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Please vote for our next Poetry Pages Poet Laureate

Post by heinzs » Fri Apr 06, 2007 9:32 pm

Your vote will be anonymous. Our candidates are:

Tom Watson

Here are some samples of their works (I've tried to give a time-based spectrum for comparisons):


In Over My Head

I can lock my door
And shut the world away
But I can't run
Nor can I hide
From the thoughts
And feelings
Deep in my heart
I'm torn between the two of you

My feelings for you
Don't affect my love for him
He's the man I want
With my heart, body and soul
For the rest of my life

You are my wild oats
My rebellion
You've taken me places
I've never been before.
My crush on you has developed
Into something more
But I know we can never be
Anything more than friends
Nor do I want to be.
Or do I?

I don't know!
My head is swimming
With unanswered questions:
Do I love you?
Is it just lust?
Do you feel the same?
If we were single
Would I stand a chance?
I'm so confused!
All I know for sure is this
I'm in over my head.

Stone Wall

I see you sitting
In the corner of the room.
Staring into the distance,
Physically there, but not mentally.

You look so lonely,
As if you don't have a friend
In the world.
I reach out to you, but you are untouchable.

What can I do? What can I say?
To break through that
Icy barrier which encompasses
Your body, your soul, and your heart?

I try to talk to you,
To let you know that I
Would like to be your friend
If you'd only let me in--but I fail.

I want you to know if you
Need someone because I will
Always love and care for you--
No matter what.

Memories of Peri

I sit here and stare out the window
Each rain drop on the pane mirrors the tears that fall.
These droplets that fall from the sky and my eyes
Are symbols of the pain I feel inside.
When I'm around others I appear happy, almost carefree
But I’m not. Inside I'm a mess. I'm falling apart.
You’ve been gone for some time now,
Yet it feels as though it were only yesterday.
I think of you at least twice a day.
I remember how it used to be:
You were always smiling and laughing.
Always singing off-key,
But you always put some of yourself into every song.
I remember your sympathetic ear and broad shoulder.
You always knew when to kick my butt in gear
And never took “I can’t” or “It’s hopeless” as an excuse
For any failure, whether your own or someone else’s.
You joie de vivre was contagious and so was your courage.
I wish I had some of that courage because I need it
To help me move on with my life.
Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever be able to
Live my life without you by my side.
I know in my mind that I will be able to do that
Yet my heart, well, that’s a different story.
I know the pain is going to ease a little more each day
But sometimes I wish it would go away completely.
I know it won’t go away completely until I join you
Because until you and I are reunited in “Paradise”
You will live here on earth through me
Because I will always carry our memories and moments in my heart.

I Should Have Known

We were friends
You and I
Once upon a time
We could talk for hours
About everything:
Love, life, our dreams
Nothing was off-limits
Then everything changed
You asked me a question
As you were wont to do
I answered it honestly
After a brief hesitation
Knowing that once I did
Nothing would be the same
I confessed my true feelings
Which you already knew
We talked it over
And agreed we were cool
That nothing would end
The friendship we shared
Weeks have passed
With barely a word
Every moment of silence
Feels like a knife to my heart
Are you just busy
Or are you avoiding me?
I should never have admitted
That I love you.

Tom Watson:


In a house down the street a father lifts his baby daughter,
while his young son stands on his feet.
The phone had rung a few hours before
He was on duty, and has to join the fleet.

Across town a fire alarm sounds fire in a retirement home.
Mom jumps into her clothes at ready for her duty to answer;
To respond to calls for the volunteer team, woken from
Sleep, leaving baby with friend, she heads to one more fire.

On the other side of the country, a gun has been fired;
An officer, mother of three, drives where duty says to respond
Lights flashing, sirens blaring, a quiet prayer repeatedly said
She speeds through city lights to where her future is to be found

Across the sea, on a desert stretch of land, a soldier waits,
A teen of eighteen, he volunteered, for it was his duty, he saw,
To protect country, mother and sister, who in a shelter fearfully sit;
While incoming rounds pound the ground where fear is raw.

Heroes don’t wear spandex tights
Fly through the air at the speed of light.
Heroes don’t brandish claws from their hands;
Don’t climb buildings, catch bad guys in web rubber bands.
Heroes work to give their family a life;
To earn enough for them to survive.
Heroes dedicate their time to make us safe
Offer their lives when others misbehave.
Heroes run into buildings, towers about to fall;
Hoping to save at least one, willing to give their all.

