chapter 8, the house on east 14th street

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chapter 8, the house on east 14th street

Post by burdick » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:35 am

Chapter 8, the house on east 14th street
In a carefully furnished quiet library on Long Island the one percent played at being productive. Far from embarrassing realities like reeducation camps one could listen to good music, sip aromatic coffee, and do” good”. Those things that might intrude into the personal life that conflicted with the ideal of society? To be ignored, simply bad taste. Why not? It has always been so.
Cornelius smiled and turned his jaded mind to religion. His pet project in Turkey looked at rough water caused, he thought, by religion. The father of modern Turkey had created an ideal secular state from the rubbish of a once great empire. His audience was the educated people of the cities, most of whom had lost the passion of Islam in the wealth of the world; the mass of the people, the peasants of the countryside, the people who were the midwives of the nation..well they were used to following a strong leader, and Ataturk was one! But the passion of Islam burned in them. In time, they left their farms, came to the city for the good life. They started to vote and carried their passion into the mix.
Ah, but Ataturk knew his people and he built into the structure of the government a correction factor. If the passion of religion should flare, the army was to step in and correct things. Surprising enough., it worked. Well…most of the time. Cornelius thought the government that the foundation had to work with was a little too passionate about religion. Somehow, he had to weave the elements of the army, and the government into a net to protect and aid the work to be done.
Perhaps they could work out an arrangement where the Turkish navy base opens one on its’ buildings and clears harbor space for their use.
Let’s see, the grant calls for the first year to be a preparatory year (buying equipment, etc.). the second year is data gathering (data to be stored in cloud, available to Turkish government. In the unlikely event of object recovery, they (it) would be secured by same). The third year is data analysis and write-up. (might still need equipment that year)
Ok. I’ll have them put in the grant, that they will return all equipment (the boat especially a Lagoon 440 built in 2008 with twin Engine Yanmar 54 hp with saildrive transmission, engine controls external location on the fly and inner chart table. ) to the Pierpont-lodge foundation in Cozumel . The parents have a home there with a docking site.

Nigar and Karagoz sat in the front room of his basement apartment with the house plans for the two brownstones,
“It’s not going to be easy to get the two basements together, “, remarked Karagoz, “ Their lay out is much more complex than the upper apartments. I’d suggest leaving the two heating systems just as they are. Both are only a few years old.”
There was a buzz, and Antonio was at the front door. He had been given his own set of plans and he unrolled them with a flourish! The original ones were covered with black notes, and red marks.
“from that! To this!”
And he unrolled a new set of plans.
The second stairwell was gone (giving more space)
There was one utility room.
There was only one exit from the basement to the yard.
There was a plan for the yard It was impressive and they went over it carefully and changed it very little.
“OK”, said Nigar after a while, “Karagoz, you have an escort job with Mrs. Pierpont-lodge. She needs to go to the family home in Cozumel. I think it will take about 2 weeks, so while you are gone, Antonio will do your apartment and the yard.”
After some more planning, and small talk, Antonio left.
(Karagoz)“I didn’t know about going to Cozumel, What’s up?”
(Nigar) “Looks to me that you have some job security. Mrs.PL’s biological clock is ticking loudly, Mr.PL likes you. The Pierpont-lodges and the Cabot’s both are looking at grandchildren (plural that is). They are all pleased with their red-haired Edward.
Have fun! There’s an airfield on the island so you can use the family plane.
Scuba diving is still one of Cozumel's primary attractions, but if you don’t like that you can see Tulum, or go fishing..
Don’t get too tired, several of Mrs. PLs’ friends need escorting when you get back”
(It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it, Karagoz thought)
Aimone, Jacobs, and Chalabi met in the new office of the Makonnen cooperation in the E 57th St, Tiffany and Company building for the annual meeting of the cooperation
. Under old business,
Salaries: $375,000.
Capital expenses: $150,000.
Total: $525,000.
Buy/sell history:
Casino Operator Pinnacle Entertainment ( buy at 12, sell at 16)
Hyperdynamics Corp (buy at .6 sell at .7)
Ford (buy 9.2, sell at 11.5)
General Electric (buy 18.8, sell 23)
Profit / loss +1.63 million
Ten thousand shares created: one thousand shares to Makonnen, Jacobs and Chalabi each issued 500 shares.

