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Carndo (Bill Whitehorn)

Post by carndo » Sun Aug 11, 2002 5:27 pm

melancholy whispers

your melancholy
beyond the silence
where tears
leaving a heart torn in two
in the memory
and those goodbyes
touch deep within the soul
where one yearns for
a simple touch
and a moment or two
or maybe a smile
to brighten the day.
could one ask for more?

sept. 24, 2004

Only Blowing In The Wind

they always talk
about Reagan
being the great communicator
yet what does he communicate?
the same old Republican
that has been preached for the last
30 years....
large corporations that don't give
a damn about the average person
support cheap labor that puts average
people out of a job.
And Bush is no different.
Promises made
yet when it comes to keeping
the promises
somehow they always
conveniently forget
caring about the people
that put them in. Them care?
Yea right!
Sounds like a preacher
who talks about sin
yet takes a lover
behind closed doors
leaving one wondering if they
ever had any ethics.
Only if one is smart
knows that they're blowing in the wind.

Oct. 8, 2004

Whispers Calling

the smile on his face
I still can see within my mind
the wisdom etched within the years
from someone I called friend
and my spirit
flies free
into the four winds.
yes I listen to
one who
has much to offer
if one has an open heart,
sacred visions
that one can take
from paths
open to anyone.
whispers calling...
find the honor
within your own life.
be one of actions
not words
and the circle of life
will give you strength
for your own journey.

Sept. 24, 2004


We ask the impossible at times.
But ask yourself this....
is loving one for themselves
so impossible?
All it takes is an open heart.
an open mind
and arms that are willing to love.
simple isn't it?
Or am I over simplifying things
too much?

Oct. 8, 2004

Last Hurrah

You want to tell us
that's it's good for our country.
yet tell me one thing.
why do you presume to know everything
when you simply won't listen
to the common folk?
you tell us that we don't
know the whole picture,
yet it's you that hide
behind corporate funds
and power,
then laugh behind close doors
thinking we are simply ignorant.
Are we the fool?
or could it be
within the next election
we may have the last laugh?
think about it my friend
when you try to push
that last bill
or amendment
to take away our freedom.
pay back
could be around the corner
as we smile to your
last hurrah.

Aug. 26, 2004

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Eyes Warm In Romance

Post by carndo » Sat May 13, 2006 3:17 am

Eyes Warm In Romance

go gentle with that embrace.
yes kisses in the night
where memories find that place
held one moment at a time
eyes warm in romance
smiles kept behind the whispers
expectations reach into that forever
that wanting
where we reach
in wishes
in afternoons
waiting by your side
pillow talk
by kisses in the dark
in their love
in the rain
where we come to know each other.

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Dream Spirit Of The Rattler

The rattler, full of mystery and
life lessons we all must face

discover what it is you must learn
and learn it well my friend

each man travels his own road
learning ways best for him while
rattlers becomes one with the spirit
the spirit of death and rebirth

through him I’ve learned to
take personal problems and
shed them like rattlers shed skin

heeding the lessons of the rattler
he runs away in the process
afraid to face his own problems
a loss all his own and gaining naught

the movements of the rattler
vibrant and full of passion
entwining in a lively spiral dance
where one meets the other

I hear you speaking lessons
filtering them through my mind
as I lay open in the dream world
that spirit realm, filled with truth

to touch with your desire
I face my darkness demons
that oftentimes stirs a rage of pain
deep within my body and soul

every created being has their day
even the rattler must face problems
remember the lesson of the rattler
and remember it well

find a way to shed anger, let it go
the rattler has a saying,
Don’t tread on me! . . .

but even he knows there is a time
to fight and a time to walk away

whispered neighs

whispered neighs
heard on the wind
where a spirit gallops
through eternity itself

I see your smile
as you look down on all of us
in this earthly world

go free my friend as you meet your destiny

find those secrets within time itself

reach beyond
those heavens
where miracles are
found silent in echoes
met on horizons
gentle as your heart

for you showed us what caring is all about.
I can only try to follow the path that you have set before me.
In that I will try to do you honor.
For you have set the stage.
and I am only the understudy within life itself.

but your wisdom lives on.

Who Will Love Me?

I look for you
but your love evades me.
What will I do?
I don't know.
I guess...
just keep looking.
until then...
my dreams of you will live on.

who will love me?
I keep searching
but somehow you're not there.
My heart keeps waiting.
but I don't know how much it will take.
where are you my love?
when will you come into my life?

Once I thought I had found love.
but that is just a faded memory.
drowned by sad memories.
so I go on
thinking about when I'll find you.
then the time will be right.

Maybe someday I'll find you.
until then...
my fantasies of you
area beautiful part of my life
and I'll go on...
looking for you.
but where are you?
If you're out there
Let me know?

blind intentions

words reaching into minds
into hearts
where some dare not tread
yet what do they find?
those walls
that find their silence
which shadow
yet never revealing those intentions that some expect to find
because some simply choose not to open up
intentionally become blind
yet in that coldness
meanings become vague
illusive beyond reason
because the pain is too great to bare
look into my eyes
and see
what you can.

Look and see

is it too much to ask?
or must fangs bare within those shadows
within that sadness
an angel is lost
her voice
could it be that some refuse to see?
I miss her warmth already
and all one wanted was a simple voice
but now it's forever gone
and my heart is full of regret
once again I ask ...WHY?
couldn't a simple kindness remain?
or must those walls close in?
I may be selfish
but she held my hand when I needed it most
why must this path arrive beyond a blindness?
that need must be met.

July 5, 2005

the mischief begins!!!

starts to glow in his eyes with a twinkle of mischief

and who will join me?
because tonight the fun will begin!
who here likes mischief?

to drive like crazy
on a lost highway
knowing not where to turn
or what stop light is the right one...

Mischief I'm told is my middle name
would love to visit a haunted house,
play with the spirits that linger there
what fun we'd have sliding down the Bannister.

from tricycles to bicycles then long summer nights
never returning home 'til long after twilight
from curiosity to romance,
I surely have grown
adolescence to adulthood,
now I'm on your own

A left at the next light?
it must be a right
Which way to turn,
such confusion in the middle of the night

Vast across the vacuous gulf of our sensibilities,
such spreads the fire in our words

life is nothing when we are 17
Let's live like we are invincible,

spread your arms wide and feel the breeze,
forget the lies,
forget the troubles of deceit,

My God –
it hurts,

but what in life doesn’t
And who are they to say we mustn’t

So embrace the mischief,
arms open wide
And forget those who have not an open mind

for can't you see...
Everyone needs a pinch of mischief now and then
don't just test the waters just dive right in
ahh the water is just fine,
now lets go hang ten

Surfing on life's up and down waves
feeling high on today
forgetting the woes
of yesterday...
be free, be wild..
be unforgettable

I'll transform myself and become a ghost
Lightly poke my friends,
especially the host
Tickle some fancies,
wink at some moods
Laugh at my mischief,
with chocolate foods

I never grow tired of the laughs and giggles,
the gleam in the eye of my cohorts.
We take what life has to offer and

soaring through the skies,
like a wild,
enchanted eagle.
free and full of passions pure embrace.
I want that,
and more!!
So much to explore,
and still I linger on.

Who Me?
not cannot be,
Angel smile
teasing eyes,
I dare you to stop here a while
Park your car and let's begin
please my darling
oh let's be friends!

when we begin to cause most fun trouble,
our supervision increases most amusingly
so why bother not be free rather then stay too good?
too good a moment to take to goof around
damn straight I would!

and if by chance I'm perceived to be
acting a bit devilishly
'tis only my need to make you smile
so mischievous fun I practice awhile
like putting worms in your spaghetti,
I did
and then of course
I ran and hid

I'll make you squirm,
laugh when you scream..
you'll wish this night
was only a dream.

it's not a nightmare-
Only your greatest fantasy set into the air
Lighting the night on fire with
Crystal flaring eyes and entwined desires
To be something more for a little while

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Post by carndo » Sat May 13, 2006 3:37 am

As Life lives on

oh thou fickle muse
where art thou?
damned in the abyss
where thy darkness overtakes those tears
scarred into the oblivion?
yet those questions remain
in the silence
and I hear laughter within my own soul
where some jeer
knowing that I am the fool.
can it be said
that somehow I am blind?
living completely in those shadows
that somehow overtake me
yet in that need I am left wanting.
nevermind that reality left me long ago
if you prick me
yes I bleed
somehow the loneliness overwhelms
but still I survive
day by day
as life lives on.

Dancing With Mother Nature

the rhythm of the rain
falling outside my window
fills my mind with faeries
dancing with Mother Nature
as she composes her songs
bit by bit

the trees sway along
to the rhythm of the rain
moving side to side

inspired by the music
my heart beats in time
with the sounds I hear
I am nature's mime

my heart hits my feet
they begin to start tapping in time
with the gentle sway of nature's time

The constant beating of the wind,
Sends shivers through my skin.
Burning like icicles,
it cleanses me.
Mother nature breathes me in.

I am taken back by the beauty
and poise of the woody acres of life.
The joys of mother nature and her prides!!

As the breeze dances in the trees,
the creatures sing their song
Intoxicated by the air
as one,
with nature,
I am free

The rain,
gone now,
but it's scent lingers
reaching my senses as I take in it's aroma
that wonderful feel of clean earth,
gently washed

like clean cloth on a line,
left to be dried and warmed by the sun.
I revel in its crisp loveliness.

Beauty so tranquil,
but man so able..
bombs turn flowers to ashes of a fable..
connect the cable,
pull up the roots..
beauty is forsaken and there's no excuse..

The ribbons of clean air
Wrapping me with gift of tranquility
Whispering soft,
teasing gentle words

And as the fairies dance their dance
beguiling us with their childish charms
once more we bow to Mother Nature's whims
as she gently holds us in her comforting arms

My world is so free when I see mother nature in action
I just stand there in awe
I walk outside and touch a new bloomed flower
Wow I can feel nature's power

Night falls and takes it's turn,
As the moon brightens the sky and the stars appear,

Sparkling like diamonds in the moonlit sky
lighting the way for the faeries to dance
and play,
how magical it all seems as they
fly back to earth to dance with nature

The forest king upon his throne
Smiling inside his wooded home
As the creatures all begin to mingle
A vision to make ones heart tingle
As the night birds raise their song in chorus
And lay such wondrous sights before us

Bright eyes flit and dart around
Listening for unnatural sounds.
Insects die,
whilst others live
Mothers Nature,
takes and gives.

step on the pink clouds
between stars and moonlight
enjoy this cosmic ballet
in this perfect night

And take a moment of time to sit
by the river with the frog-green rocks.
investigate the beauty all around.

Open you eyes so you can see
The old world - as it use to be
The slower times of yesterdays
Taking our time through the haze

beauty of the soul,
in greens and tints of nature
gives a peaceful reminder;
gives a peaceful stature.

Kill father time to preserve mother... life
The Oedipus complex at its best

Holding Close

you know..
there seems a time
when someone special comes into your life
and that person means so much
that you you never want them to leave
that's you I feel about you

I don't want to let you go

We're hold close
sharing each day that we have together
the days pass by
and the dreams that we have
we hold on forever

I guess.
each day that we share
will keep in our memories forever
because when we go our separate ways
the days won't end.
because they will be there in our hearts

Maybe someday we'll say goodbye
and there will be tears in our eyes
but what we've shared
no one can take away
each day that I'm feeling down and blue
I'll think of you and smile
because you're the best part of my life.

