moonflowers highlights July 08

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moonflowers highlights July 08

Post by moonflower » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:21 pm

Can it really be August!?! so far behind.. as usual!) :mrgreen: well here in the funny forum there were 14 postings for the month! :lol: ..thats just super fantastic! many, many thanks to everyone who stopped are the highlights for the month of July.. :grin: :grin:

NICKLEODEAN.....written by gordy

Gary is a snail
But he meows
Bob is a sponge
Don't ask me how
Squidwards voice is grating
But Zoe loves when I imitate him
Patrick is a buffoon
And m-o-o-n spells moon
Sandy is a squirrel
She is from the dry world
And plankton's on a mission
For Crabby Patties he goes a fishin'
But Mr. Crabbs
Says they're not up for grabs
Zoe and me, (she's only three)
Sitting, watching cartoons on t.v.


My Shadow.....written by Eternum1

I'm looking for my shadow
strange though it seems
I noticed it this morning
playing in sun streams

My shadow is debauched
I confess
It cares not where
it leaves a caress

On long summer days
under skys molten blue
it stretches forth
to drink the nights dew

Were I as gentle
I might dare to trace
soft butterfly kisses
upon her face

My shadow just laughs
on it's way out the door
like a prince of seraphs
the light to explore

There it is now
the lecherous one
acting the angel
as it leans on the sun


well hey thanks again to all of you who came in and visited during July :grin: i always say, come on back even more during this new month! :mrgreen: :hello:
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Re: moonflowers highlights July 08

Post by heinzs » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:24 pm

Yep, it's August... lol
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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