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Poetry Familia 18

Jon had just gotten out of the shower when he noticed yours truly standing in the bathroom doorway and leaning on the frame.

“Damn it!” He exclaimed as he quickly wrapped a towel around his waist. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“Kitchen. Five minutes.” I responding, turning around to leave. “By the way, you might want to wrap that towel a little tighter.”

It took Jon all of five minutes to get dressed and find me sitting at the dining room table. I had helped myself to a bottle of Jack and was now drinking out of the glass in front of me.

“So are you going to tell me why...?” He began to say.
“Sit.” I interrupted him in a low growl.

So he did. Sitting across from me as I filled my glass up and almost completely emptying the bottle in the process.

“So normally I’d go to your brother and get the truth from him.” I calmly explained. “It seems though that your brother as of late has been far from telling the truth. You however.... Tell me something Johnny-Boy, what did I do to have you lie to me?”
“What are you talking about?” Jon looked puzzled.
“I’m talking about the death of my brother. Seems I did some digging of my own, no pun intended, and found out that I have been lied to. Which makes me wonder if that dream really was a dream. Now what I don’t get is why all the lying?”
“Saturn, you don’t need to....”
“Don’t tell me what I need to know and what I don’t need to know. Why was I lied to?”
“I might have another bottle of Jack somewhere.” Jon quickly changed the subject, getting up to look for it.
“Ah, sworn to secrecy.” I remarked. “Let me guess, Richie-Rich told you to keep your trap shut.”
“No, I just think it would be wise if you left it alone.”
“When have you ever known me to leave things alone, Johnny-Boy.”
“I know but maybe just this once you should.”

Jon didn’t answer as he sat back down with a new bottle of Jack in one hand and a glass in the other. He poured himself a drink and just sat there staring at the glass in front of him.

“And again I ask why?” I questioned.
“Just leave it alone, Saturn.” Jon answered in a certain tone.

I sat back in my chair. Somewhat surprised that he would speak to me like that. The last time a man gave me that kind of tone I almost ripped his throat out.

“Sorry.” Jon apologized, noticing the look I was giving him.
“Just don’t let it happen again.” I warned in a low growl, as I took another drink from my glass.
A few seconds had past as we sat in stone cold silence. My phone finally broke the silence as a ring tone started to play. I let it go to voice mail as I went back to drinking.

“Who was that?” Jon asked.
“No one.” I calmly replied.

Jon raised an eyebrow and I just took another drink. My phone went off again but this time it was to inform me that I had a text message. I ignored that as well.

“So let me guess you’re never going to talk to him again.” Jon spoke up.
“Didn’t say that.” I calmly replied.
“You didn’t have to. So what he lies to you and you decide to cut him off?”
“Then why are you ignoring him?”
“I have my reasons.”
“Huh.” Jon sat back in his chair, taking another drink from his glass.
“What?” I asked, looking over at him out of the corner of my eye.
“Nothing. I just noticed that whenever you had a problem with someone you always confronted them.”
“What are you getting at, Johnny-Boy?”
“Well, here you are confronting me and yet you’re purposely ignoring my brother.”
“Like I told you before.” I growled. “He’s been lying as of lately and besides I thought if I came to you first I could break you easier than I could your brother.”
“And how’s that going for you?” Jon sarcastically remarked.
“The sun isn’t up just yet, Johnny-Boy. I’ve got time.” I now lit up a cigar and began to smoke. “Besides, I know your weakness. As a matter of fact, I know everyone’s weaknesses even your brother’s.”
“And yet you’re still here. Why?”
“It’s more fun screwing with you than your brother. All your brother would want to do is get into some big damn fight and I’m just too tired to deal with that.”
“When is the last time you slept?” Jon asked, noticing how sleep deprived I looked.
“What day is it?” I responded.
“Then it’s been awhile.”
“How long is awhile?”
“I don’t know maybe three... four days tops. Can’t remember I lose track every now and then.”
“Saturn, you can’t....” Jon began to say.
“Don’t, I’ve got enough people worrying about me over absolutely nothing.”

My phone went off for the third time and I lowered my head and let out a little frustrated sigh.

“Not again.” I grumbled.

Bags had now closed up the Pub and was finishing the last of the paperwork when someone came knocking on the front door. He naturally came out from around the bar to see who it was. Standing in the pouring rain was Thief trying his best to not look like a drowned rat. Bags quickly let him, locking the door behind Thief as he entered the Pub.

“What are you doing here?” Bags asked, heading back behind the bar.
“Needed to get out.” Thief answered. “Too much tension at the house.”
“What sort of tension?”
“The usual Familia drama. Everyone fighting one another and...” Thief stopped short from finishing as he looked around. “Bags, this place is spotless. Did you do all this?”
“Yea.” Bags replied.
“Keeps me busy.”
“Bull, you’ve been staying away from the house too.” Nega spoke up, coming out of the bathroom and taking his seat back at the bar. “By the way, don’t appreciate you cleaning my phone number off the women’s stall door.”
“You can’t have all the drunk girls, Jim.” Bags remarked, wiping a glass with a bar towel.
“Wanna bet.” Nega deviously grinned.
“So when do you think Saturn is going to get back?” Thief quickly changed the subject.
“She should be back by now.” Nega replied, looking at his cell phone to see if I had called. “Usually she makes her presence known. Why so anxious about her coming back, Thief?”
“Not anxious. Just wondering.”
“Why? What did you do that could possibly piss her off this time?”
“Nothing. I was just wondering.”
“I know what it is.” Bags said with a grin. “He’s still worried that Saturn hasn’t forgiven him for taking off like he did. That she’s still harboring some resentment towards him.”
“Well thank you Dr. freaking Phil.” Thief sarcastically remarked. “How about later you can help me get over wetting the bed because of my bad childhood memories.”
“It usually has something to do with the father, I do believe.” Bags retorted still grinning.
“Smart ass.”
“Look T, I wouldn’t worry about Saturn harboring any resentment.” Nega pointed out. “When it comes to her friends, she can be pretty forgiving.”
“Yea, and besides with the whole...” Bags tried to say but Nega quickly shot him a look.
“You know what. That’s not to be mentioned ever. Remember we promised to keep our mouths shut, Bagsy.”
“So, I’m freaking Irish. We’re known to blab besides I don’t take no damn orders from an angel much less make a promise to one who I don’t care for.”
“Bags.” Nega shook his head a little.
“Don’t Bags me. Everyone is ordered to keep their mouths shut and yet no one asks any questions. Sounds fishy to me.”
“Fishy how?” Thief asked.
“Let me put it this way, boys. I have a feeling that Michael isn’t totally being truthful and usually my feelings are never wrong.”

Jordan sat at his computer as he worked on an email he was about to send. Michael soon appeared while sitting in one of the chairs that was in front of the desk.

“She’s back.” Michael calmly stated.

Jordan stopped what he was doing as he turned his chair to look at Michael.

“She’s at your brother’s as we speak.” Michael continued. “Seems she refuses to let go of what happened in that supposed dream of hers and has been snooping around.”
“And you’re telling me this why?” Jordan asked.
“Because she’s coming to see you next. And if she asks....”
“I can’t lie to her, Michael.”
“You’re going to have to.” Michael responded, still in a calm manner. “If you care about her or even life in general you need to because if she finds out....”
“I know.” Jordan interrupted him, not wanting to really think about it.
“Hey, it’s not easy for me either.” Michael pointed out. “I think of her as a little sister.”

Just then a text message came through on Jordan’s phone.

“So I take it she finally decided to text back.” Michael remarked.
“Actually, it’s Jon.” Jordan said as he read the text message.
“And she’s depriving my brother of sleep.”
“What?” Michael asked, trying not to laugh.
“Well, you can’t say she isn’t determined.” Azrael spoke up, appearing in the seat next to Michael.
“What are you doing here?” Michael snapped at Azrael as his mood quickly changed.
“Just waiting for the fireworks to happen.” Azrael smiled.
“Fireworks? What fireworks?”
“You know the kind. The ones that go off every time Saturn finds out something has been purposely hidden from her.”
“Funny thing, Michael. I found out that Yahweh in fact did not give the order to keep this from Saturn. That you were the one who was actually giving the order for everyone else to keep their mouth shut.”

Jordan now looked over in Michael’s direction. Michael kept his composure as he stared at Azrael.

“So Mikey are we playing both sides here? I mean what is your angle exactly?” Azrael continued on. “Because if there really isn’t any danger in telling Saturn....”
“There is.” Michael calmly stated. “Yahweh just doesn’t realize it.”
“And you do?”
“Well yea.”
“Wow, really. Huh, you know you’re starting to sound like someone else who was full of himself.” Azrael remarked.
“Don’t start comparing...” Michael began to warn.
“Not comparing just making an observation. But hey Mikey, if you want to pick up where Lucy left off and rule Hell...”
“Look, if Saturn is told it can put us all in danger and could very well get us all killed.”
“Or so you think.”
“No, I know.”
“Have you ever took a minute to wonder why Yahweh doesn’t want it kept a secret from Saturn?” Azrael brought up. “ I mean have you? Because honestly you’re beginning to act crazier than Luc...”

Before Azrael knew what had hit him he found himself flying across the room with a hand around his neck. And within a flash he was being held up against a wall with a very angry Michael holding him up.

“Don’t ever compare me to him. I’m nothing like he was.” Michael growled.
“Fine.” Azrael choked. “But you have to ask yourself do you honestly think Saturn won’t find out what you have done and are still doing. After all she is the Seraphim of Death.”
“He has a point.” Jordan calmly spoke up as he sat behind his desk texting away on his cell phone. “She does know how to find out what she needs to when she needs to. Besides, you seem to forget that right now she’s depriving my brother of sleep. Which I’m sure are just one of her many tactics seeing as she’s done the same thing to me.”

Michael let go of Azrael as he returned to his seat. While Az on the other hand got himself together. Normally, he’d retaliate against Michael but right now his mind was on more important things.

“So Mikey, how do you plan on making sure Saturn doesn’t find out? Because she’s already sniffing around and depriving this poor man’s brother of sleep.” Azrael remarked.
“Trust me.” Michael answered. “I have everything under control.”
“Uh-huh. So when whatever happens comes back to bite you can I be the one that said I told you so? Or did Jordan over there already call dibs on that?”
“Again, I have everything under control.”
“It’s your funeral, Mikey.”

Berls and Pops had went out early for some coffee and breakfast. They did so every week to discuss not just the Familia’s finances but any other problems that needed to be addressed. Usually it would just be the two of them sometimes the three of them if Ven joined but, Berls had decided to invite someone else this time. Someone from outside of the Familia and someone Pops least expected.

“Hey, so have you two ordered yet?” Uriel took a seat next to Berls.

Pops raised an eyebrow as Uriel looked over a menu.

“She asked me to come, Heinzs.” He said, not looking up from the menu.
“Berls....” Pops began to ask.
“I had Uriel check some things out for me.” Berls calmly explained.
“Such as?”
“Such as if there is a connection between what is going on with the Familia and Saturn’s dark side.” Uriel spoke up. “Which of course there is.”
“Michael said....” Pops began to point out.
“Michael isn’t following the orders of Yahweh. And he lied to the rest of you when he said so.”
“Why would he lie like that?”
“No one knows. Michael is a complicated being. Always has been and always will be. How’s the fish here?”
“Uriel.” Berls said, giving him a look.
“Okay to be honest.” Uriel responded, setting the menu aside. “The whole fiasco with Saturn’s dark side has caused a chain reaction and by Michael disobeying Yahweh it has only made it worse.”
“Why? What did Yahweh want to happen to Saturn’s dark side?” Pops asked.
“What do you think.”
“But that would have killed Saturn.”

