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moonflowers highlights July August September 2011

Post by moonflower » Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:25 pm

hey everyone! :hello: sorry for being so late to post!..

im thinking that from now on, i will be posting only once for every 3 months...(there just arent enough postings for once a month anymore)..i still look forward to reading the talents of everyone, so please dont stop visiting and posting!..thanks to all who stopped by during July, August, and September! :grin:

well, here are my faves... :grin: :grin:


I Promise....written by SamIAm

I’ll love you again
Just as soon as I gouge my eyes out
With a plastic spork
Or maybe a finger or two
Just as soon as I give myself
Paper-cuts on my eyeballs
I’ll head your way
And go running back to you

I’ll be yours again
Right after I cut my balls off
Just as soon as I eat my own shit
I’m yours to keep
And the minute I’m done baking
All my entrails in an oven
I’ll fall into your arms
I’m going cheap

Right after I cut my own tongue out
And hang myself by my ass-hairs
And submerge my head in a boiling frying vat
Right after I’ve coated my jock strap
With Ben Gay and extra hot salsa
I’m all yours, girl
And you can count on that!


God Made Woman.....written by Eternum 1

We disrobe
like a pair of thieves
to enter a pool
as quietly as leaves

I see my sex floating
in the water
Providing intuition
and some bother

That God made woman
despite our belief
Then made man
for comic relief


It Must Have Been A Cat....written by bags123

It may have been a dream,
or a nightmare it seemed
On the evening it happened
without warning.

Beginning with a scream
in shrill, unearthly, streams,
and continuing it's howling
till the morning.

It sounded so extreme,
like something unredeemed
Coming from the alley near
the house adjoining

Where cutthrouts plot, and scheme
Killing those who intervene,
or slice the throats of people
for informing.

It must have been a cat
I only hope it's that.
Forgive me if I lock
my doors up early

Get out my baseball bat
Pull in the Welcome mat,
and hide inside my house
very securely


well hey thanks again to everyone who came in to visit during July, August,and September! :grin: come back again, ..and again,... and again.... :grin: :hello:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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