Feb. 21, 1983

A Taste Of Your Love

tonight if the time is right
I want to hold you.
feel your body close to me,
never to let you go.
Can I kiss you?
And have a taste of your love?
You're driving me crazy.
so I'll ask you again.
May we be lovers
and fill the night with romance?
I just want a taste of your love.
Is that too much to ask?
For now is the moment to live.
Not tomorrow.
for tomorrow may never come.
we'll take things slowly.
I won't ask for promises.
But this I must know.
Does love live in your heart?
And if it does.
may I share a taste of your love?


Once I thought I'd always be free
to love anyone I please
but since you came into my life
is not what I crave
I'll tell you what I want
and that's your love
you've captured my heart
and each time you're near me
I fall deeper & deeper
I don't want to be set free
what I need is you
you've captured my heart
my friends tell me
that I'm the last of a kind
the kind of man that
when he sets his mind to it
comes & goes
and loves any lady that he pleases
but not anymore
because you've captured me
aw well...
being free had it's advantages
but that's all over
since you've came
love has taken my heart over
and you know?
I may not want to recover

Ancestor's Listen

ancestor's listen
within that wind which rages

within that night
I hear your song
given to remember

and I find those ways to remember
and honor your past

So that those things you've taught
will not be forgotten

to walk with the soft earth
as days find what it will

visions in the mystique
rise in harmony
where wisdom is passed on
from generation to generation

ancestors listen
for the future is the past

Never will the memories leave
etched forever
tales to weave

firing the imagination of the young

visions of the future
of what is yet to come

Brave words of the old song

sing it now,

let it be done
sing to the skies for all they give

the shelter that lets all creatures live

sing to the earth
who's roots run deep

and in her arms
all creatures sleep

sing to the first
who brought us here

the one who gave us water
the deer

the circle of memory
is not unbroken

our ancestors speak
in hushed tones

their messages run
through our veins

in nights silence

hear the spirits cry

be mindful of tradition

do not let legends die

times all too soon forgotten

generations gone

as little by little
we let them die alone,

yet when the night winds blow & sing

it's song...

a plea for life to bring
new memories
old legends sing
time to face what nature brings
the spirits feasting at our
everlasting minds

Change they say...
change for us

Don't try to help the evil

for if you do
the demon will be released...

realised into the loving society of our generations

so stop the hatred
and start the revolution

without hatred
there will be no need for revolution

nations can live in peace
and harmony together

Listen to our ancestors!
hear their wisdom!

To the teaching of the elders
the wise ones
of battles lost and won

warriors triumphant

listen as they speak of their legendary

tales to be told
as the braves gather for the hunt

my heart hears their murmurs of victory

though their silent moans
my eyes do see

that they fought hard
for you and me

for that freedom

as an echo
pierces within the silence.

That Warmth

that warmth felt through eyes
that the soul touches
where one looks
and sees a couple
who have found love
only through their own company
It matters not that the world
acknowledges their presence
only that the two of them have the warmth
that they need.

Sept. 27, 2004

Summer Eyes

Summer eyes
that smile at one so briefly
making one wanting so much more
yet the enticement
reveals those fantasies
better left behind closed doors
elusive as they are
but night brings
and the game begins again
that touch within the journey
allowing that spark
that makes life worth
the living
so listen to the warm
moment to moment
and have the courage to say hello.

Oct. 8, 2004

Completing The Masquerade

A nightclub rises in smooth sounds,
Whispers touch in invisible places
where some complete the masquerade,
A stranger walks in
but those that are there
never even lift an eyebrow,
Yet in that summer
a beginning meets to touch
those shadows of events
that changes lives beyond a single moment,
There is that sweet nectar
that touches forever to embrace,
Maybe it's those times
only met
in its celebration,
Whatever the case
rhythms complete thy soul,
And somehow the veil has been reached,
Conversations touch within a lyrics
meter and rhyme
and the moment is not met
in its own sincerity,
Above in the balcony
strolls a young lady,
Striking are her looks,
Legs revealed in her long plush dress,
A smile is met in both set of eyes,
Yet mystery....
touches the air,
Just like a scene in an old black and white movie
staring Greta Garbo & Humphrey Bogart,
When both meet
a single trumpet serenades
and a nocturne dance ensorces
the evening,
Through the window the moon and stars
shine in agreement,
Consequences matter not,
For the hunger pursues those dreams
that are ravaged in this gathering
a syllable at a time.

Oct. 31, 2000

Could This Be Our Love?

Your touch falls upon me like
a kiss in the morning dew,
The gaze of your eyes
is like the touch of new born child,
the silence resonates with the sound
of your heart beating,
Could this be our love ?
Wherein a shadow that touches
those echoes revealed in passion,
Look in my eyes
and see those dreams
as I do,
Hear those whispers
feathered in promises
near an image of time,
Promises touch like a summer day
that the sun never sets upon,
The passion of Thor's eternal forge,
The dreams of a child forever lost in innocence,
Could this be our love ?
And in a never ending reflection
time stands still...
just to keep the moment
of our knowing each other,
Discoveries met
in an ironic voice that allows us
to sample a memory,
Moment by moment
like an explorer of a river of lost souls,
We will never give up,
We will never give in,
Until we find forever
all our love within.

July 1, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Cathie Brown

Shadows Ever Met

Crimson in thy shade
shadows ever met,
Feel the rage within me
yet the freedom that ever flows,
Hidden by the night,
Clever reasons
hold within thy sight
to see the warmth
of those who live by the day,
Feel the fear
in those hearts running...
from my prey,
And hunt begins,
Could it be
in my sanity
a depraved reason begins to flow?
Hear the laughter
by a cruel celebration....
I feel the need
of my hunger,
Now I know
that a death
is felt by my hand,
Yet the horror
fills my need,
Serrated by delight,
But time grows short
at least...
for the moment,
Until the sun sets again,
And I rise...
to begin
to find another
victim in the night.

July 2, 2000

Dark Corners Watching

Reflections touch
like voices forgotten
distant in an echo of time,
in that dream
shadows rage
lost behind the sanity,
A calm appearance
touches in sight,
What remains?
Dark corners watches
for their chance,
to the essence
of the madness
omnipotent in their delirium,
Hear those whispers
in the night?
Mischievous in their laughter.

March 30, 2001

Fool's Paradise

Only the jester remains,
No one knows,
For those secrets remain unanswered,
But in the corner of a shattered and tortured mind
one thing remains,
Those that thought to silence him
underestimated his will to survive,
And in that they live in only a fool's paradise,
Time comes full circle,
And revenge will be mine!
For justice remains to be served...
cold ...
laughter haunts a hallow mind,
It's only a matter of waiting,
This atrocity will be forgotten
but not by the jester,
My time will come!

March 27, 1996

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Malkavian Tears

Post by carndo » Thu Jun 01, 2006 1:46 am

Malkavian Tears

Do you hear my mad cries?
A shattered mind,
Only understood by the ravings of
a madman!
A mocking reasoning
of those dreams
No rhyme or reason
to those who see me!
Facing those inner demons
that race forever in my mind,
Mortal reasoning,
Delusions of grandeur...
Follow the path,
Isn't it clear?
Yes, I'm a misfit,
I'm a castoff,
I really don't care,
Rumors of power,
And really...
You think that matters to me?
Only the masquerade...
those bloodhunts
that rage in the night,
Visions of the Camarilla
dance past
what was once my soul,
And here I am
laughing at death...
And those who find a way
to betray it!

Feb. 8, 2002


ticky, tivi
Tacky, ricky

making one ready to dance
Blazing loud & clear.

Feeling the drumbeats
way down through the soul.

Singing those songs
that reach deep inside.

Feeling the movements
It's magic
as if
one already knows.
Twinkles within the eyes
as that passion flows
revealing the child inside
let it all go.

yes the reverberations
reach the rhythm
rising without & within.

Oct. 18, 2004


bricks on the wall
where memories rise
and fall
life found within the conscience
yet it evolves where it will
within the comedy
of life
yet also within the tragedies
found within tomorrows
and yesterday
and experiences
the reflection.

Dec. 2, 2004

Because I Was Once That Child

the world says be strong

but in the eyes of child
with fear in their eyes
when cruelty overwhelms
they wonder simply...

yet some say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

but take a step in those shoes
read what that they see
feel what they do

until you do
can you really understand?

why can't some simply show a little compassion
for those that are simply afraid?

Is it that hard?

in this world of reality
there are things that must be dealt with

but don't we also need understanding?

here i am shaking my head
wanting to hold them safe
because I was once that child.

As The winds Blow

As the winds blows
melodies fall in those rhythms
a bit...
at a time....
where the sounds arrive
in circles
disguised in the clouds

Touching those glimpses
seen only
in the sky,
Dreaming in the first...
syllables of the night,
Mid-time rising forever
within the star,
Pillowed by the shining of a moon,
Appearing like a smile
within a blink of an eye
honest in the soul of a heart.

Oct. 5, 2000

Fruit Loops

You may think I'm talking about Kellogg's,
And I must admit they are tasty, crunchy and such,
But let's go deeper my friend,
Let's do!
What do fruit loops mean to you?
Some might say
those delicious flavors
sumptuous sublime
in touched in mind,
Wronged they went soggy and the color ran,
The lyrics I write move like Jackie Chan,
In my mind so fatigued love of laughter takes over,
The tasty loop...
My words take over,
Over and over,
I run to get some soup,
Tell me again your idea of fruit loops,
Conserved and constrained from my mind,
This is what I know
you didn't want to hear,
Again you think of fruit loops in a different way,
So now my final thought to you,
It is us,
We are they,
I say to our troop,
We are the ones...
The raving fruit loops!

June 30, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Allan Perry

Absurd Thoughts

Maybe I'm going into a place I shouldn't.
But I'm headed that direction anyway.
There are some fashions that just don't suit me.
Those who wear dreadlocks
remind me of those days
when I wore my hair long
And I didn't care what others thought.
Luckily I've rethought my attitude.
I bathe...
Wash my hair
and keep a decent appearance.
Because somehow you get tired of hearing
in a whispered breath....
Look what came out of the woods!
And woe....
stay down wind!
Those days seem to creep out of the woodworks
where somehow it does matter.
One can be an individual
without being absurd.
now I sound like my father.
Ut oh!
I guess it true!
what goes around.
comes around!
And I'm the one who says...
don't judge a book by its cover!

March 19, 2003

Garbage Man

Remembrance of those odors
pristine in the memory
of the streets sheltered in the dark,
Old shoes and dead meat,
But one man's garbage is another man's treat,
The garbage man knows you
from the things you throw away,
seeing your old TV that still works
means you can pay,
So when you leave your home
and the garbage man's due,
Make sure you lock your doors
and take your VISA too,
To dream all those possibilities
are within your reach,
Yet in the philosophy of garbage
anything goes,
And behind the restaurant with the sign
that says,
Eat At Joes,
He eats his lunch
with the flies and a putrid stench,
Those old soggy
french fries
are his only companions
cause he eats old onions,
Yet in the hot summer day
sweltering in the sweat
smokin' reafer
held past those memories
lost in the distance,
I can smell road kill
cooking from sunlight,
And noonday sun,
Reminds me of my mountain momma's cookin',
possum gravy!
Slides down so easy
with a piss warm brew,
Free for the taking,
Held only in the twilight zone,
And if I keep writing at this mode,
the little white men in their little white coats
will come take me away,
But that's ok
as long as they give me pills
in all colors,
Red, green with grape juice,
I won't try to escape
to my palace of moldy fruit and dead mice,
And there's always an encore of crickets and grasshoppers
with a touch of roaches to top off the meal,
But to switch from pills to such
a sumptuous meal is a rotten deal,
The decision hurts me head,
I wish I was back in my bed,
Because I can dream of a place so pristine,
With pills and moldy green hot dogs,
Where my hunger is assuaged for both,
It doesn't matter that I'm caged,
And now I'm watching the sunrise
and hear the jailers coming up the hall,
Calling breakfast time!
What will they serve?
I wonder?
Probably something bland,
Cuz they don't know the true
taste of real good food!
When the slime trickles down your throat,
This sting is what it's all about
to a garbage man,
All you need is the smell of rancid trout,
And the twist of it all
is this...
Stay away from roadkill
and garbage hills,
Or you could be as twisted
as we are without the use of pills.

