THE WESTIES 2 (rated Pg-13 almost R.. language and what not)

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THE WESTIES 2 (rated Pg-13 almost R.. language and what not)

Post by LadySaturn » Sat Apr 30, 2005 6:16 pm


Since the loss of Jay, it seems our Westies have been busy. So busy as a matter of fact, they had gone and added two new members to their elite boy’s club. William Sabbath or Will as everyone calls him and IfOnly or I.O. for short. Both with remarkable powers. Will literally has the power to open portals to other dimensions even worlds. And unlike Drew instead of stopping time, he can actually travel through. Meaning he can go to the past or the future. I.O’s powers on the other hand are that of vampire nature. Heightened senses, vulnerability, short periods of flight, super strength, and immortality. He sleeps during the day and only comes out at night. And even though he might have the fangs, he doesn’t drink blood. He says he has no craving or need for it, which is kind of strange. I still keep my eye on him though. Just in case he tries something with one of the females in the familia, I’ve got a set of nice claws and the power of a Seal with his name on it. Now your probably wondering if I was thrilled with the idea of two new members. Well like I told you in the first Westies, there are Westies out there that have yet to be discovered. Will and I.O. are just the proof I needed to show all of you that. So now that you know the two new members, time to tell the story...

It was a Saturday night and the Westies had decided to hang out down at the Pub. Considering they were getting on Berls last good nerve and she had decided to kick them out of the house for awhile. Which if you think about it, you can’t really blame her for it because if I was her I would have probably.. No I know I would have done the same exact thing. They now sat around, drinking and bored out of their minds. Until she walked in. She had waist length auburn hair and green emerald eyes. Her skin was like that of porcelain which almost made her seem doll like. She wore a black leather catsuit which complimented her figure showing off every curve. Preston was the first to notice her. Almost falling out of his chair as he did so. The other Westies couldn’t help but stare as she stood there looking around.
“I’ll be damned.” She finally said. “Saturn was right.”
“Can I help you with something?” Bags asked her, as he stood behind the bar.
“I’m looking for the Westies,” she replied with a smirk.
“Look no further, baby. We are the Westies.” Fox spoke up.
“Uh huh.” The woman raised an eyebrow.
“And what is your name, doll?”
“If ya must know, it’s Erika. Not doll.”
“So Erika, what can we do for you?” Bags asked.
“Maybe she wants to play with a Westie.” Preston deviously grinned, as he got closer to her.
Within a blink of an eye, Erika turned into a human-like feline, grabbing Preston around his neck and lifting him off his feet.
“Crap, just what we need another feral feline,” Preston remarked, choking.
Erika now turned into a flaming feline making sure not to burn Preston as she held onto him.
“Shit.” Thief said with a raised eyebrow.
“Well, well seems I turned the little kitten on.” Preston tried to grin some.
“Keep it up and I’ll barbeque your butt,” Erika growled.
“Now that I would pay to see.” I.O. replied.
“Look my dear, the Texan means no harm.” Bags tried to assure Erika. “He’s just a jester, a fool. No sense in hurting him. So why don’t you just let him go.”
“He is right, Erika.” A voice could be heard from behind her.
Erika looked over at the doorway to notice a petite dark hair brunette with hazel eyes. Looking somewhat in her late teens, early twenties. Wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a white tank top.
“Who is that?” Drew asked, checking the girl out.
“Dena.” Erika answered, tossing Preston aside. “Saturn’s cousin.”
“Wait. I thought Saturn’s entire family..”Thief began to say.
“A few of her relatives survived.” Erika interrupted. “She just never told any of you. Just like I’m pretty sure she’s kept the identity of the real Westies a secret.”
“The real Westies? Wait.. what?” Sam scratched his head.
“Oh you don’t know. We’re the real deal and you men are just carbon copies.”
“Who says?!” Will demanded to know.
“Well our boss back in New York for one. By the way, who’s in charge of your little boys’s club?” Erika said with a devious smile, trying to hold in her laughter.
“I am, why?” Bags questioned.
“Dena, give him the envelope.”
So she did. In the manila envelope were plane tickets and hotel reservations.
“What are these for?” Bags raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, first class.” Preston said, reading over Bag’s shoulder.
“The boss thought it would be a good idea if both groups had a little get together so to speak.” Erika explained.
Drew got a little closer to Dena and began to notice illuminations of light surrounding her.
“What the?” He began to say.
Dena just giggled a little. Dena’s power is a little special and very extraordinary. She can communicate with spirits. Souls of the dead but they appear to her as little illuminations of light, faint glows even. Sort of like lightning bugs or little fairies.
“I don’t know if we can go to New York.” Bags said. “I mean we’ve gotta enough to do around here. Besides, last thing we need to deal with is a bunch of little girls who decide they want to call themselves Westies. Or at least try to pass themselves off as such.”
Everyone now looked over at Bags like he had lost his mind.
“Well if you change your mind, you know where to find us.” Erika said, leaving as Dena followed behind her.
“What the hell is wrong with you, Bags?” Fox now turned on him. “Aren’t you just the least bit curious?”
