What we can expect from the jobs bill

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Re: What we can expect from the jobs bill

Post by gordy » Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:43 am

MJPease wrote:Hello Gordy, Long time no touch keys my friend. As far as health care Social or otherwise I think Bruno hit the nail on the head in a vague kind of way. I think Bruno was refering to a hockey Player as Wealthy and Clinksville as a ward of the system as in prison where care is readily available. Forgive me if I misunderstood. Now to compare our open private insured pay for service system subsidized by medicare (retired/disabled) and medicaid (financially disadvantaged) or the VA medical system. There is not much of a difference in the picture Bruno has painted of the Canadian system as compared to ours.
I'm on Medicare and receive the majority of my healthcare through the VA. At the risk of sounding ungreatful which I will say first off I'm very greatful for the care I have received over the years. For the last ten years I have been nothing more than a pin cushion for the medical students at the University of Buffalo Medical school. There has been zero continuity in my very complicated last ten years of medical history. I had it, and finally decided to go outside of the VA for my last two abdominal surgeries, depending on my medicare coverage. The last one 12/10 was an emergency surgery which resulted in a 96,000.00 hospital bill. Medicare kicked it back saying that it should be relative to a work related injury from 1995 fun Wow.
I guess I release this very personal information due to the frustration of listening to the bullshit conversations of who has the best healthcare and how much our great system would be hurt if socialized medicine took the front seat in the USA. What it comes down to if you have to depend on Medicare or the VA You are dealing with a substandard of care from the get go. I can tell you first hand that there is no doubt in mind about that. I have undergone 13 major surgeries since 2001. My first two surgeries were Open Heart and Spine both done by excellent surgeons with great private medical insurance. The rest were performed by Residents overseen by Professers. Complications and countless days spent in icu for some of them. Even the last two where I thought I'd go outside the VA and get an actual surgeon who had been around the block a few times. A Resident performed surgery as he watched in 12/09 I coded needed 13 units of blood and spent a week in ICU. 12/10 A Resident performed surgery with same surgeon I did much better but again ended up in ICU and a 6 month recovery. The entire healthcare debate doesn't really touch home until you get cronically ill.
A lot of Vets will say that the VA meets their healthcare needs perfectly and once I have a conversation with them I have to agree. They are usually the ones that are still relatively healthy and only need preventive care. Once you become complicated more than three or four chronic health problems for get it. As far as Medicare most Americans believe that we are on a free ride. Even if Medicare picked up that 96 k I'd still be left with 1100 copay. I've already paid out around 500.00 or so in copays tests, x-rays, drs, labs.
So! When it comes to Medicine. Socialized or Otherwise For the Best in Healthcare "Money Talks Bull Shit Walks" "Cash Is King"
true dat :thumbsup:

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