Not yet titled ( more to the story)

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Not yet titled ( more to the story)

Post by Jadynara » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:13 am

This has been co written with a very talented friend of mine Jeff Bell - this is what we have so far. He writes Morrdin (the wolf's side) and I write Jadynara (the healers side)

The rain was heavy and the clouds were dark. Angry lightning split the sky being chased by the whip crack of thunder. The ground was littered with the corpses of the dead. The broken land of rock and slate created streams and pools of blood. The downpour not enough to wash away the carnage left in the wake of his destruction.

He knelt, breathing heavy. The chill in the air visible each time he exhaled. Leaning heavily on his blood stained sword and ax like a pair of crutches, he closed his eyes and rested as the rain washed over him. There he stayed, wishing the rain would be enough to cleanse him of more than just the blood of the fallen. It never was.

She had saved him- again. But he knew she would. She always did. The number of injuries he had sustained would have been enough to kill him one hundred times over, but time and again he felt her healing magic wash over him. Much like the rain now, it was never enough. However, even as much the master of her art as she was, he knew there was nothing else she could do- although if there was, he was certain she would.

The rain continued to fall. It was cold- very cold. To a normal human, it would probably be irritating in the extreme. However, he was no normal human. Even with his dark, fur covered body, which would have kept any of his kind warm, ice ran through his veins. Washing over his head and through his lupine hair, it ran down his elongated snout to finally fall to the pools on the ground.
He felt the touch of heat on the side of his face. Not the warmth of healing, but a different magic. Looking up he saw her standing before him, arm outstretched with her hand on his cheek. She was beautiful- alien, but beautiful. Taller than most humans, her body lean, the blue tint of her skin reflected in the rain, her face was striking and confident. He stood and smiled at her with a small wolfish grin, but slightly glowing, sad eyes.

Standing to his full height, he was almost a full head taller than her. And where she was lean and lithe, he was thick and solid with muscles. Letting his weapons fall to the ground, he held her hand close to his face tenderly- almost leaning into to it. All too soon, the heat from her hand burning though his unnatural cold, he was forced to step back and let their hands fall from his face. Another step away and their hands slipped apart.

Her lips parted as if to say something, but a flash of lightning interrupted her. The following blast of thunder shook the very earth at their feet. The thunder was drowned out by a heart piercing howl. She looked at him with his hands up, back arched, and head thrown back as he poured his soul out in longing and sorrow.

At what appeared to be the apex of the howl, several flashes of lightning lit sky. She covered her eyes ever so briefly, and when she opened them again the form had changed. Where the almost giant, hulking, wolfish form had been was now replaced with a smaller, no less solid, human form. His back was still arched and his head still thrown back, but the howl had been replaced with a primal scream. The deep, husky scream was no less filled with the same pain as the howl- longing and sorrow.

In the space after the scream, even with the rain beating on the stone, the air was silent. He let his arms fall to his side in resignation, and slowly brought his head forward. The features of his face were different, but eerily similar to those of the wolf. However, the most visible difference was his eyes. Hardly discernable in the deep-set eyes of the wolf, the now prominent, iridescent, otherworldly glow stood in stark contrast to the dark features of his face.

With great effort he turned those eyes to her face. Her gaze was unwavering and he felt she looked into his soul. He looked on her as one looks at the sun, but one can only stare at the sun for so long, and so he regretfully and with a pain greater than any battle wound he’d ever had, turned away.

She reflexively started to reach a hand toward him as he knelt down, but she withdrew it when she saw that he was only retrieving his sword and axe. He stood and, not looking at her, stowed his weapons at his side. He paused briefly, and then turned to leave. With a quick step, she reached him and put her hands on his shoulder to stop him.

He felt the heat of her touch again and it halted him in his tracks. Taking a deep breath, he slowly turned around to meet her eyes. As he looked at her, her eyes glorious, he couldn’t help but feel the flames again. The flames that could not be extinguished by the falling rain, the burns that could not be healed by her magic or arts, the answer to the question that she was asking- that she would forever ask, the question that he did not have the answer for- did not know if he would ever have the answer for.

And answer he could not. In every part of him, he wanted to answer, but there was no answer. He reached his hand up and, with his icy touch, gently stroked her cheek. She didn’t recoil from the otherworldly chill- he knew she would not, he could feel the heat of her. You gently cupped her chin and held her eyes. They had begun to mist over- she knew the answer, she knew there was no answer. But she was determined to hold all of this time right now for as long as she could. He started to lean in toward her and felt her lips scream out to him, felt every part of her yearn for him, for his touch. He was close now, so very close. She wanted to reach out and hold him, but she could not. Instead she closed her eyes as his lips were barely brushing hers……. And then the lightning flashed and he was gone, or had she gone?

Never together, always apart, neither knew what this was. Both were keenly aware of the other and both were keenly aware that this was not the first, nor the last of this meeting. The connection between them was strong, and although they were of different being, of different times, of different lands, they knew they shared a bond, a link, they were kindred spirits.
But despite those differences, and despite the different paths that each one will walk, they know that without a doubt, that they will always have their moments, will always know the other is there, and will never walk them alone.
So we're lost, at least we've found each other. Take my hand, if we can't find our way out of the dark, we can make our own light. - Nicole M. Goretzke 2011

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