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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Berlie » Thu May 13, 2004 9:49 am

1. Treat other members and admins with respect, no flaming, insulting or rude comments toward another person or their poetry.

2. Heated discussions and debates are allowed but keep it civil.

3. You can use cuss words in a post/poem as long as it is not too extreme or excessive.

4. Feel free to offer suggestions and critique on others work but be polite and supportive when you give advice.

5. If someone offers you advice or makes suggestions about your poem remember that they are offering their OPINION and their advice is not personal. The only person's opinion on a poem that really counts is the person who wrote it.

6. We ask that you do not flood the forums with new poetry posts. Please only submit 1-2 new poems per section per day.

7. If you are posting poetry looking for comments please take the time to read other's posted poetry and comment on their work in return.

8. Avatar size restrictions:

No animated avatars.
No larger than 100x125
No vulgar, rude or offensive images.

9. Signature Guidelines:

Keep it short and sweet, no more than 4 lines. Only one image allowed in a signature. Image should be small, no larger than 65 pixels in height and not animated. Image counts as one of the signature lines.
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