A mother, a daughter, a young son, dressed in black
Stand straight and proud as the bugle plays
A young widow now, holds folded flag with tears of pride
Bending to whisper to her son “Your dad was a hero when he died”

The scorched fire coat hangs in the open locker door
Placed on the fire truck as the honor guard gathers.
Mother and grandchild watch the hundreds come forward
To honor a daughter, mother, a hero who felt others mattered.

The bagpipes mournful sounds echoed about the trees
With the slow, dum-ta-dum of drums shaking the leaves,
Officer Sharon Mallory, a hero, badge number 2133,
Who pledged to serve and protect; laid to rest with her beliefs.

On the flight line, a lone C-10 rests, doors opened wide,
Where the honor guard waits, at attention , for what is within;
Flag draped, ten coffins held high, exit from their final ride;
Returning home as heroes, to family, friends, proud Americans.

Heroes hug their babies; cherish their children where they stand;
Heroes provide their time freely, where there’s a need in the land;
Heroes stand against evil, to serve and protect us with their lives;
Heroes rise to the call of country needs, not certain they will survive;
Heroes rush in to answer terror with bravery and life;
Heroes are someone’s, son, daughter, father, mother, or wife.

Finding Forevermore

My pride tells me to pay my debt
Until I do, deny my blessings
Don’t read the Book, ignore His story
Struggle and drink your own tears
Forget salvation, it’s only a dream
Live for today, there is no forevermore

Yet my heart hears forevermore
Calling me free of debt
Trying to shake me from this dream
To wake me to the blessings
Found in the blood, the tears,
The pain and joy in my Savior’s story

So I took the book, read the story,
Found the promise of forevermore;
Stained some pages with my tears;
Lost the crushing weight of my debt
As I read the offering of blessings
And journeyed as if in a dream

Those verses, though of the nature of dream,
Were truly God’s given story
Of His eternal love and many blessings
Of His heaven and home of forevermore
Where the soul resides, free of sin’s debt,
Fulfilling what once was only a dream.

Could you cry with His tears?
Could you hold your faith above your dream?
Can you really be absolved of your debt?
Accept His gift; give in to His story,
And eternal life for your soul, forevermore,
Will be your reward and the greatest of blessings.

Through all of creation we received His blessings;
From a pillar of salt to the salt of tears
Of forgiveness; with love forevermore;
Accepting as glorious reality, not a dream,
A virgin birth, crucifixion, and His promised return story
That proclaims, with acceptance and faith freedom of sins debt.

My sins are gone, a debt paid in blood and tears;
A Lamb gave me blessings greater than any dream;
I am part of the living story of my God’s gift; forevermore.

Upon Uncharted Waters

Upon uncharted waters you
Place us unto this world;
From birth to death, to go and do
As the current moves, or as guided by the word.

Uncharted waters carry
Us through life’s choices
Flowing with many a tributary,
Its roaring flow bringing beckoning voices.

We can choose to ride the tide,
Through turbulence and calm;
Suffering the uncertainty of the ride.
Or, we can reach for your outstretched palm.

For, while making this journey,
Whether through rapids or storm,
We need not hold close fear, or worry,
For Your word will be a calming balm,

And though uncharted waters
Is where you have placed us to be,
You have given Your Son as an offer
Of salvation and guidance, to a glorious destiny.

Speak to Me

Do you not wish to talk,
To bring our words together,
Verb in verb, and walk
A ways through whatever?

Your silence has sharpened in time,
And cut a gash, a chasm
Of lost chances that could never climb
Out unless some light shines on the dim.

I have wondered and worried,
While you journeyed your tragedy;
Yet only your empty voice hurried
From your shadows of days.

Secrecy and silence are terrible tools
That breed only suspicion and hate;
And are used against the hearts of fools,
Or those that simply trust what God creates.

Are there lies too deep to reveal?
Not when the giving is from the heart,
For understanding enables things to heal,
Through even the veil that covered from the start.

Forgiveness, when or if needed,
Is always easy for His child;
The conscience of the heart when heeded,
Can free the soul, by the world beguiled.

So speak and let your heart be heard
Fill the hollow of your empty voice;
Friendship and love will hold any word,
With prayerful understanding of any made choice.

The Tear

What is that wetness
I see clouding the dark haze
Of your eye?
A tear?
How slowly it comes;
As a drop of dew
Forming on some slender
Sliver of grass
Before the rising sun.
So soft,
The cheek it touches
With its rosy flush of youth.
One little tear,
Yet how it moves the heart,
As the young flower
Is crushed by the clumsiness
Of growing youth.
And such a lonely trail
That remains with its passing;
Like a lonely life
Wandering, lost, on
The snowy plain,
Only to be lost further
By the passing
Winds of time.