Uriel let out a laugh as both Berls and Pops looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“Actually, no.” Uriel calmly explained. “I mean come to think of it did any of you actually wonder how her dark side was able to take on a life of it’s own.”
“Actually no. So why would Yahweh do that to her?”
“Because time is running out and He wants to make sure whatever skeletons she has in her closet she deals with now rather than on the battlefield.”
“What do you mean time is running out?”
“The clock on Cain’s return is winding down.”
“So wait what does this have to do with what’s going on within the Familia?”
“Seems Saturn’s dark side has brought out the worse in the Familia. Am I right? Everyone fighting with everyone else, secrets being spilled and trust between members being broken.”
“Well, yea.”
“Huh. Just as well, I mean if any of you plan on standing next to Saturn on the battlefield when the day comes I’m sure Yahweh wants to make sure none of you including the Carriers have any skeletons in the closet, so to speak.”
“But why would He...?”
“The final battle between Heaven and Hell is going to be a gruesome one. If anyone caught on the field has not faced or dealt with anything from their past that has haunted them. It could very well get them killed or worse get everyone else killed. Yahweh wants to make sure that does not happen and plans on doing everything in His power to prevent it.”
“Yea, but I’m sure a majority of the Familia only has some minor past indiscretion of some sort.” Pops pointed out.
“Doesn’t matter.” Uriel shook his head. “A demon will use anything they can against their opponent. Look, at how many times Lucy tried to mess with Saturn’s head.”
“Yea, that wasn’t pretty.” Someone spoke up in the booth next to them.

All three looked over to see Raphael sitting in a booth across from them and sipping on a cup of coffee.

“Still human I take it.” Uriel remarked.
“As a matter of fact no. I got my wings back a couple of days ago.” Raphael calmly replied. “So I take it we haven’t told Saturn the truth yet. Probably because we’re afraid of Michael I take it.”
“I’m not afraid of Michael.” Uriel growled in a low tone.
“Really. Then why haven’t you told her?” Raphael took another sip of coffee. “Why haven’t any of you told her?”
“It’s complicated.” Berls answered.
“I don’t see why it’s complicated. Either you tell her or you don’t. I mean I know if I wanted the whole chaos within the Familia to stop I’d tell Saturn so she can go take care of her dark side.”
“It’s not that easy,” Uriel spoke up. “Her dark side is...”
“Her dark side is what?”

Uriel, Pops and, Berls looked at each other without saying a word which caused Raphael to finally look over in their direction.

“What happened to her dark side?” He asked, noticing the looks the other three were giving each other.

“Damn it, I need some sleep.” Jon said as he put his head on the dining room table. “Please let me go to bed.”
“Not until you answer my questions.” I calmly stated, smoking a cigar and continuing to text on my phone. “Besides the sun isn’t up.”
“Actually, it is.”
“Doesn’t matter. You’re not going to bed until I get some answers.”
“Do you always do this to my brother?”
“Do what?”
“This. What you’re doing now.” Jon said, losing his cool.
“Watch your tone.” I warned.
“Sorry but its kind of damn hard being civil when it feels like someone is holding you hostage and depriving you of sleep.” He remarked.
“Hey, you gave me a key remember? I didn’t break in.”
“I know and I’m beginning to realize that was a mistake.”
“Even if you hadn’t given me a key, I probably would have broke in....”
“And had your way with me.” Jon deviously grinned as he looked up at me.
“Whoa! What?” I started to laugh a little not believing what I was hearing. “I see some of your brother is rubbing off on you. Come to think of it, don’t you play for the other team?”
“Yea, so.”
“So isn’t there like rules you’re suppose to follow or something. I mean can’t you get kicked out of the club for saying stuff like that.” I pointed out, continuing to smoke my cigar.
“I’m not someone who likes following rules besides I heard...” He started to say but then stopped himself from finishing.
“You heard what?” I raised an eyebrow.
“Spit it out, Johnny-Boy.”

Jon leaned back in his seat with a smile appearing out of the corner of his mouth.

“Can’t. Promised to keep my mouth shut about that too.” He continued to smile. “Besides, if I told you chances are you’d get embarrassed.”
“I don’t get embarrassed.” I responded in a low growl.
“That’s not what I was told.”
“Your brother is an ass.”

Jon laughed a little as I let the cigar smoke encircle above my head like a halo.

“Now about what he told you.” I brought up again.
“Saturn, I can’t tell you.” Jon responded, putting his forehead back on the table as he closed his eyes.
“That’s fine, Johnny-Boy. I have all the time in the world. Hey, I might even move in if need be.”
“Whoa.. What?” Jon sat back up. “What do you mean move in?”
“Well, if you’re not willing to tell me...”

Jon raised an eyebrow and I just deviously smiled.

“You just love screwing with people, don’t you?” Jon finally said.
“Yea, she does.” Someone spoke up from the doorway of the room.

Jon and I both looked over to see Joe standing there with his arms crossed.

“Thought I smelled death.” I remarked, referring to Joe’s Seal. “What brings you here?”
“Well, I was having breakfast with my family this morning and I went to look out my kitchen window and...” Joe began to say. “Just come outside I have something to show you two.”

So we followed Joe outside and we quickly came face to face with what Joe wanted to show us. The sky had turned black by something that appeared to be a massive cloud lingering in the air.

“What the hell?” Jon stated.
“So I’m not a genius or anything but I do know that by no damn means is that normal.” Joe pointed out.

I stood on the front lawn not saying a word as I looked up at the supposed cloud.

“Saturn?” Jon asked.
“Whatever promise you made to keep quiet, you need to break.” I said. “And you need to break it now.”

Ven was in the middle of trying to break up a fight between Duchess and Phoenix while Drew walked by eating a sandwich.

“Admit it, you didn’t want anyone to know about the time you got drunk and flashed...” Phoenix began to retort.
“Well, at least I didn’t sleep with the Texan.” Duchess hissed.
“Whoa, wait... What?” Drew stopped dead in his tracks and backed up as he looked at both Phoenix and Duchess. “She did what?”
“She slept with Preston.” Duchess repeated in a vicious tone while she stared Phoenix down.
“Uh. Ew.” Drew responded. “Wait Phoenix aren’t you married?”
“It was before I got married.” Phoenix answered.
“Still. That’s like... ew.”
“Don’t even go there, Drew. There’s some things you’ve done...”
“Gonna have to stop you right there. I’m a Westie. Whatever I do makes headline news as well as the police department’s weekly journal. Trust me I have no skeletons in my closet.”

Spaz around this time came running in through the front door. Almost out of breath and looking as pale as a ghost.

“Are you all right?” Ven asked, rushing over to see if she was okay.
“I’m... fine...” Spaz answered, trying to catch her breath. “Look... outside...”
“What?” Drew said sounding puzzled.
“Look... outside...” Spaz repeated.

So Duchess, Phoenix, Drew and, Ven went outside to bare witness to what Jon and I had just saw moments before.

“What the hell is that?” Drew said.
“A storm maybe?” Phoenix replied.
“It isn’t a storm.” Ven spoke up, realizing what she was staring at. “Get the rest of the Familia and while you’re at it get Jordan as well. I’ll call Pops and Berls.”
“Ven, what is it?”
“Don’t worry about what it is. Just do what I tell you.”

So all three scattered. Not wanting to get Ven the slightest bit angry.

“God have mercy on us all.” Ven remarked, as she started to make a call on her cell phone and continued to look up at the black mass.

Jordan stared out his office window at the black mass looming in the sky. Both Michael and Azrael had left earlier and now Jordan was all alone. Or so he thought. No sooner had he walked away from the window then something or someone crashed through it and Jordan found himself being held up against the wall by his neck with a set of glowing claws inches away from his throat.

“Give me one damn reason why I shouldn’t kill you.” I growled.
“Saturn, what the hell...” Jordan tried to say.
“Johnny-Boy told me everything.”
“Apparently, he didn’t.” Someone spoke up from behind me. “Drop him.”
“Stay out of this, Mikey.” I continued to growl.
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because it wasn’t Jordan’s idea. It was mine.”

I quickly dropped Jordan and turned around to come face to face with a sword’s blade pointed directly at me.

“I know you all too well, Saturn.” Michael retorted. “Now calm down.”

Just then someone from the other end of the room began to clap their hands as they stepped out of the shadows.

“Bravo Mikey, your plan is working oh so well.” Azrael sarcastically remarked.
“What do you know about this?” I asked, looking over at Az out of the corner of my eye.
“Hey, I had no part in this. I was ordered to keep my mouth shut.” He answered.
“By who?”
“By the one who has his sword pointed at you.”

I looked back at Mikey as I clenched my fist even tighter. Ven and Thief tried to come in to see what was going on but the door had slammed shut in their face and locked itself.

“You don’t want to take me on,” Michael warned. “Besides what I did, I did it for your own good.”
“You just keep reminding yourself that when I’m kicking your ass.” I growled in a tone that didn’t sound the least bit human.
“Saturn, you have to listen to me...”
“Why? So you can lie even more?”
“Yahweh wanted you to face your dark side. He gave her life so you could face her.” Michael began to explain. “I knew if you had gone to battle with her you would have been killed.”
“And Yahweh?”
“He said you wouldn’t. He had faith in you. Still does.”
“Why would He do this? It makes no sense.”
“In order for you to be part of the Armageddon battle you and those around you must face their skeletons so to speak.”
“But why now?” I asked. “Why would he...”

I raised an eyebrow and Michael pretty much knew what I was thinking.

“Time is running out.” He calmly stated.
“Is that why what’s going on outside is....”
“No. That has nothing to do with it.”
“Then what the hell is that all about?”
“I don’t know.” Michael answered.
“Don’t lie to me, Michael. I know you just as well as you know me.” I growled.
“I’m telling you the truth.”
“Like hell you are.”

I started to leave the room before I stopped and stood next to Jordan. Looking over at him out of the corner of my eye. He had a look of worry on his face and I just brushed it off as I left. I opened the door and walked past Ven and Thief as they quickly got out of my way.

“Well, I guess it’s safe to assume she’s more than a little mad.” Azrael sarcastically remarked.
“We have to stop her.” Michael said. “If she comes face to face with her dark side...”

Jordan started to leave and Michael quickly stopped him.

“Where are you going?” Michael demanded to know.
“Move.” Jordan warned.
“Or what? You’re in no position to threaten me, mortal.”

That’s when Jordan clenched his fist and as soon as he did it began to glow a bright red hue.

“Move.” He said again.
“I’d move, Mikey.” Azrael spoke up.

So Michael did but acting like he could care less in the process.

“Her death is on your hands.” He calmly stated.

Jordan didn’t respond. He just left with Thief following right behind him.

“Where are you going?” Ven asked.
“To help.” Thief answered.

Meanwhile, down at the Pub, Bags had just went home eight hours earlier only to turn right back around and open the Pub up again. So it really shouldn’t have come to no surprise to anyone that he was leaning back in a chair and taking a nap behind the bar. Considering he seemed to have been the only one that was really put in the hours. The days were typically slow so it gave him plenty of time to “catch” up on some important business which usually just meant he was taking a nap or two. Sam and Nega were also in the Pub just drinking away. None of them knew what was going on outside seeing as the windows to the Pub were tinted and the T.V. in the corner remained off during the day shift.

“You know I use to crash weddings for free booze.” Nega remarked. “Always made sure to check things out before hand though. Seeing as most folks went cheap in that department.”
“But you still drank, I take it.” Sam pointed out.
“Oh yea.”
“Uh-huh.” Sam took a sip from his beer bottle. “And that’s your deep dark secret?”
“Hell no. That I’m keeping under lock and key. I’m not spilling my guts out like the others.” Nega replied.
“Uh-huh. Well it really doesn’t matter, Jim. Since half of the Familia knows anyway.”
“Wait... What?!.. How do they know?”
“You can thank your ex-wife for that.” Sam deviously grinned.

Nega grumbled a few words under his breath and Sam just continued to drink his beer.

“Saturn knows too.” Sam bluntly pointed out.
“She hasn’t said...” Nega began to respond.
“That’s not her nature. You know that, Jim. Besides, we all slip up from time to time even Saturn.”
“I know it’s just Lucy was in charge at the time and he threatened to...”
“Forget it, Jim. You’ve already been forgiven.”
“So what’s your deep dark secret?” Nega asked, taking a drink from his glass of whiskey. “Only fair to share since you know mine.”
“Well, you know my past before the Westies...” Sam started to say.
“Yea, you were addicted to drugs. So?”
“So I use to rob places for drug money.”
“And? I mean robberies happen everyday, Sam. I don’t see...”
“I killed someone.”

