Ravyn's Writings - 2004

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Ravyn's Writings - 2004

Post by LJAmara » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:50 pm


Can there be anything more sweet
Than the taste of you on my lips, my tongue
I close my eyes as I indulge myself
Reveling in your taste, your texture
Breathing becomes more ragged
And I am filled with a great lust
To devour all of you
Leaving nothing left
But I control myself and enjoy you slowly
Building up the tension towards ecstasy
Finally achieving satiation
I sit back and raptly gaze
At the spent and empty package that is you
And I can't help but to wish, wistfully
That Oreos came in larger containers


they tell me you are
a kind and loving deity
ready with forgiveness
a hand to hold in darkness and grief
from what i've seen
you're a psychotic sadistic bastard
just like so many men
i've already met
i only have two words for you
and i'll keep uttering them
until my last dying gasp
'fuck you'

How Would It Make You Feel?

think about it for a moment
how would it make you feel?
you are in love
deeply and truly
all of your devotion
is to this person
to be wrapped within
their loving arms
but your government steps up
and tells you
they found an ancient law
from some obscure religion
which forbids your love
and now it will be
the law of the land
tell me ...
how would it make you feel?
when people on the streets
see you arm in arm
or stealing a quick kiss
from your love
and they come up to you
push you down
kick you
spit on you
then walk away spouting
derisive laughter
that will haunt your dreams
for months
how would it make you feel?
when you stand up there
in front of your friends
your family
dressed in your best
hand in hand with your love
partaking in a ceremony
which will show the world
the depth of your love
your level of commitment
and perhaps bring
the greatest joy that can be known
how does it feel?
please tell me
for i will never know
how it makes you feel ...

Life Is ...

on the threshold we gaze
at that which must be
and we call it good
taking the steps
of a child we learn
that which is
in inevitability
and on the threshold
of another world
we once again grasp
the simplicity of the universe
in all it's complexity
so simple
and yet so evading
love is the key
allow it to unlock
all of the doors
for that is all
that life is

Moonlight Minuet

unwept tears flow down
alveolate cheeks
as bared feet twist
slow dance with the night
tumescent moon glowing
ghostly radiance
and thoughts of dreams
flitter, haphazardly traversing
my cenotaph mind

shedding the trappings
of lugubrious society
preconceived inevitability
voices call to me
in sepulchral whispers
“god is good
god is great”
what is god but
myth and fate?

bodiless faces peer
across windswept horizons
castigating my nothingness
atramentous musings
of life and death
love and hate
how can i proceed
beyond myself
decaying rapidly

grass stained knees
dew speckled skin
calignous erotica
between fences of smoke
homophobic spoutings
from desiccated lips
drift among night vapors
into my ears
why is love a sin?

absently blinking back
the lachrymal flood
drowning in my own sea
of fruitless destiny
farewell my friends
my dear ones, my loves
erase bitter physiognomy
reminiscence of pulchritude
never mine to possess

slowly turning
the astral wheel
upon which our fates
are hung, billowing
crashing to the ground
heaping humanity
excrescence of gods
misshapen idols dance
upon the lawn

entwined, enslaved
embattled foes
jitterbugging maniacally
against the walls of time
collapse of worlds and lives
together my love
forever apart
as the music fades
into terminality

Spirit Lantern

i saw last night, as in a dream,
a light shining in the darkness
illuminating nothing
yet ever present in its cold glow
and i thought 'here is the light
i have sought my whole life,
the glow i may bask in
for eternity'
so i followed
never gaining, never falling back
until at last i stood
at the brink, the unknown depth daunting,
mocking blank cadaver eyes
penetrate my mind with dreams of death
but the light beckons me
irresistibly and
stepping from the edge
i follow ...


walking through the endless clouds
snow laden, dreary grey
i chanced to meet a wingless angel
measuring the day

she turned and, smiling, asked me
why i wandered in the gloom
when all around was sunshine warm
and daffodils in bloom

this is where i do belong
where i've always seemed to stay
dark and cold have ever been
my escort, night and day

she took my hand, i followed to
the far edge of the sky
pointing out she said to me
just spread your wings and fly

but i have no wings with which to fly
and fear that i will fall
and who is there to catch me?
i see no one there at all

watch, she said, and learn a lesson
many never find
the wings you need to bear you up
are found within your mind

she turned and spread her arms apart
leaned out towards the land
hovered there on naught but air
and beckoned for my hand

just as i touched her fingertips
the dream melted away
but i still have within my mind
the wings i found that day

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Re: Ravyn's Writings - 2004

Post by heinzs » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:03 pm

Thanks Lisa! These are wonderful and I've enjoyed re-reading so many of them. This is a perfect format in chronological aggregations.

:hearts: :hugs:
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Re: Ravyn's Writings - 2004

Post by LadySaturn » Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:09 am


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Re: Ravyn's Writings - 2004

Post by LJAmara » Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:44 pm

You're welcome Mr. Heinzs. The chronological aggregation idea I stole from you, so thank you!

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