How to Post About Your Book - Read First!

If you are a member who has a published poetry book available you may post about it here.
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How to Post About Your Book - Read First!

Post by Berlie » Wed Sep 13, 2006 4:01 pm

This forum is a place for active members of the Poetry Pages to post information about poetry books they have written and have been published. Joining the forum for the sole purpose of advertising your book does not constitute active membership and may subject you to summary deletion. You are always free to rejoin, but please become an active member before posting here.

To post about your book:

1. Start a new topic in this forum.
2. The subject of your new topic MUST BE in the following format:
The Title of Your Book - Your Name
3. Copy and paste the entire template found within the code section below into your new topic's message body.
4. Replace the example text with your own.
5. Submit your post.

Code: Select all

[b]Book Title[/b]

[b]Author:[/b] Real Name (forum name)

Description of book goes here.

[b]To purchase this book please visit:[/b] Website link to where someone may purchase the book.

[b]Cost:[/b] $9.99
[b]Format:[/b] Paperback 6x9
[b]Published:[/b] April 30, 2004
[b]Pages:[/b] 220
[b]ISBN#[/b] 9999999999
[b]Publisher:[/b] Name of Book Publisher

You may change the template slightly such as adding a book cover image or rewording some of the text but the basic elements should all be there (book title, author name at top, description, url to buy at, information on book such as size, format, pages, when publisher etc).

New topics that are started that are not a posting about a member's book will be deleted.
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