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Ignore User Feature Added

Post by Berlie » Fri Sep 16, 2005 7:15 am

I am trying out a new Ignore user feature in the forums.

It is a modification that was written for a much older version of the forums, however I belive I have gotten it to work.

There is now a button in every post next to the Quote, Edit, Delete buttons that says Ignore. Clicking on it will add the person who wrote that post to your Ignore list.

If someone is on your ignore list you will not see their posts. Instead you will get a message saying that this person is on your ignore list with an option to click a link to go ahead and view the post anyways if you desire.

If you change your mind later on you can remove the person from your ignore list.

You can access the Ignore list area by going to http://www.poetrypages.com/phpBB2/ignore.php where you can add or remove people from your ignore list. I will be adding a link to this in the Menu area shortly.

Please let me know if you see any errors that may be due to this new feature. Since it is a very old mod there may be some issues arising from it that I did not see right away.

So.. if there is a member that you simply do not like and don't want to see any of their posts for whatever reason.. you can use this new feature.

* you cannot ignore posts from Admins or Mods.
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