moonflowers highlights December 08

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moonflowers highlights December 08

Post by moonflower » Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:59 pm

hi everyone! :hello: so sorry to be late in posting again..its been a very busy time for me the past few weeks..(and for everyone here too i bet!) :grin: i hope everyones holidays were safe and happy!..well, here in funnyland, there were 6 postings for December..thanks so much for coming in guys! :lol: ..the highlighted one follows.. :grin: :grin:


pooper scooper.....written by Black Star Shine

no one quite understands
why I do the job I do.
they point and laugh
all because I shovel poo.

I know I smell of manure
I know I must look like crap.
my family has disowned me for good,
gramps wont let me sit on his lap!

in the parades no one notices me
they grab candy from the girls
and frisbees from the boys
then they look at me and hurl.

my life is so lonely now
becasue my profession is smelly
but this job luckily pays high
so i always have food in my belly.


well hey thanks again everybody, for taking time to visit here in the funny forum..come and visit again soon! :mrgreen: :hello:
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Re: moonflowers highlights December 08

Post by heinzs » Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:11 pm

:hello: :thumbsup:
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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