Both Sam and Nega sat in silence for a few minutes as they continued to drink.

“So what happened?” Nega finally questioned, breaking the silence.

Sam lowered his head, letting out a sigh as he closed his eyes.

“I was robbing a gas station.” He started to explain. “It had been raining and I guess the clerk had done a lousy job of mopping the floors. That’s all I can think of.. I mean... Anyway, I slipped and the gun went off. Before I knew it the clerk had hit the floor and I took off before the cops got there.”
“So you never got caught?”
“If I had I wouldn’t be sitting here with you.”

Just then Drew came running into the Pub. He was almost out of breath and about ready to pass out.

“Whoa, where’s the fire?” Nega remarked.
“Ven... wants...” Drew bent over for a minute to catch his breath. “She wants everyone at the house... It’s important.”
“Why? What could be...?” Sam began to reply.
“You guys haven’t seen?”
“Seen what?”
“Take a look outside.”

So Sam and Nega got up from their seats and went outside. As soon as they did they noticed the sky and the same thing everyone else has seen earlier. They both looked at each other and then back up at the sky. Not believing what they were seeing.

“Think it’s high time we woke up, Bags.” Nega remarked.

Jordan and Thief had now taken to the streets looking for yours truly. All the while, keeping an eye on the sky. They had doubts that they would be able to find me. After all I am kind of hard to track down.

“Can’t you use your feral thing to pick up her scent or something?” Thief asked.
“Not really. She’s hiding her scent from me.” Jordan answered, looking around.

The streets were bare and for good reason ever since the darkness appeared in the sky everyone remained in their homes. Fearful of what could happen or what was about to. Even those who had headed to work in the morning when the darkness first made it’s presence known abandoned their cars in the middle of the street. It was dead quiet and the only ones out besides Jordan and Thief were a news crew reporting to the public and keeping everyone updated on the mysterious darkness in the sky. Jordan and Thief walked by noticing but was not the least bit surprised. After all this is not the first time the human race had to face the unknown.

“You would think it was the end of the world.” Thief remarked.
“It could possibly be.” Jordan responded, as he continued to walk on. “Come on, we need to find Saturn.”
“What if we can’t...”

Before Thief could finish saying another word a flash of white light shot up into the sky. Neither one gave a second thought as they ran in the direction of the light. Five blocks down and they found themselves amongst rubble and half demolished buildings. It looked like a bomb had basically dropped in the middle of the neighborhood.

“What the hell?” Thief whispered under his breath.
“She was here.” Jordan said, walking over to the side of the street to pick up something.
“How do you know?” Thief asked.

That’s when Jordan held up the feather in his hand.

“That could have been....” Thief began to say.
“It has her scent.” Jordan cut him off.
“Oh, so how does that work by the way?”
“How does what work?”
“That feral thing. Do you like sniff each other like dogs and then remember the scent or...?”
“Then how does...?”

That’s when the sky began to rumble. Not sounding the least bit like thunder but more like a tank rolling through a battlefield. Jordan looked up at the sky and noticed something flashing within the clouds. He squinted his eyes a bit to try to make out what it was but it seemed next to impossible.

“What is that?” Thief asked, noticing it as well.
“Don’t know.” Jordan answered. “But I think we’re about to find out.”

Something flew out of the darkness and quickly hit the ground a few yards away. Shaking both the ground and creating a massive crater in the middle of the street. Jordan and Thief didn’t make a move as the smoke cleared. A hand reached out of the hole and then another while something started to lift itself out of the crater.

“We need to run. We need to run.” Thief kept saying, not wanting to confront whatever was coming out of the hole. “We need to go now.”

But it was too late to run because the figure now stood before them with it’s wings spread out. The being looked to be six feet tall and human except for the flames that replaced the pupils in it’s eyes and the other four wings that covered it’s body.

“Oh shi....” Thief muttered. “ What the hell is that?”
“A Seraphim.” Jordan calmly replied.
“Dude, that’s no... How do you know?”
“Saturn told me once.”
“But Saturn doesn’t look like... He doesn’t look like... Dude, this is getting too weird.”
“Where is she?” The Seraphim demanded to know.
“Oh crap, it talks.” Thief said, somewhat scared out of his mind.
“Where is she?” It demanded again.

Jordan now took a couple of steps towards the Seraphim. The Seraphim stood its ground somewhat amused that a mere human would approach him. That’s when he sensed what Jordan was.

“A Seal Carrier.” The Seraphim said, noticing his hand glowing a bright red hue. “You must be the one she talks about. Where is she?”
“If you mean Saturn. You’re guess is as good as mine.” Jordan replied.

Metatron and Gabriel appeared within a flash of light while standing next to Thief. Almost scaring him even more.

“Kemuel, what are you doing here?” Gabriel asked.
“Yahweh has sent me. He sensed Saturn was in danger.” Kemuel stated.
“Wait, He sent you? Then that means...” Gabriel stopped short from saying.
“What is it?” Thief questioned.
“Dark Saturn isn’t the only evil thing running loose.” Metatron answered for Gabriel. “And chances are she’s probably teamed up with....”
“Don’t go jumping to conclusions, Mets.” Gabriel interrupted.
“Not jumping. Just stating a fact. I mean it would make sense considering the darkness in the sky.”
“Can someone please explain what is happening?” Thief spoke up.
“Simple. Dark Saturn is working with Cain.” Metatron responded bluntly.
“No Mets, not possible. It would mean Yahweh’s plan for Saturn....” Gabriel began to say. “It just can not simply be.”
“Yea, but you and I both know it wouldn’t be the first time that man or a demon have tried to alter His plans.”
“Hold on, Michael told Saturn that what is happening with the sky has nothing to do with Cain returning.” Jordan pointed out.
“He lied.” Gabriel remarked. “Which doesn’t surprise me the least bit considering some of the things he has been pulling lately. At this point, Michael can’t be trusted.”
“Why?” Thief asked.

Both Gabriel and Metatron looked at each other. Neither one wanting to answer but knowing one of them has to.

“He’s gone rogue.” Kemuel responded for the both of them.
“Really Kemuel.” Gabriel whispered under his breath as he lowered his head and let out a sigh.
“So what he’s like not working for the good guys anymore.” Thief said, looking puzzled.
“No. We just don’t know which side he’s on at the moment.” Metatron stated.

The Familia now gathered in the living room having a meeting when the news interrupted a program on T.V. Apparently, a cameraman had caught the white light that had shot up in the sky and the reporter was making a guess at best as to what it was.

“It was Saturn. I know it was.” Nef stated.
“We don’t know...” Pops started to explain.
“It is her. Who else could make something like that? She was in trouble. She had to have been. We need to help her now.”
“Even if she’s in trouble we don’t know where she is.” Gordy brought up.

Jon and Joe entered through the front door both looking like they had been through a battle.

“What happened?” Tom asked.
“Demons.” Jon answered, heading to the kitchen.
“What the...?” Berls tried to ask, but Jon had already left the room.
“About five of those bastards jumped Jon and I.” Joe spoke up, taking a seat next to Dena on the couch. “So where’s your cousin?”
“She took off awhile ago.” Dena answered, feeling herself blush a little.

Jon now came out of the kitchen with a bottle of Jack in hand. Taking a drink every so often.

“A bunch of ugly damn... Where’s my brother?” He questioned.
“He went after Saturn.” Berls replied. “Why?”
“No reason. Just thought Saturn would pay him a visit seeing as she took off after I told her.. well you know.”
“Actually, she did.” Ven interrupted. “She about killed your brother before Michael showed

Thief ran through the front door about ready to collapse on the floor while doing so. Isis quickly rushed to his aid. Helping him to stand on his feet.

“We’ve... got... a... problem.” He said, trying to catch his breath.

Jordan was now walking through the streets with Metatron and Gabriel following right behind him.

“So what do you plan on doing exactly?” Gabriel spoke up.
“I’m going to find a way into Hell.” Jordan answered.
“Whoa, how do you know if she’s even there?”
“I don’t. It’s a hunch.”
“And what if she isn’t there?”
“Then I’ll search the Abyss.”

That’s when Metatron flew past Jordan and stood right in front of him. Preventing Jordan from taking another step.

“Move.” Jordan growled.
“No.” Metatron stood his ground. “You going to the Abyss let alone Hell right now is out of the question. You’d get yourself killed. Seal or no Seal.”
“Move.” Jordan said again as his hand began to glow a bright red hue.
“I’d think long and hard before trying anything foolish, Carrier. In case you have forgotten, I am not the enemy.”
“Then move.”

Metatron stood there for a minute staring at Jordan. And Jordan did the same. Not the least bit afraid of going toe to toe.

“There’s only one other being who ever challenged me, Carrier.” Metatron remarked. “And until now I only had respect for her. However, I also made a promise to a certain Seraphim to keep you from getting yourself killed.”

Without saying a word, Jordan raised an eyebrow in response.

“Yea, she knew.” Metatron continued. “You’re not the only one who remains two steps ahead.”
“She’s in trouble.” Jordan pointed out. “I’ll be damned if I sit back and let her... I need to find her. So move or I’ll move you.”

Metatron looked at him for a minute before finally stepping out of Jordan’s way. Jordan continued to walk on. Brushing right past Metatron as he did so.

“Why didn’t you...?” Gabriel started to ask.
“He’s scared.” Metatron interrupted.
“Of what?”
“What do you think?”

Jordan was now walking through an alleyway before a demon had decided to make itself known. Growling and snarling as it stared him down. Metatron and Gabriel weren’t too far behind when they saw the demon as well.

“Seal Carrier.” It hissed, sniffing a little.
“Uh....” Gabriel began to say while he looked around and noticed that there were other demons among them. “We’ve got company.”

Metatron tried to take a step forward but a demon quickly landed out of nowhere and stood in his way.

“Move.” He demanded of the demon.
“You have no authority here, Angel.” The demon hissed. “This is our playground now!”

Jordan’s hand started to glow the all familiar red hue once again. Which in turn attracted the attention of every demon around them.

“Don’t be stupid, Carrier.” The demon in front of him growled. “You’re nothing more than a mere human.”

Jordan didn’t respond as he lowered his head a little and a smile crept up out of the corner of his mouth. The glow now spread throughout his entire being as it got even brighter. Only to die out a few seconds later.

“Ha! So much for your precious Seal.” The demon laughed. “Get him!”

Every demon rushed after Jordan and just at that moment he began to glow an even brighter red hue. Looking like a wildfire in the process. As each demon got closer to him they would go up in flames. Jordan all the while remained still.

“Mets, is that...?” Gabriel tried to say.
“I see Saturn taught him that little trick.” Metatron chuckled
“What trick?”
“Remember when Saturn took out Poland’s army without laying a single finger on a soldier.”
“Same thing. Different Seal but same thing.”
“Oh... Oh!... Uh-oh.”

After every demon had been burned to a cinder, the glow that had surrounded Jordan’s body slowly died out. Both Metatron and Gabriel stood still all the while. Afraid to even move.

“Bravo.” All three heard someone speak up from within the shadows.

Jordan looked over to his right and noticed the familiar figure as it made itself known.

“Missed me?” Dark Saturn asked with a devious smile.
“Not really.” Metatron responded in a matter of fact tone.
“You look different.” Gabriel spoke up. “What’s.... your hair its purple!”
“I decided I needed a change.” Dark Saturn calmly stated. “I really got sick of looking like my counterpart.”
“You’re still a part of her no matter what you may change on the outside.” Metatron remarked. “What someone is is more than just mere looks. And speaking of your counterpart, where is she?”
“She’s around.”

Jordan now snapped and grabbed Dark Saturn by her neck. Lifting her up off the ground while he growled in anger. Both Metatron and Gabriel took a step back somewhat surprised by Jordan’s behavior.

“What the...?” She choked.
“Where is she?” Jordan growled as his hand began to glow a bright red hue.
“Kill me and she dies, Seal Carrier.” Dark Saturn retorted, trying to breath. “Now you really don’t want that do you?”

