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moonflowers highlights: April 06-Dec 06

Post by moonflower » Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:04 pm

<a name="#019">April, 2006</a>

hi everyone :grin: well, another month has sped by..(they keep going faster and faster!)...the 'tribute forum had 27 postings for the month of April!..thats so fantastic! :lol: thanks so much to all who stopped in to visit....its your input that makes this such a great always, choosing just a few to highlight is always difficult, but here are the ones to be highlighted for April :lol: ..


9-11 Remembered....written by Heinzs

Proud and stately they once stood -
symbols of achievement and cooperation.
But the sons of Chaos, in their spite,
struck a savage blow deep into our hearts.
The pain and grief will not be assuaged,
but ever remembered in infamy.

Out of this darkness let us mold
our finest hour - brave and bold!

We have this opportunity to seize -
to rise above our baser instincts
and show the world our true nature.
Honor our fallen brethren
not in vengeful escalation,
but by forging a lasting peace!

From the cold ashes let us build
the utopian Eden God has willed!


Sweet Josephine....written by Phoenix J. Star

As I sit here beside you,
holding your hand,
I remember all the wonderful
memories you've enabled
me to have.
Your body is now frail,
you are ready to go,
and we'll be by your side
so you won't have to be alone.
You took care of me
when I was a child,
now it’s my turn to
return the favor,
so that you'll know I tried.
I know when I say these words
to you that you hear me,
and you know you will be missed,
but maybe one day we'll be
able to sit and reminisce
about the good old days
before you fell ill,
about the good old days
when we would take walks
up to the top of our hill.
I'll remember how we had tea parties,
and I did your makeup and hair-dos,
how we would play dress up
and go see Lawrence Welk.
Ninny I love you,
and I will miss you so,
but sweet Josephine
I know you're ready,
so it’s alright with me
for you to go home.

I love you Ninny


for a friend....written by thief of dreams

Shivering chills of longing
Swim within the symptoms of loss
As April 20th rolls around once more
Columbine long since forgotten
By tabloids and newspapers
Anchor men and kids


One of the last conversations we shared
Was of how you stood outside
The gates to hells embrace
Hand in hand with the angels
And kept the press from the children
As they tried to return
To some kind of normalcy


Two years now
Or is it three
In a months time
I am scared to remember
How long you have been gone
Your kind heart
Your knowing words
Your bravery


But still felt


The Final Word-SJ Watson....written by Tom Watson

Her only opportunity was to cry,
and while she cried,
she tried ,
and while she tried,
she died.

To Live without trying
Is to die while only living.
But to try thoughout your life
Is to, in death, remain alive.


ashes to ashes....written by JukoKanashimi

Clovers, daises, pansies, and irises
Outlined this diary full of teenaged crisis
Flowered bookmark separated the old from the new
Interested, perplexed I took off my shoes

Sat at the desk that stood lonely, propped against the wall
Memories of last autumn, the first leaf of last fall
Permeated and poisoned, the pages were littered with wishes
But what about winter, the carols of last Christmas?

Spanned the pages, fingers leaving residue
Poetic verses, roses full of morning dew
But death loomed, scarring each page with angst
Drops of crimson that faltered to dry and crank

Such wicked, fickle things!
Devil’s dealings and broken wings
Crack sculptures and believing to be pipe dreams
Ripped the diary at all the right seams

Semi perfect life was all but charmed
Pride and innocence neither was left unharmed
Mental abuse and bashings lay waste on every line
How could the conformity not see the signs?

I felt the screams and hollowed muffled cries
Can of worms flung open wide
Leather pages were worn from tears
Yet I dropped there all my fears

Shallow, abrupt, rapid breathing
Left to be undone but I was still seething
I pictured a gauze round your perfect head
The scent of jasmine twisting, unholy deathbed

Still bleeding, staring down the barrel of a gun
Profusedly staining the floor, faced to the sun
On the grass in a field of daises
It was all planned says he, says she

“She was a slut a whore”
Her family was too poor”
So called friends turned and ran
Inkling away like sand
(sands on the beach, sands of the hourglass)

Bit by bit though I’ll watch these flames
Turn the diary into ashes to be the same
One with the earth, it’ll be her last mile
Torching away the part of me that was her…
(a part of her that was me)

Ashes to ashes dear
Rust to dust, rust to dust
This is now what becomes of us


winter dreams....written by Lost Youth

Winter dreams
Floating on a cold crips wind
Mixing of souls
In a stew of molten rock

Earth bent and shaped
In a chance of being alive
In a feeling of certain death

Whispers in a cloud
In drems of flaking truth

Captain my captain
Sailing on a cold crisp wind
Searching for winter dreams
Mixing the souls
Of those most certain dead

It's not yet lost
The adventure of life
One must have before death

I venture to say
Captain my captain
My life is not complete
Until the venture of death is mine

Life can be lost
Death will be found
For certain it is
Captain my captain...


well hey thanks again everybody for visiting in the tribute forum.. :grin: .. and for sharing your talents with us!..i hope all of you return and visit even more now that its May! :mrgreen: :grin:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:21 pm

May, 2006:

Hi everyone..sorry to be posting these highlights so late! :roll: ..(its been a real madhouse around my house lately!) happy to see that there were 40 postings in Tribute this time!..thats so great! :lol: thanks to all who stopped in to visit.. as always, choosing was hard, but here are the ones to be highlighted for May.. :lol:


Her Blue Shoes....written by Leysa

This is dedicated to my parents -- both have passed, but their genuine love for each other continue to bless our family. This is their story:

Chestnut hair gleamed
auburn in the midday light
while her laughing blue eyes
crowned a smile that offered
friendship’s delight.

