moonflowers highlights..December 2010

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moonflowers highlights..December 2010

Post by moonflower » Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:16 pm

hey everyone! :hello: well a new year is upon us..(they seem to sneak up on me each and every time!) :grin: hope everyone emerged from the holidays safe and sound..thanks to all who stopped in the Funny forum..well, here is the highlighted one for December.. :grin: ... :grin:


Listen, I have a joke....written by Laverne Pacquire

Okay here is my joke
I forgot to chew and now choke
No not choke, smoke
Yes, shovel the smoke into the air
Cigarette and buds, fumes and pears
I have a joke
I forgot to flush my toilet
But wait what happened
No water
Is there a frog green, foggy foam and bit
What will I do kiss is and turn into
A prince is what it will do
Okay, now here is my joke
I can't write anymore, I am stuck, I lost all my friends, I call ducks
I constantly look for their quack and ack , tick tack
But they never answer, I call ducks
Green is the red in the spam of fred

What is the joke....I don't know. Figure it out.


well hey, thanks again everyone, for coming by during December :grin: ..come on back even more in January! :grin: :hello:
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