He held on to her for a few more seconds before finally letting her go. She fell to the ground but slowly got to her feet and brushed herself off.

“So where is she?” Jordan asked again.
“Cain has her.” Dark Saturn answered.
“Wait. I thought you and him were working together?”
“We were. Once he got his hands on her however, he kicked me to the curb. Apparently, the little bastard has an ego complex.”
“His father had the same issue.” Metatron stated.
“Huh. Anyway, I’d be willing to help you out on one condition.” Dark Saturn said.
“Forget it.” Jordan growled.
“Hey, you need me. Taking on demons is one thing but if you go up against Cain alone... Well, that’s just insane.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
“Fine. I’m sure Saturn would love to know that even though it was Michael’s idea, you were the one who sent me to...”
“Don’t you dare.” Metatron warned.
“What? Tell Saturn the truth. Nah, I wouldn’t do that to the Carrier. I know he cares too much about her that’s why he did what he did. Isn’t that right, Carrier?” Dark Saturn deviously smiled.

Jordan stood there not saying a word and she pretty much knew that she had gotten under his skin. Even though, he was trying not to show it she still knew.

“Look, so there’s no hard feelings I’ll help you no strings attached.” She said.
“Why the sudden change of heart?” Metatron questioned.
“Let’s just say I have my reasons.”
“Chances are none of them are good.” Gabriel remarked.
“Hey, give me some credit.” Dark Saturn replied.
“Give evil credit. That’s rich.”
“It’s not your decision, wing boy. It’s the Carrier’s.”
“I highly doubt he’ll let you...”
“She can help.” Jordan interrupted.

Gabriel looked over at Jordan like he had lost his mind while Metatron remained quiet and in the background.

“Are you insane?!?” Gabriel exclaimed. “What if she’s luring us into a trap? To our very own deaths even.”
“Gabriel.” Metatron finally spoke.
“No. First, we lose Saturn and now he’s going to get us killed.” Gabriel continued to argue.
“Gabs, calm down.”
“Don’t ever call me that. Only Saturn... just don’t ever call me that.”

Jordan raised an eyebrow somewhat surprised by Gabriel’s behavior.

“You’re not the only one.” Gabriel remarked, not looking at him.
“Well, this is nice and all. But I still haven’t heard an answer yet.” Dark Saturn spoke up.
“You heartless....” Gabriel began to respond.
“Look you can help.” Jordan quickly intervened before Gabriel could go off. “But on one condition.”
“And that would be?” She deviously smiled.
“You tell me everything you know about Cain’s plans.”

Thief had now filled in the Familia about what he had saw and what Jordan was planning to do. When Michael who had been absent for quite some time decided to make his presence known.

“Well, well if it isn’t the traitor.” Thief remarked.
“Traitor?” Michael raised an eyebrow, sounding somewhat confused.
“Kemuel spilled the beans that you went rogue, traitor.”
“Huh. That.”
“Yeah, that. So what gives?”
“Nothing gives.”
“Then why the sudden secrecy? What are you up to?”
“I don’t have to explain myself to you, mortal.” Michael scoffed as he headed for the other room.

Jon quickly stood in Michael’s way and prevented him from leaving.

“Move.” Michael said, not the least bit in the mood to deal with any mortal.
“Either you talk or...” Jon began to respond.
“Or what?” Michael interrupted in a mocking tone. “What can you possibly do? You’re nothing more than a half breed.”

That’s when something in Jon snapped. Before Michael knew what had hit him he found himself slammed up against the wall with the wind literally leaving his lungs in the process. The strength Jon was showing was anything but that of a half breed and the look on Michael’s face was that of fear and bewilderment.

“Talk.” Jon growled, holding Michael up by his neck with one hand.

Before Michael could say a word both Azrael and Raphael appeared out of nowhere.

“Crap, we’re late.” Raphael remarked, noticing Jon had a hold of Michael.
“He’s not worth it, Jon.” Azrael spoke up.
“Like hell he isn’t.” Jon argued. “My brother is out there risking his life and this son of a...”
“Whoa. Look, try to take a deep breath and calm down.” Azrael suggested.
“Az, he’s gonna kill Michael. I think we’re beyond taking a breather and calming down.” Raphael remarked.
“He should.” Thief added his two cents.
“You’re not helping.” Phoenix snapped back at Thief.
“Hey, he’s a traitor. As far as I’m concerned Saturn and Jordan’s blood is on his hands.”
“Correction.” Michael replied, still trying to breathe. “Their blood is actually on Jon’s hands. If he hadn’t told Saturn to begin with none of this would be happening.”

Jon let go of Michael and started to walk away.

“Where’s he going?” Nef asked.
“He’s upset because he knows I’m telling the truth.” Michael arrogantly stated.

Before anyone knew what had happened, Michael found himself on the floor wiping the blood from the side of his mouth while he looked up at Jon.

“Go to hell.” Jon growled as he turned around and walked away.

No one said a word. They were actually afraid to say anything until Jon left the room.

“Well that was uncalled for.” Michael said, getting up off the floor and brushing himself off.
“Uncalled for?” Azrael raised an eyebrow, not believing what he was hearing. “You’re lucky he didn’t kill you. How dare you blame him for something that would have happened even if he hadn’t told Saturn. How dare you pass judgment when you’re just as much to blame for this mess.”
“I had nothing to do with the darkness in the sky.” Michael replied.
“I’m not talking about that, Michael. I’m talking about your brilliant plan that was a failure from the get go. Not to mention the fact that you got that man’s brother involved. For the love of... how do you sleep at night?”
“Why are you here?” Michael quickly changed the subject, getting aggravated.
“Upset Michael?” Azrael remarked. “Could it be because you know I’m speaking the truth.”
“We came to save you from getting killed.” Raphael spoke up, feeling the tensing between the two and wanting to end it. “That and well we found out that no angel has been able to gain access into Hell since Saturn disappeared.”
“Wait, angels are allowed in Hell?” Leysa looked confused.
“Yea. We pretty much have access to any place or at least use to. It’s like someone has put up a barrier.” Raphael replied.
“Maybe God...” Berls started to say.
“Nope. We asked and it wasn’t Him.” Raphael shook his head.
“Cain.” Michael uttered the name, thinking out loud as he did so.

Everyone looked over in his direction while he lowered his head and shut his eyes.

“So it’s finally happening.” He said.
“Michael....” Ven began to question.

But he didn’t stick around long enough to answer her let alone hear her question. He vanished within a flash of light before anyone could blink.

“Well, that was rude.” Duchess remarked.

Joe, Tom and Preston’s hands began to glow all on their own at the same time. Each with their signature color.

“What the...?” Preston started to say, staring at his hand.

Ravyn flew in through an open window while glowing a purplish gray hue as she landed on
Tom’s shoulder.

“It’s Saturn. It has to be.” Leysa said, trying to sound hopeful.
“Or...”Azrael stopped short from finishing.
“Or what?”
“Don’t say it, Az.” Raphael shook his head. “You know she’s stronger than Cain. There’s no way he could....”
“Yea Raph, but you even have to admit Death has it’s limits.”
“Can someone please fill us in?” Bags spoke up “What exactly is going on?”
“The only time those Seals act that way is if another Carrier is temporarily borrowing or if that Carrier has...” Azrael didn’t want to say.

He didn’t have to because everyone in the room pretty much knew.

“No!” Dena cried while Phoenix tried to console her. “You’re wrong!”
“Saturn dead. Whoa.” Nega said, not believing it.
“Then what is up with the sky and the demons? If he wanted Saturn then why...? E.T. brought up.
“That I don’t know. I do know however that if we don’t find Jordan he’ll suffer the same fate as Saturn.”
“But she’s...”
“I know but now isn’t the time to mourn.”
“Hold on. Didn’t you say that the Seals can also react that way if another Carrier borrows?” Spaz mentioned.
“Yea. So?” Azrael looked puzzled.
“So what if Saturn...”
“Highly unlikely. It almost killed her the last time she did it.”
“Then what about Jordan? I mean it is possible, isn’t it?”
“Yea, but I don’t think he would even know how to.”
“Unless Saturn taught him.” Raphael interrupted, as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth. “And again, she stays one step ahead.”
“Look, we have to be realistic here....” Azrael tried to argue.
“You underestimate her, Az.”
“And some of you over estimate her.”

In the kitchen Jon was sitting at the table and drinking a certain someone’s stash of Jack while overhearing the conversation in the other room. He started to get lost in his own thoughts when his cell phone went off. A few minutes later, Phoenix went into the kitchen to check on Jon. When she saw that he had abruptly left she did not hesitate to tell the others.

“So where do you think he went to ?” E.T asked.
“Probably went to look for his brother.” Thief answered.
“Uh guys...” Ven started to say, watching the T.V. as she turned up the sound. “We have another problem.”

The news anchor was reporting on the massive amount of demons around the world running loose throughout the streets. Destroying everything and killing anyone who got in their way. A few cameramen dared to put their lives on the line as they captured footage of the demons. Everyone watched on in horror and disbelief as death was basically broadcasted live.

“A few here or there is one thing.” Bags remarked, shaking his head. “This is....”
“Chaos.” Thief finished for him.

Jon now entered the front door of my cabin while he looked around. Taking notice that someone had built a fire in the fireplace. It didn’t take him long to find the one who had sent the text message. She was sitting in a chair by the fireplace with a calm demeanor as she waited.

“She found me.” Helena said breaking the silence. “Long before she went to see you. I had to tell her, Jon. She needed to know the truth. I owed her that much.”
“You don’t have to explain.” Jon assured her, understanding completely. “Why did you text me though? Why not my brother or...”
“I couldn’t contact them especially your brother. I promised her I wouldn’t.” Helena now pulled a scroll out of her backpack that was laying at her side and on the ground. “She wanted me to give you this however.”

Jon took the scroll from Helena and unrolled it. He tried his best to make out what it said but he hardly knew the language. He did know though that it was Aramaic just by the different symbols. He saw me write a few symbols before when I tried my best to teach him. It does take someone a great amount of time to learn let alone grasp the language seeing as it is anything but easy. And he was one of those that had yet to fully understand.

“She found it.” Helena said, noticing the confusion on his face. “What you’re holding is the story of the Seven Seals of Hell.”
“Why? What would I...?” Jon responded, still confused.
“Saturn made it clear that if something should happen to her then she would want you to take over as Seraphim of Death.” Helena explained. “And that includes guarding what you hold in your hands.”
“Why me though?”
“She had her reasons. Those however only Yahweh knows.”
“Wait, would I also be carrying the first...”
“No. Once Saturn is... that is where ever she goes it goes with her.” Helena answered, trying not to think of my demise.
“So do you think what is happening has something more to do with than just her dark side?” Jon asked.
“If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t have contacted you. There’s a lot of demons in Hell who would kill to get their hands on what you hold. When Saturn found it she knew the dangers and what could possibly lay ahead. She however... well I don’t have to tell you. You know how she is.” Helena replied, as she leaned back in the chair.
“Yea, I do.” He said under his breath while looking at the scroll in his hand.

Jordan fell to his knees as he screamed out in pain. His entire being started to glow a bright red hue while he hunched over and slammed his fist into the ground.

“Met...?” Gabriel began to ask, glancing over at Metatron and noticing the look of shock on his face. “Well, okay then. I guess you don’t know either.”

The glow and pain went away and Jordan slowly got to his feet. Spitting out blood and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“What the hell was that?!?” Dark Saturn exclaimed, taken back by what had happened.
“Nothin.” Jordan responded in his Boston accent as he walked past everyone. “Let’s go.”
“No.” She said, standing in his way. “That wasn’t nothing. So what is it?”

Jordan just raised an eyebrow as he stood quietly looking at her.

“I know. I’m evil but unfortunately I have inherited some traits from my counterpart. You could call it a weakness.” She said, clenching her teeth in disgust.
“That’s funny because with Saturn its one of her strongest qualities.” Gabriel spoke up.
“You still have yet to answer my question.” Dark Saturn said to Jordan, ignoring Gabriel.
“I told you it was nothin.” He brushed past her while continuing to walk on.

