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Richard Taylor. . . Poet and Friend

Post by jeannerené » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:06 pm

When first entering into the community of online poets ... one does not realize, at first, that the path to new friendships world-wide has been set upon. Mingle in this "community" for any length of time and the oceans that part us become less wide. The food, the drink, the languages, religions ... cultures foreign to us begin to blend with our own unique colors. From those poet souls in whose shadow we singularly will probably never walk we learn the universality of all hopes and fears ... lives and loves of humankind. Brothers and sisters united in word ... rhythm and rhyme. So it is within this shared community that the loss of single poet is deeply felt across one glowing ... dusty computer screen ... to the next.

We will soon be losing a dear friend, Richard Taylor (Richie), whose lovely words form the U.K. graced our Poetry Pages, as well as, a number of other online poetry websites, including his own critique forums. Richard's contributions to Poetry Pages were many, including serving as a Moderator and as a contributor to Poetry Pages: A Collections of Voices from Around the World. Richard for many years fought a brave battle with Bells Palsy, continuing to share both his poetry and critique despite his illness. He was meant to fight an even harder battle with cancer and though he is not winning this current battle in body, rest assured that he is winning it in spirit.

I'd like to thank maggie (cusick) for keeping us updated on Richard.

Maggie wrote me:
This is an email from annie jeanne trying to get in touch with all who knew Richard. I have sent it to heinzs.

Hi Maggie,

I posted something on the site about Richard. His sister contacted me and Richard has only a few weeks at most to live. He is dying of cancer and is at home on heavy morphine. I spoke to him for a couple minutes today....all he could manage.

Anyway he wanted me to let the poetry sites, he used to go to, to know about this. I told him I would contact you, as you both went to many of the same sites.
Richard's love for poetry of form and rhyme will be remembered...especially by this poet whose very first attempts at classical forms was due to his encouragement and inspiration.

Below you will find a selection of Richard's poems after Debbe's tribute to Richard. Heinz has edited Richard's archive and you will find many more of his poems at:

Richard Taylor - Poetry

When you read Richard's poetry, I am sure you will discover his unconquerable spirit and his undying faith.

I hope you will post a message here for Richard. Richard is currently being cared for by his sister, and I will be forwarding your messages to his family.

Thank you Richard for your words, your time, your critique .... your friendship. Rest easy, dear gentle man.

God Bless you, our poet friend.



Debbie wrote this lovely tribute to Richard:
My Fellow Poet
And Friend

You are my dear friend Richard
because I chose you to be,
This friendship all started,
when I read your poetry.

Your words were full of meaning
and so eloquently written,
Some were full of emotion,
speaking of a heart so smitten.

Much of your work was spiritual,
you shared with us God Almighty above,
Your faith shone brightly,
as you expressed His love.

How many times I wished
you were back in the pages writing,
I enjoyed each new poem,
and your many comments so encouraging.

For as long as this world turns,
I’ll have a gift greater than wealth,
That gift is you Richie,
a lasting friendship that I gave to myself.

While family, friends and fellow poets,
hold in their hearts your memory,
The gift of you Richard that I gave myself that day,
will forever be cherished by me,

I’ll not say good by to you Richard Taylor,
my fellow poet and friend,
Only a farewell will be uttered by me,
for I know we shall meet again.

Today I pray Richie,
the same faith you shared with us,
Will be unwavering in the days to come,
as you prepare to meet the welcoming arms of Jesus.

© A Rose Garden Collection Author Debbie R. Forest July 6, 2007

For those who know and love you Richard Taylor,
you leave a legacy and you shall live forever in our hearts and your poetry.

Love In Christ Jesus Debbie Forest
*The Poetry of Richard Taylor*


many names
different faces
only one


Susanne Sedgwick was such a beauty
with her hazel eyes, and auburn hair.
We all fell for Suzanne, it was our duty,
Susanne Sedgwick was such a beauty.
The lads thought there none as fruity
As Susanne, for never was one so fair.
Susanne Sedgwick was such a beauty
with her hazel eyes and auburn hair.


The First Time

The first time I saw her standing there
Beside me in the warm spring rain,
she was so flushed; she was so fair
the first time I saw her standing there.
The smile she smiled beyond compare
and nothing would ever be the same.
The first I saw her standing there
beside me in the warm spring rain.


Bonny Lass

So goodbye to you my bonny lass;
Be kind when you next think of me,
The days we shared are gone, alas,
So goodbye to you my bonny lass,
Our love like shadows as they pass,
Just dreams, never meant to be.
So goodbye to you my bonny lass;
be kind when you next think of me.



Being the sad tale of Jim Larkin

Gentleman Jim, and bonny bess
Robbed the rich to leave them less,
and none could catch them as they ran
so say a Prayer for the highwayman.