“Look, I don’t think we should be wasting our time playing around when we’ve got more important things to deal with.” Bags retorted.
“If you want my opinion. I think Bags is getting too old and a little too comfortable with being leader of the Westies.” Thief spoke up. “I think it’s time for some new fresh blood to step up and become leader.”
“Hey, I’ve told you before, boy. I’ll fight you, you just name the place and the time,” Bags snarled.
“I’m not the only one you’d be fighting, old man,” Thief growled back. “There are a few others.”
“So be it. I’ll fight them too.”
“Nice to know I don’t miss much.” Isis now stood in the doorway of the Pub.
A smile crossed Q’s face when he saw her. She walked over and sat on his lap, giving him a peck on his cheek. Which pretty much made his day. Thief on the other hand, grumbled a few chosen words under his breath.
“So what’s up?” Isis asked.
“We’re thinking about going to New York.” Thief answered.
“Because supposedly that’s where the female Westies are.”
“Oh, I’ve heard about them.”
Everyone now looked over at Isis somewhat surprised.
“Saturn told me about them once before. Didn’t say who was in it though. Just said there was a group of women in New York who call themselves Westies and that her cousin Dena was part of it.” Isis continued on, explaining.
“Well hell it’s nice you decide to tell us now.” Will sarcastically remarked.
“What I want to know is why didn’t Saturn tell us any of this before?” Preston asked.
“I think it’s because she knew how we would react,” Fox responded. “I mean let’s face it, some of us aren’t that mature enough to handle certain news or situations without throwing a fit.”
“True.” Thief agreed.
“And we haven’t exactly proven to Saturn we can be trusted with things like this.”
“And then there are those smart ass comments we make.”
“Come to think of it if I was Saturn I wouldn’t have said nothing either. And with all the teasing I probably would have.... Damn why aren’t we dead yet? ”
“Anyway, I think you guys should go to New York.” Isis quickly changed the subject back.
“And see what these female Westies are like and who they are. I mean what do you honestly have to lose just by going and checking things out?”
“You know something, she’s right.” I.O. spoke up. “I mean what do we have to lose?”
Everyone looked over at Bags. He stood behind the bar with his arms crossed, feeling the stares.
“Fine.” He finally gave in. “We’ll go to New York.”
Meanwhile in New York, yours truly had tracked Jay’s scent down in the city. Only to end up empty handed. So I decided to check in to an average hotel, not too fancy and not to cheap. I now laid down on the bed in my room. Slipping quietly into sleep and entering the gates of dreamland. I found myself in a dark room with the wind lightly blowing in from an open window. I felt the faint touch of someone’s breath on the back of my neck. I turned around quickly to come face to face with the man I had been hunting down.
“Jay?” I said looking somewhat confused. “What’s going on? What is this place?”
He smiled somewhat, grabbing me by my waist and pulling me close to him. I found myself going numb from his touch.
“I know your secrets.” He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Even your deepest ones.”
I now tried to get away but he held on to me tight, pressing his lips against mine while leading me to a bed. He stopped kissing me long enough to make his way to my neck where he began to kiss again. And before anything serious or heavy could happen, I felt a sharp pain like a knife entering my side. I awoke from my sleep in a panic, throwing the sheets off of me to check my side for a wound. When I saw nothing, I started to look around the room and that’s when I spotted him sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. Smoking a cigarette while acting cool and calm.
“What the hell?” I growled.
Jay deviously grinned, not saying a word at first. I knew something was up.
“Talk.” I continued to growl, unsheathing my claws. “Or I’ll make you talk.”
“I know how to get inside people’s minds.” He calmly answered.
“So I know all your secrets even the one your keeping from the familia.”
“You son of a..”
“Out of all the minds I’ve been invading yours is quite interesting. Very sensual.” Jay grinned some.
“Stay out of my head.” I snarled at him.
“Can’t. It’s too addicting not to. Besides, if you hadn’t decided to look for me and follow my trail I would have never invaded your mind to begin with.”
“Just stay out of my head.” I warned again in a low growl, making my claws known.
“You won’t hurt me.” Jay brushed off my threat.
“Wanna bet.”
“Saturn, you wouldn’t. You care about me. Why else would you be looking for me?”
“You owe me money,” I sarcastically remarked.
“Funny, I thought you wanted me for my body,” Jay deviously smiled.
“Uh huh.” I know raised an eyebrow, not the least bit amused. “So are you going to come back home or not?”
“I can’t. Not yet.”
“Why not?”
“I have some business to take care of. You wouldn’t understand. A lot happened after the fight with Kris.”
“So you can now get inside people’s heads..”
“It’s more than that,”he interrupted. “Saturn, look you’ll just have to trust me on this. I can’t come back, not now.”
“Fine. Your right I don’t understand but, I’ll try to. I however can’t speak for the rest of the familia.”
“I know. There’s something else you should know.”
“What?” I now got up, wrapping the bed sheet around me and sheathing my claws.
Jay couldn’t help but stare as I sat down on the end of the bed across from him.
“You were saying?” I asked, use to the staring.
“” Jay couldn’t manage to speak.
The sound of my claws unsheathing quickly brought his ability to speak back.
“Yea, um after I fought Kris I found out something.”
“There’s a Judas among the Westies.”
“That’s just it I don’t know who. I mean these are Westies, it could be anyone.”