Yet he most recalled
her dancing blue shoes …

She married another
unaware of his adoration;
he sailed to the Pacific
a patriot fighting
for her and his nation.

In the jungle heat he thought
of her dancing blue shoes …

A black veil covered
her young face, hiding tears,
from two small children.
A widow facing the world
bearing life’s hard-earned souvenirs.

He saw her pain and
remembered sadly the dancing blue shoes …

In haste and fear, she married again
still unaware of his deep affection.
Another child was born
before she discovered her husband’s
and best friend’s defection.

He longed to see her happy again
in her dancing blue shoes …

With courage born of desire
he offered friendship (and love unstated)
until she realized the depth
of her feelings for the gentle man
who had so patiently waited.

She wore her dancing blue shoes
to their wedding …

Decades passed, their union strong
and blessed by four darling girls.
Happiness filled their home as
they danced through life --
her blue shoes in graceful twirls.

And he loved her until the day he died.


Poet's Pride....written by foreverflame

They’re just mad ‘cause we’re open and cope with emotions,
and even when broken, our words are still woven
with hope so ferociously wrote, that they notice
we’re potent with work that exposes our hurt.

We’re beautifully sensitive, and so inventive
with musical sentences, tuned with intentions
to fuse to your senses, and ruse your attention
so you can get lifted through use of our gift.

So don’t come with hate, or make the mistake
of trying to break what our mind can create
or you’ll find that we’ll take it, inflate it, and shape it,
and make it a poem so great, that you’ll hate it.


Your Father's Eyes....written by ninian

I found a silver strand today,
twisted in among the gold and auburn,
paused in the act of yanking it out.

"You've got your father's eyes"

The words said so often I no longer hear them,
echo in my mind.

I search the mirror
for traces of you.
Crinkles at the corners
of your twinkling blue eyes
in a face ready for laughter.

My green-grey eyes look back at me,
hollow and missing you.

The years have wrought changes,
since I last heard your laughter.
Given me your silver
in my hair,
your laugh lines
at my eyes.

I smile at the mirror,
smooth the strand of hair,
caressing it into its place.


Hero's Hall of Fame by Debbie....posted by Tom Watson

Planes are crashing into towers
And buildings, where innocent lives are taken…
Men and women, young and old
Save many thousands in self-sacrifice’s power.
A country is in sorrow;
A war is raging where
So many soldiers
Have died for a better tomorrow.

Flames and smoke are bellowing
From windows of a high rise today;
Cries for help can be heard,
By firemen who rush on their way.
Tires screech, glass shatters, metal twists,
Then there’s an eerie silence,
The echo of sirens fill the air,
Police make there entrance.

A gasping cry comes from a bedroom,
911 is dialed quickly,
An ambulance, lights flashing
Arrives in a hurry, medics rush into the room.
A young new mother to be
Clings to her sheets and mother,
As gentle hands tend with care,
Soon presenting them with a new baby.

With no where to hide at all,
And trees ablaze, wildlife run for their life
While firemen and rangers fight the inferno,
To save the forest with creatures big and small.

When frantic cries are heard from the water’s cold;
Away from the beach of sun bathers everywhere,
Ever ready to rescue the drowning victim,
Is a lifeguard daring and bold…

Echoing through a hospital’s corridors,
Are cries of pain and suffering;
Doctors and nurses work diligently,
Until another life is restored.

The list goes on from the time we’re born
The needs of the desperate and forlorn;
We experience many needs, many cries,
Until the day we leave this world when we die.

And so in my own small way,
For the so many unsung heroes
Who have been forgotten;
I take the time to honor those brave people
Who rescue and help others from day to day.

Whether rescuing lives engulfed by flames,
Or on the front lines of war;
No matter how small or great the feat
Each belongs in a Hero’s Hall of Fame.

Hero’s come in different shapes and sizes,
Some have rescued a loved one, by knowing first aid,
You could be a family member, giving guidance and love
Or simply a friend protecting a loved one or neighbor
You may be a hero in any uniform that exists today.
No matter whom you are,
Today I honor all of you, who have, and continue to be,
Of loving heart, standing ready to serve, protect;
Save and defend, in pride for your family and country.