July 21, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Allan Perry

A Night Of Passion

Him: I see you in the evening shade, on the pillow
where your head is laid
You touch me as you look in my eyes -
causing my body heat to rise
My fingers trail across your lips

Her: Slowly the sheets I pull away
I feel your heart
Do I cool you off? or hope
for fire from your heated body..
Oh, when and how do I arrive at an answer ?

Him: We play our hips
we press together-
moans begin; the ecstasy
of original sin

Her: You have given me
my answer - no more denying what I
already knew... Twisting and touching, our hearts
beating harder - Faster
the original sins become individualized,
yet emerge as one

Him: Our hearts - they beat in rhythm
Tunes never imagined possible

Her: Your lips gently cover me, first my thighs..
soon caressing my body ever so slowly
one inch at a time..

Him: Your body naturally knows
what to do-
It opens up to welcome
my every move within you

Her: Yes !!!! You ignite me with passion,
sensations of warmth
pass through my throbbing body
I know you feel it too

Him: With juices flowing... We meet
ecstasy reveals my heart
as my hardness pierces
deep within you ..

Her: I feel your compassion
with every thrust; Yet
slowly and gently -
not missing a beat

Them: With each passing hour
the heat increases -
Our fires burn until dawn
Two hearts entwine - together
Yet performing as just one....

Sept. 4, 2002

B.E. Whitehorn & Debra Best

Awakened By The Night

fingers appearing from the soil...
reaching for the night...
struggling to get free

dark soil caked fingers appear

want to bleed upon the soil,
which she came enslaved by the madness,
thirsting for the knowledge of the damned

Reaching up for the moon
Grasping onto the air
Like it can sustain the weight
Struggling so hard

We rise unto the night
A breed thirsty reigning above all
A legion to bring the masses to fright

I am alive!
do I exist?
the moonlight hits my face
like a mirrored image from the ocean
I am alive
I shall find what is mine!

Walk restless upon this earth,
while casting deepest shadows
Upon those who do not know...
What it is I search for?

with fingers bent
touching the cold hard ground
My mind no longer intact

dismembered like a body

Holding on by a thread
Slowly stretching to the point
Of a quick break and separation

Separated like the flesh
Upon which I feast
Feeding back to you my sickness
The drunk of the afterlife
Ambrosia of undeath

the darkness envelops my pain
and mocks my feeble attempts,
to remain...

Never sleeping, never at rest,
Condemned to eat the choicest meat
For all eternity, a pest
That plagues the mossy trail, the street

The shadows where I patiently lurk
Waiting for unlucky passersby
Moonlight glints my cunning smirk
As his blood starts to fly

A scream escapes his lips into the night dark as ink,
Sharp as a knife,
piercing the deafening silence

awaken my darkness
he shrieks as he bleeds
for I want to be one of you...
give me the substance of the undead

The dreaded curse was placed upon my head
The words of the undead.

gentle world

if people would look through their hearts instead of their eyes... this world would be a kinder...more gentle place

remember this my friends... you can't do anything about what others do... but you CAN set an example through your own life

by setting a good example you have raised the bench mark for others that follow

they will work extra hard to match your example and maybe even try to beat it

Smile, the light in your eyes will illuminate the world...
making it a brighter place to be:)

No war has ever been as glorified
as the man or woman who ended it.

Let the words you say be soft full of love
Filled with kindness spread with friendship

Tide flows with mother earth as your face glistens within
as like a petal on a flower see/sea mirrows the gift water

If dual is creation, is God shadowed too
then which is the side, reflecting real you

The world is far more beautiful than realized
all you have to do is open your eyes
look around at the beauty within
the world is our home so be gentle with it.

If we can feel other's tears as our own
humanity would become everyone's home

Life is filled with retreats that soothe the soul
But life shows up and rocks our world to the core
Just hold on!

Change always happens.

A little kindness can often change a life,
a gentle word can soothe the wrath of man.

If human beings knew what and who controlled
the world 10,000 years ago they'd never sleep again.

Kindness comes back to you a thousand fold as does revenge...

I would rather be repaid in kindness.

a spirit can be killed with harsh words
Through outstretched hands of warmth
a spirit can be lifted, immeasurably

Isn't Life Fun?

I'm just walkin' out a little music joint
and as I walk out the door
I'm back peddlin'.
Here I am white as a ghost.
My friends ask me
what's wrong?
well I'll tell this much...
it ain't no black & white kitty!
I look at my friends as they're getting ready to leave.
You take the lead and I'll follow.
because frankly I don't need to
take a bath in tomato juice!
well laughter was so thick
that tears was flowin'.
Here I am lookin' round every corner,
makin' sure I don't get sprayed.
I know damn well I'll never hear the end of this.
So when we go out
I'll hear.
Hear kitty! Kitty! kitty!
As they're laughing under someone's breath
at MY expense.
And some say the universe
has a perverse sense of humor.
Isn't life fun?
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yes you will know

Post by carndo » Fri Nov 10, 2006 5:36 pm

yes you will know

there are times that we all need to find what a child sees...
we may not understand their motives...
but look Through their eyes...
walk the path they walk...
you might be surprised in what you see..
reach into that impossible dream
where your fondest dreams come true
then my friend
you see exactly what they see
take a chance
yes then you will know.

10 Nov 2006 06:38:pm


So Dance My puppet

I smile...
as you wake up in horror
wondering how you got into this mess
scream my child
It won't do you any good
remember when you laughed at the thought of a curse?
now it's upon your soul
and here I am pulling your strings like the simple puppet that you are

keep on wondering
but I won't tell you

ha! ha! ha!
yes there are times you reap what you sow
and I'll let you chew up that thought for a while
How do you LIKE being my toy?
doing exactly what I tell you
and here you are helpless within this glass menagerie
being the mannequin
manipulated one moment at a time
how long will you be here in this state?
for eternity my friend!
I want you to feel what it's like to be within chaos
while she laughs
with those crimson tears
falling down your face
as you feel the fear
where you feel your soul being dissected
one bit at a time.
so dance my puppet

why me???

what happened to me that hasn't already happened?
this is not my day today
just let the world go by and leave me out

when times cant get worse
the idea always passes by
that my first statement
was just another lie
another lie of another day
It just needs to end
this day is not my day
I really need a friend

where is everyone when my heart needs to be on the mend,
lend a hand,
a smile they all follow for many a mile,
speed dial helps,
listen to my plea
as I need a friend..

any friend that will lend a hand...
a friend that will listen
and not stab me in the back
a friend that will not hurt me
or call me a bitch...

Maybe I'll just get back to bed...
forget the rain and my aching head.
Ignore my boss and my messy hair...
Quit my job and just not care!
But for five days I've held on...
yet this day seems so long!
But my mood I hope to mend..
With lots of beer this weekend!

Thank God it's Friday,
workday is done,
See you on Monday,
gotta run.
Just let me relax,
give me a beer,
I have my remote,
I ain't moving from here.
I don't like my wife,
she don't like me,
I really don't care,
I got my T.V.
Who's at my door,
let me go see
my house is on fire.
Why Me???

What a weekend
I was glad to find
the fates weren't trying to be unkind

Wicked echos of laughter
Flow from their unforgiving lips

So why me?
Just as I'm about to go mad,
I realize...
I'm merely a living example of what one does with what one has...

Moved too quickly,
spilled drink on keyboard keys;
took three hours to get them clean..
outside was easy,
inside was mean!

Why me?
I was born clumsy they say
can't walk past or touch anything
without it falling on the ground!
Woe my back as I constantly have to bend!

I asked my young children,
Why me today?
They hugged my heart with their Innocence
and their pure Love,
blinded my sight
with answers,
to my hair raising experience

But I still feel clueless,
so I ask again,
why me?
why me?
why the heck me!!??

Some days are just plain awful
thank God for the ones that aren't bad
and the ones that are the best I've had
Why me,
oh Lord,
I ask ya
Why not?
he answers back

I didn't like that answer,
so to Buddha turned
asking Him the same question and why I'm always burned
He said,
"Duality my son,
must take the good with bad"
That seemed to calm me down a bit,
so now don't feel so sad

we all have bad hair days...
it's not that big a bummer...
'specially when I think
"Next up,
here come those Dog Days of Summer!"

What is a dreamwalker?

What is a dreamwalker?
They are the rare few who
are led by the spirit
have shed the yoke of desire & self-want
have discarded the need for material gain
& all evidence of negative thought
without any personal goals
they travel the path of knowledge
& go where the spirit of truth leads them

what is a dreamwalker?
someone who can
go between realms
travel in spirit
can be at another place
in another time
and have memory
of it when they return to consciousness
dreamwalk with me...

what walks in dreams
are often guides
often warnings
often the spirits of those
who've gone before
and always those to heed
for dreams are only ignored
at peril

and as he walks in dreams,
to places never seen-to magic and enchantment
to serenity and peace
and he awakes in anticipation of the next dreamwalk

...and of that one-day morning
when he need not wake from the dream.

In the glistening of that dawn,
his guarded gates will unlock
every dream will be set free.

The experiences compiled from this spiritual walk
are lessons
past to present for future learning.

And as I casually wander through this dreamy landscape,
A soul in search of answers,
so far from my home,
yet I walk these dreams,
But I am not alone

Who Will Love Me?...

I look for you
but your love evades me.
What will I do?
I don't know.
I guess...
just keep looking.
until then...
my dreams of you will live on.

who will love me?
I keep searching
but somehow you're not there.
My heart keeps waiting.
but I don't know how much it will take.
where are you my love?
when will you come into my life?

Once I thought I had found love.
but that is just a faded memory.
drowned by sad memories.
so I go on
thinking about when I'll find you.
then the time will be right.

Maybe someday I'll find you.
until then...
my fantasies of you
area beautiful part of my life
and I'll go on...
looking for you.
but where are you?
If you're out there
Let me know?

let the world find peace

let the world find peace
let the world see through their hearts instead of their eyes
let them hear the cries of those spirits that has risen from the past

and as we mourn those poor lost souls
let us not forget the plight
of pain and sorrow,
of loved ones gone
as they weep throughout the night
let peace be in our prayers,
our actions
let love,
our hearts embrace
let us meet each other make amends
it's easier when as 'friends' we face

let us see the tears of the whole world
let us open our hearts in Love and Unity
let us vow not to judge and condemn
let us pledge allegiance to Peace

let the light of a million candles
illuminate hearts too long
hidden from the sun

show us the error of our ways
how wrong we are to fight
cast down the cries for war
let us bring peace into the light

no children to bleed,
no sobs feed the night
no Mothers should mourn
forget whose wrong and whose right,
ocean to ocean, stars in the sky
let peace find hearts
among shattered mankind

Let them suffer no more.
Neither do they want no more.
Let us walk hand in hand
With our brothers and sisters
~Of across every country and continent
Always together with a common bond.

