Temptation, Deception, Redemption - Part One

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Temptation, Deception, Redemption - Part One

Post by mdmorash » Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:48 pm

“Welcome to my mind,” it said, “come in and have a seat.”
I stepped across the threshold and I wondered what I’d meet.
“What is it you seek?” It asked. “I’ll try to grant your wish.”
I looked around and saw my name there plainly on its dish.

“Do you have the time,” it asked, “the time to hear a tale?”
I looked down at my watch and there I found that it had failed.
“It’s a simple rhyme,” it said, “you surely will enjoy.”
I searched the night and tried to see the outcome to this ploy.

“What do you suspect,” it asked, “you think this is a game?”
I tried to answer, “No.”, but then I did not know its name.
“I am he who is,” it said, “I am your gracious host.”
I tried to smile and failed, you see, I knew it just a boast.

“Have you changed you mind,” it smirked, “or is business what we have?”
I took the thing in front of me and held out both the halves.
“What is it you wish?” It asked. “The cost will be no more.”
I whispered to myself and said, “I wish to see the door.”

“You wish is mine to grant,” it laughed, “now pay me what you owe!”
I looked below the floor and saw a faint and fiery glow.
“There’s no way to cheat,” it growled, “the cheater of them all.”
I turned my eyes up high and cried, “Oh, please Lord hear my call.”

“You came on your own,” it snarled, “for you there’s no escape.”
I felt it coming closer and I heard its talons scrape.
“He won’t hear your plea,” it mocked, “you’ve stepped into my realm.”
I knew this to be lies when I saw the Angels helm.

“Who is this you’ve brought,” it screamed, “another soul to sell?”
I shook my head and pointed to the shattered gates of hell.
“What is this I see,” it roared, “the ending to my reign?”
I closed my eyes and prayed to him, accepting all the blame.

“You’re a lucky soul,” he said. “You’re lucky to be free.”
I opened up my eyes and saw the Angel there with me.
“I have slain the beast,” he said, “but it will come again.”
He took me by the hand and then he washed away the stain.

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Re: Temptation, Deception, Redemption - Part One

Post by heinzs » Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:32 am

Delightful! Waiting for the next part. :thumbsup:
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Re: Temptation, Deception, Redemption - Part One

Post by gordy » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:12 pm

:thumbsup: :mrgreen:

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