Those who have died to save a life, I honor you with salute and a moment of silence.
Debbie Forest


Kayley Ann....written by Ellie

From your first day in the womb
I knew you were special to me,
I never imagined loving you so
I never thought I would have to set you free.
I think of you everyday
the way you used to laugh,
I cry everytime
I look at your photograph.
Your picture sits in my car
while your in my heart,
your beautiful eyes
enough to inspire my art.
I remember your first steps
and how we played together on the floor,
I'll never forget the way you looked at me
that last time I walked out the door.
I never thought it would be the last time
I would see your precious face,
or hear your laughter
when it was you I would embrace.
I wonder if you remember me
and how very much I love you,
I wish I could be there for your first boyfriend
your first prom date too.
Your first four years were mine
the stories I can tell would make you blush in the face,
everyday a fresh lilly sits for you
on my table in a vase.
Your future I'm not there
just a faded memory in your heart,
You were just so young
and from my arms you were ripped apart.
With a promise to see you
when ever it would please,
no phone calls, no forwarding address
just a whisper once for a tease.
Everyday I love you
and think of how you might be,
I hope that your happy
and pray you don't forget me.


well once again thanks so much to everybody who visited the Tribute forum in May..hope to see all of you even more, now that its June! :mrgreen: :lol:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:21 pm

June, 2006:

July sneaked up on me!.. :lol: how fast time flies!..

in the Tribute forum there were 24 postings for the month of June..thats so great!.. :grin: all of them were touching and moving..thanks to everyone who stopped in to visit during the month..well here are the ones in the spotlight this time.. :lol: :lol:


Metamorphosis....written by treefaery

Mummy, I dreamt of your amniotic fluid
a glowing seed like rose quartz tucked
in your flesh between blood and bone

I was sense-less though I knew
your ambivalence; your blood
ran warm with mercy, cold with dread

Hands cupped me. Two pairs mummy
and daddy, hands coaxing the milky
future from a crystal ball

But mummy, blunt instruments replaced
gentle fingers, tools of the stop smith.
As placenta tore from womb

a distillation of light and matter
my weight drawn down the birth canal
between your slack limbs

my light diffused through your capilliaries
to your heart, the pink chamber
where the spirit begins and learns
to radiate out


A Tribute To Anne....written by Rae Of Sunshine

You'd known, like we all know, but you knew better
A priceless journey, you'd chase down the sun
Now, here I sit...and now I know
Still unsure whether it alone is beautiful
or because you told me so

The sun dripped slowly beneath the strattus
I stared directly at it, but it didn't burn my eyes
Afraid it would fizzle as it touched the distant white caps
I know you are in there, somewhere, mom
I wish you could see from my side
The side that feels the warmth
and the chilling mist

I begin the countdown to what I know must be
As I have felt your light begin to fade
Remembering exacltly where and when
I take little comfort knowing the sun shall return
Your orbit from horizon to horizon takes a lifetime

As you burn out in the deep, I stand, once again
Trying to see all there is to see, but I want more

You wont return

So there I lay, tiny dunes in my back
Watching the wind blow the clouds by my imagination
Hoping they will carry my message to the other side of day



Gifted beyond being special....written by tonguetwistnu

(This is for the wonderful kids and people born with a gift like no other.
They are not special, they are just gifted beyond being special.)

My name is.......?

And I am Gifted
Its no ones fault how
I was born,
and the particular characters
I have to live with...
I'm gifted!

My name is..........?

And I have a special talent,
so I might be slower than others
but I manage to finish my task through
I might studdard at times
it maybe hard for you to understand my writing
its yours thats abnormal
its yours that requires special translation

My name is..........?

Maybe I'm born with side effects
of physical defects
that affects my way of living
I can do what you can do
and still function with less stress of living
You can laugh at me
but when you see me laughing back
the reality is the joke is on you
We are the ones suffering
cause this world is abnormal
and we are THE REAL NORMAL, that was born in it

Did I tell you My Name is..........?

Gifted beyond special


Who is the retarded one,
or you?

So when I roll in my wheel chair
crutches climbing steep stairs
loud noises sounding everywhere
hearing aids in my ear
eyes completely impaired
I'm still standing here
and I will be standing even when you fall

My name is...........Normal

Gifted beyond being special


Abandoned Treasure~for Joan....written by AlluraD

It was a solitary path she walked.
Her years of life flew by like sifted sand
Through fingers spread not made to house a day.
To heaven’s eye she raised her empty hand.

Surrendering to numbing, mindless pain
She lay exhausted on a storm strewn beach.
Dissolved and blown away by time’s harsh breath,
Then swallowed by a sea beyond her reach.

The turbulence of teeming wind and waves
Yields polished glass the lonely dreamer saves.


(In honour and tribute to Jacqui, a dear mother and friend, a confidant, a provider, who has touched the hearts of so many for so little in return.

Her warmth our salvation, her unwitting charm, a smile is her greeting with outstretched arms. Each day thanks we give for this gifted dear soul, may she ever be close to our hearts, special one.)

Warmth Blesses This Home....written by quillspeak

The family photos in proud display, rich earthen colour, a pendulum swings. A floral centerpiece on table plays, dainty white pedals dance amid leaves.