“Including you.” I pointed out.
“Hey whoa, why would I tell you this if I was.” Jay got defensive.
“Maybe to throw me off track.” I calmly responded.
“Saturn, come on. Give me some credit here. I saved your life for God’s sake. Which you have yet to pay me back for. Which I have a few things in mind as to how.” He said with a sly grin.
I now raised an eyebrow.
“You don’t know when to keep it in your pants, do you?” I retorted. “Besides, you didn’t save me. You just made sure I.. You didn’t save me. And while we’re on the subject come to think of it, what the hell was up with the kiss?”
Jay laughed a little.
“Oh that. That was just for show. To get under Kris’s skin so to speak.”
“Uh huh. So who’s this Judas working for? Kris?”
“Actually, he’s now working for himself. That much I did find out. Probably wants the power of the Seals like everyone else.”
“Is that why you can’t come back? I mean considering who your daddy is and what he knows.”
“I’m trying to understand, Jay. That’s all.”
Jay lowered his head, shaking it a little as he let out a sigh. My cell phone went off soon after.
“Are you going to get that?” Jay asked, noticing I wasn’t making any attempts to do so.
“It can wait,” I replied.
“I think you should answer it. It might be important. It might even be one of the female Westies telling you the Westie boys are on their way here.” Jay grinned some, reading my mind.
“Keep that crap up and you’ll be tasting carpet.” I growled. “Besides, I told Sha.. I told her it wouldn’t be a good idea.”
“Yea, well your little friend probably thought other wise.”
“Damn her.” I snarled, getting up to finally answer my phone.
It was my cousin Dena. Jay was right. Dena had decided to call me to tell me what was going down even though I wasn’t suppose to be told. By her calling me she was putting herself at risk.
After I finally got off the phone, I noticed Jay had taken the opportunity to leave without being detected. He did however leave his calling card. A lit cigarette in the ashtray.
“You son of a..” I started to say under my breath, shaking my head a little.
“Okay how the hell could we have missed our flight?” Thief now exclaimed as him and the other Westie boys stood in the middle of the airport.
“It’s Preston’s fault. He had to flirt with that chick.” Drew replied.
“Hey, she wanted some southern flavor.” Preston argued. “I had to be a gentleman and oblige.”
“Uh huh.” Fox crossed his arms. “She wanted you so bad she was willing to give you a love slap across the face.”
“Yea, well what can I say some women love to play hard to get.” Preston said, still feeling the sting of the slap on his face as he rubbed it a little.
“So does anyone know how we can get to New York?” Kindred spoke up. “Or at least have any ideas as to how?”
“I have one.” Q deviously grinned.
“We’re not stealing a tour bus again.” Thief responded in a grumble.
“Tour bus?” I.O. scratched his head.
“It’s a long story. We were lucky enough Saturn didn’t kill us, well Q anyway.”
“Look guys, it’s not a bus. Trust me.” Q tried to reassure them.
“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Bags sighed, lowering his head and shaking it.
An hour later, the Westies were on their way to New York. In a private jet of all things.
“So who’s jet is this, Q? It better not be Jordan’s.” Fox said, drinking some rum and coke.
“No, it’s Joe’s.” Q calmly answered.
Thief spit out the beer he was drinking right on Libra.
“Damn it man.” Libra tried to wipe off the beer from his shirt.
Thief now grabbed Q by the collars of his jacket and lifted him off the ground.
“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?” Thief exclaimed, the anger showing on his face.
“Calm down,” Q replied, laughing a little. “Nothing is going to happen.”
“Are you new? Joe calls Jordan, Jordan calls Saturn and we end up missing on the eleven o clock news.” Thief growled in a low tone. “You and I both know she has the ability and resources to make that happen.”
“She won’t hurt us. We’re her Westies.” Preston pointed out. “Besides my charm will get us out of trouble as always.”
“Uh, she kicks your ass like always.” Fox sarcastically remarked. “Your charm has no effect on her you know that.”
“I know.”
“Then why do you even try?”
“I like a challenge.” Preston grinned some.
“I should have known.” Fox shook his head.
Thief now dropped Q on his butt and let out a grumble as he sat back down in his seat.
“Damn Thief, what’s got your undies in a knot?” Drew asked, noticing Thief’s demeanor.
“Nothing.” Thief grumbled.
“Bull. What is it, bro? Having problems with EE?”
“Then what?”
“I’ve been having these dreams about Saturn.”
“What sort of dreams?” I.O. now raised an eyebrow. “I mean were you two having fun?”
“Fun..what? Hell no. It was nothing like that.” Thief responded.
“Then what was the dream about?”
“Her death.”
Everyone looked at Thief as though he had gone insane.
“She can’t die. She has that healing thing and the Seal...” Kindred began to reply.
“She can and will.” Thief now leaned back in his seat. “The only question that remains and the answer I’ve been looking for is when.”
I was now walking through the alleyways of New York talking on my cell phone to you guessed it, Jordan.
“Wait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me they stole Joe’s private jet.” I was now receiving word of the Westies’s latest mischievous deed. “They miss their flight, so they steal a jet. What the hell?”
“Yea, look Joe and I are on our way to New York right now. Saturn, if you see them...” Jordan started to say.
“Not a matter of if, Richie-Rich.” I interrupted.
“I know, I know. Just don’t try to kill them before we get there.”
“I’m not making any promises.”
“Saturn, come on.”
“God, you can be a pain in the ass sometimes.” Jordan grumbled on the other end, feeling a headache coming on.
