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Amayiah sat with her nose stuck in a book. She had always loved to read and the new material her teacher had given her to study was more than a little fascinating. She had been thrilled in finding she had the capacity to shape shift. She was eager to learn and therefore had began devouring every scrap of material on the process and how to go about doing it properly and safely and had quickly mastered shifting into a bear and then a panther. Her next form, which her new reading was focused on, would be something that could fly, mastering it had been challenging to this point and she had asked for additional guidance from her teachers, eager to accomplish the shift before her other classmates.

Kaylynn moved up behind her in total silence - but already Amayiah had sensed her and begun her preparations for the attack she knew was looming. Suddenly she turned and pounced landing behind Kay and stunning her briefly with a quick swipe to the back of the head. Smiling - deeply satisfied with her ability to sense any one trying to be stealthy, she laughed a little and helped her friend up. Mouth hanging open, Kay asked “How is it you know where I am at every time?”

This game of popping into prowl and trying to sneak up on each other had become a daily game, a game that Amayiah always won, and Kay was quickly becoming frustrated. “Well Kay,” she said playfully, “ I guess I’m just that good.” Kay growled slightly, “Yeah, I guess.” “ In all honesty Kay, I really am not sure why I am so sensitive to the presence of others. Sometimes I can hear even the slightest movement of your muscles….. The coil, the pounce. It’s almost like everything slows down…” Amayiah trailed off as she heard and then felt someone coming to the door.

Kay looked up at Amayiah, her head was tilted, eyes intensely focused . “What is it?” she whispered moments before a man in some very interesting robes walked into the room. He was bristling with arcane magic and stood apart from the other teachers in the city. Amayiah smiled slowly - her back was facing the door so he couldn’t see her face. Kay could and gave her a funny look. Looking over her shoulder - Amayiah quietly said “Hello Master Stormgren.” Shifting back to her natural form and wandering over to him. “Did you bring any new books today?” She asked curling up on the floor at his feet, still catlike even though she had shifted out of that form.

Looking down at her, he smiled “Good Morning Amayiah.” The young druid had come to grow on him and he favored her over the others. She was not his student, but she hungered for any knowledge she could obtain about magic, and so he often brought her The Schools of Arcane Magic books from the libraries in Dalaraan. With in hours she would finish them and return them hoping he had brought something more, lately he had taken to tucking away an extra volume or two just to keep her satisfied. He loved to see the smile play across the delicate features of her face.

She was a striking young elvish woman, tall and lean with pale skin. Her blue eyes shined brightly, obviously imbued with the power of the world around her. Her eyes were set in a soft face and made even more entrancing by the dark blue tattoos that ran over each one. He knew that the lightning bolts strewn across her face meant one thing….. Those marks were unique to druids who were masters in the art of death and also had an affinity for using the world around them to heal and nourish to revitalize the sick or dying…. She would be a powerful ally indeed, and he would need her when she was ready. For now though, she was just a young beautiful woman who was clearly taken with him.

Stormgren fought against the growing feelings he had for her, clinging to the idea that he was a teacher and she a student, but he hungered for the day when she was no longer the student but a master of her arts. As he sat lost in thought she shifted form again, back to the panther she seemed to favor, and got lost in his book. Carefully he glanced down at her - making sure to be subtle so she would not notice, instantly she made eye contact with him and he immediately gave himself a mental kick. She was a druid and a talented one at that - of course she would feel him watching. With a deep sigh he rose from his chair - he had business to attend to elsewhere. “Good bye Amayiah, Kaylynn. You girls behave yourselves and Amayiah - don’t get too caught up in magic you are not designed to master…. It can destroy you.” With that he swept out of the room his simple robes flowing out behind him.


About an hour later, Amayiah and Kaylynn headed out to the square in Stormwind. Master Ryolith had asked them to run out and pick up the reagents for today’s spell…. Rebirth, which would give them the ability to revive a comrade during battle should they fall. While they were out Amayiah happened to notice a new posting on the hero’s call board in the main square of the city. A place called Blade’s Edge was being over run by Ogre’s and they were in need of help to quell the intruding forces and keep them from overwhelming the place.