In spite of indifference
Religions or beliefs
Murderous battle and death
Is the real thief
Let us melt down the guns
Pick up love and respect
Bring everlasting PEACE
And sense it's affect
For the candle burns eternal
When unity is achieved
At least this is what
My heart conceives

Chaotic natures have no place,
Where beauty and love is seen

let the whispers of the night
bring us peace throughout the day
to be a shining beacon of hope
for those who cannot find the way

If love would take the place of hate,
peace for all
would not be too late.

Let them reach from the heart
And find that peace within their soul
Where true love finds it’s rightful place
Within this world of ours

So I plead with you,
an unknown soul
I died,
on the battlefield

Let the Dove wing its way into each human soul,
each heart,
and bring the peace which surpasses all understanding

The flame of peace burns in every individual heart -
it takes but one spark to ignite a fire.

Let the voices carry the song of hope
Through the echoing halls of painful memory.

The blood we share is the same shade of red
No matter our skin or the color of our hair,
No matter the religion, or the "god" we see,
I don't hate you brother, so don't hate me.

May our Brother's and Sister's from all Nations
join together without hate is my affirmation.
Let man cease destroying our beautiful Earth
give Mother nature time to bring about rebirth.

We must mourn all the victims of war
no matter which side or cause;
Death shows no mercy on any,
all are equal before its scythe.

Men have always feared anything that's different or unknown.
It's from fear,
not courage,
that the seeds of war are sown.

Peace comes from within:
from the Origin of Love;
without peace in itself
a nation is a wounded dove.

Is it the cause
or the cadence?
Why do they willingly
dive into death
as if it were a swimming hole
on a hot afternoon?

Be HUMBLE enough to want to share,
WISE enough to take the first step to care,
BOLD enough to realise we need each other,
knowing we have tried to come together.

Loved enough to be happy,
Caring enough to love,
Happy enough to live fully,
Full enough to be sated.

Peace should not be found through headstones and epitaphs
it should be through the eyes of the victim from its oppressors.
It should be found in listening
and compromise for what a man is born to do
is not the undoing of another man
but for man to love another
even if hate is bestowed on him.

Know that when you gaze in the mirror of understanding
you see not,
but only self,
but a piece of the all as well
for intertwined the spectrum of life,
each separate color
making up the beauty of the whole,
where each is as
a vital link in the chain of existence,
stronger together

Eagles Fly

This land which gives me life,
What I hold most dearly,
That is...
To do as I will,
To live as my choice,
To work if I choose,
To rest if I'm tired,
To guide my own future,
To pray in my own religion,
To give from my heart,
To defend...
what I believe in,
And most of all...
to love my fellow man,
To reach out with open hand
and give what I can.

July 3, 1985

Losing Myself In You

I try to lose myself
within your shadow
where encounters find that special distance
meant only for two
where two reaches to meet the other,
Yes I seek
your warmth
to alleviate the loneliness
only to say hello
where we find meaning
without ever trying,
some expect too much,
but not you.
I have to only whisper
and somehow you manage
to be here
when I least expect it.
and that's cool!
Somethings need no explanations.

Sept, 29, 2006

Lost Smiles

There are those who say
I'm a prisoner of dreams instead of life,
But I say
what is life without dreams ?
Some complain of reality
and reality has its place,
but where's the joy...
sheltered in the inner child ?
He whispers...
But some have forgotten to listen,
Why ?
And the sadness of this world
rages like a howling wolf,
Some become busy
just to become busy,
Forgetting those blessings
or taking them for granted
and lose those smiles
that we all need.

Aug. 29, 2001

My Friend

My friend
what happened?
When we were together
you taught me so much
through your stories that you told.
You gave so much
through your spirit
and our friendship.
I hope
you find what
you need
as your next journey continues.
May you find that peace
in the next life.
For I will never
forget you!

Dec. 16,

For Anthony Garcia...
he passed away Dec. 9, 2004

Ode To Those Rhyming Poets

A silithe time
for unplayed rules,
Untouched in mind,
Forgotten by fools,
Classic in design,
Untrained in thought,
Where an analysis of verse
doesn't really matter,
Sonnets rhyme
like china clatters,
And here I am
with brain in gear,
....See the smoke....
Hear the meter,
If you're an aspiring poet,
But the
doesn't quite
make sense,
Write your poetry
to a fashion
that suites
And let those who write
like Shakespeare
touch in worlds
or their own

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A Season Of The Silver Moon

Post by carndo » Fri Nov 17, 2006 3:15 pm

A Season Of The Silver Moon

Golden feathers
bright through that ray of sunshine.
Smoke arises
and I see through the distance
a dreamwalker.
A smile rekindles my heart,
for the wisdom touches my soul.
Spirits awaken
telling me to listen,
softly whispered into the wind.
The horizon arises into a new day
for I must follow the ways of the ancient ones.
Giving me hope.
My senses become akeen
as time and whispered wisdom
give me a path to follow.
Truth is celebrated
if my heart listens
to that sacred knowledge.
Understanding is met.
Reflections touch
within the echoes
of heartbeats,
those voices of those who came
before us.
Watching us.
Yet in the whisper
a season of the silver moon
arises for the dreamwalker.

tragic flaw

who hides behind false reasons
and try to touch what you can't understand about me
so instead you try raise my ire?
fool you think that's wise?
I sit under the shadows waiting for you to lower your guard
then cold revenge will find its place
when you least expect it
tasting your fear
while I have the last laugh
as you run away like the coward that you are
I'll tell you what...
I'll even give you a head start
then I'll hunt you down like the prey that you are
so go and hide while you can
but look behind every shadow
because my friend you'll never know WHEN I will strike

then we'll see who is laughing last

Only A Moment

For thy words quench the thirst
for knowledge
in a moment of time,
If only...
that wisdom...
is not blinded
but treasured and held
for only a moment in my mind.


Intrinsic in design,
touches within the forever's,
Shall those words rise within the grasp of time ?
Inspired by beauty
that is forever foreseen,
Shall a new life emerge with strength ?
Mired beyond the trifles of time,
A hallowed place
where within those souls
touch in between a miracle,
spirits come and go.
Creating new strength,
miracles and life
within a world that
is forsaken by time,
poetic in song,
Prime in its fullness
where the harmony
within a rhythm
touches a cord
yet echoes.

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Christina M. Schultz

truth In my eyes

you have to understand that to me honor means everything
I won't abandon my principles irregardless of the consequences
some may take me as overbearing fool
that likes to hear himself talk.
sometimes i speak from experience
sometimes repeating what was told to me
I take the hard road
even though I bleed
some say I'm too stubborn for my own good
so be it!
I reach for things that to some is simply unattainable
but that doesn't stop me
look through my eyes and see what I see
then maybe you'll understand
follow my steps and I'll lead by example
hear what i'm saying
and I'll speak the truth even when its not popular
because it needs to be said
yes I'm a wolf when others cry like sheep
yes I'm a rebel when others
cry don't
you'll only regret it
I must follow my own path wherever it leads me
then I'll deal with things from there
I have to be true to myself

Will Not Forget Her

I can remember first where I saw her
there she was
in a simple bar
the name I do not remember
nor do I care to
the music was loud
she was sitting all alone
and I asked her to dance
this started a romance I'll never forget
for the love was real
from then on we saw each other
and through moments together our love began
never had I knew a woman like her
and never will I again
for she had a gentleness like a young fawn
and she could love me
what seemed to be forever
I shared my feelings in a poem
which she seemed to understand

this is the one!
or so i felt
for she was one I wanted a lifetime with
but as time grew on
it was not meant to be
for she went back to someone else
and though I cry
her memory will be forever in my life
for I shall never forget her.


Can you hear the whispers
ancient in their cry?
Free as the wind
like an eagle in the sky,
grand mountains
with fingers
touching the edge,
to walk the soft earth
and respect her
with tender care,
find those days of quiet
where a spirit smiles within,
be thankful
for the bounty
that is shared,
Deep tranquility
in sounds
where nature sings,
and know that we
are just caretakers
in the brief
moment that we spend.

In That Ceaseless Past

ripples rage
in that ceaseless past
where those paths find
red canyons
as far as one can see
steeped in a hallowed breath
silently in a stream
ancient offerings
on a river's edge
where whispers
soothing clouds
smile within the sky
realms found
where coyotes cry
echo in that gentle

please stay

your smiles
touch my heart
beyond words.
you find ways to make me laugh...
even when I find I don't want to.
You always find that hello
when my days are grey
you understand how to be a friend
even through times
when those blues get the best of me
you comment on my poetry
when I know it needs work
yet you are never harsh in what you say
most of all I would simply miss your company
if you decide to leave
and I would have one less friend
so do me a favor
please stay

Silken Bodies

of silken bodies
into romance
where I hear your whisper
shadows found
where one takes the lead
the smell of vanilla perfume
lingers in the air
laughter is heard
sung in the promise of love
trembling lips
hunger in the want
passionate in the need
into that shadow of tomorrow.

Evenings That Touch

evenings that touch
soft moonlight
the smell of perfume
the taste of your lips
remind me
of those romantic nights
that were spent together
and a smile
deep within my mind
sound of music
where we held each other close
and said I love you's
to each other
finding somehow
what we needed
in that bright promise
of tomorrow.

Thoughts Of You

those thoughts of you
warm within the night
embraces and kisses
in the heart
moment by moment
yet somehow
I miss you
your laughter
and your love
where whispers
find a need
in those yesterdays
we had
subtle in that memory.

To All Poetry

You all have changed my life forever
somehow you've made me smile
found support when I need it most
wiped the tears from my eyes
kept the cold at bay

friendship I hold dearly

and if I could hold each of you...
I would!

It matters not where each of us come from
only that we hold an open heart
and show that love freely.
I look in your eyes
and see all that one can hope for.
May each of you find what you most need
in life.
For me..
I have found what I need.
A home...
in some small way
you are my family.

Rose Colored Glasses

My brother once wanted me
to tell the world
how I was twisted &
yet he failed to see
the world through my eyes.
Funny how we each see
through rose colored glasses
and perceive things differently.
these days
they have everyone on
or some other depression pill
like it would solve all the world's problems in a second.
what some don't see
is that it solves the symptoms
not the cause of the symptoms.
If only...
some would walk in others shoes
then they might
be able to begin to see
the light from
that different perspective.

thoughts that have touched

I feel
the nip of air
where winter has touched Texas.
I hear
the roar of the near by traffic
where life smiles
going to and fro
in life's travels,
in the distance
I can hear dogs yapping
at whatever
they hear within the silence
and I smile
at what life has in store for me.
I could never imagined
the twists & turns
the path
had for me in the past.
only now
my adventures continue.

In The Halls Of Allpoetry

Some people have no idea
until they've filled your shoes
or felt your blues
as guardians
within these halls of allpoetry.
Do they know
what you've been through?
Do they know
the hours that you've put in?
do they see
the smiles
coming from a heart open wide?
Do they see the hope and pride
within the love you hold deep inside?
If they walked
as you have
where honesty is kept,
eyes with tears
and sometimes have barely slept,
and realise only
that you have
their best intentions
in mind,
then through their blindness
maybe they might find
a little kindness
for those who moderate
in the halls of allpoetry.

Ranging thoughts

here those bloody thoughts rising in this inept mind of mine
never mind the heat touching me this evening
I'm here unable to sleep
yet life finds away to laugh at me
too many things
from things I've done in my past
those nightmares are coming back to haunt
and I'm wanting to simply write
am I making any sense at all?
no probably not
here I am having a conversation with myself of sorts
trying sort things out
laughing at myself
at the reader's expense
but it doesn't matter
or does it?
I guess that's for prosperity to know
after I'm long gone from this world

You’ll Never Know

What are you up to?
I see you peeking around the corner.
Are you up to no good?
Smiling at me with those eyes.
Trying to look innocent.
That look doesn’t fool me.
I know when a girl is interested.
Those lips are sweet.
Come on over here.
The night is young.
And I’d like to hold you in my arms.
So come on.
Maybe love will come on strong.