“You should talk.”
“What the hell is that suppose to mean?”
“Hold on a sec.” Sensing someone following me.
“What is it?”
“Nothing. I’ll get back to ya.”
I hung up on Jordan before he could get another word in. Putting my cell phone away in my back pack, I began to pick up a scent. A very familiar scent. I started to explore further into the alley. Hearing something to my left, I looked over noticing a stray cat. And that was the last thing I saw before everything went pitch black and I found myself falling to the ground.
The Westies had now arrived in New York and were greeted by Erika and Dena at the airport.
“How the..” Bags began to say, surprised to see them waiting.
“We heard you boys missed your flight and stole Joe’s jet,” Erika spoke up with a sly grin.
“How did you..”
“Jordan called. By the way, him and Joe are on their way. And yes, Saturn knows.”
“Oh great.” Nega grumbled. “We’re dead.”
Dena started to walk away from the others as she answered her cell phone. A couple of minutes later, she began to cry hysterically as she dropped her phone and fell to her knees. Drew was the first one at her side, trying to console her while the others rushed over to see if she was okay.
“Dena, what is it?” Erika asked.
“It’s Saturn. She’s..she’s...” Dena cried uncontrollably , choking on her tears.
Erika’s cell phone went off. She quickly answered it only to end up getting off a few seconds after.
“We’ve gotta go.” She said. “That was Boss Lady. Apparently something has happened to Saturn.”
Meanwhile, I woke up with one hell of a headache, tied to a chair in the middle of a dark filthy room.
“Cute.” I grumbled, looking down at the chains wrapped around me.
“I knew rope wouldn’t hold you.” I heard a voice speak up from a dark corner of the room.
“And you honestly think chains can?” I now growled, raising an eyebrow.
“Damn, your dumb.”
I quickly unsheathed my claws and sliced through the chains like paper.
“What do you want?” I now asked, sniffing out the person’s scent.
“What others before me wanted. What Lucifer wants. What Jay I’m sure has already told you.” The voice hissed.
“So you’re the Judas. I wondered when you’d show up.” I sarcastically remarked, not able to pick up on the scent I had before.
“Don’t bother. I can easily hide my scent from you. Also if I were you, I wouldn’t be trying anything not unless of course you want to add more guilt to your conscience.”
“What are you talking about?”
The top half of the wall next to me began to slide away to reveal a two way mirror looking in to another room. Jay was tied to a wall, bloody and badly beaten. From the looks of it, he was barely hanging on to life.
“What have you done to him?” I asked in a low growl.
“Nothing really. He’s still breathing for now. However, if I don’t get what I want, that could soon change.”
“Your sick.”
“So I’ve been told.”
“If you think your getting the Seals, you’ve got another thing coming.”
“Oh really? How do you think the Westies hell even the familia would feel if you let Jay die. I don’t think they’d be too forgiving.”
“Go to hell!” I snarled.
“I see there’s no point in talking to you about this right now. I’ll give you a few hours to calm down and think about it. By the way, don’t even think about escaping. The doors and windows have been installed with ten thousand volts of electricity. Enough to fry your pretty little feral butt. Also as an extra precaution I have this place guarded by some demons. On loan of course from Lucy, he just doesn’t know it.”
“You son of a...”
“I’ll leave you now to re think your answer. Hopefully it will be the one I want to hear.”
As soon as I could sense that I was alone again in the room, I looked back at Jay. Who now had his head lowered as though he had fallen asleep.
“If you can hear me, Jay.” I whispered under my breath, clenching my fists until blood started to drip from my hands. “I’ll get us out. Some how or some way, I’ll get us out.”
Erika, Dena and, the Westies now arrived at what seemed like a castle but was actually a mansion. A mansion only a rich man would have, if it wasn’t owned by a Westie woman.
“What the..” Preston’s jaw almost hit the floor as they entered the place.
“Unlike you men, we Westie women know how to handle our business.” Erika calmly stated.
They now entered the main room of the place. Where the leader of the female Westies was waiting, alone. She was sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace but facing the door. Wearing a long black dress which held tightly to her figure. Her long black hair hanging loosely over her porcelain shoulders as her blue eyes showed signs of an aging soul. Fox was the first one to lay eyes on her and he couldn’t help but stare. She noticed this and a smile crept up out of the corner of her mouth.
“Well, well not what I expected at all.” She said, looking at each Westie before setting her eyes on Fox. “Not at all.”
Fox felt somewhat flustered but tried to hide it and remain cool. Which for Fox is never easy to do especially when a pretty woman is involved in the mix.
“I take it you’re the leader of this little female Westie group?” Bags now asked.
“That I am.”
“So what’s your name?” I.O. bluntly questioned, being rude.
Preston smacked him in the back of his head.
“You’ll have to excuse him. He’s young and lacks in manners.” Preston apologized for him.
“So what is your name?” Fox now spoke up, intoxicated by her beauty.
“It’s Shawna.” She answered with a smile. “You wouldn’t happen to be the leader of this little boys’ club, would you?”
“No, Bags is. Why?”
“No reason. You just seemed like leader material. I mean you definitely have the looks for it.” Shawna replied with a sexy smile. “The looks of a great leader.”
“Excuse me, Fox would be what? Come again.” Thief crossed his arms. “I don’t believe this.”
