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moonflowers highlights July August September 2011

Post by moonflower » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:27 pm

hi everybody! :hello: so sorry these postings are so late!

i have decided to only post the highlights once every 3 months from now on, instead of once a month..(there just arent enough postings for once a month anymore)..i still love coming in and reading all the beautiful tributes so please keep em' coming! :grin:

thanks to all of you who visited! :grin:

well, here are the faves for July August and September... :grin: :grin:


Untitled.....written by blues

I have known her for all my life
she was the one that taught me how to write
helped me to tell things wrong from right
I love her, but still I'm scared of meeting her again

When she looks at me and smiles
it is not because she is glad to see me again
walking up to me she still looks the same
then she says 'Hi There', before she asks me for my name

I feel torn apart, longing for a hug
but knowing that she wouldn't understand
so instead I settle for reaching out my hand
before I tell her my name

it kills me to see her like this
nothing but a shaddow of herself
life can be so cruel
how must it feel to forget yourself


The Session.....written by Peanutbutter

What are you doing?
I’m climbing in the closet.
Why are you climbing in the closet?
I’m trying to hide…
What are you trying to hide from?

Now let me ask you a question,
Do you really want to know what she’s hiding from?
What they all hide from?
I don’t.
I never want to hear about having to hide again.
About concussions and broken bones
Streams of tears over bloodshed and bruises;
I don’t want to see another scared little girl,
another angry little boy,
another broken little heart.

I’m hiding from Daddy.

I’m listening, little one.
I’ll always listen.


Daniel Johnathan Lammons (R.I.P. 1983-2002).....written by jasonlammons

My baby brother
Sunshine & Harmony
Beautiful & Sweet Soul
Strong like the Indian Brave
but tender & simple like breathing
a jester for those in need
but a quiet genius
a heart filled with passion
a love most could not even comprehend
Precious Daniel
always a great listener
always compassionate
a brother to all
the greatest brother to me
a teacher
Gold in the truest sense
a real angel


Lady and Blue (for Tom Watson)
lyric ballad....written by Eternum 1

I took Blue out walking
the Pacific Coast range
With fly rod and flint box
we’re traveling companions

Blue chased down a rabbit
to sautée with onions
We agree on everything
And that doesn’t change

As the moon rises
we sit by the fire,
Blink at the starlight
and curious deer

Blue has my promise
one day I’ll retire,
Stay in our mountains
where the air is so pure

We both like the ladies
as much as the moonlight
Blue makes no promises
and he don’t drink a beer

I once wed a woman
to cherish through twilight
Blue wore a collar
and a sharp button’éer

The Lady and Blue
shared my life’s highway
The Lady and Blue
saw all to see

‘Till I get called
to our home in the skyway
The Lady and Blue’s
all I need

There’s a prayer I whisper
When sailing rough weather
There’s a prayer I whisper
When night comes along

A prayer of thanks
For every bright morning
A prayer of thanks
For sending Blue along

A prayer of thanks
For the Lady who loved me
A prayer of thanks
In the form of this song

*Inspired by Tom Watson*
*And dedicated to him with gratitude*


well hey thanks again to everyone who stopped by! :grin: ..come on back and visit again! :hello: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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