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Forevermore's Child

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 12:02 pm
by starfire
In the beginning, God created the hevens and the earth. He also created a mother, who hated children, and chose to dicipline her children by beating them to the ground instead of talking to them. Her youngest wanted to talk, and this is her story...

I remember, the first day it happened. Let me take you back 8 yrs, to the beginning of time, and the end of love.

"I did not!" I screamed at my sister, with rage and fury. She came running, and we both crashed into the dishes, and the platter fell to the floor.

"What the fuck?!" was the only sound we heard from the living room. Mom came thundering in and she grabbed us by the hair, knocking our heads together, and we both catapolted across the floor, my head slamming against the bar.

Tears and sweat streamed down my face, blood to as I reached up to check my head. Horror, shock, luckily it was only a small cut. She picked me up by my color. Her breath was hot.

"I'll give you something to cry about!" she hit me across the face and i screamed. The pain was searing, and I couldn't stop the tears. "Now go to your room!"

I crawled across the floor, and ran down the hall, my sister a good 3 ft ahead of me. We sat quivering on our bedroom floor, and she held onto me. the blood soaked my scalp, and I felt like throwing up.

"It's our fault," i said, "let's not make her mad okay?" she feebley nodded her head, and we sat and cried.

A week or so later,

I forgot to clean our room, it was a frieking mess.

"If you're gonna act like a pig, you're gonna get treated like one!" she screamed when she saw it. I was beat half way to hell and back, with bruises and scars in places that were unfixable, the pain was unbarable.

It stopped for awhile, almost a year, than two, with a couple occasions. We moved away from the old house, and into a nice walk out ranch. I was happy, until I forgot to do chores. It started again. I hated it.

"YOu get your own room and this is how you treat it?!" she knocked me to the floor, and I knocked over a night stand, a glass figure on it shattered.

I scooted backwards, afraid, and I landed on the glass, a piece stuck in my hand. I felt like screaming, crying, I couldn't, or she would, "give me something to cry about." she struck my right shoulder, so hard that I thought I dislocated it.

I groaned on the floor, pain, tears, and sweat were on it with me. No blood except on the hand, so I considered myself lucky. I grabbed the tweezers and dug out the shard, rapping my hand. I cried myself to sleep that night, and almost every night following, cuz things got worse.

A year ago, almost 2 months before I got my braces off, I talked back, and she hit me across the mouth, hard. I screamed again, in pain, in pity, in hatred. I bled on the floor, she told me it was all my fault, clean it up. I nodded, thought myself lucky until, I found out the extent of the damage.

My braces and my lip had ajoined.

I grabbed the pliars, and held on to my lip. I could see the braces almost protruding out the front of my lip, it made me nautious. I held on to my lip, and I pulled. Pain, and blood, then black.

I had fainted. I looked at my lip the next day. the cut was so deep, almost came out the other side of my lip. she had given me fat lips befor, but none so horrible, and what was worse, was that it had to heal with out medication or stitches.

last week, i was wearing my jeans out the door, when she said to put on a belt. I said fine, w/e. she came in my room, just as I was heading out, and she said, "do you got one on?" I lifted up my shirt and showed my belt in a cockey manner. BAD IDEA!

She grabbed me by the neck and thrust me into the bed post. I couldn't breath, and I gasped out, "Yes mom," as every question until she dropped me. I hyyperventilated on the floor, and I was scared as hell.

I talked to my dad, told him everything, that if he didn't talk to her, and he didn't stop it, I was gone. I thought he listened. Until Tuesday evening when we were shopping.

"you idiot! I'm gonna beat you when I get home!" I trembled, because I was petrified. wanted to shout out no, wanted to run. but I couldn't, and now, I still can't.

I am scared of my last option. Child services... I shudder at the thought. But I promised a friend I would keep myself safe, and I'm gonna.

Please God, give me strength. Please anyone, give me strength....



Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:30 pm
by Debbie
Princess if this is happening to is time to go to the authorities don't wait until something worse happens...
For your sake, your sisters sake and your mothers...she needs help...

love Mommy D