“So is this it of the female Westies? Is it only you three?” Q asked.
“Actually..hmm. I was going to wait but with the news I just received. Oh hell with it. Follow me.” Shawna said as a cloud of white smoke lifted her off her feet and helped her to float over to the dining hall.
“What is her power?” Thief asked Erika in a whisper.
“She can create pyroclastic flows and surges like that of a volcano. Which she can either wipe out miles and miles of land and destroy everything or just target one enemy.” Erika explained, answering back in a whisper.
“Then what is...?”
“It’s just smoke. She uses it to uh travel you could say.”
They entered the dining hall where a group of familiar faces were sitting around a table, waiting.
“What the..?” Preston started to say.
“Hi guys.” Buttters greeted them.
They looked around to see Ven, Jeannie, Slayer, Gillian, Seclude, Deb, Barb, Duchess, Leysa, Val and even EE.
“Hon, what are you..?” Thief began to ask her.
“Surprise.” She giggled.
“Well, yea.”
“Wait a minute, we’re missing someone.” Erika noticed.
Blaze now walked out of the kitchen with a bottle of pop and a bag of chips. She saw everyone staring at her, which sort of freaked her out.
“What?” She asked. “Did I do it again?”
Now before I go on, I should explain something. Blaze has the power to create hurricane/tornado kind of winds. Which she hasn’t learned to control fully. So there have been times were she’s accidentally up rooted a tree and had it smash down on someone’s car or almost blow down the poetry house. Or sent my motorcycle flying up into a tree and then tried to cover up the damage by saying the Texan did it.
“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Drew rolled his eyes. “Not sweet innocent Blaze.”
“What?” Blaze replied confusingly.
“You’re a Westie?”
“Yea, why?”
“No reason. Your just well too sweet.”
“And what the hell is that suppose to mean?”
Before Drew could say another word, Thief quickly covered his mouth.
“Not a good idea, little bro.” Thief advised. “You piss off one, you got the others to worry about.”
“So you do so, your on your own.” Fox pointed out. “Last thing we wanna do is get on the bad side of any of these beautiful women.”
Fox now directed his attention over to Shawna with a sly smile. She smiled back, blushing a little.
“For the love of..” Bags grumbled. “Look, what is this news about Saturn?”
“It seems Saturn is in trouble.” Ven spoke up, answering. “She isn’t the only one however.”
“What? Who else...” Thief began to ask.
“Jay.” Shawna said, now taking her seat at the head of the table as Fox pulled out her chair for her.
“Wait a minute.” Preston responded. “Jay’s dead.”
“No, he isn’t.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“My sources have never been wrong.” Shawna now seemed confident.
“Yea, but what if they were like lying this time?”
“Who are you calling a liar!?!” Gilly exclaimed.
“Need help with that foot, Preston.” Will now patted him on the back.
“Forget it.”
“So what kind of trouble are they in?” Bags asked Shawna.
“They’ve been kidnaped.”
“Oh sweet..” Q rolled his eyes. “Why would anyone want to kidnap them?”
“Um hello. Saturn carries the first Seal and is like the protector of the others. And Jay well we all know what blood line Jay comes from.” Duchess pointed out.
“You mean who his father is and what he knows.” Sam replied.
“Then why hasn’t Michael showed up? I mean his son is in danger. Unless..” Thief began to ponder.
“Unless what, Thief?” I.O. replied.
“Something happened to Michael. Do we know who kidnaped Saturn and Jay?”
“Not exactly. Whoever it is they seem to have a lot of power considering they’ve stolen half of Lucifer’s army right out from under neath his nose.” Shawna explained. “Which Lucifer isn’t too happy about.”
“So why don’t we call the rest of the familia and then go save Saturn and Jay.” Kindred suggested.
“We can’t get a hold of the rest of the familia. If we do whoever has Saturn and Jay will find out and kill them both.” Barbs pointed out, shaking her head.
Fox now stared over at Thief.
“What?” Thief responded, feeling the stare.
“That thing you said about Saturn’s death. Could this be it?” Fox questioned, remembering the conversation earlier on the plane.
“It might be. But that’s the thing, I don’t know.”
An eerie feeling fell through out the room for a few minutes before the front door bell rang. Dena went to answer it. As soon as she left the room, Shawna got ugly real quick.
“Can we not discuss the supposed futuristic death of Saturn around Dena.” She growled.
“Why not?” Drew asked.
“Because that is her cousin and the only family she has left. If we start talking about it, it will just upset her. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let that happen. Saturn is a good friend of mine and I promised her I’d look out for her little cousin when she isn’t around. I tend to keep that promise. So no more talk of that death business or else.”
“Or else what?” Preston raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t test me, Texan. Or you’ll find out what it’s like to breath hot ash.” Shawna’s eyes now began to go pitch black.
Preston took a step back, not saying a word. Shawna’s eyes turned back to normal as soon as Dena walked in to the room with Jordan and Joe right behind her. Joe didn’t waste a second before he went off.
“Okay, so who’s bright ass idea was it to steal my jet?” Joe snarled.
The Westie boys quickly got away from Q. Leaving him to fend for himself, so to speak.
“I should have known.” Joe now stood face to face with Q.
“Please what could you possibly do?” Q shrugged Joe off not the least bit scared.
“Nothing. Considering Jordan talked me out of kicking your pathetic ass.”
“Oh really.”
“Yea, he convinced me to let Saturn deal with you.”
“Oh shit.” Fox replied.
“So Q, where do you want your body buried?” Nega asked.
