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3D Printing and OLED FYI

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:09 am
by MJPease
Hello All, bags recently posted a story about Ray Kurzweil's 2045 and a began spewing out info on 3D printing and OLED technologies. Which have seemed to have snuck up on us all of a sudden. The plastic gun has probably made 3d printing notorious. While visiting Office to buy ink today for kicks and giggles I checked to see if they had a 3d printer. Well for 1299.00 I could get into an entry level unit in fact there are all kinds of you tube videos about 3d printing. As far as the OLED or OMELED (I have to confirm that) I remember seeing a video last year put out by Corning Glass that was just freaky. The face of appliances were video monitors, walls, tables. For instance your refrigerator might have a par stock inventory of contents, recipes. Your kitchen table would double as your I pad and so on. I said to myself ah that will be years away before they release that stuff. It's here. It's coming there seems to be a sense of urgency. Are we running out of time. They're not even going to give flat screen 4K a chance to drop in price before it's passé. They released a curved screen at the Vegas show this year. How about invisible speakers for your surround system /Or how about windows that double as solar panels to collect energy to power your home. /How's this Powered window blinds controlled by your smart phone How about a little WIFI window film scarecrow I started my quest for the smart home back in the mid 80's with my business Pease Electric pushing composite cabling in order to prepare homes for the future. We thought the fiber optic would play a role at first never panned out. 2-RG6/2-Cat5/ speaker wire became standard at strategic locations. My house is smart wired to the hilt. Guess what? WIFI and Blue Tooth are KING :shrug: I'm communicating to you right now wireless. The 3d printer for 1299 doesn't even mention a wired connection being available. One of the most exciting things here is the windows doubling as solar panels, can you imagine an entire home made out of glass panels that powers itself and you just decide you want to see in or out with a push of a button on your phone, which of course will be your watch. Take Care