It happened on a rainy night
a single rider, strong and bold.
The highwayman rode out of sight
For in Death his fate be told.

The robbery planned, had gone astray
and a gunshot made a parting,
now the hangman waits in dismay
to end the life of one Jim Larkin.

For Jim it was to all that knew
a gentleman rider until then,
who robbed the rich swiftly he flew?
Into the hands of the gallows men.

Gentleman Jim and bonny bess
robbed the rich to leave them less,
and none could catch them as they ran
so say a Prayer for the highwayman.

A merry dance Jim lead them all
for these four-year, he rode and well,
around old London’s by-ways the call
as night descends what tales we'll tell.

No goal could hold him, not a one
for none were as bold and brave as he,
And bess, would wait far from the throng
Then carry Jim, once more to flee.

The children rhymed a song for him
with his trusty steed, a great white mare,
the bonny horse that carried Jim
for none could catch the pair.

Gentleman Jim, and bonny bess
Robbed the rich, to leave them less,
and none could catch them as they ran
so say a Prayer for the highwayman.

Now guilt did haunt him and he knew
For noble in his own way was he,
The time for parting for those that do
The penance that sets all men free.

They found him in a grove of trees
He waited so that all would know,
For Jim, his spirit broken did grieve
“Sir take me, and my gallows show”.

The goal house was dirty and cold
He gave an audience to one and all
the best in food and wine they sold
For Jim, waiting for his Death to call.

Gentleman Jim, and bonny bess
Robbed the rich to leave them less,
and none could catch them as they ran
so say a Prayer for the highwayman.

He ordered a suit of silk and lace
Ruby red, scarlet and white cockade,
Black leather boots, and a powdered face
and a bonny hat for Jim they made.

All London came to meet and stare
Jim asked forgiveness for his sin,
for one now lost but knowing where
the thirteen steps awaited him.

Standing tall on his scaffold high
a gentleman to the last for them,
one last look up to the sky
then to his maker goes the highwayman.

Gentleman Jim and bonny bess
they robbed the rich to leave them less,
and none could catch them as they ran
so say a Prayer for the highwayman.

"Sir leave a shilling for the ferryman"
I’ve paid my dues to one and all,
Forgive my sins, and the course I ran
Then I bow my head and take my fall.

Gentleman Jim and bonny bess
they robbed the rich to leave them less,
and none could catch them as they ran
so say a Prayer for the highwayman.


My England

I must return to the place I love
to the windswept Dales Rising high above,
the yorkshire town below.
Encircling all old England’s industrial Might.
To walk again those high roads,
up to the rising of the light.
To the rising of the light again,
that melts into this haunting scene.
For none can match or dream,
the wonders there I’ve seen.
I must Go back once more
to wait the rising of the light.
Of the hearts of all Who’ve drunk in this sight,
against each evernings sunsets twilight.
Upon the Dales Of England,
as I wander my earthly home.
Where my heart forever Longs for,
those Yorkshire Dales of home.


Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things, which escape those who dream only by night.
Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream

Dim the light, and fading fast
His appearance like a globe-orb past,
my chamber, strangely radiating from
this suffocating stillness, descending on.
As the illuminating moon, where spirits roam
while I ponder the letters on my tombstone.
“Come now the Demon, seemed to say”
Through the ghastly mist, as I gently lay.
Then the stranger, appeared as from a dream,
Proceeding to absorb, all that I’d been.
My Riotous heart, once expressed and proud
now prays for the morrow, silent as a shroud.
Then drift in the shadows, all doom and gloom,
this ecstatic silence, pray departing soon
”I ask for time, and beg his grace”
Though no pity shows upon his face.
“Sir hold thy hand, and stay thy ground”
Unchain my soul, now curled around.
For those who've rested in Heavens grace,
that impending beauty, grasping Gods embrace.
He turns quietly smiling, and walks from me,
back to dreamland, each departing peacefully.


Dedicated to all who strive to create poetry

Tell me your tales, and fill me with awe
Lose me in your imagery, and beauty once more.
Show me the wonder, flow it deep in my heart,
Leaving my sorrows aside, in your words and your art.
With tales of brave hector, and Achilles so bold
the stories of legend let your pen now unfold.
Lift my emotions, tears fears and pain,
with the joys of tomorrow, left now to remain.
Take me to dreamland, and lead me once more
through the fields of my memories, again to explore.
Leave me enchanted, with distant echoes as they flow
in the hearts of the lonely, where the brave dare not go.
Through the pathways we tread, laid down by our way
where the shadow lands meet, and only lovers may stay.
As I journey undaunted, while you write line-by-line
in the words of the poet, in the truth of his rhyme.