“I’m not scared of her.” Q argued.
“Really. Well that’s kind of funny.” Thief stated. “Considering the last time Saturn had you by your balls, you almost crapped your pants.”
The girls in the room started to laugh and giggle a little. Q on the other hand didn’t find it at all funny. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door as he left.
“God, no sense of humor.” Thief sarcastically remarked.
Jordan’s senses now began to pick something up.
“What is it?” Slayer asked, noticing the look on Jordan’s face. And being around enough ferals to know the look.
“Something isn’t right. We need to follow Q.” Jordan let out a low feral growl.
“We just do.” As he started to head for the door. “Come on.”
The others looked at each other for a minute before finally deciding to follow him.
“Are you sure we should be following him?” Erika asked Thief.
“Why would.. ?”
“Because he cares about Saturn as much as we do and that counts for something.”
They followed Jordan who was following Q’s scent through out the city before hitting the subway and winding up in an abandon subway station. Or at least a part of the subway that had been abandoned for years.
“What the?” Barbs said, as Jordan stopped dead in his tracks.
Jordan began to sniff the air as he looked around. A familiar scent hit him. A scent he had come across a few times before. The smell of a demon.
“Oh shit. RUN!” He yelled.
The others tried but found themselves surrounded by an army of demons.
“What do we do? What do we do?” Dena began to freak out.
“We fight.” Jordan now unsheathed his claws.
They now started to fight the demons. Killing one only to find another popping up out of nowhere. After a few, Fox was the first to notice something quite strange.
“Uh guys.” Fox said.
“What?” Thief answered, setting a demon on fire.
“Um, we’re fighting the same demons.”
“They look alike, Fox.”
“No, that’s not it.”
“Then what?”
“They keep coming back to life.”
The others began to notice what Fox had earlier as they looked around to see the demons that they had killed were indeed coming back to life.
“Oh, this is just great.” Preston grumbled. “How do we stop them if we can’t kill them?”
“Hmm.. Let me take care of this.” Shawna deviously grinned.
She stood before the demons as the others stepped back. She raised her hand in front of her as her eyes went pitch black. A cloud of hot ash engulfed the demons covering them and filling their lungs with death. They began to drop like flies turning into stone.
“Damn.” Thief remarked.
“Uh guys..” Jeanne spoke up, as a blue hazy smoke began to surround them.
They all looked over at Shawna.
“Isn’t my doing.” She responded, noticing the stares.
“Well, this is just what we need. Not.” I.O. said, crossing his arms.
Taking my chances, I had now busted through the two way mirror using my fist but not without cutting it up a little. Only to find out that voltage thing was nothing but a lie. I unsheathed my claws and cut the restraints that were holding Jay. Only to have him collapse in my arms. He opened his eyes somewhat and looked up at me.
“I told you not to drink that hard stuff,” I sarcastically remarked, trying not to look worried.
“Let me go. You’ll get yourself killed trying to save me.”
“I can’t do that, Jay.”
“Why not?”
“I just can’t.”
Jay started to laugh a little and then began to cough. I could sense death closing in on him and it scared the hell out of me.
“Always trying to play the hero.” He said as a smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth. “Never the damsel in distress.”
“We’ve got to get you out of here.” I now helped him up on to his feet, trying to hold him up the best I could.
“Your welcome.” Knowing even for a Westie it was hard to say thank you.
The others now woke up in the middle of a large room. The blue smoke had turned out to be nothing more than knock out gas.
“Where are we?” Drew asked, looking around noticing that demons were guarding all and any hopes of an exit.
“My home.” A voice spoke up from behind them.
They all turned around to see a shadowy figure sitting on a throne built for a king. Jordan’s senses picked up on the stranger’s scent quickly but that’s only because the stranger let him.
“Q.” Jordan growled, unsheathing his claws.
“Try anything and I’ll Saturn and Jay.” Q threatened.
“No, you won’t.” I said, appearing from within the shadows with Jay leaning on me, trying to stay standing.
Dena and Erika rushed over to take care of Jay while I focused on Q.
“Saturn, is he..?” Thief began to ask me.
“He’s hanging on.” I answered. “Barely.”
“Well now that the whole gang is here.” Q deviously grinned. “I have a surprise for all of you.”
A part of the ceiling opened up and the Archangel Michael fell through on to the floor. I quickly ran over to see if he was okay. He was badly beaten and I couldn’t feel a pulse let alone hear a heartbeat.
“Michael?” I whispered in his ear, letting his head rest on my lap. “Mikey, please wake up.”
“Aww, is the Lady of the Westies going to cry.” Q laughed.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Thief roared. “How could you do this to Jay, to Saturn, to Isis, to your own damn familia?”
“I got sick of being a follower.” Q calmly replied. “Besides, it was only a matter of time, you knew that Thief. After all, you stole EE from me.”
“Wait what?”
“I had feelings for her and you had to ruin it by marrying her.” Q explained through clenched teeth. “Isis was the only thing I had to even have a piece of EE to hold on to. And you’ve been wanting to take that away from me to. Just to look like the good protective father. Getting the Seals’ powers was the only way I could get what I want. I could even rule the world if I want. Michael though held out on telling me things I needed to know. So I had to show him who was boss.”
I now stared at Q with rage in my eyes.
