moonflowers highlights March 08

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moonflowers highlights March 08

Post by moonflower » Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:18 am

hey everyone! :lol: well another month has whizzed by! in the 'funny farm' there were 7 postings..thanks so much to all who stopped by to browse or is the featured poem for the month of March.. :grin: :grin:


YIN and YANG.....written by Paresh

but she's our daughter! It's graduation and she's valedictorian!
...Honey I'm rebuilding the carburetor. You know how much oil it's burning.

but I'm having surgery tomorrow. I'm scared!
... Honey you know it's my bowling day. It's been that way for years.

but the police are holding him until BOTH parents come down.
...Honey these guys are my friends. We only get to play cards once a month.

but my mother just had a stroke! We need to get to the hospital right away!
...Honey they're interviewing Mike Tyson on TV tonight. Mike Tyson! I don't want to miss that!

I'm tired of being your maid! I'm not going to be a slave anymore! Did you hear me? Are you listening to me?
...Honey will you bring me another beer when you finish the dishes?

I just wish somebody would give me some flowers or candy once in a while.
...Hey didn't I give you a bite of my Hershey bar last week?

but it's our anniversary!
...Honey you know I never miss a Giants game. Tonight's a double header!

I'm so depressed. I've been crying for days. I can't stop.
...Honey the next time you make tuna fish, don't put in so much mayonnaise, OK?

If you don't start paying more attention to me I'm going to scream!
...Honey have you seen my golf shoes? I was sure I left them in the garage.

That does it - I'm leaving! I mean it this time! My bags are packed.
...Honey listen to this! 40% off power screwdrivers at Wal-Mart. That's hard to believe!

Do you know how long we've been together?... I said do you know how long we've been together?
...Just a minute honey, there was a flag on that play.

Do you still remember the day we met?
...Do I! Same day Mario Andretti came from behind to win the Indy 500. Who could forget that?

Do you still love me?
...Of course I do don't be silly what's on TV tonight?

You're fixing dinner for my birthday?
...I sure am! I opened up a can of spaghetti. It'll be ready in 2 minutes.

a Valentine? You got me a Valentine?
...Sure did. You're my sweetheart!


well hey, thanks again to everyone who came in during March :grin: ..come on back even more now that April has arrived! :mrgreen:
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