moonflowers highlights November 08

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moonflowers highlights November 08

Post by moonflower » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:03 am

hey everyone! :hello: :grin: well, another year almost over!..cant believe its December already! at the funny farm there were 15 postings during November..thats so great!! :thumbsup: :grin: my heartfelt thanks to everyone who stopped in! :grin: ..well, here is the highlight for November.. :grin: :grin:


103.....written by Nefertari

I'll go kicking and screaming,
And I'll fight for every last breath.
As I lift my heels high,
And outrun nasty Mr. Death.

Don't dance on my grave,
For I won't be at home.
Don't be looking in my tomb,
Cuz you'll be all alone.

I'll be far away livin' it up,
And dancing to my own tune.
Havin' an awesomly great time,
Like when the dish ran away with the spoon.

I'll be living as long as I possibly can,
I'll not leave this life with ease.
There is too much for me to live for,
I want to see my hundredth birthday please.

If I see Death a comin, I'll just run and hide,
I'll out smart him, just you wait and see.
Since I'm a terribly lucky sort of guy,
I bet I will even make it to one hundred and three!


well i know the holidays will keep everyone busy now, :grin: but i hope all of you can stop by and visit during the month! :mrgreen: have a safe and happy December!! :hello: :grin:
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