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Gods son

Post by kuperian4ever » Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:25 pm

Gods son

I dragged myself to you
Through mental briar and bramble
On the pathway I would tread
So often I would shamble
For the darkness crept upon me
So I could not see the light
And in the night of my discontent
I knew I had to make things right

I turned to you
For my fears were so consuming
I came to you
For my lies became so dooming
Everywhere I’d look
The soul inside me shook
For there was nothing there
To love I could compare
I needed so to know
That someone would be there
And there you were
Giving me the strength to overcome
When I found you
With love enough to spare
God’s son.

The clouds inside my head
Rained down a storm of dread
I wished that I was dead
And I tried it
But Gods son was up above
And he filled me with his love
Then I knew I’d had enough
To still abide it

A new day now has dawned
The darkness has moved on
His redemptive light inside of me is shining
The clouds of dread have passed
And I’ve finally seen the last
Of that cage of fear that had been so confining
For I now know you’re there
As I kneel to you in prayer
Your love for me has such a silver lining

By Stephen Kuper
Bric-a Brac

Death will be your final victory over life
Rejoice, for victory comes even as you live
Spread your arms and embrace the future

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