chapter 7

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chapter 7

Post by burdick » Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:15 am

Chapter 7, the house on east 14th street
Kurt and Karagoz left in the car late on Sunday afternoon. The driving was easy so Kurt was able to relate the results of the meeting in some detail. Mr. Pierpont Lodge had graduated from Boston University, become interested in archeology, giving money to the department in support of their research, and had an honorary doctorate from them.
Mr. Günay had suggested that a research part of the university be established near Lake Van. This was an excellent suggestion, but was rejected because of the age old conflict with the Armenians and the Kurds. It would have aligned the university with an altogether too conservative government.
The discussion then centered on The Cide Archaeological Project (CAP) an international collaborative project with Leiden University, University of Glasgow, and Tevfik Emre Şerifoğlu. The site for the Boston University campus would be in Trabzon which would not have the same problems as Lake Van. It would strengthen Karadeniz Technical University in the city. The area was rich in unexplored archeological material. The Turkish government would be positive for such a move; it would be in line with their goal of moving population and resources from the east of Turkey.
The dean was to propose a grant to be funding by the Pierpont-Lodge foundation, funding dependent on agreement by the Turkish government. (Around 3million the first year)
Kurt then moved from the subject of the meeting to “Mr. PL”.
“Mr. PL was please to meet you and hopes you will be able to escort Mrs.PL when he isn’t able to go with her. He would have liked her to have traveled with someone on her recent trip to London, but he wanted you for the meeting…esp. with your clearance from ASA and the Turkish Army.”
They continued to talk, mostly about life in the armed services and things they found they had in common. It was pleasant, and soon Kurt, later in the afternoon, dropped him off at the house on east 14th street.

A week later, came a tapping at his inner door.
It was Nigar. She carried her own mug full of steaming coffee, walked in and sat in the guest chair. Cicero (who had been sleeping on Karagozs’ bed) jumped down with a loud thump walked over to her and jumped up into her lap, quickly curled up and started to purr loudly.
“Liz. (that’s Mrs. PL to you) is back and happy. She found a perfect nanny, who will come in a few weeks, hopefully before the baby. Mr.PL likes you, and wanted to hire you for the household staff, Mrs. PL told him no…that she liked the situation as it is. She and I had a nice long talk about it, and I am to play “Father” and talk it over with you.
Liz likes men…..all sorts of men….a lot.
You like women ( a lot)
The Koch’s and the Pierpont-lodges families are looking at the end of their lines. They want children. Lots of them.
There are a few problems.
Cornelius st james Pierpont-lodge is both sterile and gay (deep in the closet)….and yes, Kurt is there in the closet with him.
Liz really does love Cornelius, and she also (in a different way) loves you, esp. your body. She doesn’t want to deal with the two of you together…..too confusing! But apart is nice.
Now, while Liz gets along with men, she has problems with women. She has women friends who are very close, and she has women who she hates. For your “additional services” I will have to screen out those ladies. This will keep Liz happy.
Now then, do you want to keep Liz happy?”
“Wow!” exclaimed Karagoz, “where do I sign?”


Mrs. PL was just going into Hampton court palace, when her waters broke, and she had her first contraction. She was rushed to Molesey Hospital where she delivered a 3.58 kilogram healthy baby boy who, as she and Cornelius agreed was named Edward George Pierpont-Hodge. She was registered as “settled” when she gave her Thames Ditton address. ( this gave little Edward the right to claim dual citizenship ).
The nanny was informed and moved into the little house in Thames Ditton, and made ready the nursery. By the time Cornelius and Kurt got to England, Mrs. PL , George, and the nanny had things well in hand. Cornelius and Kurt went over to the Hampton Court Motor Company and bought a MINI 1.6 COOPER 5DR Auto to leave at the house (and to do a little pub crawling).
Mr. PL and Kurt found a pub in Kingston-upon-Thames that suited them well. The pub was friendly, and they liked the Merrydown still cider, with a plate of mixed chesses.
The house was livable but needed some repairs and it had never been remodeled after serving as an office for a dentist. . Mr. and Mrs. Both wanted to keep it . There was a small building in the back that could be made into a caretaker’s cottage, and the lot in back of the house was really quite large (narrow, but large and undeveloped).
Thames Ditton
They met with C N Building Services and agreed on a plan for the cottage and for repairs to the main house, and then Mr. PL interviewed couples until he found one that seemed appropriate. The man was to keep the house in repair, and the grounds clean (and put in a bee hive in the back to get the honey from the lime trees next door). The woman was to be both housekeeper and when needed, cook. It was a little upscale for the neighborhood, but it pleased Mrs. PL.
On Sunday, with the churches in Kingston competing in change ringing, they all started the journey back to Long Island, leaving the new caretakers in charge.


