Living then Expries Early

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Living then Expries Early

Post by nise » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:35 pm

This happen on Tuesday the day Peaches had to get up and go to school. This was her first day at this new high school as a junior. For Peaches it was very difficult for her to make friends because she always had an extraordinay style to her. Her style was just based on her all black clothing with streaks of purple and black hair going through her thick light red hair or the fact that she was confident and outspoken. It was based on the fact that she was curious about her gender.

Although her parents always saw the uniqueness they didn't worry because Iike any parent they believe well she's a teenager and she is just going through a phase. Teenagers go through all types of things and come back to themselves and move forward. But in this case that wasn't quite so. Through all of these feelings Peaches were having she tried fitting in with everyone whether it was females or males. Yet , even through she went out on dates, cheered on the cheerleading team, and made high honor roll she still didn't feel at ease with herself.

Until one day her girlfriend Serenity saw her and said,"Peaches what's wrong you haven't been to class, you look awful, and you look like you just don't want to be here." Looking down towards the ground she begin to cry and says, " I'm just so sick and tired of this mess it's eating me up on the inside and I can't take it any longer. If this happen to me again I'm going to have to do something about this".
"Peaches tell me what's going on maybe I can help!" Serenity said with tears in her eyes.
"I can't because if I do I will never be looked at the same again!" Peaches said

Even though Peaches wouldn't tell Serenity she thought she would try to see what's going on. So after going around asking her friends and family about how Peaches been acting and later found out it was her mothers boyfriend that was abusing he through a mutal friend of hers.

" Her friend maybe he don't know what their talking about." Serenity said
Well it's hard to tell because you just don't believe that:

Well when her mother was gettin ready to leave she heard a gunshot go off in Peaches room. Immediatly she ran up to Peaches room and realize that she just killed herself. Lying there in her own pool of blood.

About five minutes later ambulance came and took her to the hospital and was later pronouce dead. This took a strong toll on Peaches mom and realized why she committed suncide. Her mom just realized that she was being aboused by her father for all that come.
A few weeks later she confronted the father and he said she did that herself not me.
So then Peaches mother finally realize that it is very important to talk to your kids becuase you don't want you kid either dead or hurto either.

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