You never can tell what might happen.
So give it a chance.
Maybe I’m your love.
But until then…
You’ll never know.
What do you say?
Is it worth the risk?
Shall we give love a shot?
I don’t want to tell the future.
I just want to live in the present.
It’s up to you.
Feel what you think.
I’m here if you want me.

Here I Am

Here you come
Haunting my dreams again.
I can’t get you out off my mind.
I just don’t know what to do.
I guess I love you.
But you come and go.
And that I can’t take.
Either you’re mine or you’re not.
Make up your mind.
It’s driving me crazy
With your foolish games.
Sometimes you hold me.
And sometimes you don’t.
So it’s the not knowing.
The uncertainty.
And the hell of it is
That I love you.
So won’t you let me know?
It’s all I ask.
Here I am.
If you want me

reaching for those tomorrows

Reaching for those tomorrows
forgetting the yesterdays that have yet to come
never understanding the why's
yet knowing the answers
without asking the questions
to those days left within the mind.
Could it be we finally found that wisdom
found only in love
which resides within our heart
and to each season
found year to year?
Or is the mystery too great
for some
to really matter?
Some should pay attention to the little things
within life
allow a smile to happen once in a while.
some never see what needs to be seen
forgetting that life isn't always conflicts
left blowing in the wind
there are happy days
if one opens their heart.

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When Can I See You Next?

Post by carndo » Fri Jan 12, 2007 4:32 pm

When Can I See You Next?

the song of love
fills the heart
with ecstasy
I feel the very fiber of my soul
when you are near.
When can I see you next?
Touch that romance
when we have that first kiss
I smell your perfume
sweet vanilla
fills the air
and the want grows even more
I hear our song.
Shall we dance our first dance?
Holding you close
the wind of romance fills the moment
and I look in your eyes
knowing that you want this moment
to last as well
finally out loneliness will leave
but our future rises
within the moment
as we decide what it will be
and midnight rises into the dawn
as we face the next day

may the goddess awaken

for the earth that is her beauty
and by the air that is her breath
by the fire of her bright spirit
and by the living waters of her womb
the circle is open
but unbroken
may the Goddess awaken
in our hearts

In the depths of despair,
Light will always flow,
For even in the shadows,
Balance has

For this circle's ne'er broken,
When the music still unspoken Lives within those few who still believe.

Deep within our hearts corridors,
she stirs
anxiously waiting for the right moment

to appear brighter than ever before
for the world needs this soft spoken Goddess

if thou is not there
what would happen to thy world?

There would be no voice of reason or love
She protects our earth, wind, and water

For that is what she is.
Take this time to fill with bliss.
To Heart
Time is what you have...
all you have and all that you are given;
everything else is only what you make of your days.

Let not your treasure of time be dispersed on fruitless reflections,
lest you awaken one day,
an empty vessel of memoirs

Live life to its fullest potential daily
rejoicing her and everything that she has given you

And take this essence the Goddess has bestowed upon your shining
And add it to your countenance as blessing,
for your potential is unlimited

Let the light of this Goddess conquer you for all eternity
She is in our hearts and dwells within our souls

be not dismayed
nor fear the beauty she beholds
for it is her gift to you
freely bestow it upon others
that they too may share in the spoils
of all that life holds in store

Nestled in her heart e'er
the secret of the world lies dormant
silver drops of rain
the fabric of her cloak

Her rule will be with palms raised upward
For she too knows that hands and hearts must be open
To receive all that should be as a downpour
In the lives of those who know her sincerity
For the goodness of the Goddess is ten-fold

Given with a pure heart not wanting nothing in return
Simply love her with all that you have in your heart

In A Succulent Measure

Eyes that touch within the heart
honor the soul
mirror a life that gives
with no expectations
nourishment felt a movement at a time
thoughts given rise to independence
where those seconds
bend in the horizon
rambling from moment to moment
immodest throughout an option
where those arms meet
yet in that hour
romance finds what it needs
to simply survive
whispers in that second
where paradise
in that succulent

inside thoughts

people always want to know your inside thoughts
about things
that private side
where someone is vulnerable
yet myself
I like to keep my privacy
It's not that I'm afraid to show tears
in public
But it goes against the grain
to have someone throw it in my face
about the past
whether it was something I said
or have done
or maybe it was some idea
to keep apart of myself
for me
it may sound selfish
but it's just the way I am
I reveal much of myself in my writings
but there are things
that have happened by circumstance
that one can't change
the future is bright
and I wear shades.

Do I Dare?

Do I dare
to speak my mind
within that
time where
opinions rise
amongst a sea
of opposite views

yet isolation
is imminent
wherein war is considered
alienation varied in the common
political songs
intense in their beliefs
yet the poet still
manages to survive
even amongst
the carnage
one crimson tear
at a time.

No Stopping Us

Tonight is the night
that we'll be holding each other close
and we'll share something special.
so come here.
sit right down.
let me kiss you
and make you feel like a woman.

no babe..
there's no stopping us.
we've got all the time in the world
so we're in no rush
the night is ours.
what can we say?
there's no stopping us.

Don't worry about tomorrow.
for we'll face that
when it comes.
the moments that we share now
are what count.
for what we have is beautiful
and love lives on forever.

come on by my side
you were the one who said....
just make a move.
and I will
if you give me the chance
because love is on the move.

Kiss Me & find love

sometimes you say
that love isn't always on time.
I'm not sure I agree with that.
at least as far as we're concerned.
Because the time is right
listen to me baby
I think I know what I'm talking about
Kiss me
and see if you don't agree
hold me
and see if love holds on
if it doesn't
there's nothing lost
but our time
I think you'll find
that I'm right
and out love will blossom
like it's never blossomed before
kiss me and find out.

Can one?

tears unfold
through eyes
that are beautiful
hold wisdom in what they say
forever remaining
a powerful memory down life's path

can one
do the same of others?
yes they can
all they have to do is be true to a heart
and in that understanding
hold a smile with an open hand
and show a spirit than can not be denied

seek not the
but only to be humble
in their own surroundings

forever be that fixed vision
that touches a heart and a soul

Butterfly Free

free within the sky
where in the meadow
floating from flower to flower
seen amongst the magic
where nature
finds that song
in that gracious
within the flow
found in a sea of wonder
secrets told
in whispers
created in a passage of light.

When One Is Willing

songs sung in the back of my mind
where the rhythms touch
past a melody
impressions found
where a heart
is found in an open smile.
Could it be that I'm desperate
for simple companionship?
yes I'm seeking
for something that can't be defined.
Does it really matter?
on what one is looking for.
yet one should
never walk alone
in this world
one is willing
to share their heart.


gathered from my memories
are days found
in smiles
where moments touch
from people
who matter
splendid arrivals
with a simple hello
warm embraces
touched within the heart
of days gone past
yet in those meetings
we find
exactly what we need
and offer
what we can.

Word Games

word games
that flow within the mind
written one word at a time
revelations made
yet discoveries found
some about one's self
some made from others known
yet in that uniqueness
wisdom is revealed
affirmation inspired
within that personal reflection
passions reached
through childhood memories
moment by moment
still we learn
through those paths
and voyages
which are gathered
in conflicts
found only
in quiet dignity.

I've Got Your Love

when I'm down and out
you come around & make me smile again
for the love you've given
I can't say enough
because the words aren't there
brightens my whole world
for that I love you
because you are my world
so help me when you can
and love me forever
then indeed I can't lose
for with you by my side
I've got the whole world in my hands
because I've got your love.

If Loving Someone Is Your Dream

If loving someone is your dream.
Here I am.
Rest your head on my shoulder.
You can place your trust in me.
I won't lead you astray.
It's a promise I'll keep.
For I care about you.
And the love I have
runs very deep.
so if loving someone is your dream.
here I am.
I know you've been hurt before.
But hurting women isn't my game.
But love is the giving type,
and each day we share
is a dream come true.
so baby...
here I am.
Loving you would be so easy.
But it's up to you.
what do you think?
if loving someone is your dream.
here I am.

Then You Came Along

I was a loner.
I didn't care about settling down.
oh not me.
I was staying single and liking it.
But there was one thing I didn't count on.
I felt so free.
But the you came along.
you've got me floating in thin air.
your love is taking me for a spin.
And I love it!
sheer ecstasy!
what a move you made!
I'm in love with you.
You've got me wrapped around your finger.
Back in my earlier days
I didn't think there was a girl
just made for me.
But then you came along.
Now even the sound of your voice
is driving me wild.
Don't ever let me go!
I just want to stay with you.
Because you're my love.
And it's beautiful!
I thought once I'd always be single.
But then you came along.
I never want to be without your love.
That's the way it goes.
And it's sheer heaven.

We Have Each Other

Rain keeps falling
and you're by my side.
Touch me
and I'll hold you close.
What more do we need
when we have each other?
You love is so complete.
and I'll never leave you.
This I promise.
My heart is yours.
Our dreams are coming true.
Because we have each other.
I love you.
Need you ask?
for there's one thing
that's plain to see.
our love.
I don't want to leave you.
That I couldn't imagine.
Because it's too strong.
we have each other.

fading horizons

Seasons of the sun
where the horizon
meets into the year
forever completing
passing memories
where the heart shows a smile
natural images
written in passages
where it matters most
fading into
those shadows
too numerous to mention.

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Horizons Found

Post by carndo » Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:42 pm

Horizons Found

Horizons found
amongst a distant sky
where clouds touch
against the sun line
eternal within a whisper
to and fro
where echoes cry
waking against the innocence
touching within the call
prayers met
in the moonrise.
can you hear what I can?


I remember those afternoons
that I would spend with
my grandfather
as we both would look forward
to the days with our poles in the water
waiting for the big one that would
take our lines.
yes those smiles we shared
in the sunrise of the day
where we spend memories
lost in the horizon.
yes to us it didn't matter
as long as we had
a can full of worms,
tacklebox in hand
and a warm day ahead of us.
a sequence of silences
touched by
a grandfather & a grandson
where whispered secrets
passed by a word of mouth
by means unseen.

What You Do To Me

And there you are
your smile
your little laugh
as though as the world laughed with you
your love and though it fills me
I wouldn't know what to do without you
the secrets we share
everything about you I love
the way you make me smile
and make me think about what I'm doing
you make me feel
and share my fantasies
our dreams are entwined with each other
for you make me feel like I'm the only one for you
and if you go away
I will always think of you
if only for a moment
for our memories were meant for each other
through an eternity
I love you
and I always will.

It's that simple

Tell me why...
that there is anger
that there is racism
that there is prejudism
that there is judgement
that there are tears.

I can't do anything for what others do.
But I can about me.
I can simply hold an open hand.
I can reach to others
when some refuse.
I can smile within those lives
and show them the way.
Isn't that what faith teaches us?
Simply love your fellow man?
it's that simple.

Hearts Begin

Stars rise
within the full moon
where an embrace is found
sweet melodies
are heard
and the dance begins
body to body
where eyes meet
finding sweet romance

where whispers heard
shine in that need
sought within the darkness
yet held
with a kiss
hearts begin
to reveal
that moment
in wants
in the night.

Hellos Found

your eyes
where smiles can touch a heart
arms reaching around each other
romance finding that special place
lips enticing that need
where Ecstasy is met
And I feel your breath
next to mine
laughter heard
senses alive
attention met
in those private places
where memories are found
and kept.

