moonflowers highlights September 07

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moonflowers highlights September 07

Post by moonflower » Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:30 am

hey, how did October get here when i wasnt looking!?? :mrgreen: here in the briefs forum there were 28 postings for the month of September..super great!! :grin: :grin: my thanks to all of you who dropped in here to visit..well here are the choices for September.. :grin: :grin:


In The Garage....written by Sailor55

Microscopic screw
Skipping across dusty floor
Now gone forever

Ten-year-old paint can
Quarter full, lumpy and skinned
Silent, hopeless thing

Futile spider’s web
Can an insect make mistakes?
Quite often, I’d guess

Middle-aged white man
Closes the door of his shed
Who will get his tools?


**tree**....written by Tom Watson

Its bark has no bite;
Wind bent, weather scourged;
Shelter...renews life


Procrastination phd....written by nekot

another month passed
tasks unheeded
in a heap
just like the month before
except now,
it's piled higher and deeper


run....written by C.R. Ebowski

At last all the words end
there is nothing more to say
I can finally run away


The Genocide of Snowflakes....written by Eternum 1

his cigar
watching windshield
each wave
of snowflakes
in Chechnya


Closet Poet....written by starfire

Here she lies,
Amidst the stain and grain,
The grit, to knit
Muscles, souls
And ease the pain,
Love lost, her cost,
She pays the way,
Eternal rest, the best test,
To find she, should I say me?
Is a closet poet..


Impurial Space....written by OriOnpheOnix

All of the world
At oceanic heights
All points are precipices
For precipitous satellites
Alien with a face of grey
Oval eyes like orbits
Of suicidal sunsets
Set to freQuencies
That a sky never forgets

Like sequential explosions
Of legions of chariots
Resounding in the momentum
Of acquisition
Leaving nebulas
Of space fabric following
And constellations pulsating
With the history of timeless space


well hey i want to say thanks again to everyone who came in during September :grin: ..its all of you who visit here that makes this such a great forum! :grin: .. hope to see all of you back even more during October! :mrgreen: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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