moonflowers highlights..June

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moonflowers highlights..June

Post by moonflower » Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:29 pm

hi everyone! :hello: wow, did June fly by or what???..its July already!..its been a really busy summer so far for all of us i think! :grin: in the Tribute forum there were 7 postings for june..thats great! :grin: thanks to everyone who stopped in to visit..well, here are the highlights for the month of June.. :grin: ... :grin:


Tribute to a Pelican....written by BeeJay

Ancient sparrow among the shale
A story of a romance in fossil attire
Cut! To the shore of sheen
Another attired to die
A pelican rises
Wingspan burdened
Heavy of heart
Playing her part
Mate lost to sea
Alone …beached
Eyes search distant shale
Empathy with a sparrow
Spared the ignominy
To die in harness
Horizon stained, by
Silhouette of an Oil Rig


In Loving Memory of Bobbi Gebauer.....written by Jadynara

suddenly i wonder - what direction have i gone?
suddenly i linger - wanting ... needing to belong.
suddenly i crave - a loving hand to hold me tight.
suddenly i realise - everything is not alright.
today i sat and missed you.
today i sat and cried.
today i looked into my soul and pondered why you died.
today i have remembered the many times so dear.
your spirit always haunting - strengthening my fears.
tomorrow i will miss you.
tomorrow i will cry.
tomorrow i will see the hurt shadowed in my eyes.
tonight i feel so lost.
tonight i am alone.
tonight i am an empty place.
tonight i have no home.
where these visions take me
i have no friend in sight.
where these visions take me
i am lost in endless night.


well i thank everyone again for stopping in to visit during June :grin: that july is here, i hope all of you come back and visit even more! :mrgreen: :hello:
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