Glass angels whisper a silent refrain
Tall slender candles in rich colour stand
A splendor of daisies, basket of fruit
Tiffany lamps in soft candlelight glow

Verses of tenderness speak of the things
So dear to her heart, read softly…she weeps
Memories linger, those distant goodbyes
So vivid, cherished, and warmly embraced

Each corner a testament, fondly shared
Moments, a lifetime, the treasured keepsakes
Speak to her kindness and warm loving heart
Her home by the sea, befitting, deserved

Dainty lace curtains, a chesterfield throw
The echo of laughter, love often spoke
Her passion for life a strong legacy
Our dearest companion, mother and friend

Bless you Jacqui for all that you are, a gift, an angel, such joy that you bring.


well hey thanks again everyone for stopping in during June :lol: ..i hope i see you even more now that its July! :mrgreen:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:22 pm

July, 2006:

hi everyone! :lol: well another month has sped by! in the Tribute forum there were 15 postings for July :lol: .. everyones pieces are so wonderful and heart-touching! was hard, as always, to just pick a few to spotlight, but these 3 are the ones being highlighted for the month of July..a BIG thank-you to everyone who stopped in!.. :lol: :lol:


MY ANCIENT-SEPIA FATHER....written by Adnan

From a life-brown he turns into
His memory morphs into a
Frozen photograph

My baby daughter flashes a toothless grin
And I’m freed, even if for a fleeting while.

I trace his gentle steps on dirt-stone paths
My baby hand curled around his.
In a land of military dictators
He taught me how to tie shoe-laces and tread firm
To read maps in old atlases
Gently speak my heart; to not lose faith

In a country where learning is a crime
And unlearning forbidden
He showed me the stars still twinkled in a gentle sky
Like a nursery poem my son recites

My heart reels in loss
Of a father who will
Never walk these streets again
With me

My daughter holds my finger
And gently tugs, unaware
Of her fate
In the mists of a time grown restless


Now and Then....written by laura ann

I'm trying so hard not to break
down and cry. And I know i'll
never be able to say goodbye.
You don't understand how much
it hurt, to see your casket being
lowered into the cold earth.
I didn't know you that good, but
even though I didn't want you to
die somehow I knew you would.
I'll never be able to hear your
laugh again, but i'll always think
of you now and then.


GOOD-BYE, I LOVE YOU! ....written by Untamed Thunder

My eyes drown with tears
As I think upon the day
I shall kneel before a stone
Marking the place you lay

I've never seen this place before
Somehow it was so wrong
To visit a piece of land
Where I know you don't belong

I guess in some strange way I thought
You wouldn't really die
If I didn't go to see you there
If only I didn't say good-bye

The time has finally came
For me to face the fact
I have to let you go now
You're never coming back

I love you so very much sweetheart
How much you'll never know
I've tried to come so many times
It was just to hard to let you go

I'll say good-bye today my friend
But still hold each memory dear
I'll say I love you one last time
I only hope that you will hear!!!


well, so thanks again to all of you who visited here in July :lol:..and you know what i always say..come back and visit even more now that a new month is here! :mrgreen: :lol:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:22 pm

August, 2006:

now how did September get here so fast???.. :mrgreen: how time flies! the tribute forum there were 17 heart-touching postings for the month of August..thats so wonderful! :lol: my thanks to all who came in and browsed or posted during the month..its ya'll's talents that make this forum such a great place! :grin: well here are the tributes that are to be highlighted for August :lol:


Dedicated To Those Who Lost Someone On 9/11
written by jhanke

Another not so normal day
In the line of duty
Siren wails-
Screaming help for those trapped
Voicing out the calls for those lost
Smoke surrounds the city

So many people…
There were too many to save
We knew it-
They knew it.
“Male hanging from the window top floor”
Reality sets into throats and hearts

Another not so normal day
In the line of duty
Building collapsed
Silence evolves into
What was something crazy
Standing in awe as the world falls
Crashing into the cold cement

More people trapped
No one can get to
People ending there lives
To avoid a slow motion death
Televisions blare the pain of that day
I remember-
You remember
The day that New York became silent


Through A Mothers Eyes....written by Debbie

Today Wayne, when you married Chantale,
I came to realize,
As your friend, I was witnessing your ceremony
through someone else’s eyes.

My chin began to quiver
there was a trembling in my heart,
Going back in time
I visualized where you received your start.

You were a gift from heaven, a beautiful precious baby,
Born into a world filled with yes’s and no’s, I suppose and maybes.

It was easy to visualize
the plans for you that God had carefully laid,
If a cut appeared after a fall,
it was kissed and covered with a band-aid.

You were lovingly tucked into bed,
and covered with a blanket from the cold air,
When sickness came you were held,
and covered in a blanket of prayer.

If tears fell down cheeks of red,
they were kissed and wiped away,
When the hurt was gone,
you were sent back out to play.

You grew with freedom to explore,
responsibility was taught,
Love was given in full measure,
you learned love couldn’t be bought.