Back in Greenwich Village things were moving smoothly ahead. Chalabi had gained access to a number of people in the near east, had gotten and accepted a bid of 3.9 million dollars. The money and the stones were transfer and the cooperation ready for Chalabi to seek investments.
The person, to whom the two diamonds were sold, planned to have them set for he and a wife, and worn for the first time to the next coronation of a British monarch. The larger stone he named “the Queen of Sheba”.


Eulalie, Laurita, and Emerico Casas were headed out of Denver on interstate 70. Both Laurita and Emerico had been affected by the attitude, and were looking forward to the climb out of the high attitudes. Both had trouble sleeping, and Laurita had some bad headaches. Eulalie was having fun, and she really liked los Vegas, but she missed her friends too! The adults too, had mixed feelings about moving. They were a part of the community back in California, what sort of life would they find in the east? The soft fur of Jiggs was comforting. They made a brief stop in Topeka, Kansas to say hello to a cousin who they hadn’t seen for years. She and her daughter lived downtown in a little apartment over a Subway restaurant (the corner of Kansas Blvd. and 10th street). After the visit, back in the car Eulalie commented on how small the apartment was.
Emerico was concerned that they would find the apartment too small. He should not have worried, for at that minute Nigar had plans.


Nigar sat in her front room petting Cicero who purred contently on her lap. She studied the printout of her financial situation that Sun-ja had given her.
The brownstone next door was for sale. Houses were as low as they would get and mortgages were bargains. She had way too much capital and needed to invest.
She could buy the house, cash in on the low rates, and improve the property she now owned. Some of her friends had done this, and then opened doorways in the apartments between the two buildings. This made a large apartment on each floor, and improved the value a lot! It was sad that she had been too hasty and locked the upper apartment into a three year lease….ah well.
Sun-ja was too valuable as a computer genius and accountant to risk her displeasure.
Mr. Makonnen would feel no pain to pay for his expansion.
As to Karagoz?
Why would you kill the gander that gets you the golden eggs?
Even so…
She telephoned an offer, which was accepted two days later.


Cornelius Pierpont-lodge had struggled through the detailed grant application that dean Thomas had sent to him and the response from Ertuğrul Günay. He was following his usual pattern for such a task, and so would now try to reduce it to the simplest elements.
1) Trabzon had been chosen as the site as it would allow the research to link with the Cide Archaeological Project (CAP) project.
2) Trabzon offered a rich, relatively unstudied field for archeology.
3. The activity would draw welcomed resources and people into the area.
4) There were several buildings in Trabzon that were presently vacant and owned by the government that could be used, and given security services by it.
5) The focus of the research would in the Black Sea near Trabzon and would require the purchase of equipment. Storage and maintenance of the equipment would be provided by the Turkish government group stationed there.
6) a fellowship would be offered to qualified persons at Texas A & M
7) The grant was to be for three years and a report given to all parties at the end of the project.
8) the chief investigator would be a proven underwater archeologist
9) (Not clearly spelled out in the grant) money needed from him. $ 3 million
He called Kurt into the library, handed him all the paperwork and said:
“Would you review this? I think I will approve it, adding a large Catamaran. The catamaran could be used by the research team during the project, but after would remain my personal possession. You know diving better than anyone I know, and I’d like your opinion.”


Nigar closed on the purchase of the brownstone next door, and called Mr. Casas on his cellphone to tell him that the apartment was being enlarged and some work would probably be still going on when he and his family moved in. It was Tuesday and they planned to move in on Sunday. He was so pleased to hear it would be larger (And at no extra expense to him!) that he said that the mess would not make any difference to him.
Nigar then called Antonio told him what she wanted (an archway connecting the living rooms on the fifth floor) in the two buildings, and the rooms in that new section on the fifth floor, painted.
No, not by two weeks……… by Sunday.
My dear, it just couldn’t happen.
How much?
So, by Sunday, the fifth floor apartment had been enlarged and painted. It still needed additional work (like the removal of the second kitchen) but it was ready for the Casas family to move in.
Antonio started on the 4th floor apartment and worked at his usual thorough and slow (but much cheaper) rate. The new brownstone had small porches added on each floor about 15 years ago and he planned to completely strip the kitchen and “transform” the back two rooms into a “dreamy complex”. He also had some interesting ideas for the unneeded stairwells in the second house.
! How Much?!
While Nigar watched her carefully gathered assets melt away, Karagoz took down the fence that separated the two back lots. It turned out to be a fairly large space.


It was a beautiful Sunday evening, one of those late summer days that breaths contentment and completion. The house on east 14th street had seen more than its’ share of activity. Supper was held, and now the latest members attended for the first time. The apartment was crowded! Nigar hungered for a proper dining room, still, the addition of the Casas family to Sun-ja, Angela, Aimone, Karagoz and herself felt “right” to her.
Nigar had been chatting with Mrs. Casas, and as the family was leaving she said:
“The whole house uses the garden. It is in a mess now but later on it will be in shape. Please have Eulalie play there anytime. The house seems somehow “complete” with a child in it again.”
And it did.

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