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moonflowers highlights March 08

Post by moonflower » Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:26 am

hi everyone! :grin: wow, another month has sped through at warp speed! :mrgreen: how time flies! here in the Tribute forum there were 16!!..(thats right..16!!) :grin: postings for how great is that?? :lol: its fantastic!! :grin: a BIG heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited during March!..well, here are the highlights for the month .. :grin: :grin:


Sweet Pea.....written by Mrs. Tyler Dewayne

I am so happy, I’m having a little girl.
Soon enough I’ll meet the angel who’s
Already my whole world.
I’m glad that I’m having a baby, a child to
Love. You’re my little miracle, an angel
From above.
Thank you fro bringing me all this happiness
And joy. I can’t wait to watch you grow and
Play with all you’re toys.
I want you to know how happy you’ve made me.
I love you already, my sweet pea.


Tears never dry.....written by BeeJay

Under the skin of a twenty year old
Lies the mind of a child, yet to be man
Delighting in roaches shaking hands
In drains of infinite lands.

A mind that loves a mother
In simplicity rests a giant arm
On a tigress whose shoulders sag with care
While eyes forever wear a haunted stare.

Seeing his peers grow from child to man
Himself a giant with simple taste
Partakes a meal when asked to take
Dresses with care, yet goes nowhere.

How much a child this giant be
When hurts reach deep inside
Quick to anger, quick to love
Some fear the smoldering rage inside.

But he with mystic understanding
Reads the minds of those who bleat
And clasps the pillow on the bed
Counting sheep that wore wolf's clothing t'day.

This child, a giant, a man, a boy
Seeks praise from others fine & strong
Life’s wave slowly dim and glow
In streams, where Gods’ have forsaken the wronged.


Goodby Mom.....written by Mrs. Tyler Dewayne

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do. Everyday is emptier as life goes on without you. I don’t understand how you could hurt me like you have and seemingly not even care. You were my mother, you were always suppose to be there.
I didn’t know that mistakes I made were so bad that you had to push me away and never again think of me. I will always be your daughter, whether or not you want me to be.
There are some days that I am okay and I don’t think about you quite as much as others and I pray that these wounds will someday heal. I know that I cant ever go back to the way things were, no matter what I feel.
I grew up and moved away and started a family of my own. And I will never shut my daughters out like you did, because they married someone I don’t approve of when they are grown.
It still hurts to remember the good times, and I am still overcome by tears every time I get brave enough to look at pictures of you. But I know in my heart that I will be a better mother than you were to me. My daughters will grow up knowing they are loved and that they can always come home no matter what they do.
There are days when I need you more than you could ever know and it tears my heart open that you could be so heartless and cruel. I cry at night sometimes, my tears like a never ending pool.
I’ve picked up the phone and started to call, but then I remember all those things you did to hurt me and I change my mind. I know that you will never change your ways, not even with time.
I dread the day that my daughter asks me where you are and why you aren’t there. I am sure that you must think about her and how much you’ve taken away from her and I wonder if you even care.
I know that I am just running my thoughts together; putting them on paper to try and ease my pain, but I promised myself that I would be strong and that I wouldn’t cry. I wrote this letter to you mom, to say I forgive you and I will always love you, but it’s time for me to say goodbye.


well hey i want to thank everyone again for stopping by to browse or post (16 tributes!! :lol: ) :grin:.. thats so great! that April is here, i hope everybody comes back and visits and posts even more! :mrgreen:
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