That’s when she noticed Jordan’s hand dripping with blood.

“What the...? She whispered under her breath.

He saw out of the corner of his eye what she was staring at and quickly clenched his fist.

“Again, it’s nothin.” He calmly stated, keeping his back turned.

The Familia had now taken to the streets of downtown Boston to fight off as many demons as they possibly could and hopeful find any clues about yours truly. What they came face to face with was something none of them would have expected. The darkness in the sky gave way as both demons and angels fell to the earth battling one another. And the Familia found themselves caught in the middle of the fight. It was pretty soon obvious that the ratio of demons amongst everyone else was greater and that they were indeed outnumbered if not surrounded. That’s when everyone could sense it as they looked over in Berl’s direction. Where she had once stood she now laid lifeless in a pool of blood. A demon standing over her body with her heart in his hand and a devious grin on his face. That devious grin would soon be wiped clean. It was as though a switch had been turned on and before the army of demons knew it they were finding themselves on the receiving end of a losing battle. In an instant the Familia had turned into a pack of wolves tearing apart every demon including the one who had killed Berls. When all was said and done the streets were littered with the bodies of dead demons. The Familia surrounded Berls lifeless body. No one saying a word and no one really having to as Pops covered her up with his jacket. It was indeed a dark day for the Familia. Not only had they lost one of their own but the very same person who had brought them together and had kept the Familia from ever falling apart.

“What do we do now?” Duchess asked, feeling hopeless.
“We find Saturn.” Pops answered. “We need to.”

Dark Saturn couldn’t help but keep her distance from Jordan. She however wasn’t the only one.
Gabriel and Metatron were as well.

“I’ve never seen him like this before.” Gabriel whispered to Metatron. “What do you think it is?”
“He’s angry.” Metatron calmly answered.
“I know that. I’m quite sure everyone...”
“No, Gabriel. He’s angry with himself.”
“Why..? Oh.”
“A man’s heart can be burden with guilt, Gabriel.” Metatron stated.
“So can I ask you something?” Dark Saturn said to Jordan as she walked a little closer behind him.
“What?” He replied while he continued to walk.
“Why are you so willing to risk your life for her? What hold does she have on you that you’d want to catch your death?”
“There’s no hold.”
“Then what is it?”

Jordan didn’t answer and Dark Saturn couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at his reaction or lack of.

“Ah, so she does have a hold on you.” She remarked. “Does she know?”
“It’s not what you think.” Jordan sneered.
“Of course not. It would be foolish not to mention downright sinful for a mortal and angel to have anything more than a friendship.”
“This coming from someone that breaths sin.” Metatron remarked.
“True. But you have to even agree that there is a rule...” Dark Saturn started to state.
“If you’re talking about what I think you are.” He interrupted. “It’s not a sin.”
“But I thought....”
“You thought wrong. Besides, the man already made it clear that it’s nothing of that nature.”
“Um guys...” Gabriel began to say, pointing over to Jordan who had just passed out. “He just went down.”

Metatron and Dark Saturn rushed over to Jordan’s aid as Gabriel followed.

“Is he...?” Dark Saturn was afraid to ask.
“No.” Metatron answered as he took Jordan’s pulse. “He is weak though. There’s a church across the street. We can take him there for now.”

Jordan opened his eyes and looked around. Only to find himself standing in the middle of a field. In the distance he could see someone walking towards him. The sun was so bright that it was difficult to make out the person’s face until they got closer. When he finally realized who it was it almost blew him away.

“Saturn?” He whispered under his breath.
“Don’t tell me you thought I was dead?” I smiled while I folded my wings behind me and looking like I had just been through hell.
“No, it’s just... Are you okay? Where have you been? Is there anything I can...?”
“You have to go back, Richie-Rich.” I calmly stated.
“Just trust me on this one. Where I am you can’t be.”
“Why not?”
“It would kill you.”
“I’m not going to let you...” He started to argue.
“Go home.” I calmly interrupted him.

He looked at me for a minute with a raised eyebrow. Surprised a little by my behavior because usually I’d fight back. However, I was doing anything but.

“No.” He said, standing his ground. “There’s nothing you can...”

That’s when I kissed him. A few seconds later, he awoke to not only Metatron, Gabriel and, Dark Saturn staring at him but the Familia as well.

“Morning sunshine. We saw these three bring you in here and thought we’d join the fun.” Azrael sarcastically remarked.
“Where is she?” Jordan asked, sitting up and looking around.
“Wait, you saw Saturn? What did she say?” Nega spoke up, trying to hang on to some sort of hope that I was alive.
“Nothing.” Jordan answered as he tried to shake off what happened.
“Something happened.” Preston deviously grinned.
“Nothing happened.”
“Bull. Something happened between you two. So what did she do? Hand you your butt on a platter? Bite your ear off? What did she do?”

Jordan brushed past Preston while he ignored him and the stares he was getting.

“Man, he acts like she kissed him or something.”

That’s when it hit Preston and his eyes grew wide.

”So wait she preferred the Yankee over the Texan?” Bags sarcastically remarked. “Huh. Who knew.”
“Dude, not good.” Sam muttered under his breath.

Preston’s hand began to glow as he went after Jordan. Gabriel and Metatron quickly stood in his way.

“Move.” Preston sneered in a thick Texas accent.
“No Seal Carrier is allowed to strike down another.” Gabriel calmly stated. “It’s a rule.”
“Screw your rules.”
“They are not ours.” Metatron replied in a matter of fact tone. “And it’s more than a rule. It’s forbidden. If you two want to fight each other that’s fine. You’re just not allowed to use your Seals.”
“And what if I choose to?” Preston snapped back.
“Then your Seal will become evil and Saturn will have no choice but to kill you.” Helena spoke up.

Everyone looked at Helena and Jon who stood in the door way.

“And how do you know this?” Metatron questioned her.
“Come on Mets, you can’t honestly tell me that you thought Saturn was the only one who found out. Every demon even half breed knows what would happen if one of those Seals turn. Thanks to Lucifer of course.” Helena calmly stated.
“What is she talking about?” Jordan now looked over at Metatron.
“I know.” Jon spoke up, holding up the scroll in his hand. “Somewhat. Helena can explain it better than I could.”
“Saturn finally found it, bro.”

Jon didn’t have to say anything else because Jordan knew. They all knew.

“So Helena if you could...” Pops said, clearing his throat.
“It’s simple really.” Helena started to explain. “After Yahweh and Yeshua had created the Seals Lucifer created his own batch of Seals and not just the one for Titan either...”
“We know this already.” Drew responded, getting impatient.
“Then do you know that each Good Seal is bonded with it’s counterpart.” Helena remarked in a matter of fact tone. “Or that each counterpart of a Good Seal feeds off the sins of mankind making the counterpart stronger with each sin.”
“The Good Seals are sinless. Even if the Evil ones feed off the sins of mankind what does that have to do with...” Azrael began to state.
“Because the more the Evil ones feed the stronger they become and in turn go after the Good ones.” Helena remarked.

Everyone looked over at Metatron while he stood there with his arms folded and his head lowered slightly.

“She knew.” He continued. “She knew and she tried to stop the inevitable. That’s why this is all happening.”
“What are you talking about, Mets?” Nega asked.
“All of this. It’s not about Cain or Levi or even Dark Saturn over there.”
“Hold on, I was working for...” Dark Saturn began to interrupt.
“The Deceiver. Just one of the six remaining Evil Seal Carriers. That one is number two I do believe. Which would explain a lot considering Titan is dead so it’s only natural for the second Evil Seal Carrier to take over.”
“Mets, you’re talking like an insane person. What is going on?” Gabriel questioned.
“Simple. What we have ladies and gentlemen is a war that the Evil Seal Carriers started and they did so because of Saturn.”

No one knew what to say. And it didn’t take Metatron long to pick up on what they were thinking.

“She didn’t cause it on purpose. I assume after the death of Titan it got to them a little but when she went searching for that scroll and found it. Oh, they couldn’t have that. It would mean one of the Good Seal Carriers had the upper hand on them.”
“So wait they caused all of this because they were pissed off at Saturn?” Sam raised his eyebrow. “Why not just go after her directly? Why did they...”
“Because if they had she would have killed them.” Michael spoke up out of nowhere as he appeared from within the shadows of the room. “They know how powerful she is especially in this world. So they had to bring her to their world.”
“Well, look who shows up. The traitor.” Thief retorted.
“Not now boy.” Bags warned, shooting Thief a look.
“Come on. You can’t honestly...”
“Not now.”

Thief quickly backed off when he noticed the seriousness in Bags’s tone.

“They also had to make sure all of you were distracted.” Michael continued on. “Because they knew if they hadn’t, you would have stopped Saturn from falling into their trap. They’re smart, I give them that but that’s all I’ll give them.”
“Mikey, they couldn’t possibly figure out how to bring forth the sins of man.” Metatron tried to argue.
“You forget Mets, their Seals represent some of the Seven Deadly Sins. “
“Some?” Joe raised an eyebrow.
“Greed, Lust, Sloth,Wrath, Gluttony and, Envy. Pride was Titan’s but he’s gone.”
“Mikey, how do you know this? We don’t even know...” Gabriel started to state.
“I learned it while I was looking for Cain, so to speak. I also found out which is which. As to who they are that I wasn’t able to considering they are the ones who put the barrier up in Hell. However Mets, I just heard the little nickname you called the second Carrier.”
“So you’re wrong. Lust is the Deceiver amongst other things. Lust is also the only one who can change their appearance. I know this because I’ve crossed paths with her.”

Uriel appeared out of nowhere, folding his wings behind him as he did so. He slowly walked past Michael. Brushing past him and heading straight towards Dark Saturn.

“Uriel, what brings you here...?” Azrael began to say, noticing the look on Uriel’s face. “What is it?”
“Pride isn’t dead.” Uriel said, looking at Dark Saturn’s hand which she had clutched into a fist.

Jordan quickly caught on to what Uriel was staring at and started to approach Dark Saturn but she began to slowly back away. Somewhat afraid of what he might do.

”Impossible.” Ven retorted. ”Saturn destroyed it.”
“Is it true?” Jordan asked Dark Saturn and ignoring Ven’s remark.
“I don’t know. It might be.” She answered.
“What do you mean might be?”
“After you had... that is when I arose from the ashes something was.. It just showed up.” Dark Saturn found it hard to explain. “I don’t know how to use it much less activate the damn thing.”
“Then how do you know you have it?” Tom spoke up, asking.
“It glows every now and again by itself.” She answered. clenching her fist tighter. “When it first happened I knew it had to have been Titan’s because it seemed so familiar like a strong connection.”
“Like a sibling bond.” Pops spoke up.
“Well yea. I also think that the other Evil Seal Carriers know considering before I worked for the fake Levi or Cain or whoever, I ran into one of them and....”
“And what?” Jordan responded, raising an eyebrow.
“It saved me from death. Let’s leave it at that.” Dark Saturn shook her head, not wanting to explain it much further.
“Which one was it?” Michael questioned.

Dark Saturn lowered her head and closed her eyes as she let out a sigh.

“It was the fourth Dark Seal Carrier. Envy.” She finally said, her voice filled with fear. “She almost killed me.”

Everyone now looked over at Joe and he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy by the stares.

“Damn, it’s not like it was me.” He snapped back, feeling irritated.
“Would make sense envy does tend to lead to death. “ Metatron thought out loud. “What I don’t get is why haven’t any of them made themselves known? Any other demon we fought had eventually reared it’s ugly head but it seems like they choose to fight behind a curtain.”
“That or they’re busy getting their asses handed to them by Saturn.” Nega sarcastically remarked with a devious grin.

A few of the Familia members start to laugh a little until something or someone blew open the church doors. A strange whirl of smoke encircled the Familia before leaving out the door again.

“What was that?!?” Drew exclaimed.
No sooner had Drew uttered those words then a darkness filled the room. Michael soon caught on to what was about to happen and quickly shut the doors before anything could come into the room.

“What the hell..?!?” Phoenix began to say.
“It’s your sins.” Michael responded through clenched teeth while trying to keep the doors shut.
“What?” Sam raised an eyebrow. “Mikey....”