Me-thinks I saw my love soar
swiftly high as before.
Perhaps sleepily now the world
I’ve left in dreams and echoes hurled.
Lady it will be my pleasure
to fit you through my tiny chamber
oh lady dear, have no fear
slumbering gently, dreamily here.
My room is gloomy and so melancholy,
we’ll reach those heights, as angles only.
And through your golden hair I'll grasp
tighter now, as one they clasp.
The trembling flow imbued your beauty
imposing love, oh heavenly duty.
And rise with fervour, in perfect bliss,
two Tantalized spirits, then gently-kiss..



Waking In our good earth every day that I
as the seasons pass, in my thoughts I try,
to live without vanity or pride.
waching each season as its gently cast aside.
Treasure its beauty, as a poet’s rhyme,
of each seasons change, restless yet sublime.
Long summer hours, softened every scene
the dew of cypress, field’s replenished green.
And lingering flowers, swaying gently there
slowly passing on to autumns golden air.
Acquainted brown painted leaves gently shake,
as nature ever smiling, and beguiling make.
Delivered autumn, now quickly fades
to winters dying daylight feigned, frosted laid.
Faded memories, affecting greets the snow
blighted remembrance, loveliness' then quickly go.
Family sits around crackling fires warming voice,
with friends gathered good spirits drink rejoice.
Springs coming circle, returns beneath the poets voice.



Walking again where the clear pure water flows
by that stream, still crystal clear and rushing by,
where the shadowlands meet, and forever goes
through each memory, beneath this florescent sky.
And did the fates whose mysteries once unfold
Enchanted by her presence a pathway set aside,
Those echoes still find me on this lonely road
In a perfect garden as the moonlight slowly dies.
And did the swaying cypress; by the oak
Call out her name standing silent there,
among such beauty with each word she spoke
once murmured by the Angles, who came for her.
And did they hear a poor mans heart cry with pain
As the mighty eagle in the nights shadows flies,
And would these fleeting moments still remain
Locked in my memory, safe and unopened lies.
The water is silent now by the lake
As the dew drips green, sad yet serene,
The grey trees melancholy shrouded as they shake,
Life’s mysteries hidden as I walk Eden’s evergreen.

And the forest ancient, his secrets obscuring the sky
I’ll meet you darling as the sunset’s by-and-by.


This poem is dedicated to Olga Banareo. Who leaving her child in safety, was sent to Ravensbruck, the woman’s Death camp in 1941-2 She was murdered there in 1942, Olga spent her time helping others and was often punished for it, but her spirit was never broken and her humanity will never die.


Child crying, not understanding why
left behind within safe walls of home.
She gently lifts spirits of lost souls,
bringing life back to them for one more day,
to the sisters of Ravensbruck.

Though cruel men, who have cast God aside,
and made her cry, yet cannot break,
or for a moment take, her humanity,
shines within dark walls of Ravensbruck.

Though terrified and broken, she would
not give way to terror. And her memory
will not dim, it lives today as it did then,
and remains with the sisters of Ravensbruck.

“Selected”. Buses waiting, God taking her to him,
Head held high, she never bowed to them.
No tears to shed. Consoling others whom she always led
to live another day in Ravensbruck.


My Prayer

Father though I’ve walked where poor men go
Encumbered by my vanity and my pride,
Release my selfish spirit that it may again flow,
into the path that leads forever to your side.
Oh Father I will always love thee and adore
Walking in your grace, throughout life’s great quest.
Each day seeking the eternity, where all spirits sour
through life’s struggles, in your strong arms rest.
Oh Father as I fall withered hurt, and torn
Casting aside my sin's, replenished now before,
Keeping always your council, awakened and reborn
Bringing my poor soul, at last to heavens door.

Oh Father who is greater than thee
Wide the door open still to your Eternity.


All of the above poems were written by Richard Taylor

God love ... God Bless[/img]
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... and his words purge up and outward,
expelled and onward through desert dust swallowed,
sands he says that gorge on simple sensibilities.
And, now he spits fragments, grit, extended vowels and elongated syllables
over cracked lips. Their sounds fall
piling round his boots…
~ jeannerené



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Post by Drew Rush » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:26 pm

I know Richard best from when we were moderators, we never really saw eye to eye on any issue that was brought up but I could respect the strong stance that he always took. Never a good debate without somebody to butt heads with. For that and much more, you will be missed, Rich.

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Post by Ven » Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:15 am

:darn: :crying:

"Forever is short thought when your skipping this close to the edge".


Google this number; 1905363966


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Post by bags123 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:03 am

:crying: Richie was a good guy. He'll be missed
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Post by shawn2005 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:18 am

:crying: i always liked him, we had a few disagreements but
we had talked from time to time and i understood him on them.
a strong personality, a great writer, and a mentor. no one else
has done more for the betterment of poetry on this site.
he will be remembered and missed.