She knew Stormgren would once again be leaving on one of his many archeaological expeditions and it would be a good time for her to leave the city. She wondered if he would approve of her wandering off on her own but quickly dismissed it. He wasn’t her teacher and he wasn’t her father. Sometimes she wondered if he even realized her existence outside of a curious young woman. Growling in frustration, she brushed off the idea as silly and went along her way. Some day he would see her for the powerful woman she was and until then she would only push to become better.

She knew to catch his attention she would have to master every level of the arts afforded her and while her teachers were constantly astounded by the many talents she had and how quickly she picked them up, she was still not a master of her arts. They quietly watched as she pushed herself harder and harder learning her feral talents. None of them had yet told her about her innate ability to restore life and heal the injured, better to let her discover those things on her own… druids with her markings were rare…. And they were not elves that anyone would easily trifle with if they knew anything about the old ways.

The last time Stormgren had gone on an expedition she had asked to go along, it wasn’t often she got to go on trips to do something other than train, he had sternly shaken his head and told her she wasn’t strong enough. It was shortly after that she had begun her little forays into answering the hero’s call board. She would disappear for three or four days at a time. Come back with new techniques and new scars…. Occasionally she bit off more than she could chew but some how someone always managed to rescue her.

She began a mental list of the things she would need to pick up and brought herself to a halt. “Kay… think you can grab this stuff on your own? I need to make a trip to the bank.” Kaylynn just looked at her, “You’re going to disappear again aren’t you?” Sighing deeply “I suppose” she said, “just make sure you say goodbye this time.” With that Amayiah was off, into the bank grabbing the bags and various other things she would need for her trip into Blade’s Edge. Tonight she would master her flight form no matter how long it took. Tomorrow she was going and she didn’t want to be running through the mountains.


The Queen was preoccupied. The events leading up to the present had been a struggle. They had already lost so many, and now this was all she could to try and save her loyal Bishop. He had stood next to her from the beginning and now she had to command him to the field. She didn’t think it was a losing battle- yet, but they had been on the defensive for quite some time. She turned to her King a short distance away to report to him, but the look on his face was cold and uncaring.

The Queen felt a flaming, clawed hand on her shoulder. It burned for a second and then the pain was gone. The demon knight had moved in unnoticed on the Queen. She let out a scream as her head was jolted back- a piercing pain in her back and chest. The fountain of blood that erupted from her mouth ran down her neck and soaked the once pristine white of her dress. Instinctively she reached toward her chest, and looking down as she grasped, she was stunned to see her hands wrapped around the blade of a sword that had burst from her between her breasts. Unable to take her eyes off the sight, she felt a pull back on her shoulder and a push forward as more of the sword blade emerged from her chest. She feebly griped at the blade as she felt her strength failing. She no longer had the energy to hold herself upright and felt herself going cold.

The blade cut further up into her as her body hung lifelessly from the demon knight’s sword. With an evil sneer he tipped the blade down and watched the dead queen’s body slide off and crumple to the floor in a pool of her own blood. The King eyed the demon knight without emotion.

“Was that really necessary?” said a voice from above.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about”, came a slightly infernal response from across the field, hinted with a bit of amusement.

“You know- all that animation? The blood, the gore, the- well, whatever all that was. You could have just moved your knight and removed my queen.”

“True”, the slightly demonic voice answered, “but that wouldn’t nearly be as much fun”

“Ahh, fun… how easily I forget how much you disregard logic and a structured thought process in the name of your- fun.”

“Well, what could be more fun than winning? Wait- I’ll tell you- it’s winning with style!” and there was a slightly evil laugh accompanying those last few word.

“Oh, I think I can agree with that,” and with that the magnificent crystal that represented the rook activated and slide on a glowing cloud across the board to land a few spaces away from the winged Demon King. The king regarded the crystal tower with a sneer, but turned just in time to see the lone Bishop raise his hand and release an arcane bolt that struck him in the chest. The demon king looked down, and then let out a cry and exploded into a pile of ash.


“I believe you were saying something about winning with style? Checkmate.”

“Here’s what I think about your winning with style, Stormgren…” and with a brief word the chess board between the two men ignited in fire and exploded.