Evenings That Touch

Evenings that touch
soft moonlight
the smell of perfume
the taste of your lips
remind me
of those romantic nights
that were spent together
and a smile
deep within my mind
sound of music
where we held each other close
and said I love you's
to each other
finding somehow
what we needed
in that bright promise
of tomorrow.

A Secret Song

hidden memories
found in secrets
subtle within a moment
where I find your eyes
smell your perfume
hear your hello
feel your presence
that never leaves my mind
feel the want of your kiss
miss the warmth of your embrace
that clings
within those pleasures
where I hear your cry
and the romance
time after time
where we find our
secret song.

Thoughts Of You

those thoughts of you
warm within the night
embraces and kisses
in the heart
moment by moment
yet somehow
I miss you
your laughter
and your love
where whispers
find a need
in those yesterdays
we had
subtle in that memory.

Sweet Words (2)

sweet words
within those memories
in it's sweet embrace
as a moment revealed
where magic
in the promise
never forgotten
But in that
I found
my wish.

Candlelight Visions

candlelight visions
warm in your memory
where I hear your whisper
invitations made
where we find
those needs
moment by moment
soft melodies heard
where we begin to dance
and find that comfort
within each other
I look in your eyes
and find a smile
within the heart
reaching those completions
wild roses
and dandelion nights
where love
in the evening

To See

To see those haunted eyes
eyes of hunger
eyes of pain
tears of horror
where one feels the cold of the rain
that live this way
not knowing what is in store for them
only surviving
from day to day.
and why?
If only some would open
their hearts
and show little kindness
within that love
some lives
would be saved
and this world
would remain
a brighter place.

On The Shores

I walk on the shores
Of The Dolores River
finding my peace,
Where whispers
of nature
delight me,
over my shoulder
I see the deer
peeking from the bush,
I hear the cry
of the eagle
I watch
two river otters
on the opposite shore
and in the rocks
from their borrows
nature smiles on every turn
one only has to be silent
for those wonders
to be seen.

I hear The Whisper

Within that morning
where daylight first comes
i hear the whisper
welcoming the day
finding the greeting
wet with smiles
as silence speaks
if one listens
wisdom follows
familiar within those dreams
where spirits touch
footprint to footprint
meeting with a path
those tapestries
of life itself
visions reach in that need
where an open heart
the circle
which renews itself
and the path
continues on.

Find Your Path

Visions touch
within that miracle
wherein those spirits reach
forever honoring the heart
generations found
where life begins
respect known
within the wisdom
where we learn to walk the soft earth
those four winds
that touch the corners
look within your heart
and see with love
touch that sacredness
within the soul
and find your path
where ever it may lead.

Those Wings

Those wings that touch the sky
forever in flight
only in a moment
where souls
find that freedom
within that spark of time
seasons met
in dreams
rise into that
one breath
at a time
aspects clutching
within their
own understanding.

Circles Widen

Circles widen
into a pool
where waves flow
onto the shore
as a breeze
as well
within the
of nature herself
that breath
of a spirit
where all
things find
a connection
within a
of time.

To Reach Out

I hear those voices that cry silently through the night
where hope
only wants someone to listen
a warm hug
that touches within thy soul
memories felt deep within

reach out my friend
I am here
for within that need
there are some that truly care
Look into my eyes
see that smile meant especially for you
Remember there is hope
if one truly wants to find it
and there are angels even on the mortal realms
one only has too look
my arms are there to comfort you
can you feel my presence?
this soul is reaching even now
can you hear my voice?
it's speaking to you my friend
all I ask
is to open your heart.

Within Life

Reach with life
& grab whatever you can.
Hey go for it!
You have one life
So you might as well enjoy it while you can.
Those that don't
always miss out.
And why?
Because of those walls & fears
that they've set before themselves.
Too many times people forget within the moment
to take time & smell the roses
with the passion that comes simply within the heart .
So keep the fun
like the light that comes from a child's eyes
and know what you're missing if you don't.

Going Down The Road With Rod McKuen In A Backpack

I have memories with smiles where visions touch
romantic interludes
are concluded in the back of my mind
yet the reality is
that somehow it never seems to happen.
Maybe I'm in the wrong place
at the wrong time
and the women that I seem to meet
are either not interested
or those that are interested
I'm not interested in
so life continues
whether one likes it or not
Maybe one day that right one will come along,
I know...
I know...
I have to keep an open mind about these things
but my hair is becoming salt & peppered
in these days of waiting.
But in my mind I still keep saying....

I Spoke To You

I Spoke to you yesterday
the answer you gave
was something unexpected
yet we both smiled
because of that history of humor
that we have between us
all we have to do
is look at each other
and somehow the silence
becomes a secret language
that we only know
but in those days that we've known each other
reaches to the point
where one doesn't need to speak.
I guess...
it's just a smile
or gesture
where one becomes accustomed
yet the mystery
some remains
within the eyes.

Matters Of Perspective

Yet somehow it doesn't matter
Because within the light
those shadows somehow define
what we look at,
So it's all a matter of perspective
and you take life with a grain of salt
and let laughter fill in the empty spaces
in the background voices
fill one's mind with ideas
that somehow keep in time,
those rhythms
that we perceive what life is,
Allowing us to learn wisdom
then maybe we find understanding
to teach others who will listen.

To Reach

To reach that wisdom of understanding
one must reach those footsteps
in another's shoes,
It's that allows one to see
from perspectives
that one would not normally see,
for then one can pass their experience
or experiences on to the next generation,
if one wants to learn,
Why is it that one chooses not
the simplicity which arrives
day to day?
Could it be that some are missing
what could be a simple opportunity?
When in the mode of the seeker
REMEMBER just to keep an open mind.

Losing Myself In You

I try to lose myself
within your shadow
where encounters find that special distance
meant only for two
where two reaches to meet the other,
Yes I seek
your warmth
to alleviate the loneliness
only to say hello
where we find meaning
without ever trying,
some expect too much,
but not you.
I have to only whisper
and somehow you manage
to be here
when I least expect it.
and that's cool!
Some things need no explanations.

All The Tomorrows

All the tomorrows
left those dreams
within eyes
where smiles reach within the heart
yet somehow one remembers
that scent of perfume
the music that was played
where one felt the romance made
those whispers touch
where promises are found
sweet into the coming of evening
i hear your voice
and a chill runs down my spine.
Could it be something we're both looking for?
only time will answer that question,
yet in that memory
we both find the pleasure of each others company
as the night wears out,
And yet there's nothing i would trade
these precious moments.

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Memories Ride

Post by carndo » Fri Jan 12, 2007 9:22 pm

Memories Ride

Eating at Norma Jean's roadside diner
when memories ride within a miracle of time.
yes I see
those 54 Chevy's honking their horns
as a pretty girl walks on by in her poodle skirt
smiling at all the boys,
whistles happen
while invitations come round
when she least expects them.
Let the good times roll around
as the music of Little Richard
is playing in the background.
simpler moments are found within a heartbeat
yet don't they seem that they are
when we were younger,
one blinks and time disappears
leaving one
only wanting more.
and here we are
wondering why that isn't so.

Truth In My Eyes

you have to understand that to me honor means everything
I won't abandon my principles irregardless of the consequences
some may take me as overbearing fool
that likes to hear himself talk.
sometimes i speak from experience
sometimes repeating what was told to me
I take the hard road
even though I bleed
some say I'm too stubborn for my own good
so be it!
I reach for things that to some is simply unattainable
but that doesn't stop me
look through my eyes and see what I see
then maybe you'll understand
follow my steps and I'll lead by example
hear what I'm saying
and I'll speak the truth even when its not popular
because it needs to be said
yes I'm a wolf when others cry like sheep
yes I'm a rebel when others
you'll only regret it
I must follow my own path wherever it leads me
then I'll deal with things from there
I have to be true to myself

Without Saying A Word

Classic changes
minute by minute
where the twilight meets
42rd street,
Your smile meets my eyes,
Inclinations touch,
Yet in the hour
variations complete thy soul,
And in a heartbeat
time stands still,
But we both look beyond
the silence,
We can find conversations
without saying a word,
So let's touch
hand in hand throughout the night
and find what we need.

A Scent Is Caught By The Wind

There is only the darkness to embrace
the unknown in its reflection,
New causes
found within the thorns,
Ancient songs
wild in its solitude,
Destiny ultimately finds
awakened only in silence,
Courage found in the most
unexpected places
where a scent is caught by the wind.

Where The Moons Sigh

Only lonely men
can touch the wind
beyond a rainbow
where a heart meets new wonders,
Deep longings held in your eyes,
fervent touches celebrated in a pool of affection,
Candle lit nights
where the moon sighs
those erotic desires
seeking a womans solace,
Those smiles revealed in magic,
Mystic dreams and
vagabonds which touch the past,
Only met by a moonlit face
arrived by your smile.


Spell driven In images,
Circles presented in a trust,
Disturbed by a blood thirst,
Envisioned through the macabre,
Held by the hated
moved in an ancient evil,
Roaming a step at a time,
Mesmerized by the watch,
And in that pulse
life is held
in a monent of time,
Proceeded by a mark
that justifies a vision
generated by a forgotten moment
in a mirror of silence,
Embraced by those who by night
and sleep during the day,
Only the clan rules,
Survival is a key point,
Eternal life is a matter of perspective,
And the dream comes full circle.

Is It me?

Is it Me ?
Or am I just an observer
behind a glass watching the world go by,
Some how I'm not there,
All most as if I'm a spirit,
If I yell loud enough
sometimes someone pays attention,
But otherwise life goes on,
Those that are close to me
feel that there is something wrong
but have too much in their lives to help,
I just want to be heard,
But the louder I get
the more my voice goes silent,
Why ?
Is it me ?
What must I do ?
Please tell me
so that my tears will stop flowing
and I can smile again,
I'm tired of being an observer,
I want to live again
and get a way from the charades.

Death's Embrace

Arriving at death's embrace,
A sinister smile...
creeps from a face back in the shadow,
An arm reaches out
with skeleton fingers
only to welcome you
in an icy darkness,
There time no longer matters
for eternity
just begins...
And the spiral dance
forever meets those rhythms
created in harmonies
celebrated where
it touches
And again,
Imminent with the agreement with life.

Living By The blade

In those days when a spiv
touches those secrets
revealed by the blood
forgotten in time
sometimes you must
by the shadows
or die when you least expect it,
Me ?
I'm a survivor
by any means,
Ah so...
I'm a rascal,
A rake by any means,
But look in my eyes...
Does fear play any part of my life ?
I thought not,
So I live on the edge,
By the blade
that touches in the light...
and the dark,
Revealing some secrets
that some dare not,
Follow me if you dare,
Live a few moments of my life,
Feel the freedom
that coarses in my veins,
Some say that I'm a breath from death,
say it's the only way to live,
Excitment rages
these times
only for for those
who have the courage to live it !
Maybe someday
karma will come full circle,
Until then
my choices are mine !

Awakenings Of The Arcane

Fiendish fortresses touch in the pits of hell,
a finale page in the eternal blood war
which rages on,
That stench of burning flesh
where the dying & clashing of blades
torment those hearts
in a masquerade of time,
Those damned souls cring in anguish,
Shadows play in the shroud of night,
Ascensions rise in mystical expressions,
Diablerie held from clan to clan,
Those nightmares that rise & chill a soul,
Forever damning those haunted eyes,
Look for those dark secrets and
the beast that roars in a taste of blood,
Awkenings of the arcane
where the soul is corrupted
bit by bit,
Somehow humanity is lost,
And a childe of Cain is born,
Those whispers of horror reign
in an incantation of death,
Met in a smile of those who are embraced
and prefer the night to day.