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Post by moonflower » Wed Jul 04, 2007 11:54 am

oh how i hate to hear that the cancer is winning :crying: :crying: Richard you will be missed so very much!..i will always remember how kind and supportive you were to me..always encouraging..always helpful..always my friend..

words cant express how sad i am..i know that your great zest for life, as well as your wonderful talent for writing will live on in the words of your poetry..please know that you will be thought of often and missed so very much..go in peace my dear friend.. :crying: :crying: :crying:
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Post by OriOnpheOnix » Wed Jul 04, 2007 1:31 pm

Richard is a good man, and I have love and respect for him.

This news saddens me greatly. He will be in my thoughts.

* * *



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Post by Spazway » Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:21 pm

:crying: My thoughts and prayers are with Richard and his family and I know he'll be in a better (pain-free) place and I just hope that he doesn't have to suffer much longer. I know that some people didn't always see eye-to-eye on things, especially towards the latter part of his stay here on PP, but he always meant well and he truly loved his second home here.

Richard, you have always been and will always be a valued member of the Poetry Pages familia. We love you. :hugs:
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Post by Annie » Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:41 pm

Hi, this is Annie (Pix).

Shirley will be phoning me tomorrow (Thursday) and if Richie is up to it we will talk for a bit. It is extremely difficult for him to talk so and minute or two is all he can manage. He did enjoy the call a few days ago and I managed to make him laugh.

Your thoughts and prayers will be sent to him. Knowing Richie, he will feel a sense of joy from your wonderful comments.

His sister does not know how to use the computer. We are waiting for Richie's nephew, who knows his passwords, to get into the computer. When I know the name of the hymn Richie wants I will let you know and maybe you can help me find it.

If it is not here, it might be at PoetryCritiqueForums, which PBS is going to open up for me, if needed.

From what I understood from his sister, Richie never had Bell's Palsy ~ it was cancer all along, that was not diagnosed until March.

I'll update this thread as I know more.


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Post by heinzs » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:15 pm

Thanks Annie.

Richard told me in his last private message about the misdiagnosis... in America that would lead to a malpractice suit, and well deserved.
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Post by Eternum 1 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:39 pm

Thanks jeannerene, for keeping us friends and fans of Richard's poetry informed of his battle against a disabling progressive illness.

I know that Richard is comforted by having such friends and his strong metaphysical beliefs in life after death.

I will pass this update on to the scholars who translated his original work into aramaic at his request so that he might see the original language of his faith and they too will be saddened but pleased to have shared his vision.

Please pass on my best wishes to Richie and his loved ones with the sure knowledge that he has touched many of us and his poetry still reaches out to many.



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Post by jeannerené » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:42 pm

Thank you Annie for keeping us updated. I know you will give Richard our love.

... and his words purge up and outward,
expelled and onward through desert dust swallowed,
sands he says that gorge on simple sensibilities.
And, now he spits fragments, grit, extended vowels and elongated syllables
over cracked lips. Their sounds fall
piling round his boots…
~ jeannerené



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Post by Annie » Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:57 am

Thanks Jeanne. I just spoke to Richie's nephew, Little Richard. Richie was not up to talking today.

The name of the hymn is: You Are the One and thankfully it is in the archive here. I have passed on the link to it. LittleRichard will be coming here under my account, so between us, we should keep you up-to-date.


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Post by Debbie » Fri Jul 06, 2007 5:34 am

Thank you Jean....I had a funny feeling when I saw all of those poems pushed up by Heinz....Richie will always be alive in the hearts of those who knew and loved him..and in the words he always so eloquently put on paper to share with all...I have loved his work from day one and he has always been the perfect gentleman with me. I had a hard time to read what was said in open discussion about him as I knew once you sent me that private message that it was serious and sad news so I went right to the bottom...tears in my eyes were making it so hard to read. I will never forget this gentle man..sometimes misunderstood and yet loved by so many. I know the Lord awaits Him with open arms, he gave me permission to have a prayer that he wrote and it has always been hanging on my wall on my praying hands paper.
To Richie if it isn't to late....we shall meet again my friend and fellow poet, you are merely slipping into another room where pain and suffering no longer exists, you will be at peace and join those you love who have gone before..I will not say goodbye only farewell dear heart until we meet again. The peace of God fill your heart as you prepare to meet the God you so well gifted you with the ability to write and touch lives through your written words.
Love Debbie

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Post by Pope » Fri Jul 06, 2007 1:39 pm

Its hard to comprehend the weight that some amongst us are compelled to carry as they wind their way through life.
Richie, truly a Poet, both in Art and Craft, I will miss your input and your poetry.

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