moonflowers highlights..July 2010..

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moonflowers highlights..July 2010..

Post by moonflower » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:01 pm

hi everyone! :hello: well, now its hot summertime for sure huh?..have been trying to stay cool! in the Funny forum there were 12 postings for July! thats great! :grin: thanks so much to all who stopped in..i know its a busy time for everybody..well, so here are the ones to be highlighted for the month of July.... :grin: :grin:


Petroliville (Parody).....written by Eternum 1

Republicans are so fake
For BP they're on the take
Watching the turtles covered in oil
Black oily g-string
Is the new fashion thing
Smell those dolphins arot on the soil

Wastin away again in Petroliville
Searching for my haliburton stock
Some people claim that there's some worker to blame
But I know it's Dick Cheneys fault

I don't know the reason
or the people he's fleecin
Nothin to show but a mortgage past due
No need to get snootie
When Iraqs still a duty
How you got there you haven't a clue

Wastin away again in Petroliville
Searchin for my fossil fuel stock
Some people claim the new presidents to blame
Now I think...
Hell, it's Dick Cheneys fault


YOUR FIRED....written by BeeJay

In a flash of emerald light
A journey starts
Your hired.

Milestones- all musical chairs
Music stops, twilight zone
Chairs move, careers halt.
Vertigo from corporate games
Laws of which never change.

Each job a medley of chairs
Tired butts spread everywhere
Bottom-line get hit on red
Pink slips you want to shred
The music stops. Chairs move
Careers halt. Pit stop time.

A journey ends
Your fired!


well hey, thanks again to all who came by during the month of know what i always say..come back even more in this new month of August! :mrgreen: :hello:
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