moonflowers highlights November 07

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moonflowers highlights November 07

Post by moonflower » Sat Dec 01, 2007 6:11 pm

now how how how can it be December already???! :mrgreen: cant believe how time just flies by! :grin: well here in the Tribute forum there were 9 new postings for the month of November..many thanks to all who dropped in to visit here during the month..these are the ones in the spotlight for November.. :grin: :grin:


Whispers of love....written by Milk White Chocolate

Walking home from work,
The brown leaves make me think of you,
They are lying dead on the asphalt,
Scattered carelessly across the street floor.
Light brown leaves with shades of yellow.
Your oak wood coffin,
Pretty flowers sent as farewells,
The church,
The prayers,
Sleeping peacefully,
In your coffin,
Hands across the chest,
In the concrete hole,
Smooth and grey,
In the graveyard,
Where birds were singing.
I wonder if you are cold down there,
Like me on this autumn day,
As I scurry home.
Maybe we should have buried you,
With your favourite blanket.
The one that use to keep you warm,
During the long winter nights.

I still can’t believe that you are dead.
Reality hasn’t set in,
Even though you have left us,
Three painful weeks ago.
I vividly remember,
The aching phone call.
My mother crying,
Telling me to be strong.
How you died alone,
How she hid in the bathroom,
When they zipped the black bag,
And carried you slowly out,

I wipe away the tears,
With the back of my hand,
And philosophise.
The older you get,
Experience you gain,
And loved one you lose.
In October,
I lost you,
When you departed to meet grandpa,
Your son and Laurent,
My small baby cousin.
And I shall cherish our precious,
Last living memory,
You smiling,
Sat on a white garden chair,
Laughter, fun and love,
As we played a silly game,
The family treasure hunt.

From now on and forever,
This will be the card I shall pull,
From my memories,
When grandma,
I need to whisper into your ear,
I love you.


Before Midnight (in Bukit Lawang)....written by just jen

Children sleeping
tousle-headed, their
innocent mouths
pursing in dream.

Weary men, exhausted women
prepare for bed
and another day
in the brief electric light.

Tourists lay quiet
plans for the next
day, or week, enjoying the hiss
of rain on thatch.

A village sleeps.
Untimely roosters crow,
monkeys scold
from the jungle deeps.

Further upriver
they've been logging.
Killing the rainforest,
but not the rain.

The river rises steadily
as rain sluices
down newly cleared hills.
Held in check by a
glut of logs, taken
without care or permission.

With a crack and roar
the dam gives way.
Water rushes ahead,
sweeping all before.
Sweeping the children,
the tourists, the men.
Sweeping the women, the
village from its bed.

Homes gone, plans gone,
friends and children and lovers.
A village weeps
before midnight.

Two hundred lights went out
early, and forever
in the still Sumatran night.


my thanks again to those who dropped by for a visit :grin: ..December is here so i invite everyone to drop in even more!.. :mrgreen: :grin:
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Re: moonflowers November highlights

Post by BeeJay » Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:50 am

A bed not many planned to keep, now lost to nature and to sleep. ____BeeJay
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