That’s when the doors of the church blew off it’s hinges. Shooting Michael across the church as he landed on the ground with a thud. Gabriel quickly ran over to check on him.

“Gabs...” Azrael started to say.
“He’s okay.” Gabriel interrupted him while checking for a heartbeat. “Barely.”
“Time to come out and play!” Everyone heard someone yell from outside.

Nega was the first to go to the door and look outside to see who it was. What stared back at him made him back away in fear.

“Jim?” Pops said, noticing the look on his face.
“What is it?”
“It’s us but...”
“But what?”
“It isn’t us.”

Before anyone could say a word the church grew darker as an aura made it’s way through the room. Stopping in front of the cross on the wall as it let out a hissing noise and exited the building. But not before taking Heinzs with it.

“Oh hell no!” Sam exclaimed while going after the aura.
“No!” Nega quickly stood in Sam’s way.
“Get out of my way, Jim.” Sam growled.
“Sam... Look, we already lost Berlie. You go out there and they will kill you.”
“And if I don’t, they kill Pops. Damn it Jim, get your head in the game.”
“It’s in the game. If you saw what...they’re not human, bro.”
“Jim, you once worked for Hell. What could possibly...” Ven spoke up.
“You don’t understand. None of you do.” Nega answered, still shaken up by what he had seen. “Whatever they are or whoever they are. They’re no product of Hell. No, they are something far worse. Something those damn evil Seals created.”
“Or we did.” Duchess spoke up.

Everyone looked over at her. No one could argue with what she had said because chances are she was right.

“So what do we do?” Nef asked.

Jordan looked over at the cross hanging on the wall for a moment before heading to the front door with his entire being glowing a red hue. A stone cold look washing over his face as the others followed behind him. Somewhat unsure of doing so.

“Did you see that?” Azrael whispered to Metatron.
“I did my friend.” Metatron replied.

Jordan stepped outside, only to find no one was around. Whatever had snatched up Heinzs had disappeared but not before leaving a clear message. Across the street laid the body of Heinzs. Ven and Bags were the first ones to rush to his aid.

“Is he...?” Phoenix asked.
“He’s dead.” Bags answered, finding no pulse.

No one said a word. How could they, both leaders of the Familia were dead.

“They’re sending a message.” Michael spoke up, as Gabriel helped him to walk across the street. “You go after them, you will catch your death.”
“Jon, can you open a portal to a world I need to get to?” Jordan asked his brother.
“Did you not hear what I said?” Michael remarked.
“Yea, I heard you.”
“And I’ll catch my death.”

Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing. None of them could.

“What are you afraid of?” Michael questioned him, now standing on his own without Gabriel’s help.
“I’m not afraid of anything.” Jordan answered.
“Bull. Saturn wouldn’t want you to risk your life for hers. So why are you so determine to die?”

Everyone slowly backed away. Realizing that a fight was about to erupt in front of them.

“Why are you so determine not to save her?” Jordan now threw it up in Michael’s face.
“Who says I wasn’t. I just know not to rush into things like a raging bull. You on the other hand are acting just like Sa... That’s it.”
“What’s it?”
“You’re afraid of taking over after she’s gone.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Then what is it?”

Before Jordan could respond he fell over in pain. Screaming out in agony as blood dripped off his fingertips.

“What the hell?” Joe muttered under his breath.

Jordan started to glow a bright red hue that nearly blinded everyone. Flashes of images ran through Jordan’s mind like a movie causing him to cry out in even more pain before dropping to his knees and falling over. The bright hue died out and Jon was the first to rush to his brother’s aid.

“Bro, are you okay?” Jon asked, helping Jordan to his feet.
“Where is he?” Jordan looked around, trying to regain his composure.

Jon let go of his brother and looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“Great. He’s gone loco!” Preston exclaimed. “Now what?”
“Hold on.” Tom spoke up, looking at his hand. “Our Seals were originally carried by certain disciples.”
“Yea but why would Peter been getting a hold of Jordan? His Seal was originally carried by Joh... Uh-oh.” Azrael remarked, quickly putting it all together in his mind. “Well, we screwed up. Wouldn’t be the first time though.”
“What do you mean we screwed up?” Michael remarked. “I didn’t have anything...”
“We all thought we knew who the Apostles were that carried the six Seals before.” Azrael ignored Michael. “But what if we were wrong.”
“Azrael, why would...” Gabriel began to say. “Jordan was even shown who carried his Seal before and...”
“Gabs, Why else would Peter show up? If he wasn’t part of one of the Seals at one point then why would he appear to Jordan?”

Everyone now looked over at Jordan. Who was still trying to get his wits about him.

“Jordan, did Peter say anything to you?” Gabriel asked.
“No, he just...” Jordan stopped short from finishing while he looked down at his hands.

His hands began to glow the usual bright red hue but something else was making itself known.

“It can’t be.” Michael uttered under his breath.
“Mikey....” Azrael looked at him.
“He’s carrying the Seventh Seal.”
“How can that be? Athena and his son are the ones who each carry....”
“I know how.” Metatron spoke up. “But it might be hard to believe.”
“Try us.” Thief remarked.
“Back in the days of the Apostles, the Seventh Seal was one piece rather than split in two. After Yeshua’s resurrection, He gave the Seventh Seal to Peter because by then it was too dangerous to be kept in Heaven. Then again, it was never meant to leave the gates of Heaven but of course things happen.” Metratron explained. “It wasn’t until it started to get too dangerous on earth and for Peter that the Seventh Seal was split in two.”
“Who was given the other half?” Tom asked.
“Saul or as you know him Paul the Apostle.”
“So how is it even possible to just give Jordan the Seventh Seal? I thought a Seal was part of a Carrier.”
“True but since the Seventh Seal was never truly given to it’s original Carrier at birth...”
“It can basically travel and be split in two if need be.”
“In so many words, yes.”
“Why give Jordan the Seventh Seal though?” Bags questioned.
“Because he wants me to use it.” Jordan interrupted, as he put the pieces together in his mind and began to walk away.
“Wait, can he...?” Helena started to ask.
“Use both Seals at once. Maybe.” Metatron responded. “But it’s dangerous to do so. The power of the Seventh Seal alone could...”
“Could what?”
“Kill him.” Azrael remarked in a matter of fact tone.
“This is insane. He’s mortal!” Michael exclaimed.
“And so were Peter and Paul. Or have we forgotten that, Michael?” Metatron pointed out.
“No, but he’s the last one...”

Before Michael could finish what he was saying he found himself being picked up by his neck. Choking for air as he struggled to see who had a hold of him. Jordan stood in the distance with one hand raised as he stared straight at Michael.

“Mets...”Azrael started to say.
“I see.” Metatron calmly answered.
“What the hell is going on?” Jon demanded to know.
“Seems your brother is now as powerful as Saturn.” Metatron stated bluntly.
“But Saturn is a Seraphim...” Tom began to point out.
“Exactly.” Metatron gave Tom a look.
“Crap.” Nega remarked. “Well, I guess we shouldn’t piss him off like Mikey just did. Speaking of which should we help Mikey or let Jordan kill him?”

Dark Saturn quickly dropped to her knees as her hand began to glow a dark aura. She tried her best to control her breathing as the pain became unbearable. Gabriel was the first to notice as he looked at Jordan and then Dark Saturn and back again. The more Jordan used both Seals the more pain Dark Saturn was in.

“He can destroy them.” Gabriel whispered under his breath.
“What Gabs?” Azrael asked, overhearing him.
“Look.” Gabriel pointed it out to Azrael and the others.

Everyone quickly noticed and began to put the pieces together themselves. Dark Saturn still in pain slowly got to her feet as the dark aura began to surround her being and travel everywhere.

“ENOUGH! She roared.

Jordan quickly dropped Mikey as he looked over to see what was happening. Dark Saturn
looked down at her hands and everywhere else around her. Scared out of her mind and trying to make sense of what was happening.

“Try to control it.” Metatron spoke up.
“How?” She responded, sounding scared.
“Guys, we’ve got company.” Gordy pointed over his shoulder as a group of demons made themselves known.
“Shi...” Thief began to say.
“It’s her Seal. They sense it.” Gabriel stated, turning his attention on Dark Saturn. “You have got to try and control it.”
“I CAN’T!” She exclaimed, still in pain.

Helena without thinking put her hand on Dark Saturn’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Within seconds Dark Saturn was able to control the Seal and the aura that came with it. Helena took her hand off her shoulder and breathed a sigh of relief.

“How did you know...?” Gabriel started to question.
“I didn’t.” Helena answered.

The group of demons now got closer and started to hiss at the smell of Seal Carriers and angels.

“Anyone got any ideas?” Spaz remarked. “Because now would be a good time to use them.”

Before anyone could say a word let alone react. A wave of darkness hit the demons dead on. Knocking them back and unconscious. Everyone looked over at were the wave had come from and Dark Saturn stood there with her arms stretched out and her hands up.

“Whoa.” Drew remarked.

Jordan tried to walk over to her but Gabriel quickly got in his way.

“No. You’ll kill her with what is in your hand.” Gabriel shook his head. “You can’t be near her.”
“I don’t think he will, Gabs.” Uriel spoke up. “If anything I think the combination of the Seventh Seal and his actually activated hers.”
“But her Seal is evil. It’s the opposite of what his...” Gabriel started to dispute.
“Saturn never destroyed Titan’s Seal, she disarmed him. And how do you think she was able to? Her Seal alone couldn’t have done it. Think about it, Gabs.”
“Impossible. There was no way she could have been able to get a hold of the Seventh Seal and use it with hers. She didn’t know how to safely transfer it out of...”
“But she did, Gabs. Peter taught her. Saturn had turned off Titan’s Seal and Jordan just turned it back on again.”
“That’s insane.”
“Is it? Think about it for a minute Gabs, it would only make sense.”

Gabriel knew that indeed it did. It had to. My Seal was simply not powerful enough at the time to stop Titan’s but if I had the Seventh Seal along with mine that would have explained a lot.

“So can every Seal Carrier get a boost from the Seventh Seal?” Preston asked, curious.
“Doesn’t work that way, Texan.” Uriel answered.
“Why not?”
“Because it will kill you if you’re not strong enough. And some of you are not strong enough.”
“I’m strong enough.”
“No, you’re not.”
“So what about Tom or Joe or Ravyn?” Preston questioned. “Are they?”
“Each of you are different. I can’t answer...” Uriel trying his best to get around the question.
“Holy crap. You mean to tell me I’m the only one. But what about my wings?”
“They got theirs before you got yours.” Azrael spoke up, being as frank as possible.
“So wait? I was the last one to...”
“Az.” Uriel lowered his head and shaking it.
“What? He needs to know.” Azrael remarked.
“What do I need to know?” Preston asked.
“Look Texan, truth is you’re the only Seal Carrier that isn’t strong enough to handle the Seventh Seal.”
“Ha ha.” Drew laughed.
“Why? Why am I the only one?” Preston demanded to know.
“It’s not you. It’s your Seal. It’s just not there yet.”
“What do you mean not there yet?”
“Yours was the last one given to its predecessor and it has been trying to play catch up ever since.”
“I see.” Preston said looking down at his hand.
“Doesn’t mean you’re not less any important.” Uriel tried to assure him.
“How long till I can...”
“I don’t know.”
“I see.”

Preston looked over at the lifeless body of Heinzs and then back at his hand.

“Preston.” Nega began to ask, noticing the look on his face.
“So what’s your plan,Yankee?” Preston asked Jordan, ignoring Nega’s concern.
“Plan?” Jordan responded, raising an eyebrow.
“Yea. We have to save Saturn, right?”
“You didn’t honestly think you got to have all the fun by yourself? Besides, she’s family.” Preston remarked. “And we’ve lost enough family.”
“What’s wrong with Preston?” Drew whispered to Bags.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say our Texan is growing up.” Bags whispered back.
“So what’s the plan?” Preston asked Jordan again.
“You have all lost your mind!” Michael exclaimed. “There’s no way you can possibly...”
“She’s family.” Ven interrupted him. “We don’t abandon family. If Pops was alive he would agree. Hell, Berlie wouldn’t even.... We just don’t. Not now nor ever.”
“There is no way you can even get to where she is. They have blocked all access to...”
“Actually.” Metatron spoke up. “There is a way but it requires the Seventh Seal and a little help from a half breed who has the ability to control the astral plane.”