Just a Word from Daddy (to my children)

I thought you should know I love the way you pass
Just to hold you high and shelter your pain
Looking at the pictures of your youth and the limitless class
The endless memories cloud my mind like downpours of rain

My heart stops every time I gander at what you left me. The token
Tokens of love at first sight balance my mind on an instant
Even though you are so close, my heart is still broken
I just hope you deem my simple words to have subsistence

I never wished for anything more than you to find light
In every instance without giving up this simple fight
The fight was my own to duel within myself for you
Notice I have never stopped this unending duel and stayed true

I don’t feel right when you have gone away
Not for a moment and not on this day
In my mind, we still go out for hours and play

Fields of green grass with us pummeling each other
Thoughts of you and your younger brother
My two children holding my hands covered in love
You two are truly my only gifts from above

Just remember how much daddy loves you till the day that I die
When this happens, I hope you never start to cry

Remember, love is eternal. I’ll always be there

Inner Conflict

Her passions fire burns so bright upon this weary night
Lustful meaning longing for life to complete the venture true
Daemonic templates of lost desire pound her inner soul
Wicked memories suppressed in shadows; reap their weary toll
A single step out of hiding; light so brightly shown
Inside of her; her innards struggle to win this very fight

Turmoil of the moment has intervened in to this fight
Her hearts desire to love again will strive to see the night
So brilliantly the battle commences with such brutality shown
In the end; the hoards of memories hold her thoughts true
The rapture of the struggle shall charge her soul a toll
Before it’s over; she might as well just damn this very soul

Resistance forms against the feelings that place rapture on her soul
She stands with closed fist; her intention now to fight
On this night; she will be the one for whom the bell will toll
She beckons forth to seek the craved desire of this night
With torch in hand her path has been sent from lies into the true
Such beauty and valence is in the works to be lucidly shown

Searching in desire for the powers of the heart hidden, not shown
Enlightenment of her whole reaps the fruit upon her soul
This turmoil sent into her whole will stand true
She yearns for him; still, the will for him is left to fight
His descendant call wraps her whole in a blanket of night
A decadence of lies soon will take upon her body’s toll

Relentless battle within seeps into the casqued of its toll
She wants him to see the want and anguish to be shown
Still these thoughts are subdued into the blackness of night
Thoughts that is nothing more than tattered pages of her soul
She can not escape. She swallows her pride in this fight
This masquerade of hope; in depth, can vacantly be seen true

She rises in oppression with her head held straight and true
Emptiness of thought and the systematic bridges of toll
Wear upon her person in the inner layers of fight
In the end; her resilience will be the light shown
He will not rape and desecrate her lonesome soul
She will seclude these emotions into the comfort of night

The suppression will seek the true of her wicked night
The struggle will present on the toll of her soul
She will hide the fight that was shown.

Love at First Sight

I gaze into a thing of splendor
This one captive thing that my all must render
Losses of words as our eyes meet first time
All comprehension is lost; no sense of time

Twirling across the galaxy we go
Something more than my words can show
Imagery so profound and vividly seen
We glance into the lines and in-between

To see ourselves in what we need
Ravishing our tides in envy’s greed
The taste of you is on my mind
Simple words are hard to find

Expressions of these twilight eyes
And the emotion comes as surprise
To the mind of me as we gently part
Silent to me it’s in my heart

Words Six Feet Deep

Lost upon these open shores blindly my heart does weep
To find the solitude that sands of time caress and keep
Apprehension seeps within the layers of neglect
Searching down life’s barrel to find the round that I select

Digging down deep to find some hope that might be leniently left
Plundering like a vagabond who strives to be seen as deft

Nothing more than hollow hopes remain upon the brow
Pain and anguish sit upon the kingdom’s throne now

Regrets of things not yet done wisp away with ease
As the trigger takes a pull and the lead catches the breeze
On this moment the Cerberus takes the flesh and seize
Everything the want from you with tormented, tattered knees

The final sin has been committed with no way to repent
This lease on life has been squandered away. All your moments spent
Because of greed beyond your own fathoms that you had
Trying to release it all just to abolish all the bad

Still in the end the only thing that managed to stay real
Is this pact you make with Hell, This selfish little deal
That damns your self in all your grace for taking your soul
And sending it straight to hell with no stops to pay a toll

Nothing now but darkness and malaise to greet you every day
Without a voice from this day. That’s the way you’ll stay

Words that cut six feet deep
Covered in dirt

That’s the way it will keep.
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Post by heinzs » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:39 am

I'll post the tally later this evening.

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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Post by heinzs » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:41 am

Congratulations to SPAZWAY


Our newest Poetry Pages Poet Laureate!

:bow: :bow:
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