Released one day from apron strings,
you discovered new rules,
By venturing out in life,
meeting different friends and starting school.

Your wagon soon became a car,
and singing a passion for you,
And it wasn’t long before
girls began looking pretty too.

Hearts filled with laughter,
when you played the Elvis impersonation game,
But to your loving devoted Mother,
no one could sing like you Wayne.

I’m sure the warmth and happiness
you feel on this your wedding day,
Is the heartfelt love of your Mother,
who isn’t that far away.

She’s the one who loved you first,
and gave you your first start,
Her love will never fade away
it’s kept forever in your heart.

As you repeated wedding vows,
joining your heart with your bride,
I witnessed it today,
through your Mother’s eyes with pride.

And even though she's in heaven Wayne,
I know she’s standing amongst your guests,
Smiling for you and yelling as loud as can be ……. YES!!!


Why Him....written by christina

Why is his cup so empty now
no show of passion on his brow,
why does he look at me that way,
"no tender words of love today."?
If he can't love me anymore
I'll wait behind the frosted door
and though his eyes are so unseeing,
I love this man with all of my being.

Why with a tenderness so rare
gentle frail and unaware,
once a man of tremendous charm
is now like a baby in my arms
needing me more yet can't understand
why I kiss his cheek and caress his hand.
Why when his love can no longer soar.
do I still love him to the core.


Let Go....written by newmomfor06

You must let go
Set me free
Don't think of yourself
Think of me
See I need to go
Don't worry I won't be far
When you think of me glance into the sky
You will see me as that bright star
You will feel my warmth
When the sun comes up
I'll be there for you
When the times get tough
For deep down inside your heart
Is where I'll be
Don't think of yourself
But think of me


well hey thanks again to everyone for all the moving tributes posted here in i hope all of you come back and post even more now that its September! :mrgreen: :lol:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:23 pm

September, 2006:

i cant believe September flew by so fast! :grin: in the Tribute forum there were 19 poems posted..thats really nice! :lol: ..they were all very moving tributes..i thank everyone who dropped in to visit..wheather to post or just browse through the talented postings, its all of you who make this a meaningful and wonderful forum! ..well it was (like always!) hard to select only a few to highlight, but here are the ones i picked for September.. :grin: :grin:


Into The Sun....written by thief of dreams

Mid day memories
The sun starts to set
I see him out there
Near the tool shed
To the East
A faded cowboy shirt
Top buttons open
Squinting with concern
As he cracks open Almonds
Tossing them casually
Into a bucket

A cloud obscures the sun
And he slips from view
I step out off the porch
Walking through the dirt
Leaving footprints
Looking for his
Not finding any
Only weathered handled
Lawn tools
And rusted tractor parts

He is gone now
As is the life he breathed
Into these old tools and parts
Now just a reminder
Of how a person
Can make the mundane
Feel like home.

In Memory of
Murray Lee McGhee
01/31/1931 - 09/18/2006


My Name Was Sam, I Am!....written by BarbaraJean

To all those out there who say I was loathsome
I led a life that was happy and wholesome
Apparently my owner, gentle as a dove
Held me and showed me unconditional love
I know my teeth were ugly -- I had grossly thin lips
My ears resembling old and moldy tortilla chips
What hair I had left, sat atop of my head
Yet whenever I was hungry, I was always well fed

My eyes, opaque, from a gargoyle's curse
My hairless, wrinkled body, I knew not which was worse
My scrawny tail looked brittle and bent
But my tail I did wag, wherever Susie went
I thank you Susie, for you've always dared
to hug me and play with me, and show me you cared
As for the dog shows, it never mattered to me
all the laughs and sneers the audience shared in glee

For what mattered the most, and only you would know
that when I was put up on a pedestal for show
All the other dogs never looked at my face
For they knew me by scent, and accepted my race
So perhaps most humans, do you suppose
Have not been blessed with that peculiar nose?
I was blessed with a snout, instead of healthy eyes
To judge more fairly what this world supplies

And what I've sensed in my fourteen years
Were frightened stares and very cruel jeers
From human beings, said to be so smart
Some may have high IQ's, but they have no heart
Susie, thank-you, for loving me forever
Try to understand that we'll always be together
I'm enjoying another world -- one that doesn't judge
A world in which I'm happier, and I'll never hold a grudge

Love Sam (I am)


Peace Among The Chaos....written by Lurking_Shadow

I race the sun light through streams of trees
I run so fast, too fast to breath
Jump and dodge joins in my beat
I sprint to tree, from tree to creek

My world spins while the sky falls down
I stop by a cliff as did all sound
Laughter fades when I look at my town
Below the cliff there is nothing but ground

I run with hesitation to my once called home
Then fall and stare at the ashes being blown
I race against my mind to cease
Reason for the chaos among the peace

People emerge from the forest with fear
Children cry, women moan, men’s eyes spilling tears
War’s chaos could only had brought forth it’s birth
Yet those with strong eyes say it was all work of earth

We sit round a circle and plan for tomorrow
Women stand and dance to ease our sorrow
Songs grow loud and the lyrics speak of the day loss
While we, the Nacirema hope for peace among the chaos.


