moonflowers highlights March 2010

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moonflowers highlights March 2010

Post by moonflower » Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:26 pm

hi everyone! :hello: well its officially time! :grin: in the Tribute forum there were 4 postings during March..many thanks to all who dropped in and visited! :grin: ..well, here is the highlighted one for March.... :grin: :grin:


I am posting these few writings of my mother in order pay tribute to a woman of strength who endured the hardest of times always with hope and self pride :hearts:

Writings of Sarah Jane Watson.....posted by Tom Watson

Time Traveler

Footprints at the dawn of time
Wandering aimlessly in primeval slime.
Then, as if drawn by an unseen force,
Taking a more determined course.
The whitened bones of the unwary beast
show where the traveler stopped to feast.
As the trail leads out of the shadows of dawn
We see by the hazy morning sun
The skull of a brother and broken spear,
And the footprints hurrying on from there.
Soon, marking the path the traveler has trod;
Fire-blackened earth - blood reddened sod.
The trail now speeds relentlessly into noon day sun,
Only to falter occasionally by a well used gun.
The trail is cluttered more and more
With signs of destruction and bones and gore.
Yet ever onward it goes at maddening pace
To meet destiny at a horrible place,
Where the sun sets on fire-scorched lands,
Where the footprints end on eternity’s sands.

Footprints at the setting of time
Wander aimlessly in primeval slime . . . .


well hey, thanks again to all of you who stopped by and visited during March..come back anytime! :hello: :grin:
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