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Mother Oh Mother

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:45 pm
by hockeychickkayla
Mother oh Mother
Please make it stop
I didn't mean to...
You told me it was ok
You said I could cry
But I guess it was a lie
Because you hit me
Now I just want to die...

Mother oh Mother
Uncle touched me in the wrong place
You told me to tell you when bad things happen
But you hit me face

Mother oh Mother
You say it's a lie
How he touches me
But we went to the doctor
And they can see
I'm not lying
So you take me back there
And indeed the words escape
I show signs of rape

Mother oh Mother
I am now older
You're no longer looking over my shoulder
My daddy takes me to grandma's house
And my cousin's there
He touched me
As I was sitting on the chair
I screamed for help
But no one was there

Mother oh Mother
It's a couple years later
Daddy got married again
And now he has a stepson
His pride and joy
So when he started touching me
Daddy thought I was trying to get attention
Daddy couldn't see
The bruise brother left on me
He bit me
And not in a right place
Everyday I'd cry when I'd see his face

Mother oh Mother
I'm now in high school
And you are so much more than cruel
I told you that I like girls
And you punish me
You make me date a boy
And then I see
He's not right
He touches me
And fills me with fright

Mother oh Mother
I like this boy's sister
He takes me to his home
And nobody's there
I say I want to leave
But he grabs me and throws me on the bed
I can see what's going on in his head
I try to pull away
But it tears my flesh worse

Mother oh Mother
I keep trying to make you happy
I'm dating another guy
But I guess he's no different
He rigged my drink and started touching me
As he took off my clothes
I screamed and no one helped
Everyone was drunk
As they cheered him on

Mother oh Mother
Now I'm dating a girl
But her brother hurt me before
He tricked me again
He said she was there
As I walked into the house
And again no one was there
This time I was more scared
He tied me down and licked me
His untrimmed nails scratched me
All over my legs and inside me
A few hours later I was free

Mother oh Mother
I ran into the other boy again
I go over to his house
Everyone is drinking and smoking
And I try to leave
But I have nowhere to go, so I stay
That was a mistake as everyone left
I had a wierd feeling
It happened before
I fell asleep, exhausted
Then I woke up suddenly
He's on top of me
He's naked and had something in his hand
It's a condom
He pinned me down again
As he thrusts his meat into me
I immediately tear and scream in pain
I want the pain to be over
Soon he stops
But it's wierd
He doesn't take off his condom
Instead he pulls it back up
And turns me over
He shoves his meat in another hole
This one hurt worse
I scream and beg for him to stop
And he does
But its not over
He pulls me to the shower and continues
I give up trying, exhausted and lifeless
Soon it's over and he goes to the bathroom
I drink the extra booze to numb the pain and fall asleep
I wake up, he's gone, I run back home

Mother oh Mother
Please make it stop
I guess it wont
So watch my dead body drop