moonflowers highlights January 2010

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moonflowers highlights January 2010

Post by moonflower » Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:52 pm

hi everyone! :hello: sorry these are so late getting posted..its been a busy time around my house lately..well, here in the funny forum there were 10 postings for January!..thats so great! :grin: i want to sincerely thank all who visited and browsed or posted..its all of ya'lls talent that makes this such a fun forum to read! :grin: ..well, here are the ones to be highlighted for the month of January...... :grin: :grin:


No One of Renown....written by bags123

My money's for charming
a certain colleen,
who I spied at McGeary's
once drinking poteen

Her looks were disarming
Her face turning green,
but she puked real sincerely
this Irish colleen

So I searched the pubs over
the streets of our town
But by hell, and high clover
she could'nt be found

She was simply a rover
who never slowed down
More or less, and moreover,
no one of reknown.


Inappropriate for Bro Heinzs....written by poeticpiers

Wake up it’s time to take your pill.
She whispers in a dulcet tone.
She would be dead if looks could kill.
Why can’t she just leave me alone?

I was sleeping peacefully
enjoying a delightful dream.
When she disturbed me needlessly
To fulfil some treatment scheme.

Woken to take a sleeping pill.
To me shows utter idiocy
Displaying a distinct lack of skill
in people paid to care for me.

It seems to me stupidity
to take a pill to help me sleep
if I’m asleep to waken me.
Enough to make an angel weep.

I’m no angel so I curse.
As I have every right to do
the stupid system not the nurse.
She does what she is told to do.


well, hey, thanks again to all who visited during January :grin: ..and you know what i always say..come and visit even more during this new month of February! :mrgreen: :hello:
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