moonflowers highlights..May2010

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moonflowers highlights..May2010

Post by moonflower » Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:50 pm

hi everyone! :hello: well here it is June already! i dont know how the time goes so fast! :grin: here in the Funny forum there were 8 posts made during May..thats great! :grin: thanks so much to all who dropped in to visit is the one to be highlighted for the month of May... :grin: :grin:


Tarquin.....written by ralism

Tarquin was a sprutish moil,
a tespid little scrud.
His bratches were but slour pags
and pilcrous were his slakes.
A mogrish helk adorned his sproks
and furquant was his molsh,
if ever a glent bequent its vusk
then Tarquin's sebelshed it so.
To addle his crunce a flek he jilled
from hoolpuck through till wern
and oft a splence was remnaclast
come glasbach, forst or squench.


well again, i thank all of you who came in during the month of May :grin: ..come back even more during June!
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