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Post by LadySaturn » Sun May 06, 2018 9:11 pm

Saturn’s Manifesto: Scene Five (Finale)

The curtain draws to a close.
The theater clears out.
The sound of silence fills the aisles.
How we leave this world
reflects on not just what we have done
but who we were.
A legacy that tells a tale.
No question we need to leave something behind.
What we chose to leave is another story.
There are only two roads.
Triumph or tragedy.
Will we go down in history
as a burnt corpse or a rising Phoenix?
Will we be known as those who sacrificed our heroes
while letting the villains run free?
And what hope is there for the future generation?
When we let them become nothing more
than mind-numbing slaves to technology.
What will become of a system that is broken?
Can we truly fix it?
Or let it fall by the wayside.
While we somehow pick up the pieces of a shattered dream.
Can’t glorify something that was clearly abused.
Jesters of the court will report that we gave it our all.
But did we really?
We let sin and corruption spread like wildfire.
Not really understanding how it would affect us in the end.
Then again,
some of us chose to live in a bubble.
Drowning out the unwanted “noise” with fake smiles and lies.
We let greed and selfishness become our priorities.
Putting God on a shelf
and only taking Him down when needed.
Seems we never got the memo
that God doesn’t work that way.
So damn busy with our nonsense
we didn’t even pay attention to the last of the trumpets being played.
The bells have tolled.
But time is nothing more than a fickle matter for man.
So many wasted chances we had to take the higher ground.
Instead, we kept making deals with the Devil.
How’s that “the lesser of two evils” thing going by the way?
No surprise it came back to bite once again.
It always does.
Its track record speaks for itself.
There goes the last of the lights.
Doesn’t really matter though,
mankind is used to being in the dark,
while the world runs amok.
God help us for the hell,
we brought on ourselves.
So this is my finale of manifestos.
I have said my peace;
do with it what you will.
But remember this, my friend.
Don’t ever say you haven’t been warned.
Because in the end,
it was up to you to listen.

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Post by audiofool » Mon May 07, 2018 11:00 pm

Listening... :bow:

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