healing in the here and now

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Tony Fiona
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healing in the here and now

Post by Tony Fiona » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:57 pm

healing in the here and now
writing heals in
the here and now.

It is of highest importance to acknowledge, understand and
put the past into perspective.
If the anchor that is dragging us down
is not redressed then it will continue
to weigh on us in the present and the future.

Examining the past with a critical eye...
understanding the events and removing our
selves from that event.
Forgiving if you would perpetrators
knowing that we have moved on from that time.
knowing that we choose to grow stronger from those events
and then making the supreme effort to move
from this mooring
into our present

we give ourselves the strength
the control
and the purpose to continue...

we get our strength not from the regret, remorse,
and hatred from those events
but from the liberating fact that we are now choosing to exert

and move from the past into the present.
yeah ??
are you with me

bottom line we learn from confronting the past....
the writing is reminding you me everyone who truly writes from the heart of how strong the emotions are that we carry with us.
It is if you would
the first step towards healing.
" There's a race of men that can't stay still
A race that don't fit in
They break the hearts of kith and kin
and roam the world at will. " ------------Robert Service

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Re: healing in the here and now

Post by nekot » Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:36 pm

:bow: :bow:

Now in my classics file.

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