Haunting shadows

Haunting shadows
ever coming
within thy heart,
Touch places forbidden,
Only pain...
will come from this...
Tinder kisses touching
thy need...
Where can thy soul recover ?

Doubts of your return
from a place...
where my heart
is blackened,
Where we as one
did some misdeed...
Gentle touch
did overthrow
valiant sensibilities,

Will your perfect soul
move on...
Will I feel the loss
of you ?
Will I succomb then
to the pain
the broken heart must endure ?

Or will you give me
succor from this plight,
Take me in your arms,
give me a lovers cure
to last throughout the night ?

Come to me, my love
before darkeness devours
what little light remains,
Join me in our deathbed,
Our bodies lay side by side,
Quiet your cacophonus head,
Forever in eternity our spirits will be,
Forever in eternity our love will be.

Being Solitary

Some want to tell me
that I'm not a solitary person,
And from their point of view its true,
But there are sides of me that I choose not to show,
Sometimes I prefer the shadow
to the light,
Not that I don't mind company now & then,
But I prefer to have my peace,
The chatter of everyday life
gets to one,
Understand that
& you'll understand me,
For the wildness inside
can not be tamed,
I like to howl in the wind
like the wolf does,
Something inside touches
that need only to be free,
If you smile at me
I'll smile at you.

Dancing With Dragons

To touch within the spirit
that freedom touching
in that dance
forever in the sky,
breath in fire,
Honored only in the eyes of a dragon,
proud spirits are we,
With talon & tooth we fight,
Some fear us,
Wings soaring forever in the light,
the legends are written,
Magic is forever within our souls,
from a world so long ago this time
stood a beautiful slayer,
The glow of repetition in her eyes,
A sword...
made of pain & a million souls,
The handle..
held her heart so she couldn't let go,
We danced...
the dance of magic so sweet,
And when she fell
it was I..
the dragon that set her free,
Our time was then,
But soon we will see
For we are meant to dance
so that our beauty may be seen,
Crystal visions viewed through that heart,
Realms revealed only in a miracle,
Spirals touch wherein a spirit
flies so free,
we have that need
sometimes so restless
we must find
new territories just to explore,
we must find the fire
risen in a soul,
Red as blood,
Breaking through the boundries of gravity,
She moves with such elegance...
Time stands still,
So nothing is impossible,
Circling one another once again,
Dancing as one...
She is charmed by his smell,
Nothing so sweet yet raw,
Like fire...
Like ice....
went entangled for an instant,
Which feels forever...
Their eyes finally meet,
destiny in the making,
Just before the silence
his heart speaks through their eyes,
And he askes her to love him...
How can this be ???
To kill this beast...
She feels is to kill herself,
But then she sees the fire
burning deep inside...
And she knows this has to be,
she raises her sword
through the fragile air,
Slashing every forgotten feeling
& breaking through the
memories of past duels,
Oh how it hurts so much !
Her soul fights her hand
just as she hits
him across his chest,
She exhales three words...
I Love You !!!
And the dance is finally over,
She set him free...

A Hidden Dragon

Dragon's heart,
A legend within the flame,
Embers rise above the pain,
Wisdom is earned from the life
and centuries that he has lived,
Those of his kind
have been misunderstood,
For if listened to
stories and legendlore remains,
And a gentle kindness of a heart
of a proud creature,
Ancient in race,
A symbol of the otherworld
cries a single tear,
For his kind has been forgotten
or has been taken for granted,
His stories have told in fear,
Why ?
You must hold an open mind,
Never make a judgment blind,
For the very one you seek
is hidden in the veils
and could sit right in front of you,
But because of doubt
a mystery remains
and a realm is never revealed.

Met In That Simple Dream

Met in that simple dream
passing memories
roll on
like silent illusions
wherein the light
moment by moment
and I find that smile
which arrives
touching my soul,
Sweet in an horizon
of time,
And you move
my heart
beat by beat
whispering in the wind
touching that secret
that we only know,
Let's breathe that sweet romance
perfect for two hearts
pulse by pulse
only in a step at a time.

Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces
touched in enlightenment,
Changes sheltered in voyages,
Caught in fragments,
Thoughts arrive
and then disappear
like ghosts whirling in time,
Eclectic in design,
But harmonic in its own call,
Shadows of a smile
whispers to you
and teaches reason
within a wondering spirit,

Those roads

Sensibility and responsibility
are words he thought I should find,
Imagination and freedom
was the choice I had taken,
It wasn't that I didn't care,
But somewhere down the road of life
we both had taken a different turn,
Elegent and polished in our own expertise,
I'm proud of my father
and what he has accomplished in his lifetime,
I just want my own dues
or a chance for my victories,
A pleasure in our own making,
Reguardless of who's right or wrong,
And when my son is born,
I hope....
I have the faith and the wisdom
to give him the freedom
to make his own mistakes
and choices,
Even though it might be painful
for me to see.

The Wonders Of An Open Road

A search taking me from an open road
to a realization of possibilities,
Rich in the comprehension
of what can be,
All I have to do
is open my eyes
and the world is at my command,
An imagination is the key
and the limitations are set from my mind,
I ponder those wonders
and take up the journey,
What will I find ?
Who knows ?
But this I do know
that the journey within my lifetime
is well worth the risk,
But what is life without risk ?
Only a charade,
Why ?
I'd rather have a promise of excitement
that rages within my heart.


Implicit in its consciousness
where by a foundation is
touches and immersed in a revelation
or a rebirth of thy will,
Consider this :
If a heart is revived
in a soul's touch,
Where can the spirit rise
and celebrate
wherein a hope fulfills
change ?
Too long has the dream remained
Remembered as only a ghost in time
and a key must be transformed.

A Smile Within The Sun

Left by the wayside
forever touching a miracle
wherein time echoes
in the wind,
Enchanted by invocations,
Chaotic by nature,
Enhancing the colors
of the inner soul,
Leaving my shell
and returning home,
Pleasures in incantations,
Celebrations within a heart of one,
Mired in a freedom
where a joy touches,
Seeing a radiating eye,
Calling my name,
I have reached
my true lighted shadows,
I have seen
the door of truth,
Open to those who listen,
Forever reaching that revelation
where in time
a way is seen,
Proming more,
Only to find
a smile within the sun.

One With Honor

Prevailing against the shadows,
Rising among the winds
looms one with courage
and the convection of his heart
that justice, the code and the right
must survive a time of darkness,
Closed by a mystery,
Shrouded in evil,
And in the heart of a hero
one thought remains:
That if my life means anything,
It must make a stand,
And those who follow
must meet my example,
For chivalry has not died
or been forgotten,
Though this body ages
and eventually falls to dust,
This promise dwells
in time forever.

A Hidden Dragon

Dragon's heart,
A legend within the flame,
Embers rise above the pain,
Wisdom is earned from the life
and centuries that he has lived,
Those of his kind
have been misunderstood,
For if listened to
stories and legendlore remains,
And a gentle kindness of a heart
of a proud creature,
Ancient in race,
A symbol of the otherworld
cries a single tear,
For his kind has been forgotten
or has been taken for granted,
His stories have told in fear,
Why ?
You must hold an open mind,
Never make a judgment blind,
For the very one you seek
is hidden in the veils
and could sit right in front of you,
But because of doubt
a mystery remains
and a realm is never revealed.

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Only The Moon & Stars Can Tell

Post by carndo » Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:39 am

Only The Moon & Stars Can Tell

With Eyes of Blue,
Skin soft as a fawn,
Tender is your heart,
Voice trembled
in the night air,
And you're there
when one needs you,
Your hair brushes against your face,
Lips as subtle as can be,
Somehow romance is in the air,
The sweet smell of pufume
embraces lightly with the times,
Your wamth....
a heartbeat fluttering away,
Like a butterfly dancing in the shadow,
And there you are...
In figure and form,
Will she....
give a gentleman a kiss?
Who knows?
For ladies do not kiss and tell,
There a heartbeat is racing
and tomorrow tells the tale,
of what might be
two hearts
joining as one,
Could it be...
the beginning of two wonderful
touch as no one could imagine?
Only the moon and stars
Can tell.

For An Angel

How many angels must leave
before we pay attention ?
I was blind,
I didn't see,
She is my friend,
And I care,
But for some reason I wasn't there,
She held her hand in friendship
and touched in the wind,
her words were crushed
and thrown to the side,
Tears come from my eyes,
If only I had known,
Please people listen,
There are those that are around
that are taken for granted,
Some that touch our souls
without asking for anything,
They hold smiles in our lives,
And without them...
the smiles are gone,
why ?
All because we get too busy
too see what's going on.

Some Paths

Some paths lead to my heart & soul,
Some pass by,
Some lead to a lifetime of friendship,
Will someone pass by ?
I need the company right now...
if only for the moment,
Join me !
Touch my life...
Let's find a dream together,
If only for the day,
Most of the time I'm solitary,
But now I find I need the company,
This lone wolf
needs to sing with others,
Will you join me ?
Touch my life in some way
so I again can be free!
I'm not asking for much.


Why is it that some are never satisfied ?
Making things so complicated
that simple things are forgotten
like a summer rain
cooling the dust of the day,
In their rush through
what that deemed possible
becomes an undaunting
and they've lost what was originally gained,
Me ?
I'll take the simplicity of the sunrise,
Where life holds the dawning of a new day,
Taking it with an open heart
honored to be in it company,
Some forget this...
Why ?

those games

I love those people who try to play their games
stomp anyone that they think is below them
try to grind their heels within their sarcasm
make a mockery into something they havn't a single clue about

they smile within their cliques
even try to prove their intelligence
by debating things
only to prove their narrow mindedness
reveal their blindness
within a cold world
shatter the glass that surrounds their very existence
capitulate in a fantasy vision
that only serves to engulf them
for what?
reasons that don't exist
or has become lost in a quagmire

and the funny thing is
the universe has a strange humor that reveals one's self
only too clear
yet they can't see themselves in it
and until its too late...
they never will.

smiles brightly found

smiles brightly found
the blue of eyes seen
where memories arise from
those simple touches where that need is found
yearnings within the heart
where urges rise
impatient in that need
yet I find a gift that is wonderful
simply given
with no expectations
day by day it grows by leaps and bounds
stronger and stronger
the reason why
is not known
nor does it matter
only that is exists
and blossoms within those days that pass
into years
found only in your heart.

maybe one day I'll understand

i shake my head
wondering every bloody time I come around you
is there going to be another fight?
you say there's no excuses
so what's yours?
the situation is sad
what happened to us?
we used to be friends
now to each...
it simply doesn't matter
I try to control my rage
but you delight in pushing those buttons
it comes
crashing again

tears fall within
and tears me apart

but that's alright
one day I'll heal

and you'll become a distant memory
until then the silence overwhelms
as I walk down a lonely path
wondering what path next to take
and why?

is there some wisdom I'll find within days past?
maybe one day I'll understand

You Say That I Want You

You say that I want you
and I do
you say that love is just waiting
and it is
touching you
loving you
holding you
and it's beautiful
it feels so special
I can taste your kiss
give me your love
never let time pass us by
I never want our love to end
so love me
and I'll love you forever

memories II

sometimes painful
sometimes good
But I'll treasure them all
for each moment is another experience
and through them I'll learn
I'll learn to live
not in the past or the future
but in the present
and it'll make me strong
maybe someday...
I'll pass them along.
who knows?