“Saturn.” Jordan started to say, seeing my rage.
“Get him.” I said in a low growl.
The others didn’t waste no time going after Q. The boys fought with Q while the female Westies took care of any demons that dared to challenge them. Dena and Erika however were still taking care of Jay. Which I know in some small way, he probably didn’t mind. Hell, the man can be dying, get a couple of pretty women around him and boom he’s in heaven.
“Michael, come on wake up.” I kept whispering in his ear. “Dammit. I know your in there. You wouldn’t let a human beat you, now would you? For the love of God, you’re an Archangel. You fought Lucifer and won. Wake up, Michael.”
Q had now defeated all the boys, almost. The only ones left standing were Joe, Jordan, Fox and, Thief. The others were trying to get themselves together after being knocked around a few times.
“You know something, Thief.” Q deviously smiled. “I just loved the way your daughter screamed in bed. Just like her mother.”
Fox, Joe and, Jordan all stepped a side, seeing the rage fill in Thief’s eyes. Letting him take a shot at Q.
“Kick his ass, T. Kick his ass.” Fox said.
“Oh hell no, I’ll kick his ass.” EE responded.
“And I’ll help.” Slayer spoke up.
“No girls, let Thief take care of this one.” Ven interrupted, holding them back. “This is a man’s fight.”
Thief created a flame in his hand and Q just laughed.
“Bring it on, flame man.” Q said mockingly.
Thief threw the flame at Q and it just bounced off of him.
“What the..?” Thief whispered under his breath.
Q laughed again, quickly raising his hand and sending Thief to fly backwards and hit the wall hard.
“Say nighty night, Thief of Dreams.”
Before he was able to make another move on Thief, Q felt something sharp go through him and then leave his body. He looked down to see a gapping hole in him. And then turned around to see who stabbed him. Everyone looked over to see Jay standing behind Q, wings and all. Looking like that of an angel.
“What the hell?” Bags raised an eyebrow.
“He’s taken over for his father.” I now got up on to my feet as Michael’s body vanished into thin air. “Changing of the guard.”
“You mean Jay is..”
“The Archangel of War.”
Q fell to his knees now staring up at Jay. Not able to say anything but stutter, he fell flat on his face and bled to death. Thief went over and set Q’s body up in flames.
“Burn in hell, you bastard.” Thief growled.
Any of the demons that were left hanging around, took one look at Jay and then ran away. I now walked over to Jay, staring at him.
“I can’t stay.” He said. “I have to go.”
“I know.” I answered.
“He needs me.”
“I know.”
“I know. I’ll see you around. Just stay out of trouble up there.”
“Will do.” He replied, with a sly smile. “You do the same down here.”
“I’ll try.”
“And before I forget..” As he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You owe me a dream.”
I could feel my face get flushed a little as Jay disappeared within a flash of light. Jordan came up and put his hand on my shoulder.
“I’m fine.” I brushed him off as I walked away. “Let’s go home.”
A week later, Dena and Drew started dating. Which I don’t mind, just as long as he doesn’t break my cousin’s heart. Then I’d have to remind him why I have claws. Shawna began spending a lot of time in Fox’s room. How do I know you ask. Well let’s just say, there has been a lot of sounds of laughter and giggling coming from his room. And since my room is right next to his. Uh yea. Isis on the other hand, was trying to still get over Q. Thief and EE trying their best to be there for her. Which isn’t easy to do when your child’s heart is broken. The other Westies well let’s just say they were all dealing with what happened in their own way. Usually just hanging down at the Pub, playing pool and drinking. As for yours truly I kept to myself in my room. Reading Jay’s journal which I had found in his room among other things.
“Saturn, you busy?” Jordan spoke up, standing in the doorway to my room.
“No, why?” I now set Jay’s journal down on the night stand next to my bed.
“No reason.” He walked in. “It’s just you’ve been ignoring everyone all week. Are you okay?”
“Look, stop worrying.” I growled. “I’m fine.”
“I know you had feelings for him. And if something happened..”
“Nothing happened. And I don’t have feelings for him.” I argued back, knowing he was talking about Jay.
“Could have fooled me with the way you’ve been acting lately.”
“I cared about him but not the way you think.”
Jordan just stood there smiling a little.
“What?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“You’ve got one hell of a heart, kiddo.”
“If that’s your way of saying I’m going soft. I’m going to kick your ass.”
“No, no. It’s just... forget it. You hungry?”
“Kay. Just thought I’d ask. Well, I’ll be going.” As he started to head for the door, stopping in the doorway. “By the way, if you ever need someone to talk to..”
“I know.” I interrupted him, reading his mind.
“Yea, well. See ya.”
He left and I laid down to take a nap. Praying to God that I wouldn’t have that dream Jay said I had promised him. I wasn’t quite ready for that. Chances are I never would be. As I closed my eyes I could see Michael’s face and began to reminiscence of all the times he had helped me out in my life with problems. Now I would have to face those problems alone. Am I scared you ask? Yea, I am. But if I wasn’t I know I would be anything but human. It’s true what they say, you can’t live forever. Sooner or later, we all have to go and that includes angels as well.
The End
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Boys Track:
1. DMX- "We're Back"
2. 3 Doors Down- "Let Me Go (Alternate Version)"
3. Papa Roach- "Scars"
4. Jay-Z "Hard Knock Life"
5. Killers- "Mr. BrightSide"
6. Bone Crusher- "Never Scared"
7. Rob Thomas- "Now Comes the Night"

