Saturn's Manifesto: Scene Two

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Saturn's Manifesto: Scene Two

Post by LadySaturn » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:53 pm

Saturn's Manifesto: Scene Two

There is so much tragedy.
Amongst chaos.
No wants to create solutions,
only more problems.
Then have the nerve to question why the world is falling apart.
Taking a knee does nothing more than stir the pot.
But being a coward when one should be a leader doesn't help either.
So you want to pass stricter laws.
Hate to tell you those laws only hurt those who follow.
Not those who need them.
Slapping a band-aid on something that is a disease,
is far from the answer.
How can a world live in peace,
when neighbors are so divided.
And how can mankind get anywhere,
when we act like nothing more than barbarians.
There is a storm on the horizon;
but go ahead and pretend everything is all right.
It's just something your children and their children will have to contend with.
As long as you can sleep at night however, then why worry.
Madmen keep running off at the mouth,
and yet we just choose to remain blind and go on our merry way.
Ignoring signs and falling victim to our own stupidity.
Then again, when you put your trust in those who spew lies;
it gets hard to tell fact from fiction.
And when you become slaves to technology;
it gets even harder to see in between the lines.
The younger generation feels entitled
while the older generation works themselves into the grave.
And yet, no one is willing to find out how this happened.
Let alone how to fix it.
Every day is a new disaster.
Another trail of destruction greater than the last.
Tearing at the seams of civilization.
We're no better than the ones before us.
Still, we act as though we'll live forever.
That we're invincible.
But even Superman met his fate.
Mankind is close to the end of its rope.
Just a matter of time and which course we choose to take.
So hang on to whatever you believe in.
Steadfast to hope if you must.
For the journey ahead is a long one
and the road is paved in anything but gold.
However, be careful of what you say and how you say it.
For the right to speak your mind is slowly dying.
Along with any other right you thought you had.
You would have known this;
if you hadn't been to busy sleeping.
Don't just panic yet, my dear friend.
For this is only scene two.
And like any good play, the climax is still to come.
For what goes up must eventually crash down.
So be prepared and take heed;
because like I said before I have only just begun.

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Re: Saturn's Manifesto: Scene Two

Post by heinzs » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:06 pm

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