Under new business:
Change the name from Makonnen cooperation to Makonnen Fund (passed)
No dividends to be paid (passed)
No increase in salaries (passed)
Shares to be priced at $2500 each (passed),sold only in lots of 100 (passed)
Fund buys 6 Peruzzi cut, 33.73 carats fine, Alexandrite for$ 1,200,000.00 (passed)
Makonnen buys 400 shares (passed), note ,he now owns 2400 shares.
At the end of the meeting Eli passed Aimone a small box containing the finished ring and three recut pink diamonds, without comment.


Nigar , Sun-ja, and Aimone got to the Ghenet about 6 o’clock that evening. Sun-ja was wearing her ring for the first time, which Nigar thought a little unwise, but said nothing. They decided to all order different dishes, so they could sample them.
Nigar: Asa Tibs Fried fish served with salad or collard greens
Sun-ja: Engouday Wett , Mushrooms cooked in a flavorful berbere sauce with a blend of spices
Aimone: Kitfo, Finely chopped prime beef seasoned with mitmita and nitir kibe
Nigar tasted everything, looking for something that only burned a little, but in vain. Sun-ja and Aimone blissfully ate in contentment, not aware of her distress. It was lucky for her that it was a big salad!
“I know sun-ja has been speaking with you about our plans, but I’d like to go over them with you now, if you don’t mind. We, of course, will bear all expenses.
We would like to have Antonio do the designing….giving him pretty much a free hand. We would like the two floors have an interior connection, remodeled into three bedrooms. One of the balconies would be made into a greenhouse. Because both of us think the Sunday evening supper is such a good idea, we would like to have a large dining room designed, mostly for that meal.
You and sun-ja have ideas for the backyard, and I will also fund that too.
I think one of the main reasons this is good idea is that young man in the basement. I feel he adds to the security of the building. All of this adds to the value of your property, as long as it is done in good taste, and I think Antonio will do it well.”
Having already worked all this out with sun-ja, Nigar agreed.
They spend the rest of the evening in pleasant conversation.

Eulalie Casas was going to P.S. 041 Greenwich Village and loved it! It was rated as one of the top elementary schools in the state. She sat in her sunny bedroom reading the booklet that the school had given her about the fifth grade. She turned to the section on getting ready for middle school :
“As your child gets ready to enter middle school, both you and she both probably have some concerns. As a parent, you're concerned about her learning enough to be prepared for high school. She's worried about finding her way to English class. You want to be sure she's safe as she travels to and from school by herself for the first time. She's worried about whether she has the right haircut. You both hope she'll fit in, make new friends, and not be too overwhelmed by middle school homework.
As a parent, your concerns are likely to be about the big picture, such as whether middle school will prepare your child for a successful future. She's probably more worried about basic concerns, like knowing how to open her locker on the first day of school. Recognizing this difference in her worries and concerns will help you support her while keeping your eye on her overall progress. Here are some tips to get you both ready for this new adventure:

Help your child get oriented

Call the school to see if there is an orientation for new students, and encourage your child to attend. If there's no orientation, ask if you and your child can go look around a day or two before school starts. Together you can locate important places like the office, his locker, the cafeteria and restrooms. Lockers often top the list of middle schoolers' worries. Buy a combination lock for your child to practice with over the summer. This will keep your child from fumbling with his locker the first day and help him get to class on time!
Practice getting to school and plan for emergencies
If your child will be getting to school on her own, practice the route a few times before school starts and talk about places she could get help if she needed it. Businesses, bus drivers, or homes of people you know are good possible spots for help. Be sure you and your child are both confident in her ability to get to school alone.
Encourage the buddy system
If your child is worried about facing the first day of school alone, encourage him to call a friend from elementary school who'll be attending his middle school and arrange to meet before school or at lunchtime. Making plans for lunch will calm fears he might have about facing a crowded cafeteria alone:“…
.{.Eulalie thought….wow, I just get to a new school and get settled, and I have to get ready to move again!) She was even more surprised to realize she actually was looking forward to it!

As for the rest of the family?
The family found a church (Church of Saint Joseph) which they at home with, and found that they enjoyed city life in the (cold) east.
Laurita Casas had registered as a teacher in New York State and was taking work as a substitute teacher.
Emerico Casas was working with the former director of the firm who would retire in three weeks. The job was everything he hoped it would be.


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