The Loss of my Mom....written by dream2533

I can’t look at your picture and not hurt
I’ve yet to figure out how to get rid
of that pit in my stomach
that comes crawling back when I see you.

And what’s worse:
I haven’t seen dad smile like that
in two years.

As much as I’m missing you,
as much as I feel incomplete
he feels those things to the nth degree;
you were two who became one flesh.

So at times like these I go back;
back to when you were here,
or maybe to your eulogy.

And that’s where I sit now;
looking at the words I wrote and spoke
at your funeral that gave hope and peace
to God’s people, and glory to Himself.

Yet my pain is this:
you are still gone, and I’m left
w/ a dad who’s dying too.

Not physically, but emotionally
spiritually, mentally;
he’s broken, alone and missing you
and what you brought to his life.

And while I miss you daily,
I find hope in the saving grace of Christ;
You’ve gone home!

And I try to imagine what glory
must be like, and I know
my finite mind cannot grasp
the view you now behold.

So I conclude:
my joy is in Christ,
yet even he grieved at death.


well hey thanks again to everyone who came in to visit during September..i hope everybody comes back even more now that its (almost!) October! :mrgreen: :grin:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:23 pm

October, 2006:

hi everyone..well another month has sped by :grin:.. in the tribute forum there were 23 postings! great is that!? :lol: and all of them are wonderful and so very touching! i want to thank everybody who visited here during was hard to choose only a few to highlight but these are the ones to be spotlighted for the month of October... :grin: :grin:


MY REFLECTION....written by Angeleyes

A little girl soon to be,
I look at my reflection and notice it's me.

The little girl so tiny and new, longs for hugs and kisses,
but they are so few.

With wiggles and waddles, she learns to walk,
with giggles and tears, she learns how to talk.

With no one to love her she is not alone,
for there are four others who live in her home.

No arms, to hold her, love passes her by.
With no hugs and kisses, she and four others cry.

With tiny hands she wanders the streets,
but she is not alone, for there are four others who creep.

With frightened eyes the stars give her light,
while she and four others make their way thru the night.

Into the darkness they walk hand in hand,
into the wee hours of the night they stand.

So frightened so scared, and oh so alone,
they wander the darkness, but can't find their way home.

With no where to go, they wander the streets,
so scared and so frightened and hoping to meet.

Someone who would help them
and bring them back home.

And give them hugs and kisses,
never to leave them alone.

But when this happens it's sad but true.
Five little souls cry, there's nothing they can do.

This family so broken and torn all apart.
Five little souls lay shattered left with broken hearts.

Separated by time, time passes them by.
As five little souls grow they wonder and cry.

Will time reunite them and bring them back home.
To a place not forgotten, OH its never gone.

Even though, they have been torn apart,
this place not forgotten tucked so deep in their hearts.

As I look on my reflection and all that will be.
There are five little souls happy to see.

Even though as children torn apart,the one thing that couldn't be erased,
were Memories of the Heart.

Dedicated to my four sisters who shared in this tragedy along side me, Debbie, Crystal, Edie and Kathy.

Your loving sister Darla


Pieces of You....written by bookdragon

You have left pieces of yourself
Scattered on this Earth
The thoughts, ideals, and values
You have instilled in us,
Your children, continue on

You have left pieces of yourself
Scattered on this Earth
Your eyes, your smile, your laugh,
Your quick mind and gentle soul,
I see them in the grandchildren
You did not live to hold

You have left pieces of yourself
Scattered on this Earth,
In teaching me to love.
Every hug I give my child
Is a hug from you.


Precious Baby....written by Mystified

Darkness clouds the skies
Rain falls like the tears from my eyes

God mourns my lost soul
for the precious baby made me whole

taken back down heavens roads
In the arms of an angel you go

heal my heart my father above
Allow me another created by love


Granny....written by the humanoid

It was in a silent thought,
while sifting through old photographs,
and watching your legacy unfold with each turn of the page,
that I realized,
your death will never dissolve the memory,
I still have of you.
In honesty,
I now confess,
to a priest of higher flight,
that I wished things differently between you and me,
but, I must not regret the loss,
only admit to limitations.
Circumstance never seized the occasion,
for me to know the kid inside you.
Situations never led me to learn
a life outside of ‘granny.’
And now,
Even with all the strength you’ve shown me,
The grace you’ve taught me,
The love you given me,
I can’t bring you back.
I must not regret this loss,
only admit to a better day.
And there will come an hour,
as it does in everyone's life,
when fate’s pendulum decides it’s my time,
Like she did to you on that somber winter night.
And in this space,
uninhibited by depression, stress, and everyday gloom
with a greater intent to understand one another,
we’ll convene again,
across the continual sunrise,
and talk endlessly,
about our children,
our loves,
our precious time lost,
our first kisses
our last goodbyes
our lives, double-crossed.


