Survival 8 - The Incident

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Survival 8 - The Incident

Post by Jadynara » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:19 pm

Tarquin slipped through the entrance of the cave where he and Elysia had made camp. The gentle light of the fire showed on her face, there were tears streaming down her cheeks but she appeared to be asleep. He laid the deer carcass he had been carrying down slowly, making as little noise as possible in an attempt not to wake her. She stirred anyways, lifting her head and looking around until she spotted him. She smiled sadly, wiping away the tears and turning away from him. She had always been shy about crying in front of others and he was no exception. He felt a deep well of rage and sorrow fight to make its way to the surface of his mind and pushed it back down. "I want to hold my babies." she whispered, choking back a sob. He rinsed his hands in the small trickle of water that ran from the ceiling near the back of the dark cavern before sitting near her and wrapping her in his arms. " I know love, I know." He closed his eyes and held her as she shook and the tears overwhelmed her. "Vou leva-los de volta, eu xuro." He said, the anger seeping into his voice. "How?" She sobbed, "How will you get them back? How can you swear it? The council has them..." as she spoke her voice became louder and louder until she was near screaming. He ran his fingers through her hair calming her and gently shushing her. "Please my love, I will find a way." They had been in hiding for eight months now, Ualani had been taken the day she was born. The incident had ruined his family.

He laid down with Elysia speaking softly, saying anything comforting he could think of. Slowly the shaking calmed and her tears slowed along with her breathing as he storked her hair and began to sing the song the drahkin used to help heal. When the song finished, her breathing was deep and even, and he knew she was asleep. Carefully he slipped his arm out from under her head and laid it on the fleece they had folded and used as a pillow. He moved to the mouth of the cave to stand watch and sat down just outside leaning back against the rough wall, adjusting his poition until he found a comfortable spot. He looked up at the sky littered with stars and the bright half moon. He thought back to the day they had taken his son. Rage overwhelmed him and a tear slid slowly from the corner of his eye down to his chin where it lingered before dripping silently onto his shirt. Deodar had been playing with a child at school, the same little boy he had been friends with since the day they were born. Some sort of fight had broken out between them... even after the decision had been made, Tarquin had still never gotten the full story. Deodar had scratched the boy, and over the next few weeks the boy became increasingly ill. He burned with fever and with in a month became delerious speaking about things a Drahkin child would never know of.

The anger and violence that the boy showed was viscious and cruel, vindictive and wrathful... the way a human acted when seeking revenge. His mother had become concerned for her own safety and had the boy hospitalized so that he could be examined in an attempt to find out what was causing such strange behavior from a child who had never been exposed to anything that would influence him to act that way. That's when they discovered the virus. Some sort of mutation had occured on a genetic level within Deodar, and the council assumed it was the result of his parentage. There had never been a child with shared heritage, and it was the only conclusion they could come to. The next day the council had come to their home and detained Elysia, taking her to the hospital where they performed a test on the unborn baby. Tarquin had been forced to stand outside and watch as they inserted the needle for the amniocentisis and drew blood from his daughter. Afterwards he and his wife had been sent home, without being allowed to see their son and guards had been posted outside their home. A few days later they were brought before the council again and given the results of the test, Ualani carried the same genetic mutation. Elysia was escorted to the hospital and spent the next two months under close observation, waiting for the baby to be born. He had been allowed to visit her and his son during that time but never could he stay for more than a few hours.

After Ualani was born, his family had been given one day together in the hospital. When they woke the next morning Tarquin and Elysia found both of their children gone. The council informed them that the children would be studied in hopes of finding a cure for the disease Deodar had given the litlte boy he had scratched and afterwards both of their children would be put to death. The illness they carried was "too great a risk to be unleashed on this world." He and Elysia had been allowed to return to their home, and back to their lives but neither one had been able to do so. At first, Elysia just walked around in a daze or sat in the nursery reading books to the silent room. After a time she went back to the city to spend time with Kamarya. It was there she broke and became a shadow. After telling her dear friend the story of how her children were taken and that they were to be executed, she dissolved. She quit speaking, eating, showering, and basically existing on every level. Kamarya had called him and begged him to come to the city. At the time he had been using all of his pull in the community to find out where the council had taken his children, he was making headway and a few hours after he set out for the city he got a message detailing where they were and the security status of the place they were being kept. The information drove him to get to his wife faster and he had gotten three speeding tickets on his way to Kamarya's apartment. When he arrived, what he found was something that would haunt him for many years to come.

Elysia was thin and frail, she appeared almost wraith-like. Her eyes were sunken deep into their sockets as if she hadn't slept in days, according to Kamarya she hadn't. She didn't move or acknowledge him when he tried to speak to her. For two days he watched her in that withdrawn state, softly trying to coax her into eating or drinking or moving or talking or at least sleeping. On the third day, his nerves were so frayed that when she didn't respond to him he took her by the arms and shook her violently and screamed, "Come back to me damn you, I know where they are!" Kamarya had put her hand on his shoulder after a few moments and as he realized what he was doing he released Elysia and she slumped back onto the couch. He looked up at Kamarya, "Where did she go?" he asked before his voice cracked and he fell into tears repeating the question over and over. His pain had brought her back. Within minutes Elysia had sat up and wrapped her arms around him whispering, "I'm here, I am here." They had embraced and cried together long into the night, falling asleep in eachothers arms.

When they woke late the next afternoon, he had shown the women the information about where the children were being kept and together the three of them had started to devise a plan. Kamarya left a few days later, her brothers and father were going to help. While Kam and her family went to gather supplies, blueprints and explosives, He and Elysia had scouted the forest surrounding the Council Facility where their children were being held and found the weak points in the security system. When the time came to execute their plan - something had gone awefully awry. Kamarya's father had been caught and they had ended up having to run. After that the Drahkin council had gone to the Human government and warned them about the disease and asked for their assistance in capturing each person that had been involved in the attempt to rescue the children, and now they were all wanted by the authorites of both races. Tarquin shook his head angrily, thinking about hte friends he still had contact with on the inside. He would find a way to free his children.
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