself and leaving behind a starburst of light that quickly died out.

“What happened?” Tom asked.
“My brother temporarily stopped Lucifer,” Kemuel answered. “Buying us time for now.”

I slowly began to wake up. Feeling like I had been hit with a brick wall.

“Morning little sis,” Azrael said, still holding me in his arms. “You missed all the excitement. By the way, when did you get married?”

I quickly shot Jordan a look.

“Hey, I didn’t say shit.” He held up his hands in defense.

A few days had passed and I was told what happened. It was also explained to me why it needed to happen. Which I didn’t agree with. If anything I was furious about it, to say the least. I ended up packing a backpack and setting out to find Lucifer. Not realizing that I would be followed by Cain and Levi the whole time and they would be followed by Azrael and Kemuel.

“So why are we following instead of him?” Azrael asked Kemuel.
“Come on Az, would you follow your wife around if she was furious. Especially if she could sniff you out.” Kemuel responded, lighting up a cigarette.
“You have a point. And no, I wouldn’t.” Azrael shook his head. “Ariel would hand me my...I see what you're saying.”

Meanwhile, Jon was in his kitchen when there was a knock on his front door. He went and opened the door only to be greeted by Michael standing there with a baby in his arms.

“We need to talk.” He said brushing past Jon and walking right inside.

Back at Jordan’s place, Tom and Phoenix were sitting on the couch watching T.V. when a news report interrupted the sitcom that had been playing.

“GUYS!” Phoenix hollered for the other Familia members.

Everyone gathered in the living room to watch the reporter tell of strange flashes in the sky and other mysterious phenomena around the world happening. Jordan made his way into the living room to watch along with everybody else. His hand began to glow a pulsating red hue when the strange flashes were shown once again. He looked at Tom, Ravyn who sitting on Tom’s shoulder and, Preston noticing their Seals were doing the same thing. His phone started to ring and he had a feeling it was Joe who was probably experiencing the same thing.

“What the hell is going on?” He whispered under his breath.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I stared down at my hand glowing a pulsating white hue. I clenched my fist letting out a sigh and continuing to walk on. The conclusion. The end was near.


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Music List For Poetry Familia 20 (Part 1):

1. Staind- "Something To Remind You"
2. One Republic- "I Lived", "Start Again"
3. Shinedown- "I'll Follow You"
4. Imagine Dragons- "Whatever It Takes", "Natural", "Roots"
5. Linkin Park- "Roads Untravelled", "Final Masquerade (Acoustic Version)"
6. Sia- "Unstoppable"
7. Fall Out Boy- "Champion", "Centuries"
8. Foo Fighters- "Run", "Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)"
9. Panic At The Disco- "This Is Gospel"
10. X Ambassadors- "Unsteady", "The Devil You Know"
11. The Fray- "Be Still"
12. Flyleaf- "Arise"
13. Twenty-One Pilots- "Truce"
14. Bastille- "Flaws", "Poet", "Skulls"
15. Rag n Bone Man- "Human"

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50 pages, over 16,000 words. Love every one of them.

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