Chapter 9, the house on east 14th street

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Chapter 9, the house on east 14th street

Post by burdick » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:40 am

Chapter 9, the house on east 14th street
The house finches in the garden that Antonio hadso carefully planned had found a place in the folly that the English sparrows had overlooked, and they were busy nest building in it. The morning was fresh and clear so Hacivat and Karagoz sat in the folly drinking their coffee in a yard filled with green. Thetulips were a little past their prime, and a few yellow and gold petals were on the black loam or fresh grass. The few bugs that were city dwellers had been great reduced by the birds.
(Karagoz) Liz and I are off the Canada this time,. I guess we will be gone for about three weeks .”
(Hacivat) “a hard life, I know. How are the kids?”
(Karagoz)“Fine. Everyone is hoping for a girl this time….me too! I think I will retire from escort duty soon, however. I have enough saved now so that , with a job as security person here and the free apartment, I can relax.
(Hacivat)” you’re an animal. What is it? Are you wearing out, tired of workouts at the ‘y’, or is there an ethical question starting to grow for you?”
(Karagoz) “ oh, I’ll keep my hand in (wink, wink), but a little of all of those , I guess. I’ll go get breakfast ready for us…come in in a few minutes.”
Hacivat sat quietly for a while, and then closed his eyes. He saw a spot of light , weak and in the distance. It became a tunnel, with an open doorway at the end, through which the light was shining.
The tunnel became stone, with doorways and side tunnels leading off of it.
He began to move down the hall towards the distant light.
Doors that he passed beckoned to him, to be opened.
He continued down the hall. The light became more intense, more inviting.
The clear white light was radiant, he was at the doorway.
Somehow he sensed that passing through the door was an act to take very seriously.
And one that he had refused before.
He stepped into timeless light.

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