BABY GIRL NEVER FORGOTTEN....written by Kathryn Graven
Written with love for my niece…
Amy Jo Roberts
aka: Amber Lynne

With arms reached out you were given in love
To share your life with someone other than us
You were taken away to somewhere unknown
Only a couple of pictures to lets us know where you belonged

The timing was numbered as night turned to day
We knew you would come looking for us someway
Because I know you remember your mothers tearful kiss
You wondered if you were loved by the family you never met

Oh we were upset to think what was done
Because of the life which had been foregone
The chance to say hello and we well first time meet
Only blowing softly in a distant silent welcoming breeze

Baby girl you were never forgotten
In no worries of how it would play
For the star foretold of the bitter sweet day
You would be welcomed come what may

With only a screen to fill your unsure fate
Looking for a sign to show you the only way
With a click of a mouse and a name that seemed distant
You knew the longing connection when you seen it.

Mothers love is always unfailing
Family ties became unveiling
With the will of God's mercy and grace
You found us girl without any haste

Your voice was sweet like Angels from heaven
All the years of wondering seem so distant
Now you know where you got those beautiful brown eyes
And the voice of an angel and music was realized

Our arms opened wide with the binding of love
Washing over you like wind brushing over the wings of a soaring dove
You seen your imperfections and stared into the unknown
You looked at your mother and sister and was instantly blown

So no more doubts of who you are
For the blood of kin will always flow within our hearts
Forever being sealed in the depths of our souls
Baby girl you have found the place you will always belong.


ADAM....written by Angeleyes

My little Soldier, so precious to me
I turn around and what do I see.

Hands so tiny, eyes so blue
One kiss to your forehead, that's when I knew.

That you were so special, not only to me
I turn around and now you are three.

With each passing day, I watch you grow
In wonderment of life, how did you know?

I turn around, oh what does this mean
I look once more, now you're a teen.

As I watch you grow, and dream your dreams
I often ask myself, oh what does this all mean.

I try and guide you, your will too strong
I try and guide you, but you knew where you belong.

I turn around, I've done all I can
I turn around, and now your a man.

With all you've dreamed, you followed your heart
You give it your all, and make your first start.

With your head held high, your eyes to the sky
I turn around, and I no longer ask why.

For the path you have chosen, was yours all along
You followed your heart, to a place where you belong.

Even though this path scares me, it's not mine too take
It's your life's journey, and one you will make.

So take to the skies, make your dreams come true
For this life's journey, was meant for you.

I Love You


once more i want to thank each of you who took the time to visit the Tribute forum during October :grin: ..your talents are simply amazing!..well now November is here so i hope everyone comes back even more!
:mrgreen: :grin:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:23 pm

November, 2006:

hi to everyone :grin: ..can you believe November is gone already?..i can't! :shock: the Tribute forum for the month of November there were 32 postings!..thats so great!! :grin: a BIG thank-you to all who came in during November to browse or post!..its always hard to pick the ones to highlight, (because they are all so good!), but here they are.. :grin: :grin:


Remembering....written by nacona

Father, I look over
and you are next to me
with your fishing rod clasped
tightly in your hands,
and I trace the transparent line
to where it vanishes
beneath the tree reflected surface.

Hunched over the edge
of your boat, I watch
as the river tide slaps
the side and my reflection
wavers. My face, the trees,
and the cloud-choked
Florida sky ripples
into a Monet reproduction.

The fragrant sea floats
on the breeze, and a Pelican
flies by ocean ward
as if in answer to its call.
I can taste the lemon
iced tea you always bring
in a big silver thermos, and smell
the Doral Cigarettes
that constantly clings to your clothes
as I sit back and close my eyes.

The universe snaps shut into darkness,
and when my eye-lid curtains lift
I am left alone on my back porch
remembering that memory
in a world where you no longer dwell.


In Tribute to my Friend....written by VivaldiFall

Short, stocky and Bald
Boxer, won a golden glove I recall
Beautiful wife and amazing new child
Your kid hasn't even seen his daddy smile.

All of us were fine when the bomb blew
The bomb wasn't big and the armor protected us too
I couldn't hear after your scream
Everything was in slow motion like a dream.

I remember your head in my lap yelling
I barely heard "Am I okay?" through the ring
I saw blood, but not a lot covering your eyes
"Dude, you're good just a scratch" was my reply.

"You better not be lying" you said
With small trickles of blood from your head
But don't worry and tell your wife not to cry
January 18 was not your day to die.


Why Him?....written by christina

Why is his cup so empty now
no show of passion on his brow,
why does he look at me that way,
"no tender words of love today."?
If he can't love me anymore
I'll wait behind the frosted door
and though his eyes are so unseeing,
I love this man with all of my being.

Why with a tenderness so rare
gentle frail and unaware,
once a man of tremendous charm
is now like a baby in my arms
needing me more yet can't understand
why I kiss his cheek and caress his hand.
Why when his love can no longer soar.
do I still love him to the core.