Everyone now looked over at Jon who was smoking a cigarette and trying to ignore the stares.

“So what do I have to do?” He asked, letting out a sigh.

And that’s when it began. The beginning of the end and everything that would set things in motion. They didn’t know better and like any human they were just trying to do what was right.
But doing that simple act of right would set the wheels in motion for something much bigger down the road. I however digress, when they reached the world I was in, which happened to be something far worse than the Abyss and Hell combined, they about lost their minds at what they saw. No man could humanly imagine what they saw and if anyone was ever told chances are they wouldn’t believe it. A wasteland of demon bodies laid before them and the screams of the damn could be heard from within the distance. The smell of blood and sulfur filled their lungs and a few of the Familia members couldn’t help but get physically ill.

“What the hell is this place?” Nega asked looking around.
“Come on Nega, you don’t remember this place?” Azrael replied. “After all it was once home to you Soul Stealers.”
“You don’t mean...”
“I do. Welcome to what is now Tartarus. Another form of Hell.”
“What happened to this place?”
“The question should be what didn’t.”
“Jim, you know about this place?” Bags spoke up.
“I did a long time ago.” Nega answered. “Use to be a place for Soul Stealers and the Fallen to dwell away from the Abyss and Hell. It was also a place where the most evil were banished to by God.”
“Wait is this the place where God sent Levi?” Ven asked.
“No.” Metatron answered. “That place is more gruesome than this.”
“Are you kidding me?” Thief retorted. “There’s actually a place worse than this?”
“Unfortunately yes.”

Jordan quickly looked around as he picked up on a familiar scent.

“She’s here.” He whispered under his breath.
“What is he...?” Drew stopped short from saying when he noticed what was taking flight in the sky. “WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!?”
“Arch demons.” Michael growled, spreading his wings and taking flight.
“Azrael. Raphael. Uriel.” Gabriel said.
“We’re on it.” Azrael replied as him, Raphael and, Uriel took flight.
“Children.” Metatron shook his head while raising his hand. “Cover your eyes.”
“What?” Leysa looked puzzled.
“Cover your eyes.”

So everyone did as a flash of light quickly blinded the arch demons. Which caused them to lose flight and fall to their deaths.

“Aw Mets, come on man.” Azrael grumbled.
“You can uncover your eyes now.” Metatron said to the others.
“Hold on.” Tom spoke up, looking over at Metatron. “By any chance, was that the same... Where you ever in Sodom and Gomorrah?”

A smiled appeared out of the corner of Metatron’s mouth as he remained silent.

“You ruined all the fun.” Azrael gripped while him, Uriel, Raphael and, Michael landed on their feet and folded their wings.
“We’re here to stop the evil Seals and find Saturn.” Metatron bluntly responded. “Not play with arch demons.”
“You do realize there is going to be more coming?” Michael pointed out.
“I’m well aware and prepared.”
“Uh guys.” Phoenix looked around.
“Are you sure Mets? Because your flashbulb isn’t going to kill them all.” Michael retorted, ignoring Phoenix.

It took Ravyn to fly between Metatron and Michael and letting out a powerful caw using her Seal and, almost damaging the ear drums of both angels before they finally realized that Phoenix was trying to get their attention.

“What?” Michael said trying not to snap at Phoenix as he tried to get the ringing out of his ears.
“Jordan and Dark Saturn are gone.” Phoenix answered, crossing her arms. “Just thought you’d like to know.”

A few of the Familia members couldn’t help but chuckle and snicker until Michael gave them a look.

“Shouldn’t we have told them where we were going?” Dark Saturn said as she followed Jordan.
“They don’t need to know.” Jordan answered. “Besides, you didn’t need to come along.”
“Like Hell I didn’t.”

Jordan now stopped and looked over his shoulder at her. She took a step back noticing the stare and feeling a chill crawl down her spine.

“You’re not her.” He growled.
“No, but I am a part of her.” She reminded him. “Like I told you before I can help.”
“Yea, some help you can’t even....”

That’s when Jordan noticed Dark Saturn’s hand starting to glow a dark hue. Without thinking, he quickly grabbed Dark Saturn and pulled her away from whatever was about to swoop down and pick her up.

“What the hell was that?!?” She exclaimed.
“One of your fellow Carriers.” Jordan answered, looking up at the demon being that was flying around in the sky.
“It’s not human. It can’t...”
“They’re not like you. They never were.”
“How do you...?”
“I don’t know.” Jordan interrupted, looking down at his hand. “I just do.”

The demon now landed a few feet away, taking on a female human form as it walked towards the both of them. Keeping it’s eyes more on Jordan than Dark Saturn.

“Lust.” Dark Saturn whispered under her breath, realizing who it was while her Seal started to glow even more.

Lust stopped in her tracks with a smile appearing on her red lips as she checked Jordan out.

“Can I help you?” He calmly remarked.
“No, but if you play your cards right we might have a little fun later.” Lust deviously grinned.
“Where’s Saturn?”
“She’s around I suppose.” Lust felt somewhat appalled by the sound of my name. “Why worry about a child though when you can have a woman.”

Dark Saturn saw what Lust was trying to do and began to feel something stir inside her. She didn’t know what it was but something told her to react. So she did. Before Lust knew what hit her Dark Saturn had blasted her with her Seal. Sending her flying backwards and causing her to almost lose her balance before she stretched out her bat like wings. Lust immediately turned her attention on Dark Saturn and let out a hiss.

“Hands off.” Dark Saturn growled in response as her hand continued to glow.

Jordan was a little taken back by what Dark Saturn had done. She knew it but she kept her focus on Lust.

“Like you have any chance with him!” Lust laughed.
“Didn’t say I did. Just keep your damn hands off of him.” Dark Saturn responded.
“Or what?”

That’s when Dark Saturn’s entire being began to glow.

“I’m not afraid of you, child.” Lust sneered.
“Lust.” Someone said in a warning tone.

Everyone looked to see another demon in the distance taking on a female human form.

“She started it, Envy!” Lust exclaimed. “I was just trying to...”
“Our leader doesn’t want anyone hurt.” Envy reminded her. “They are to be brought to our leader alive and unharmed.”
“Alive and unharmed.”
“What about their friends?” Lust pointed out. “We still have to find them.”
“No, we don’t. They have already been taken to our leader.” Envy answered.

Jordan raised an eyebrow and Envy could tell what he was thinking.

“She’s not there, Carrier. Seems she’s good at hiding.” She remarked. “Once we bring you and her counterpart back however I have a feeling she’ll show herself. After all, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want the blood of her friends on her hands.”
“And if I refuse to come along?” He asked her.
“Don’t be stupid. You know what will happen if you don’t.”
“What? What will happen?” Dark Saturn spoke up, sounding puzzled.
“Everyone dies.” Jordan replied, lowering his head and letting out a sigh.
“So wait we just go with them?”
“But can’t you just...”

Jordan gave Dark Saturn a look out of the corner of his eye and she quickly fell silent.

“Let’s go then.” Envy remarked.

In the distance, a hooded figure stood on a hill watching what had taken place. Under his breath, he said a few words in Aramaic. Only to vanish a few seconds later within a flash of light.

“Jordan.” Dark Saturn whispered, noticing his hand glowing uncontrollably as they continued to walk.
“It’s nothin.” Jordan answered back in his thick Boston accent while trying to conceal his hand.

She knew better though. She knew he was up to something but had yet to figure out what it was. She also wondered if Lust and Envy had noticed his hand glowing uncontrollably as well. And then there was the way she had acted earlier. She tried racking her brain to figure out why she hit Lust. Did it have something to do with me? They now had arrived in what seemed like the center of Tartarus. There were six thrones made out of the bones of the damned that stood in front of them.

“What the...?” Dark Saturn started to say under her breath.

Jordan looked around for the others but they were no where to be found.

“Where are they?” He demanded to know.
“They’re around.” Lust answered, feeling somewhat tired as she sat down on her throne.
“Lust, we can’t sit down until our leader shows. Or have we forgotten the rules?” Envy reminded her.
“Who cares. She’s always late anyway.” Lust remarked.

That’s when a dark massive form of evil encircled them and as it went from one throne to the next, except for Envy’s and the one Lust was sitting in, a demon appeared on each throne. The last one to make itself known was no other than the Second Evil Seal Carrier. Who kept her eyes on Jordan as a devious smile formed out of the corner of her mouth.

“So He sends a mere mortal to defeat us.” She laughed. “I take it He ran out of options after Saturn disappeared.”
“Where is she?” Jordan growled.
“She’s probably somewhere licking her wounds.”
“Wrath gave her a run for her money.” One of the other evil Carriers snickered. “Hell, we all did. She didn’t stand a chance.”
“Gluttony.” Wrath warned, looking over at him out of the corner of her eye.
“So hold on you six are actually named after six of the deadly sins?” Jordan raised an eyebrow. “Actually, those are our code names.” Wrath corrected him. “Our real names no man can speak.”
“Our names are long before mankind’s time and tied to former lives.”
“So basically Lucy created your Seals but not you.”
“Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born carriers.” Wrath calmly stated.
“You’re right. Some seem to be nothing more than cheap copies.” Jordan remarked with a sly grin.
“Oh snap.” Dark Saturn said under her breath.
“That’s funny since Saturn made the same stupid remark. And well, we all know how that worked out for her.” Wrath pointed out.

The other five demons began to chuckle and laugh.

“Where are the others?” Jordan demanded to know, changing the subject.
“Seems we hit a nerve with the Second Seal Carrier.” Greed smiled a little.
“Where are they?”
“Don’t worry. They’re safe for now.” Wrath answered.
“Show me.”
“You are in position to make demands, human.”

Jordan’s hand began to glow and the demons couldn’t help but stare at his hand.

“Is he carrying....?” Gluttony said, wide eyed.
“Impossible.” Sloth spoke up, not wanting to believe it. “He’s human. It would kill him to even carry the Seventh Seal.”
“Wrath, what do we do?” Greed asked.
“Get him.” Wrath sneered.

One by one they quickly got to their feet and went after Jordan. Dark Saturn tried to intervene but Envy held onto her. Which in turn caused her and Envy to fight. The dark aura that had once before taken Heinzs out of the church now made it’s presence known as each evil Carrier used their Seal to give it strength.

“What the hell...?” Dark Saturn raised an eyebrow.

The aura surrounded Jordan. Taken both itself and him to the sky as it tried to take the very air out of his lungs while trying to enter his body. Seconds later, a flash of light filled the sky and almost blinded everyone. Something quickly fell to the ground and knelt down on one knee as it covered itself with a pair of black wings. The demons slowly backed away when the being began to stand on it’s feet and spread out it’s wings.

“No way.” Dark Saturn whispered under her breath.

Jordan looked down at his hands and noticed he was glowing a bright golden white. As he looked at the other demons, they could see the fire burning in his eyes.

“Where’s our aura?” Sloth demanded to know.
“From the looks of it.” Someone spoke up out of nowhere. “Dead.”

Everyone looked over at where the voice was coming from only to see Metatron and the others.

“How did you...?” Greed stuttered to get the words out.
“Funny thing, some hooded character came out of nowhere and broke us out of our restraints.” Bags interrupted. “Nice guy really. Even exchanged a few laughs and a couple of jokes.”
“GET THEM!” Wrath ordered.

As the other five demons went after the others Wrath kept her sights on Jordan. He raised an eyebrow at the sight of her hand glowing a dark maroon hue.

“No Seraphim to save you now, pretty boy. Just you and I.” She hissed.
“I don’t need her.” He calmly stated as his being continued to glow.
“Huh. Really? Your sins say otherwise.” She now tried to get inside his head.
“Don’t.” He growled.
“What? Ashamed of what you’ve done? You should be.”
“That was my past. You have no right to judge me.”
“You’re right I don’t but your soul is still stained even if your Seal is flawless.” Wrath deviously grinned. “Which in turn makes you weak.”
Wrath quickly jabbed her glowing hand through Jordan‘s chest. Grabbing a hold of his heart and began to slowly kill him from the inside out. Once the last breath in his lungs left his body, she let her hand slide out of his body as he fell to the ground.