With a hearty laugh, “You’re such an ass Karellen. It’s a good thing these boards belong to you”

“I’m not an ass, I’m just a sore loser. Now, tell me more on how you acquired that staff”

“Of course, of course… oh, would you like some refreshment?” and Stormgren conjured a table with various pastries and drinks in between the two men. As Karellen took a plate with several pieces of cake and a tall stout, Stormgren added, “and perhaps some more comfortable seating arrangements?” as he motioned to the 2 plush, high back leather chairs before the roaring fireplace.
“Indeed”, Karellen agreed taking his seat. “Demon leather- very rare. Don’t spill your drink” As he walked over, there was a low growl and a scratching of clawed feet as a squat, red skinned, tactical swinging felhound scampered over to the fireplace and settled down before it, almost in the fire.

Taking a drink and heading over to the chair opposite Karellen, he said “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to him….. or, well, any of them. And I also think it’s a sad thing when you have to cheat and link your mind with your hound for the increased intelligence and STILL lose at chess.” Stormgren added with a chuckle.

“Please Storm, no need to be so righteous about Rhuukun’s presence, you know very well you’re augmenting as well, so spare me your rabble”

Stormgren smiled as he took his seat and stretched his legs out toward the fire- being sure not to disturb the now sleeping Felhound.

“It was in Zul’ Grub”, Stormgren started.

“Ahhhh! That place! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been through there and found nothing. I swear, I can’t think of a worse smell then troll stink, and I always come out of there requiring a long soak before Rhuu will even come anywhere near me”, he stated as he pet the Felhound’s head.

“I agree, but when you spend so much time digging in troll ruins you tend to get used to it.”
“The World Breaker?” Karellen asked in earnest.

Stormgren just shook his head. “Nothing. A couple stone blades and a ruby eyed statuette is all. And before you ask, nothing on the dwarven staff either”

Karellen had sat up in his chair to ask just that question, but it died on his lips as Stormgren declared he hadn’t found it. “Oh well. I’ll keep funding your exploits into those dwarven ruins, just let me know when you run out.” Stormgren nodded. “I’ve been spending so much time in those Night Elf ruins. I found a dress. Yeah, an ancient dress- and it wasn’t much to look at either.”

“Don’t worry my friend, it’s a slow process. And don’t forget, as fast as your magic carpet flies, I still have the advantage of teleport on my side”

“I think I lost out on that” Karellen agreed with a half smile. “So this new staff- better than the Emberstone Staff from the Deadmines?”

“Yes, much better. Those trolls really have a foul scent, but they sure can craft a staff. This one was in the treasure horde of one of their Shaman leaders- Jindo? I think, was his name. Not sure what became of him, but I think he was meddling powers he probably couldn’t control. So you’ll be able to enchant it?” Stormgren asked as he concluded his story, handing the staff over to his friend.
Karellen examined the fine craftmenship of the staff with great relish. The gold cobra head at the time was exquisitely carved and the fine oak of the staff was stout and had a permanent polish. “This is fine quality. I do have the power torrent enchant, but I’ll be honest, the materials involved are expensive”

“As much as a cost of an expedition for your staff?”

“Probably closer to two”, Karellen responded.

Stormgren raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Wow, those are expensive. Still, it’s worth it. Very well, 2 trips worth of payments- consider it done.”

“Very good- I’ll have this done in just a minute- Choloz!” Karellen yelled, and a small, blazing imp appeared out of thin air with a small pouch and swirling vial. Handing the pouch and vial over to his master, Choloz vanished in a small blast of flame.
Reaching in the pouch, Karellen pulled out a few Maelstrom crystals and a handful of dust. Opening the vial and releasing some manner of essence, he cupped the crystals and dust in his hand and poured the essence into the crystals. Once the crystals were infused with the essence and dust, he took the staff and held the crystals against it. Slowly the glow of the crystals faded and transferred to the Staff.

Stormgren’s eyes shined as the enchantment was completed. Taking the offered staff, Stormgren immediately could feel the additional power coursing through the staff. It was indeed worth the cost of 2 expeditions.

“Well my friend, I certainly appreciate your aid in this- and in the visit.” Storm said as he shook hands with the warlock.

“Indeed it was, Storm. Oh- I don’t supposed you brought any fortune cookies? I’m all out….”

With a quick smile and a reach into his robe, Storm produces a small sack. “This should hold you over for now, I trust?”

“It certainly will. And yes, I remember, if I hit the magic fortune, we split the value.”

“Yes we will” Storm said taking a few steps away. “I’ll be in touch.” And with that, the mage began channeling arcane energy for a few seconds and was gone.
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