Unspoken Goodbyes....written by Angeleyes

Shed a tear let yourself cry
for love was lost in unspoken goodbyes
he spoke thru you to touch our souls
to tell each of us he never let go

Thru all the pain he could never say
how his heart was broken
and he could never regain
the love he lost when we were ripped from his heart
tore not only his but our worlds apart

It shattered his spirt it broke his heart
to loses his five girls there was never a new start
he stumbled thru life never finding his voice
to tell of his sorrow or how he made this choice

His words never spoken we never knew
until this very day when he spoke thru you

I hope this helps you as it has me to understand our Daddy!!!!


well my thanks once again to all of you who took the time to stop by for browsing or posting during November! :lol: ..the door is always open , so come on back even more in December! :mrgreen:
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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:24 pm

December, 2006:

hi everybody :grin: ..sorry the highlights are late..its a busy time of year for all ..probably because of that, there were only 13 postings here in the Tribute forum..all were great pieces! i want to thank all who dropped in.. :grin: ..its a joy to read all the talented works that get entered here..i just love getting to read them all!.. well here are the 3 tributes that are to be in the limelight for the month of December.. :grin: :grin:


Momma Knows Best....written by Katherine Graven

didicated to my little Angels
Clinton and William

There was a time when my son would do
The things that made him cry
He would run into the house
With scraped knees and arms
And say why mommy why

I would look him in his eyes of blue
Then kiss the boo-boo pain away
For he knew
I was going to tell him
the same thing
I told him yesterday

These words of tough love
Come flowing from my lips
I told you so young man
Now dry it up and go outside
and don’t you do it again

With the tenderness of a mother’s touch
I would wipe his tears away
And later his little brother would run in
with the same injury


I would have to repeat the wise words
My little guy already knew by heart
While wondering if he would ever get the jest
That his mommy always knows best

Day after day it never failed
My boys always put my words to the test
One or the other would do the things
That would have them limping at best

I would say with a weary smile
Can’t you boys be good for just a little while
But still you never let my worries rest
You know your mom always knows best

They learned to know
when I told them so
To be extra careful in what they do
But still it never failed
I would hear a wail
I wondered who dared who

Now I have a son who is kind-a on his own
And he will call me up and say
You know I have this problem mom
And I need advice from you today

Mom you’re the best…

Then there is my youngest son
He is the one who still wants to do
The silly boy things he is not suppose too
But I know the day will come
When he will call and say
You know I have this problem mom
And I need advice from you today

Mom you’re the best…


Gracie....written by Angeleyes

A beautiful sweet smile
upon your tiny face
Your hugs and butterfly kisses
I always embrace
Ribbons of pink lace cascade softly
down your long blond hair
A vision of innocence floating
on wings of an angel thru the air

Big soft brown eyes twinkle
with magical star dust
Tender smile gazing
as she looks at me in trust

Tiny hands holding tight
never to let go
Beautiful as a rainbow
she's my little pot of gold

My beautiful granddaughter
a miracle at birth
Sent from heaven above
as my little angel on earth

My little angel
so precious is she
My princess
she will always be

I Love You


Hannah's Song....written by Jimi

"Come sit a while and listen"
"To what?" I began to say
"To the silence in this room
where Hannah spent her days.

The sound of smiles have faded
and left glum looks upon the wall
The rugs have all been tattered
where her voice fell through the floor.

The carpets under foot
which once sighed under her feet
are even now being buried
beneath a dusty sheet.”

I sat and held the silence
an anchor in my hand
the anchor grew much brighter
then I began to understand.

"Listen a little closer
to this place you have condemned
to such a bleak existence which
my loved one can't defend

Isn't the clock still ticking?
The robin in the garden sings
the eager bulbs lie in their beds
to pass through winter, into spring.

Though now the nights are cold
and days are stained a steely blue
spring is round the corner
waiting to burst through.

And when those seasons turn
you'll see such a happy change
the sun will shatter those grubby panes
There'll be the morning to arrange

We'll pluck the blooms that blossom
hang the beams with giddy braids
the walls will rush with fiery gold
and the memories that were made

by a wife, a friend and mother
a grandma spanning generations
and Hannah's song will fill this room
with intense and sweet vibrations.


well that wraps it up for December..and for the whole year! my thanks again to everyone who entered in the Tribute forum during December (as well as the entire year!) :grin: to share all those wonderful moving tributes with the rest of us..
its a brand new year so i hope all of you will come in and visit even more! :mrgreen:
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Post by Debbie » Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:42 pm

not sure what this is about moonflower.... :lol: but you know whats best .... :thumbsup:

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Post by moonflower » Wed Nov 15, 2006 5:37 pm

Heinzs asked me to do it.. :mrgreen: he is going to combine all the months into one thread .. :grin:

quite a night huh?.. :shock:
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Post by Debbie » Wed Nov 15, 2006 5:55 pm

Yes it sure is moonflower....I agree...just feel sad for Jim..thief is trying to contact him he is not answering his phone anymore.... :darn:

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