“Man’s weakness is God’s strength.” Someone spoke up out of nowhere.

Everyone stopped their fighting to see where the voice had come from. In the distance, stood yours truly covered from head to toe in demon blood.

“You’re suppose to be dead!” Envy clenched her fist in anger.
“How many times do I have to tell you Hell hounds, you can not kill Death.” I sneered while my entire being started to glow a bright white hue.

From within my white hue formed something behind me that wasn’t human but what looked to be animal like.

“Is that a lion?” Thief raised an eyebrow.
“Can’t be.” Michael whispered under his breath. “She knew all along.”
“Hey Mikey, is that what you were talking about?” Nega asked.
“Yea.” He answered, still in awe at what he was seeing. “How she’s able to control it without...”
“What is it?”
“Something the Apostles were once blessed with, Yeshua talked about and is part of Yahweh.”
“It’s the Holy Spirit.” Tom spoke up. “The very soul of God.”
“But didn’t you say, Mikey. That it would kill her...” Bags began to bring up.
“Yea, it should. I don’t understand how she’s able to control...”
“Because she’s not controlling it. It’s responding to her Seal.” Azrael interrupted, noticing how the lion was now taking a physical form. “Remember Mikey, He put a piece of Himself in each Seal. So why wouldn’t His Spirit react to a part of Him much less those who carry a part of Him. If it worked for the Apostles and Yeshua....”
“Then it would work for them.” Nega now looked around at the other Seal Carriers.

The lion now made it’s way over to Jordan’s body. Sniffing it before looking up at Wrath and letting out a deafening roar. Wrath and the other evil Seal Carriers backed away in fear.

“Call it off.” Wrath cried.
“I don’t control it.” I calmly responded. “You killed one of Yahweh’s chosen, you went after the other Carriers and, you tried to kill me.”

The lion roared again and this time every evil Carrier dropped to their knees except Dark Saturn who watched on in complete shock and awe. The Seal that each demon was carrying floated out of their chests and entered into the lion. Killing the demons in the process and evaporating each and every one of them. The lion looked over at Dark Saturn for a second before turning it’s attention back on Jordan. Around the same time, I passed out and fell to the ground.

“SATURN!” Dena cried out as she tried to run over to where I was but Azrael quickly held her back.
“Not wise, doll.” Azrael said, noticing the lion quickly looking up at him and Dena.
“What the hell...” Joe began to say under his breath, noticing his hand was glowing a brighter shade of blue and seemed to appear almost crystal like.
“Uh, what is going on?” Nef spoke up, looking around at the other Seals as their hands and Ravyn’s forehead started to glow brighter and crystal like as well.

“It’s giving them the counterparts of their Seals.” Gabriel replied, noticing the lion’s eyes glowing bright with fire.
“What about Jordan and Saturn?”

The ground beneath them began to shake and crack open and up out of the ground rose Levi.

“What the hell is going on?” Drew exclaimed.
“Seems someone broke out of their prison.” Michael remarked, standing his ground. “We need to protect Saturn and Jordan.”
“Pathetic.” Levi hissed as he waved his hand and caused Michael and the others to fly backwards. Knocking them off their feet.
“Levi, what are you doing?” Azrael said trying to get back on his feet.
“Finishing what those pathetic excuses of demons couldn’t.” Levi deviously grinned. “Lucy was never able to quite master what God created. Damn him for trying though.”
“You stay the hell away from them!” Phoenix exclaimed, noticing he was walking closer to Jordan and I.
“And if I don’t?”

That’s when the lion let out a roar as it stood in Levi’s way.

“Move filthy beast.” Levi growled, raising his hand to blast the lion.

Levi’s power didn’t even touch the lion. Instead it bounced off and hit Levi dead on. Sending him backwards and knocking him off his feet. The others now got to their feet watching on as the lion closed in on Levi.

“DAMN BEAST!!!!” Levi yelled as he went after the lion.

A flash of light quickly stopped Levi dead in his tracks as someone stood before him.

“It’s... it’s...” Raphael tried to say.
“Yahweh.” Metatron said for him.

The lion sat next to the man dressed as a warrior while the man continued to keep an eye on Levi.

“You banished me before old man and it didn’t work.” Levi hissed. “So what do you plan on doing now?”

Before Levi knew what hit him he felt something go through his chest and come out. He turned around to see yours truly standing there with God’s sword in hand and surrounded by the glow of my Seal.

“How did you...?” Levi dropped to his knees.
“It ends here.” I growled, as I swung the sword and killed Levi with one swipe.

Levi’s body dropped to the ground and turned into ashes before everyone’s eyes. Around the same time, I dropped the sword out of my hands and feel to my knees before vanishing in thin air.

“What the hell?” Nega said under his breath before looking over and realizing that my body had never moved from where it had been laying.
“Was that her...?” Thief began to ask.
“Her soul.” Michael interrupted.

Yahweh walked over to Jordan’s body and knelt down on one knee as he placed his hand over the open hole in Jordan’s chest. Yahweh’s hand began to glow and the hole slowly closed up. Jordan took in a depth breath and started to cough as he woke up. It took both Azrael and Jon to help him get to his feet. Yahweh looked over at Metatron without saying a word and Metatron knew.

“We have to go.” Metatron spoke up.
“What about Saturn?” Nef replied.
“We have to go.”
“No.” Jordan tried to stand on his own two feet but finding it hard to do so. “I’m not leaving her.”
“Bro...” Jon began to say.
“No, she wouldn’t leave us. So why should we leave her?” Jordan now turned on Yahweh. “Don’t you understand they need her.”

Yahweh stood there with his arms crossed and a stone cold look on his face.

“We have to go.” Metatron interrupted.
“I’m not leaving her.” Jordan retorted, as he stared Yahweh down. “Either you bring her back or you can take back your Seals.”

Yahweh still didn’t respond instead he continued to stand firm and show no emotion.

“You can have mine back also.” Preston spoke up.
“Us too.” Tom said as Ravyn landed on his shoulder and let out a caw.
“Same here.” Joe added.
“Don’t any of you understand? If he takes your Seals back it will kill all of you.” Metatron calmly explained.
“We don’t care.” Preston replied feeling overwhelmed with emotion. “We want Saturn back. We’ve already lost Berlie and Pops. We can’t lose her too. We just... We can’t.”

Jordan noticed Yahweh lower his head and a smile appear out of the corner of His mouth. Around the same time a wave of light made it’s way towards everyone. Engulfing everyone and blinding any remaining demon for miles. As the light died out Jordan and the others found themselves standing in the middle of the streets of Boston. Yahweh however was no where to be found.

“What happened?” Nega asked.
“I think God just gave His answer.” Tom replied.

A few days had past and Jordan was sitting at his desk in his office when he received a call that made him rush over to Jon’s. As soon as he entered the front door Jon began to explain what had happened.

“She’s alive but when I found her in the field she was unconscious. Still is.” Jon said following right behind his brother as they headed towards the bedroom.

When they walked into the room Michael, Uriel and Azrael were standing beside the bed while yours truly laid unconscious on the bed.

“What happened?” Jordan asked. “I thought...”
“You were all willing to sacrifice your lives for hers. That touched the old man but....” Azrael hesitated.
“But what?”
“Standing up to Him takes balls.” Uriel bluntly replied. “Only Lucy ever did that and that was for power. However, it was different with all of you especially you Richie-Rich.”
“I don’t...”
“He saw what was in your hearts and He didn’t want to destroy that. So He’s giving Saturn back like all of you wanted.”

Meanwhile, Thief was walking past Athena’s room when she heard her talking to someone.

“And this is my favorite dolly.” Athena said.
“Who are you talking to, sweetie?” Thief asked as he opened the door slightly and entered the room.
“She’s talking to me.” Someone spoke up from behind Thief.

Thief turned around to see Heinzs standing there with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.

“Pops, how can you...?” Thief sounded confused.
“Guess who is Athena’s muse.” Pops continued to smile.

The rest of Familia soon found out of Pops and yours truly return and later on had a funeral for Berlie. Like any Familia member who has passed before the surviving members always made sure that the funeral was like one big farewell party. And with Berls’s funeral there were no exceptions. I awoke a few days later and found Jordan who was once again in his office. I sat down in a chair that was in front of the desk. Jordan didn’t say a word as he continued to type on his laptop.

“So I heard you threw a fit with God.” I said, sitting back in the chair.

Jordan stopped typing and just stared at the screen.

“Takes balls, Richie-Rich. There are only two people who have stood up to the old man like that.” I continued.
“I thought Lucy was the only one.” He answered.
“Actually no, there was someone else.”

He looked at me and I just smiled a little.

“You can’t honestly think I was a saint.” I sarcastically remarked.
“You didn’t have to sacrifice yourself like that.” He replied.
“And I told you to go home.” I pointed out. “Besides, if I hadn’t done what I did you and the others would have been dead.”
“I don’t...
“Just know that part of my Seal can only be controlled if I’m not in human form. In a sense I had to die.”

Jordan went back to typing on his laptop and I could tell I had struck a nerve.

“I told you I wouldn’t be around forever, Richie-Rich. Besides, you know how to use the Seventh Seal if need be and you’ve got....”
“You didn’t need to die.” He cut me off.

I sat back in the chair and for a moment put myself in his shoes. Yeshua always taught me to do so in cases like this. To see from the other person’s view, so to speak.

“I know what you did.” I said. “With the whole Dark Saturn fiasco... Speaking of which where is she?”
“She took off after we were sent back from Tartarus.” Jordan responded.
“Anyway,” I shook my head a little as I got up to leave. “I understand why you did what you thought you had to. And to be honest, if I was in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing.”

I made my way for the door and that’s when Jordan brought up something that threw me off guard.

“Is that why you kissed me?” He asked out of the blue.
“I... You must have been dreaming.” I answered.
“You were dreaming it, Richie-Rich. Never happened.”

I left before he could say another word. Michael was waiting in the hallway and a devious smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t say it.” I warned him while I walked past.
“Didn’t have to.” Michael sarcastically stated. “So did you tell him?”
“No. And we’re keeping it that way.”
“Keep your mouth shut. That’s an order.”
“Yes ma’am.”

Meanwhile in the middle of Negev the ground began to rumble and split open as a being made its way to the surface. Brushing the dust off of his shoulders he looked around and spread out his demon like wings.

“This should be interesting.” He remarked, with a devious grin. “I wonder where that Seraphim is hiding? Come out, come out wherever you are Saturn.”

The End

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Music List for Poetry Familia 18:

1. Coldplay- “Fly On”, “Up With The Birds”
2. ShineDown- “Enemies”
3. Imagine Dragons- “Hopeless Opus”, “Nothing Left To Say Now”, “Lost Cause”
4. Linkin Park- “The Messenger”, “Waiting For A Light That Never Comes”, “I’ll Be Gone”
5. Trapt- “Too Close”
6. Flyleaf- “Arise”
7. 3 Doors Down- “Round And Round”
8. StoneSour- “Red City”
9. 30 Seconds To Mars- “Do Or Die”
10. Matchbox Twenty- “Our Song”
11. Foo Fighters- “In The Clear”

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Hello LadySaturn, If this were a movie I'd say Oscar contender, if a made for TV episode I'd say Emmy a stage play. Oh well you get it by now I enjoyed the way in which you turned words into a visual experience for this reader. Congratulation's on a continuation of the Saga. Well Done. Take Care
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:oops: :oops: :oops:

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I love you, Saturn. I feel like in the last decade so many people have changed, I have changed, a few times. Yet you remain the same, caring, loving, generous person we all met long ago. Thank you for that, and for not forgetting those of us who forget ourselves.
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:shock: :oops:

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I must echo Terry's comment. Thank you for the love you have continued to bestow on us. :hearts: :hugs:
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