A Whisper In The Wind Cries

a whisper in the wind cries
as an apparition asks why?
tears flow crimson silently on the old oak tree
knowing that a wrong has been done
an innocent man was hanged
as the guilty go free
the story goes untold
those who do know keep silent
reasons unknown
and why?
maybe because of the ignorance of the community
or its prejudism
yet for whatever reason
the angels sigh and shake their heads
yes an innocent is dead
and questions are left unanswered
but how?
and why?
and here the soul remains
at least until someone can
find that justice that still needs to be claimed
will you solve the mystery?
be willing to right the wrong done on this pour soul?

Silent echoes smile (2)

Silent echoes smile
within that horizon of life
encompassing all that it can

I call an answer and the horizon answers back,
a life of utter empathy sweeps me into a sea...
I am seduced by the wild torrent Of the cool teal waters Surrounding me,
begging me to stay and become one with the deep.

As my inhibitions begin to ebb,
I catch a glimpse of my spirit in surging tidal mirrors.

Such soothing waves rush me forward,
taking me back to my youth, to my beginnings.

Wash over my soul,
cleanse me of my sin.
Drown the pain of the past into lonely waters.

Universal subconscious mind
welcomes me home.

Like being welcomed back into the womb,
waves rock me into a peaceful sleep.

Semi-conscious I wait for a conclusion to this journey,
hoping for a peaceful end.

The dying wave stretched out across the sand.
Convulsing yet once more to lick my toes.

I bid her farewell,
and hold out my lonesome hand.
We both wave,
and I know I will be fit to fight again.
I am one with the sea.
I am ripe,
I am man.

My Spirit Is With You

Can you hear the howl of the wolf?
he is telling you to be strong,
fear not for my spirit is with you
through those days of pain.

Can you hear the cry of the hawk?
When those times that you need comfort
look through my eyes.
there you will find the freedom
to bring joy within your heart.

Can you hear the hoot of the owl?
Lean on me when you need my wisdom
my spirit will not fail you
in those days when you need it most.

Dear sister we all are with you
when you need the guidance
in these troubled times.
we will help you
each moment everyday.

Listen for us
when you need us most
and we will guide you
within that path
within your heart.

Ravyn's Song

I hear you so clear
feel thy pain
yet know that you sing a song
where others should listen to
your strength reaches into hearts
beyond your days
funny how words
affect one's spirit
yet even through your shattered & battered
still continue on
you speak for others
even if you don't realise it
in a place that needs to be told
if I could hold you
dry your tears
believe me I would
I see your fears
within these pages
may you find peace
within the next world
or in someplace where we can know each other.

silent echoes smile

silent echoes smile
within that horizon
of life encompassing all that it can

as far as the eye can see
the heart can feel farther
and the mind knows no bounds

and the dream does not falter.

what is real you have dreamed of
and the echoes that call you
come from some thing within you
the horizons of your past.

Where The Moons Sighs

Only lonely men
can touch the wind
beyond a rainbow
where a heart meets new wonders,
Deep longings held in your eyes,
fervent touches celebrated in a pool of affection,
Candle lit nights
where the moon sighs
those erotic desires
seeking a womans solace,
Those smiles revealed in magic,
Mystic dreams and
vagabonds which touch the past,
Only met by a moonlit face
arrived by your smile.

Those Eyes Which Claim The Dark

Insignia's touch
withered through time
reaching a war fevered pitch,
Hear the war cries !
Twisted in cruelty,
Masked only...
in the pain,
Our rightful claim....
is to rule the world!
Power succeeds,
Power strengthens the strong,
Manipulations rise
where cunning is revealed,
Shadows touch the path
of deception,
Mysteries complete
those eyes which claim the dark.

Half Forgotten....Memories

verifying that warm light
sensuous in its own being,
Never knowing
where it starts or where it ends,
But conscious of its own existence,
defined by those who
revile in it
like a memory
half forgotten
contemporary in its own being,
you say ?
I don't know,
Maybe it just sounded good.

By An Echo Completed

Absence of thought
revealed in circles
where shadow meets shadow,
Crystal blue persuasion
sheltered only...
by a dream
varied in the night,
Yet those stars
touch upon a heartbeat
by the warmth
of your nearness,
Eyes feathered
by the wind
by an echo.

In A Secret Light

In a secret light
pictured by your shadow
ingratiated through time itself,
Heartbeats rise and fall
like a breath
without freedom
soaring gently,
An outpost in its
final moment,
One simple hope
benefical to those
who belong,
New directions wonder in
the spirit of what can be ,
Primal in its newness.

A Secret.... Never Revealed

Silent melodies
reserved for those who can appreciate it,
Yellow marigolds
in a field of memories,
Jokes told in a relished time,
Puns made from a friend of mine,
Time spent with someone who doesn't have to have
their undivided attention,
Will miracles never cease ?
The silence is well spent,
A fellowship is forever created,
Touch that spirit..... in another lifetime,
Pleasures felt,
The blind leading the blind,
Sincere in a improvisation
held by a companion,
But who she ?
.... There she winks
and laughter shatters the moment,
For it is we...
that holds a secret....
never to be revealed.

Beyond The Prophet's Eye

Beyond the prophet's eye,
A trust evaded by lifetimes
too few
and too many to remember,
A sight to justify,
Jeered and jaded
by a judgment
reached by the sight
of a blindman's eye,
by a selfless touch,
by the hush
of a silence
that rages like the townhall's bell,
felt in a moment
cascading in a generation of time.

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Post by carndo » Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:29 pm


Cascading through the simmering light
a moment forever holds
a touch...
Shared like no other edged dream
providing against a journey,
Where it leads no one knows,
But it doesn't matter,
For the truth resides in ambiguity,
Held in a cage of images,
Battered by the rain,
And in the reflection of what might be
more than an obscurity,
Reach beyond those shadows end,
Conflicts are resolved in a matter of time.

Touched In The Darkness

Touched in the dreams of the night,
Circles met around a campfire
where those feel the rhythm,
Silver dreams
hidden in shadows
openly reach a miracle,
Silence in desperate whispers,
Wisdom told in tales,
Perspective defined
in an ember of time
crossing those dark paths
which some fear to tread,
Yet in that passing....
that journey was meant to be
solitary in the coming,
Delicate in that vision,
But the coarse is set,
And what shall be.....
Shall be,
But an impulse of frankness
remains humor in elses someone's eyes.



Altercations in the mind,
Affiliations with mirrors into the soul,
But the meaning is well taken,
Pleasure is meant as a passing of time,
Creation of fantasies held into the wind
like a kite risen high in flight,
But with that absence of a moment,
Here it comes plummeting to the ground,
Gone forever...
with the appreciation of a simple pleasure,
And where is the honor?
held in a horror,
But forgetting a memory,
delve deeply into the subconscious,
Bringing out the best of us,
And drawing out the worst of us,
Creating a universe
forever in our mind.


In The Analyses

Spoken to in visions
where the sentences
answer in questions
and in the analyses
aspiration touches unexpectly,
Unconsciously aware
of the verse in time,
Awakening sensitivity
familiar to those who are open
and with a simple metaphor

fulfillment is met.
Look at this way.
The prelude falls before paradise.

Who Knows What Time May Bring

children laughing
while the music plays on,
Outside the snow falls early in March,
I see the blue spruce through the icicles,
And I'm thinking...
better to be inside in the warmth
rather than sitting in the snow with the neighbor's dog,
As I look through the window
I follow the treeline with telephone poles
which look like crucification crosses,
Grey skies hang like an old fog bank just over the horizon,
And I'm waiting for the next song,
Kokomo by the Beach boys I believe,
Two more weeks and the springtime will begin,
Maybe one will be able to grab their fishing gear
and not feel they are trapped inside,
Who knows what time may bring,
Just live it day by day.

Stained Glass Windows

stained glass windows
touch in the light
where crescendos fall
turning visions
amongst the silence
perfection found
within paradise
tender places
in the chaos
but somehow that doesn't matter
only the peace
in that compassion.


ticky, tivi
Tacky, ricky

making one ready to dance
Blazing loud & clear.

Feeling the drumbeats
way down through the soul.

Singing those songs
that reach deep inside.

Feeling the movements
It's magic
as if
one already knows.
Twinkles within the eyes
as that passion flows
revealing the child inside
let it all go.

yes the reverberations
reach the rhythm
rising without & within.

Realization 2

warm breezes
light winds
whispering within
cleansing the mind
rejuvenating the soul
a sign of peace
in a world of turmoil
precious seconds
rekindled in our dreams
listen to those echoes
a silence
that touches
where a consciousness
what only matters

could it be
that realization
is finally
being discovered
beyond a sheltered & shattered past?


bricks on the wall
where memories rise
and fall
life found within the conscience
yet it evolves where it will
within the comedy
of life
yet also within the tragedies
found within tomorrows
and yesterday
and experiences
the reflection.

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Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

Post by carndo » Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:51 pm

Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

I met you one day at the Cafe Denny's.
We talked...
You read my poetry,
I thought you liked me,
" Don't make promises you can't keep "
We stayed up until 3:00,
There I thought...
was a beautiful, intelligent woman,
And we'll meet again,
" Don't make promises you can't keep "
The following year we ran into each other at Coco's,
Music flowing,
Karaoke being sung,
Dancers filled the floor,
So I asked you to dance,
But you were so engrossed by a cowboy
that I didn't matter,
" Don't make promise you can't keep "
So you smiled
and quickly replied,
I'll meet you here next week,
Dance with you,
And we'll read your poetry together,
" Don't make promises you can't keep "
What I didn't realize
it was a brush off
just to get rid of me,
So I told my friends
that I had a date with a beautiful woman,
Never realizing that you were laughing in my face,
" Don't make promise you can't keep "
I got off work on a new job
just to be there for you,
I waited two hours,
And I realized that you weren't gonna show,
" Don't make promise you can't keep "
But that's alright your turn's a-coming,
And I wanna be there
just to see your face
when it happens to you,
" Don't make promises you can't keep "
I'll smile and tell you,
remember that date you promised
here at Coco's?
" Don't make promises you can't keep "

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Subtle Reflections

Post by carndo » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:03 pm

Subtle Reflections

in those
wherein time reveals
Shiver within the soul,
Altered by those words
which reveal...
a secret dream
doubted only
where a shadow remains,

Subtle premonitions,
Reflections in the mind
reveal passion of the soul
and shiver through the spine,
Secret dreams of wonder,
Where only doubt remains,
Words of love were altered,
Now a shadow
locked in pain,

And now if looked upon
those revelations touch
where once only a tear replies.
Could it be where once
a soul was touched
Now hear...
only a sigh.

March 10, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Valerie Jochum

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Give Me Back My Smile

Post by carndo » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:05 pm

Give Me Back My Smile

Words today do not come easy,
For my heart is heavy,
A burden I must bear,
Shall it come a time
that I must part with what I know is right?
Or must I simply endure?
As the seasons come on me
like falling raindrops,
My patience is coming to a close,
For those few who dare press the issue,
How is it that I've come full circle
and yet pain overwhelms my heart?
Mother Earth give me strength,
Help me get through this bitter day,
Shine a light on my soul,
Give me back my strength,
So that I can continue on.

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After Those Long Years

Post by carndo » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:07 pm

After Those Long Years

After those long years
you find that restlessness
just to walk away,
Why ?
Wasn't I enough ?
I held your heart
like priceless wine
but that mattered not !
So here's my soul
touched in pain,
And I find
like those rainy days
that time moves on,
Silence creeps in
and I find
those memories haunt me,
Reflections of the past
are bitter,
Why ?
Couldn't we somehow have
worked it out ?
apparently not,
You see those tears flowing,
But in the following days
somehow I'll make it,
somehow I miss you.

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