Poetry Pages Vol III is Here!

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Poetry Pages Vol III is Here!

Post by Berlie » Tue Dec 13, 2005 11:04 am


The third volume of Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices From Around the World is now published and ready to order!

I have a bulk shipment coming in within the next week or so. After fulfilling all of the current orders I should have about 4 left in stock.

I will always try to keep a couple in stock. If I run out there is about a 5 day turnaround before i can get additional stock in.

The book is now in our bookstore at: http://poetrypages.com/shop/product_inf ... ucts_id=43

It will appear on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other online retailers in about a month or less. It will always be cheapest to purchase from poetrypages.com though.
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