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moonflowers highlights August-December 09

Post by moonflower » Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:13 pm

hi everyone! :grin: ..well since ive been away so long i decided to combine all the highlights for August through December into one heartfelt thanks to all who visit here and post or just browse! very happy to be back!..well, here are the highlights.. :grin: :grin:


Political Designs....written by bags123

Our freedoms are determined
by the people who define
what's included in their meaning,
as they change them line by line,
and dilute them with their scheming,
and political designs,
while screaming for solutions
to their unrepented crimes

True freedom is elusive
when we let someone decide
which direction we are leaning,
as we start the quick decline
They'll dispute that we're carreening
towards a critically hard time
Asking for more contributions
just before they all resign


My Heart....written by Twaddle

Remember when we were walking, and
We saw that young woman?
I said she was pretty, but
“Her skirt was too short” was your opinion.
I told you that she looked like
You will when you are grown.
You said, “Nuh uh, Daddy”
How can such a thing be known

When you were just a baby,
I worried a lot about it,
Because I couldn’t see me in you,
Not even , just a little bit;
But as the years have passed,
And you began to grow,
The inner working of my genes
Have begun to show.

You have your grandpa’s posture
And his sideways, crooked grin.
You had your grandma’s baby teeth,
And now her jowls and chin.
You got your momma’s loud- ass voice,
Just like your sister did.
Thank God you didn’t get her stride,
Your sister’s cursed with it.

In the genetic lottery
Your nose has been your strength,
Because you got my width,
And your momma’s length.
God help you if it would have been
The other way around.
You would have been top- heavy with
A nose that weighed 3 pounds.

You got your momma’s forehead, and
Her legs both thin and tall.
I’m sorry that you got my booty,
Which is really none at all.
You got your momma’s narrow face
And eyes so dark and round.
You got my corny sense of humor
So you always act the clown.

You got your daddy’s sweet tooth, and
Hyper energy.
You caught my love for movies, and
My curiosity; But
One thing I hope you’ll remember,
Whenever we’re apart,
Some things you just can’t separate,
You will always have my heart.


Tilted Stance....written by wblogan

You know you hurt my feelings,
when you tore my underpants
When I asked you to the prom,
I thought that we'd go there to dance
I wasn't going to ask you,
but I took a freaking chance
Now my nether region's tender,
and I take this tilted stance


Unwanted Nocturne....written by poeticpiers

When day is done and twilight falls
I hear the Tomcats caterwauls.
The noise they make is quite obscene.
They vie for favours of the queen.
Who’s quite content to see them fight.
She will choose as is her right
The tom cat with whom she will mate.
I really don’t appreciate
The dreadful noises that they make.
I only wish that they would take.
Their courting to a new venue
I fear that they will force me to
react with undue violence.
I am entitled to silence.


Relaxing Naked I Conclude....written by bags123

I'm rarely in a better mood
Some things I say, are heard as rude,
but better said than only thought
before I'm dead, and alls for naught

I write this verse while in the nude
Relaxing naked I conclude;
When bare necessities are sought
one can't rely on what he's bought

KING PROCRASTINATOR....written by gordy

I am the king procrastinator
I will finish this later...


well hey thanks again to all who came in and visited during the months of August through December :grin: ..its a whole new year now, so i invite everyone to come back even more!.. :hello: :grin:
inside each soul there is music...let the music play..

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