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moonflowers highlights July 07

Post by moonflower » Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:47 pm

wow!..summertime is really here now that it's August! :lol: (but where DID July go so fast?!?) :lol: in the funny forum there were 15 postings for thanks to all of you who stopped in to visit or post!..well, here are the ones to be in the spotlight for July.. :grin: :grin:


SILLY THING....written by Richie

Once I lost a silly thing
it wasn't big, it didn't ring,
it didn't laugh, it didn't sigh,
it didn't sing, it wasn't shy.
It wasn't short, it wasn't long
it didn't cry, it wasn't strong.
It wasn't high it wasn't low
it did not shine it did not glow
I wonder why I love it so.


Rhyming Lesson....written by Torsten H. Sommer

"Find rhymes," the teacher told her class,
"Match times to chimes and grass to glass,
Rhyme hoard with chord and sound with ground,
Write on your pads the pairs you've found!"

Some of the children were quite able
To find that 'stable' rhymes with 'table',
While there were others, lazy cheats,
Who copied from their neighbours' sheets.

But after an initial tantrum
The exercise gathered momentum,
And many pairs of rhymes would pour
Out of their heads, and more and more,

And they kept pouring in a shower.
Many wrote 'power' under 'flower',
And when they paired the 'elf' with 'shelf',
The teacher quite enjoyed herself,

And thought her lesson a success
When they paired 'mattress' with 'confess',
But felt an inkling of unease
When she read 'increase' and 'disease'.

Inkling turned into premonition:
'Incision' paired with 'ammonition'.
But that was nothing to the pang
It gave her to read 'gang' and 'hang'.

Then 'hate' came with 'annihilate'!
She thought, "It's time to terminate
This exercise. It was a flop!"
But lo! The children wouldn't stop!

"Now, let us finish!" she would plead,
But saw the children gave no heed.
Their fervent pace, it hadn't ceased.
If anything, it had increased.

Such words like 'error' and 'upheaval'
Were paired with 'terror' and with 'evil'.
The rhymes which gushed out in a torrent
Became increasingly abhorrent.

At 'death-toll' under 'bullet-hole'
The teacher finally lost control,
And cried, while falling on her knees,
"Oh, stop this nightmare, stop it, please!"

At this, the youngest child did rise,
"You've made us do this exercise.
It's pointless! It's artistic treason
To make us rhyme without the reason!

"Rhymes are no use of any kind
Devoid of heart and soul and mind!
You've seen how it ends in disaster
If you'll make rhyming reason's master.

"Reducing language to a beast
Is devillish, to say the least.
I beg of you, in future times
Be reasonable with your rhymes!"

At this, the teacher, with a start,
Woke from her dream, with pounding heart,
And instantly made a decision
As to the aims of her tuition:

"I vow forever to despise
The tedious mindless exercise.
And furthermore, I vow that hence
The lessons which I teach make sense!"


well i hope everyone is having a great summer! :grin: ..thanks again to all who stopped in during dont forget to come back even more in August! :mrgreen: :grin:
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Post by Debbie » Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:03 am

these are great choices moonflower :thumbsup:

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