Girls Track:
1. Tracy Bonham- "You Don't know Me"
2. Aslyn- "Be The Girl"
3. Lisa Marie Presley "Dirty Laundry"
4. Eve- "Who's that Girl?"
5. Ashanti "Only U"
6. Kelis- "Mafia"
7. Tori Amos- "Mother Revolution"

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Post by preston » Sat Apr 30, 2005 7:39 pm

I'm not sure if it would go in the boy's track or girl's track ... but how about
Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman


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oh lord.. Preston thinks he's a DJ man now.. Okay go ahead funky fly and fresh Preston.. sweet gesu, this oughta be good.. :roll: Okay question, why honky tonk woman by the rolling stones? Why?

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whenever i hear it i think about you

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waddaya say mama ... can i be your street fightin' man ?

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I had no action in this one.

Lemme fly, my lady.

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I'm sorry Nega but I'm saving your action for poetry familia seven.. I need you to save your strength for that story.. I'm battling with Spade to make ya evil or not.. your character might be switching sides if Spade gets her way, a lot of Westies might be switching sides.. After what happened to Jay.. That's gonna have an affect on a lot of the Westies in poetry familia seven..
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preston wrote:waddaya say mama ... can i be your street fightin' man ?
well with a certain character out of the way as far as having a chance with my character, that makes odds for you very good.. However you still have to match wits with jordan.. sorry hon.. that's just the way the ball rolls..

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Okay folks please understand Westies 2 is sort of a glimpse as to what is about to come up in Poetry Familia 7.. I mean seven is suppose to be the big one when shit really hits the fan, so to speak.. Some of the Westies on here might even find themselves working for the opposite side, due to all the shit that had happened with Q and with Jay. Also Poetry Familia Seven might be carrying a PG 13 rating.. the first time in PF story history that will happen.. I know.. Usually it's with the Westies.. but with all the stuff that is suppose to happen in PF seven.. Trust me, it's gonna be carrying a PG 13 rating.. There will be a whole other side of Saturn you will see in PF seven, just to give you guys a heads up. She might even choose who she wants to be with. Also some of the familia members will be tested for their loyality to the familia. Meaning some might even die.. And finally the battle with Lucifer will finally take place, how that will go down will be anyone's guess..

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just bounced off? JUST BOUNCED OFF?! I'll show you 'just bounced off', Isis, go get your things, the house is about to have an accident... What EE? But I... But she... oh fine, what ever... No I... But... I'm sorry ok? Babe? hey! ahhh shit... I got 1-800-Flowers on speed dial.. Be right back people...
"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler."
Friedrich Nietzsche

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Post by LadySaturn » Sat Apr 30, 2005 8:54 pm

Hey you got to set his ass up in flames.. :mrgreen: Besides you know me, with my characters they never stay dead for long.. Just think of this as ground work for a great ass revenage thing you get to do later on.. so shhh...

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Post by negatvone » Sat Apr 30, 2005 9:06 pm

I'll just sit in my small corner thinking of the war and suprise
Set forth to me to scavenge the demise
Set for my soul to embody the whole

Set my mind at ease as the pain we please

Can't you take me to a better place?
A place my mind can erase?

A place where I belong
Where my character is trustworthy and strong

A place of brilliance and cohersion
This may be my one diversion

Just put me back in the damn story!

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Post by LadySaturn » Sat Apr 30, 2005 9:08 pm

OMG, nega hon.. your gonna have a big part in Poetry Familia Seven.. right now I had to get the Jay thing out of the way.. so I could make room for other characters.. Besides I'm gonna need you and your powers for familia seven.. since a majority of that story deals with the depths of hell..

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I Felt neglected for a moment. I almost wanted to throw cuco..........errrrr......brr it's cold in here. :mrgreen:

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