Tribe: The Abled-Differently

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This forum is for poems that are in tribute to an event, tragedy, person, etc.
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Tribe: The Abled-Differently

Post by nekot » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:53 am

We are the

It takes much effort to perform simple daily
That fact is a given. It is not the
We know it well. So, we
We don't have to explain or justify our
We know each of us are doing the best we can on any given

We find humor in our circumstances. And together we
We get tired of the struggle. And together we
Together, we honor each
We don't try to make the tears go
We don't try to fix each
We don't offer each other unsolicited

We are well acquainted with
We have each become our own best
We have learned to give in without giving
We don't feel sorry for each
We feel an unspoken bond that goes beyond understanding - it is a

We are the


At times I envision myself living with others
Who physically move as I do
The smallest tasks are undertaken
With deliberate concentration and effort

That image is a fantasy
Most my tribes are fantasies
And I'm okay with that
But parts of them are realities


In a sense...
Are not we all abled-differently?
In various hats and contexts?

~eloquently scattered~
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Re: Tribe: The Abled-Differently

Post by Gizmo » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:29 am

very eloquent... :cool:

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