moonflowers highlights May 08

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moonflowers highlights May 08

Post by moonflower » Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:58 pm

hi to everyone! :hello: sorry these are late..June 10 already! (cant believe!!) here in the funny forum there were 15 postings for May..thats so great!! :grin: i want to thank everyone who visited during the month..its all of you who make this forum fun!! well, here are the highlights for May.. :grin: :grin:


Homemade Time Machine.....written by Crooklyn

I built a homemade time machine last night when I was bored.
I made it out of string and glue atop an old skateboard.
I strapped a helmet to my head (Always safety first!)
then gleamed the cube to '93 'cause that year was the worst.

I rolled myself straight down the drive that led to my high school
and found myself in study hall ‘cause I was such a tool.
I ripped the book right from my hands and gave myself a smack.
“We’re going out to find a girl. Don’t gimme any flak!”

Reluctantly I followed I, through frozen, silent halls
that once had echoed with the sounds of insult and catcall.
I took myself straight to the mall and bought myself some duds,
then had my hair cut in the style favored by the studs.

“Now listen-up, you little dork,” I lectured to myself.
“Leave those Magic™ cards at home… the sci-fi on the shelf!
There’s not a girl on God’s green earth who’ll give you time of day,
but with a lot of cash and work we’ll have you on your way.”

Now at this point my younger self looked openly confused.
“Isn’t that a wedding band?” I solemnly accused.
“Well, yes it is,” was my reply. “I’ve got this babe thing down.
So just do what I tell I to… we’ll turn me right around!

“But,” I cried, “that makes no sense! I like my games and books.
Since when did I start caring ‘bout my clothes or ‘bout my looks?”
My questions, frankly, startled me and threw me for a loop.
I hadn’t thought that I’d object or think myself a dupe.

“Just take me back to school,” I said. “I’ve had enough of this.
I liked myself just fine before and ignorance is bliss.”
“But don’t I want to kiss a girl before I graduate?
College will be better, but I’m shocked I want to wait!”

“It looks like I will be okay.” I said right back to me,
so with a shrug I wheeled us back in time for chemistry.
I’d never guessed that younger me was ever quite so zen,
but now I knew without a doubt that I was wiser then.


Oran ge Bin ge.....written by Eternum1

Nothing rhymes with orange
our teacher would lament
As I chewed a lozenge
I wondered what he meant

Oh, Orange
is a challenge
for poets on the fringe
No word can they scavenge
and use as a syringe

I guess I'll forgo orange
or rhyme upon its hinge
Just the thought of orange
really makes me cringe


well hey thanks again to everyone who came in to visit during May..come on back even more in June! :mrgreen: :hello:
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Re: moonflowers highlights May 08

Post by heinzs » Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:24 pm

Thanks, Val! Good choices.
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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