NYT - Chap two(ish) Both sides

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NYT - Chap two(ish) Both sides

Post by Jadynara » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:16 am

She woke with a start. Her dreams were becoming more and more vivid. Even while she slept she walked with him now. At first, they had been only small glimpses, she had been a voyeur watching from a distance but as time had passed her watching had become closer and closer. Tonight she had watched through his eyes, saw things the way he saw them, felt them as he did. The bond between them was strong enough to frighten her. She couldn’t understand why she was so in tune with him, and though she didn’t recognize his face as either the wolf or the man, she felt as if she had known him her whole life. He was a shadow, a ghost from her distant past. A time she had tried so hard to forget.

Slowly she made her way out of Elwynn Forest and back towards the city. Stormwind had been destroyed in places - ravaged by the landing of Death wing - the molten dragon had melted the stone and burned the buildings near the southern gates of the great human city. She made her way in through the rubble, recalling the way Draenor had first crumbled before its destruction. Seeking the answer to the connection she let herself wander into the memories of her past. As she wandered the ruins tears overwhelmed her again as she thought of her home. She had been young when it was taken from her along with her parents, and she had fled with the other refugees in the Exxodar. The great ship had crash landed on this planet and was rebuilt to become a beautiful city and home for her kind in Azeroth, a land so similar and yet so different from her own.

A man had come to their city and told any who would listen of the ways of the light. He spoke of an inner magic that all beings had that would allow them to do great things if developed. She sat and listened to stories of healing and protecting the innocent and in those days she decided she would become a healer, to save others from suffering the same fate as her family. When the time came she agreed to travel with the old Paladin and learn all she could about the art. At the time she hadn’t known how powerfully the magic flowed within her.

The Paladin, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, had brought her to Stormwind and helped her hone her skill. She trained hard every day and the depth of her potential was quickly discovered. Through the years she made Stormwind her home, leaving her past and it’s dreadful memories behind. She now found little comfort anywhere away from the city and it’s surrounding woods, except when she went to him, with him she was always safe.

As her thoughts drifted back to him she sat down in the grass and silently pondered their connection. She could not feel his pain and wondered what he was doing that had him so distracted from it. She closed her eyes and pictured his face, his eyes - so intense and glowing so strangely…. She tried to recall ever seeing such eyes, she could not. Growling in frustration she ran her hands back through her hair, carefully avoiding the horns curled with in it. She let her thoughts wander to his lips, he had smiled so slightly at her as the wolf…. A smile so familiar on such a foreign face, as a man he had not smiled but she had felt him watch her as his lips brushed against hers. So tender was the kiss, filled with such longing, it was not a kiss one would give to a stranger.

With a deep sigh she opened her eyes and looked around. She was sitting in the graveyard, she hadn’t even realized it. Shaking her head with a slight smile at the irony. She couldn’t feel him and had subconsciously gone to a place where she could get the little touch of death she knew she needed to reach him. Standing she moved away and into the populated part of the city. He had drained her this time, reckless in his rage and she would not have him die under her watch. It was time to train.

He watched her as she slept. Resting on a soft patch of green moss in this lush forest, she looked peaceful. He let out a brief grunt as he realized that her sleep was less a peaceful, relaxed sleep but more of a physically and emotional drained exhaustion. He had pushed himself too hard this time, and in doing so taxed her a great deal. A brief question passed through his thoughts as he asked himself if he needed to engage the Cultist tonight, or if he chose to for the selfish reason that he knew it would pull him too her. The group was larger than any he had engaged before. It was reckless. It was dangerous. It was glorious. The death he brought tonight was unmatched to any he had delivered in quite some time- perhaps even ever. He shook his head, he just didn’t know.

Suddenly her eyes opened and she sat up with a start. She was alert, and it looked as if she was irritated- as if someone had just pulled her from a dream she didn’t wish to wake from. He realized that she was remembering tonight and her face shown more disappointment to waking up- and more so, waking up alone. But she was not alone. He considered briefly if is snort a moment ago had caused her to wake, but knew better. His ethereal presence was no more than a shadow in the forest, and should anyway look directly at him they would only see shadows and hear only the wind.

This ethereal trail had been going on for as long as he could remember. Whenever she would go, he knew he would follow. It must be the knowledge that she would be almost defenseless upon her return. But more often than not, she was in what he surmised was her bedroom, and in no danger. On very rare occasions, like this one, she was outside the city and required watching over. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to manifest himself should there be a threat, but he knew on more than one occasion he was able to howl through the veil and be heard- which had come in useful more than once.

She moved quickly through the forest and back to the city. However, she seemed to slow as she walked through the ruined area of the city- the result of the attack from the dragon. This was not new damage, and likely triggered a memory of some sort. Her expression on her face was sad, and she forced her way through.

To his surprise, she did not return to her residence. Instead, she seemed to wonder aimlessly through the city. With no direction and no real destination, the city became a blur as he followed her. Usually his connection would have ended by now and he would have returned to his physical self, but this time was different. She most certainly was not in danger, and he had no answer. In a flash of insight, he understood that she hadn’t let go of the connection. So he walked with her- a few paces behind. Not that he was worried that she, or anyone for that matter, would see him, but more out of habit than anything else.

Her wandering took them to the main cemetery in the city. He thought it an odd place to go, but then understood when she sat down on the grass that she probably didn’t realize where they were. He looked at the headstones around where she sat and none of them had any significance to her- they were all long dead. Yes, he was certain she was so lost in thought that she was oblivious to where she was. It mattered not to him, one cemetery was the same as the next. With a shrug, he sat down next to her and simply waited.

They sat there in silence. The cemetery was quiet, and removed enough from the populated portions of the city so there was very little in the way of revelry from the other citizens. He wasn’t sure the passage of time, but without a word, she picked her head up and looked around. A brief smile crossed her face as she realized where she was. He wasn’t sure why she did, but the smile was a welcome sight. She then rose to her feet and left the cemetery with a purpose clearly on her face. Curious to her new motivation after a total lack of anything resembling such, he started to follow but found that he wasn’t moving. With another chuckle and half smile, he closed his eyes and felt his being wisped back to reunite to his body…… but before he had completely returned, he knew something was wrong.
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